1. Morning. I think Munguin fitted up a spy camera to make sure we aren’t naughty. I’m gonna stick my tongue out at him!
2. In a Bulgarian country garden.
3. Munguin was feeding some Coots the other day. It’s part of his great charity work.
4. Get digging, Tris. There’s worms in that earth which would do better in my tummy.
5. That’s the nicest thing any bird has ever said to me…
6. Awww, it just has to be love.
7. Munguin’s new Fern and Grass garden.
8. I can think of worse places for a seat.
9. What an odd dog.
10. Killin.
11. Did you bring dinner?
12. You want a photograph? Oh, you just took one?
13.what’s that, Mum?
14. Just as well this job pays good money, getting your photo taken with idiot tourists all day! And he thinks this is how llamas smile!!! Duh!
15. Me and my dog.
16. Lake Louise.
17. The long and the short of it.
18. South Greenland.
19. I was thinking of having a go at someone… getit? go-at… Oh never mind.
20. We’re off to play hide and seek in this tyre. See you and Munguin next week… OK?

Thanks to John and the RS for the Bulgarian garden photo.

56 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. Munguin says it is always a relief to him when life is pronounced reaffirmed. It means he can successfully go back about his business of making my life busier.


  1. Marvellous stuff. Fair cheered me up. Lovely odd couple pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a zebra and a giraffe so close together before. Picture 15 was just too cute for words. So no words. Ain’t nature grand!!!

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  2. The cabin on Lake Louise is a striking picture. I’d like to see the Canadian Rockies someday and visit Lake Louise. The Canadian Rockies are not as high as the Colorado Rockies, but are often considered more spectacular in appearance than the American Rockies. Chateau Lake Louise (opened 1890) was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway and is one of Canada’s Grand Railway Hotels.

    Wiki: ” Canada’s grand railway hotels are a series of railway hotels across the country, each a local and national landmark, and most of which are icons of Canadian history and architecture; some are considered to be the grand hotels of the British Empire.”
    “Many of the railway hotels were built in the Château style (also termed the “Neo-château” or “Châteauesque” style), which as a result became known as a distinctly Canadian form of architecture. The use of towers and turrets, and other Scottish baronial and French château architectural elements, became a signature style of Canada’s majestic hotels. Architects also used the style for important public buildings, such as the Confederation and Justice buildings in Ottawa.”

    I’m pretty sure that Ottawa is the capital of Canada, although Americans are famously uncertain about it. Many think it’s Montreal, or possibly Quebec, which is probably not a city. 😉

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      1. I had forgotten that there is a Quebec City, which is the capital of Quebec Province. What I tend to forget is the province that Ottawa is in. That’s complicated by the fact that there are Northern and Southern regions of Ontario, and that Ottawa borders Gatineau, a city in Quebec.

        Easier to remember that Washington City and the District of Columbia are now one and the same in boundaries, territory that was once part of Maryland.

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    1. Wow…

      Apparently though, they have spoiled the experience by making it a booze cruise and someone commented that it was the most horrible Saturday she’d ever spent.

      Another said it was too expensive for most Scots.



  3. Was in Greenock yesterday as it went past the James Watt Dock.
    Snow reports from Australia, global warming being reversed blog for trump.

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  4. Some others coming doon the watter off Shetland for a wee summer break

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  5. All lovely as always. Especially liked the wee owls. We have a few Little Owls that nest in our olive trees and a Barn Owl that lives in an a ruin of an old bodega nearby.
    Hopefully the link shows a Little Owl, bit blurry though

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