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OK, I wasn’t going to post anything for a few days, but I couldn’t resist this.

I think the unionists must be getting seriously spooked by the popularity of the Scottish government and the fact that there is now a majority for independence.

I read earlier today that the Noble Lord Hague has suggested that a senior cabinet member should be appointed to look after the union (although I thought Boris had appointed himself as Minister for the Union), and I’m wondering if his nobleness wants the job for himself. (I think he’d be perfect for the job. I’m sure he must have been to Scotland at least once and that’s probably all the qualification you need.)

Now this… A new Act of Union, which might present a little bit of a challenge, you know, given that the Scots would have to sign up to it and given the polls (thanks to PP for sending this link in the last post) this is looking less than likely.

Here’s Mr Daisley’s plan for putting us uppity Jocks back in our box under Empire II:


Munguin thinks it stinks. And it seems it’s not going down well on Twitter.

Holland House Books

This is hilarious. How can you have an Act of Union without explicitly acknowledging two separate entities? His answer to a partner wanting a divorce is to impose a second marriage on that partner, with fewer rights than before…

I’ll be out all day tomorrow, but feel free to chatter among yourselves.






23 thoughts on “WELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS?”

    1. I don’t think they are the sharpest tools in the shed. The Union exists because both parties signed an International Treaty, so they would have to amend the Treaty and to do so would have to get both Treaty parties to agree. Similar to opening the European Union Withdrawal Act.
      Nevertheless it shows how demented and antidemocratic these people are.

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  1. Our colonial masters are being kind to us.
    Instead of being an independent country they are offering us the opportunity to be an indentured colony.
    Not fully slaves but totally dependent on our master race’s benevolence.
    Really just sorting out legally the last 300 years where the contract between the robber barons is tightened up to reflect the reality.
    They’ve pulled the illusion that we were part of the onion now just do as you’re told.
    The daisley script makes no sense, easier just to use the henry 8th powers and shut down the devolved governments. After all you’ve had a generation with it and done nothing with all the power we gave you.
    Hell you’re spending money on free prescriptions, free education, free road bridges, free hospital parking, just being wasteful with our generosity.
    Where are our geniuses?, oh aye, on holidays until the conference season.
    We can only hope they’ve chosen Oldham as the location, they seem to be doing nothing to help the area.

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  2. Jack Straw started punting this idea not long after the 2014 referendum.
    He didn’t like coming to Glasgow and being heckled by the plebs during the run up and vowed that it would never happen again.
    Any new act would NOT involve the consent of the people of Scotland but only the representatives of the Westminster establishment in their colony.
    You have had your democracy,now do as you are told.
    This Spectator article should be front and centre of the next campaign because it does reflect the views of the right wing cabal currently in charge at Westminster and their clear intentions on how they intend to treat us in future.
    The attitude is that they “legally” own Scotland and are not about to allow Scots to take that away from them.

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  3. Shades of 1933 in Germany. Let them try it. Also letting history repeat its self made me think of Ireland after 1916 when public opinion turned overnight to Independence by the suppression that went on after the Easter Rebellion.

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    1. I’m with you there, Marcia: its as if They have learned nothing from history. They are making exactly the same kinds of unforced errors They did over Ireland, though thankfully with less violence. Along with many others, I’ve said for years that it’s not us independentistas who’ll break the Union, it’s the Unionists themselves. I share the view that the British State is not just unwilling to change, it’s incapable of it. Or as I occasionally say, Scotland needs its independence but England needs a bloody revolution – the less bloody, the better, of course.

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        1. Hm. If you define Stalin’s rise to power as the counter-revolution to the October (November) one, you might be right, Jake. The counter-reformation definitely qualifies under your definition. On the other hand, I’m not sure you can describe the establishment of the second Spanish Republic in 1931 as a revolution or the Spanish Civil War and the seizure of power by the Franco regime as a counter-revolution, bloody though the Franquistas were – all in the context of the Great Depression and the rise of fascism throughout Europe, of course. I suppose I’m saying that not all revolutions are followed by counter-revolutions.

          It’s worth noting that the current COVID-induced depression is deeper than the Great Depression was (I think, I haven’t researched that with due diligence), and of course the Usual Suspects (e.g., Rishi Sunak) are contemplating disastrous steps such as ending the furlough system, which will multiply the rate and scale of the economic collapse. That in itself may provoke what me might call a popular uprising as people are made homeless and start to starve.

          If Sunak does as he has threatened and ends the furlough system while the Scottish Government insists that it is not safe for people to go back to work as before, I wonder how our compatriots are going to react. This is worth bearing in mind. I’m thinking flashpoints and triggers.

