There is no appetite for it – itisintruthnotforglory


Well, here he is again… getting all teary and emotional about Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Still, he’s considerably less offensive than Johnson or Gove.

But then, what isn’t?


  1. As the title I saw on a tweet of this said, absolutely. f*ucking. barking.

    I knew that manky jaiket man was a horrible, racist shite, but now I think he’s clearly mentally ill as well. I can’t actually find it my flinty, cynical, shrivelled old soul to feel sorry for him (I know because I looked), but he needs treatment.

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      1. Surely this is satire? Nobody could seriously come up with such a load of dangly bits. Unless, as Ed says, he really is barking – though not in the same way as the owner of the dangles. Who is he addressing, or trying to? And how are they meant to respond? Other than shaking heads in despair. Or laughing in disbelief, as I did.

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      1. I do indeed, Tris. I also recall he had one end of a table decked out in what Paul Kavanagh aptly calls flegs, at which sat right-wing, racist, barking, ethnonationalist Yoons of various stripes- Scotland in Union? Brexit Party? Scottish Defence League? I can’t remember now. They all merge together into one monstrous, malodorous coprolith in my poor, overtaxed brain.

        I do hope the polis are keeping up with the latest development in right-wing, violent lunatic (neo)fascist groups of ar*seholes – they are more of a threat to public order and well-being than the British Communist Party used to be, even in their heyday when Oswald Mosley was prancing around in a black shirt mixing it up with the populace of Whitechapel in Cable Street. (BTW, various right-wing shites have their own revisionist history of that – they say that the Battle of Cable Street was not between Mosley’s blackshirts and the locals, but between the Blackshirts and Communists brought in from throughout the UK. Yeah. The London Polis working together with the Communists in the 1930s? Aye, right.) Anyway, the UK CP was never the same after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

        OT, but I used to know an (English) old communist called David – a wonderful old guy. Used to embarrass his sons something rotten at their school prizegivings by singing the Red Flag, loudly, while all the other parents were singing God Save the Queen. You can probably guess why we hit it off – and a good thing too, because I was – um – together with his youngest son.

        David left the CP in 1939 – he was still young, early 20s, I think – when the Soviet Union pledged neutrality with the Nazis in that pact. Hitler’s idiotic attack on the Sov Union, dividing his forces, caused him to lose the war. That’s just my opinion, so don’t take my word for it.

        David taught me one of the extra verses to the Red Flag (best pronounced in pukka, non-rhotic English so it rhymes):

        The Working Class can kiss my arse
        I’ve got the foreman’s job at last.

        I miss his irreverence.

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        1. I’ve just realised I’m the same age as an old metrology technician was when he gave a young student some sage advice. “Ayeways shite oan company time son”. He was an auld commie too. Here’s to him and your friend’s grandad.

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        2. I worked with a guy who marched for Mosley. He was given a black shirt and 10/-. When they were attacked, he tore off the shirt and did a runner.

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          1. Had a workmates who had been attached to Mosley’s movement in its last days. He was told he didn’t need whites for the very informal cricket team so he turned up in his black shirt. It was very faded apart from a band of pristine black around one arm where an armband had previously protected the original fabric. He only played once…..

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        3. Yes, I’ve always thought that what lost the war for Hitler was his attack on the Soviet Union.

          What I thought was odd was that, great student of military tactics as he was, he seemed to miss that the Russian winter was what scuppered Napoleon, and there was no reason for it not to scupper him too. Indeed it did, and it ate up his troops…

          Ho hum.

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          1. Hitler had planned to attack Russia on 15th May 1941 but due to a coup in Belgrade that pushed out the Nazi puppet Government, Hitler attacked Yugoslavia. The delay in attacking Russia was Hitler’s big mistake. Had he attacked on the original date the advance into Russia may have succeeded but thankfully he didn’t.

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              1. Over optimism was their downfall. Hitler thought it be like France in May/June 1940. “You only have to kick in the door and the rotten structure will fall in”. He told his Generals.

                It did seem like that at the beginning but they over extended their supply lines and Russia didn’t have the paved roads that France had. The Autumn rains stalled their approach in places. They got bogged down in mud and the advances stopped.