          If the English get rid of their aristocracy, I expect it to be by democratic vote rather than with the guillotine – that way they’d catch up with the rest of Europe in having a bourgeois revolution and a constitution, and we’d see the end of the bonkers notion that sovereignty rests with the Monarch-in-Parliament rather than with the people. I mention that because Westminster is rotten to the core, and to mix my metaphors, a fish rots from the head down. We are the nation, not our feudal superiors. The same goes for the people of England, and almost all of them would say so too. Daisley is on a very shoogly peg there! England needs more democracy, but that is entirely up to its people. Meantime, we Scots are not going to get a proper democracy without ending this most disadvantageous Union.

          I believe the Americans had something to say about government by, for and of the people a couple of hundred years ago. Or maybe it was Lincoln. Danny will know.

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  4. And it’s not just the right wing coming up with these ideas. The Labour affiliated Scottish Fabian Society also chipped in their Union plans too!


    I particularly refer you to section 6-10 for “you’ll have had your democracy then!”

    “1. There will be referendum in the nation or region only if two successive parliaments or assemblies vote for it with two-thirds of representatives supporting the proposal;
    2. The referendum will require a super-majority i.e., two-thirds support from voters
    3. The referendum will require a double majority, i.e., to be carried in a majority of internal regions in the nation or region in question.”

    and if you don’t meet this high bar that has NEVER been met in any election or referendum in the UK ever, you’re not allowed to ask again for 30 years!!

    The Ties That Bind…

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    1. Just in case these pieces are overly depressing you, here are some quips from Jimmy Ferguson on twitter.

      “I have two friends called William Hill.
      What are the odds?”

      “I said to a council worker ‘do you dig roads?’
      He said ‘it’s ok, but I prefer Corfu”

      “I was arrested for stealing helium balloons.
      Police held me for a while then let me go.”

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    2. Sorry it’s me again! However now Alex Massie is giving his slant eyed view on the matter. (Yes I have indeed discovered archive.is!)


      “Boris Johnson is duty-bound to ignore any such demand, not least since the available evidence suggests he might very well lose that referendum: he would hardly wish to be the man who delivered Brexit but presided over the dismemberment of his own country”

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      1. PP – I for one always enjoy hearing from you. If anyone needs to apologize for using up all the spare bandwidth it’s me.

        That article in The Spectator magazine by Alex Massie … you called it a slant-eyed view, but I’d called it seriously off beam. I note that Massie is doing that thing that Paul Kavanagh has pointed out: he is picking some magic solution that will fend of the menace of Scottish independence. Massie cites the voters losing patience with the SNP Government after over 13 years, and the SQA burach – without actually saying that it might cause Scottish voters to lose faith in it.

        Then he goes on to direct falsehoods: “Scotland has a five-party political system but one of these parties, the SNP, commands the loyalty of nearly 50 per cent of voters”. As we know, it’s over 50% now.

        “Ostensibly, the practical arguments in favour of independence are weaker now than when the question was put to the Scottish people in 2014. ” Oh, really? There aren’t all that many people in Scotland who’d agree with that, I think.

        The rest is the tired old “too wee, too poor” farrago of Unionist unsupported axioms. Or as far as I read it, anyway.

        That kind of unquestioning dogma is more characteristic of a cult than a mind with a sense of inquiry, of a person who accepts received wisdom and orthodoxy as self-evidently true.

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        1. The problem is Ed that Alex Massie is one of unionism’s less cultish members. Although dogmatic he sometimes can see the other side. When he reverts to the tired old tropes, it suggests to me that they are running out of ideas and are getting desperate. Why do they think pushing the economic argument (sic) during Brexit and the official recession the UK has now entered will work I do not know.

          I fear anti democracy will be all they’ll have left. I only hope that if they try to impose a new union without the Scottish people’s consent, that the majority will rise up and say “up with we shall not put!”.

          I especially picked that quote given BoJo’s great admiration for a nodding dog selling insurance. What do you mean I’ve got in wrong, I though he loved Churchill 🙂

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          1. Oh… that slipped my mind, PP, that he does occasionally see the light. Still, resorting to the same tired old tropes – a sign of desperation as you say – is still disappointing. A serious error of judgement, I feel; once you realize that there’s no positive case to be made for the Union, in all intellectual honesty you should question your assumptions.

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            1. That would require some reasoned thought process; questioning your assumptions in this case does not give Mr Massie the answer his emotional self desires. Ergo he must be in an interminable emotional quandry; left brain disagrees with right brain. 🤡

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    1. It’s weird and bizarre, alright, but more than that it’s indicative of the peculiar bubble the London-based right-wing politico-journalistic elite live in: they neither know much at all about Scotland and us Scots nor care to find out – and it’s not even so much just ignorance as wilful pig-ignorance. We should be aware that that’s how our imperial masters think, because The Spectator is pretty much the English Tory Party’s house magazine.

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  5. I know the Blackett family and for Jamie Blackett to put himself this far above the parapet indicates squirming arse cheeks. They are rattled and this endeavour shows a split, it also shows that we share common ground with Blackett and cohorts, we both know that Westminster doesn’t have a scooby about Scotland.

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