          2. The winter would’ve scuppered Russia too, had they not learned – very quickly – from the Winter War against Finland. The Finns ran rings around them.

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            1. Yes, Derek… Stalin did butcher most of the officer ranks in the Red Army, and of course he came from Georgia where they don’t get a lot of snow. One of the drawbacks of authoritarianism backed by a reign of terror is that no one dares do the sensible, sane, rational, reasonable thing that might win the day because if it’s not in the orders from above, they’ll send you to the Gulag for it anyway. E.g., anyone who knew anything about farming must instantly have realized that Trofim Lysenko was mad, but he had Stalin’s backing so millions died of starvation anyway.

              Lysenko is an object lesson in what happens when you sacrifice science and reality to ideology and pseudoscience. (Nazi racial pseudoscience is another.) For such Munguinites as are interested, here’s an article from The Atlantic entitled “The Soviet Era’s Deadliest Scientist Is Regaining Popularity in Russia”:


      2. I remember it, was it his mum or his granny that was standing next to him a wee woman wearing dark oval sunglasses spouting profanities at everyone , right on the bend from the bottom of reform st along high st I veered across towards them to listen to what they had to say and nothing that they said made any sense whatsoever, they are a crazy bunch.

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  2. What drugs is he taking?

    “He’s only laughing on the outside,
    his joy is just skin deep,
    If you could see inside the pain he hides,
    You’d join him for a weep”

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    1. They’ve made a complete dogs breakfast of running it from Downing Street with their pals/donors from the private sector and so before it all hits the fan they’re off-loading it to the local authority.

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    2. It was on the news this morning, Douglas. What a bloody scandal. Hundreds of millions of pounds paid out to Serco for setting up a “world beating” system that only beat the rest of the world in its utter hopelessness.

      I wonder which of the Tory ministers has contacts in Serco, or what kind of donations Serco makes to Tory party funds…

      Why couldn’t they have done the obvious thing that works… that Wales and Scotland have done.

      The Irish system works well too.

      World beating my…..

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  3. I have a friend who has a similar take.
    He only reads the daily hail and recker.
    His tv programme news is from sky.
    SO what is happening, another million not working but the unemployment rate is 3%, what.
    There is no evidence that schools help transmit the virus, aren’t they closed?
    Corruption in Lebanon. Non mention of uk. new laws to be introduced to make it more illegal for migrants to cross the channel.
    Scottish non test taken test results BADD, no mention of ruk results, that includes NI, Wales.
    Talk about a banana republic.
    Colds and flu incidence has dropped in uk?
    The idea that we might be getting a carefully managed story of life couldn’t be propaganda, could it?
    Take care

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    1. On the early morning news on BBC, 6 am, the first story was about Nicola Sturgeon’s apology.

      Scotland rarely makes the Radio 4 news at all, and only when they have something to gloat over.

      I think, though, that they must have been warned off by Cummings or one of his elves, because by 8 it was no long a top story. Someone must have pointed out that exactly the same problem was going to haunt England, Wales and NI in only a few days.

      Teachers and schools, dependent on league tables, were kinda bound to inflate the results in their favour.

      It was right to look at them critically. I’m not saying that Edinburgh got it right, but to accept the teachers’ results would have been foolish.

      Strange that unemployment figure, which is being explained by people not signing on after being paid off.

      I’d have said that that would be unlikely in large numbers.

      Some people won’t look for benefits, but most will want their NI contributions paid.

      I’m assuming that the DWP have set up some sort of remote sign on so that claimants don’t have to go into the office?


      1. On the education issue, I recall from a past existence that Prof Paterson was a searching critic of tendencies to grade inflation in parts of the system so greatly doubt if he wd go along with the Greens view that we simply go along with teachers’ estimates.
        I wonder also how Tories reconcile their endless rhetoric about falling standards with the striking increase in estimated pupil scores. But I am not sure if the contradiction would ever occur to them.
        Above all, we haven’t had a constructive idea from Labour of any alternative wa to address a difficult issue – nor will we get any idea from what the Welsh Labour lot do.

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        1. Interesting to see what English and Welsh exam boards do now, given reports of incipient outrage in England. I suspect, given that Tory and Labour in England do not have the overriding common enemy that the Tory-Labour nexus has to hold it together in Scotland, we may see an interesting debate.
          I notice that there are voices around Colonial Quay already suggesting that students’ grades have been devalued by Swinney’s move. That I suspect will be the next line of attack- and I don’t expect SLAB to recall tomorrow what they demanded yesterday.

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          1. I think, Cairnallocht, that there is no “right” answer to this.

            And whatever they do will be wrong.

            It won’t just be the same over the UK, it will be the same all over the world.


        2. Well, that’s it Cairnallochy: If any of the opposition had an idea in their heads it would be a relief.

          But they don’t.

          In Wales and in England, its the same story and NI too, I think.

          It’s a no win situation, but they hope that their usual SNP bad will carry them through it.


      2. I’m not saying that Edinburgh got it right, but to accept the teachers’ results would have been foolish.

        But tris they did accept the teachers results from the better off areas . And marked down those from the working class areas .

        Absolute proof positive that the snp tartan Tory bias is alive and well and working to keep class structures in Scotland as strong as ever even after the years and years of snp misrule .

        I see Swinney disagrees completely with you.

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        1. Yep, probably he does.

          But as far as I can see Welsh Labour has done the same thing, and have the English Tories and the Government in NI.

          No situation is a winner here, Niko.


  4. O/T. I see according to Reuters, Johnson has knocked back a suggestion from Gove that Nicola should be allowed to attend cabinet meetings, as he doesn’t fancy the competition. On a more sinister note, I see car Jack has been bumming up the new U.K Government offices in Edinburgh, as Boris’s commitment to the union.
    As I have believed for years, this is one of the steps in their plan of “death by one thousand cuts”. Emasculate the Scottish Parliament/Government, make all important decisions in relation to Scotland at Westminster. I know there are practical difficulties, but if we don’t get a move on, we condemn future generations of Scots to rule by people who don’t give a damn about our country, or its people, only its wealth.

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    1. Why would NS want to attend a cabinet meeting? Most of what they talk about would be of no interest. They’d also have to have Mark and Arlene there. Then what would be the point of the SoSs?

      Well, what is the point of them anway?


  5. He’s playing a Saxon (band name) song called Crusader. It seems the hard right are “identifying” with the bloodthirsty bastards who invaded the Holy Land and slaughtered its Muslim inhabitants. No surprise there.
    The poor hard done by fascist is moaning about the fact that music like that wouldn’t be “allowed” to be written anymore.
    As always, he’s talking pish.

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      1. Blimey. I have just watched that video. Twice.
        Like as if Sam Peckinpah made a film about that great French warrior, Richard Lionheart.

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              1. Nice, eddjsfreeman, but I wish I could pin up a photo of Burg Trifels.

                Considering that it is in a supposedly tame bit of western Germany, it really is spectacular.

                Leopold of Austria sent the captive Richard to the Emperor Heinrich VI, who imprisoned him again.

                Another fan of Burg Trifels was the emperor Barbarossa.

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                  1. Yes, Tris! That’s the one. Thanks a million!

                    Do you see the ledge at the top of the cliff on the right-hand side?

                    I stood there once (not for very long, mind you).


    1. “. . . slaughtered its Muslim inhabitants. . . . ”

      . . . slaughtered its Muslim, Christian and Jewish inhabitants.

      Fixed it for you, Conan. 😉

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      1. …and sacked Constantinople / Byzantium in April 1204, stripping away most of its territories, though the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire staggered on for another 250 years until it fell to the Ottomans (who were Muslim, of course) in 1453. That was the final end of the Roman Empire.

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        1. It’s interesting that there may have been a Scots mercenary called John Grant fighting in that last battle.
          Or he was a German that his Italian employers called big John… I know what version I prefer.

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          1. ” . . . last battle . . .”

            Actually, the last outpost of the Byzantine (East Roman) Empire was Trebizond, which held out against the Turks until 1461.

            I doubt if there were any mercenary Scots at that one.

            But I had never heard about John Grant before. He was not mentioned by Julius Norwich (needless to say).

            And don’t get me started on the Alamo . . .

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    1. Hey, Darren.

      Like you say, zoomer doesn’t begin to cover it.

      I’m good, thanks.

      I hope you and the lads are staying safe and keeping well.

      Munguin sends his fondest regards 🙂

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  6. Violence and England’s union seem inextricably linked,unlike Europe’s union which was built on the need for peace.
    The Tories,in particular,seem wedded to the principle that might is right and that it is their way ir else.

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  7. Just saw a wee clip of Sky’s coverage of the invasion forces arriving from France.
    The journalist, decked out in full lifejacket , says that they’ve just seen an inflatable with around a dozen migrants sans lifejackets.
    What a mob we have, they didn’t pick them up even although the presenter was in full lack of safety mode propaganda. These poor souls are crossing the channel in craft that are meant for protected waters, not a sea crossing. Sky are showing NO CARE for life with their coverage. Even IF the Border ship is close they should have taken some on board if they couldn’t take them all.
    Shades of the Diana photographers taking pictures of dying humans to make money selling the film.
    Is this what we’re reduced to?

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    1. I guess, Dave, if you can stir up hatred against people fleeing situations which, I hasten to add, we (the West) have often had a hand in creating, given the mess we make wherever we go… it takes their minds off the complete mess they have made of Brexit and COVID, and all of our money they have handed out to their mates for dodgy masks and dodgy track and trace, etc, etc.

      Oh and the fact that while all this is going on Boris is off for yet another holiday.


  8. Read the report that the world record holding ‘Trace & Trace’ manages to find one person a month per employee in the system.
    Now they’re going to waste the planet by travelling out to your door and knocking. Don’t you just love the technology advances the doris has brought upon us.
    Last week it was published that a £1billion was spent in minister approved contracts for services.
    If the doris is spending £30million with the French to stop the migrants why not send the 2 aircraft carriers, sans aircraft, over to pick them up?
    Why not put them on one of the many cruise ships laid up due to nobody wanting to go cruising.
    Why not sort out the problems we helped create in their homelands.
    Heard the doris is off to visit with lizzie and phil with the family in Scotland.

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  9. Probably a quick visit to the cottage in the estate, not too close.
    Then off the stay at the border, none existent, to stay with alaster and ann, shoot some wee burds, reared on the none existent border constituency estate.
    Moray is very nice at this time of year and it’s a perfect place for an onionist, it’s got a nice military presence to protect the wean.
    News from NZ, after 102 days they’ve got some virus back in view, it’s not gone away.
    Schools back in Scotland this week.

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  10. I like to imagine him DJing, leading the crowd to “the drop”. He cuts and filters until there’s only bass. The crowd dance expectantly. He teases them with bursts of high and low, hihat and kick. They know what’s coming but enjoy the low before the high. He raises him arms, rams the faders to max. All of a sudden, full spectrum assault on the club.

    “Crusader, the lord of the realm”.

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    1. Where can I get more of this? I’ve watched it 10 times now. Each time reveals something new that makes me laugh.


    1. Nope, Jake, sorry. Can’t watch it all.

      His voice makes me sick. Like all of the rest of them, he would be far more convincing if he said, when it comes to the virus, the Scottish government has not been perfect, but it has done a very good job and yes, in some aspects it has done better than the English government, which I admit I support.

      We can learn from governments across the UK? I’d say we could probably learn much more from New Zealand, but we can learn from many other governments. It doesn’t have to be all about the bloody UK. As it goes Ireland would a good close example to learn from.

      Stop trying to score cheap political points on the back of thousands of deaths.

      I could only watch the first few minutes.

      He has absolutely NO appeal at all.


  11. A great DROSS interview.
    What have you learnt from the ‘Gypsy’ statement?
    Answer, not to say it that way: just think it. I’ve learnt from my mistakes.
    The SNP have let the country down badly says DROSS, we can look forward to him leading us to the the promised land with his bestest buddies , doris and ruthie.
    Aye right.

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  12. He said his comments about gypsy travellers were taken out of context.
    He was given the opportunity to put them into context.
    He said he had apologised and that what he should have said was illegal and unauthorised gypsy encampments.
    Then he was asked about the use of the word gypsy.
    Oh no says Dross, that was wrong too.
    He clearly forgot that he’d specifically used it only a minute or two before in his corrected and revised version.

    Does anyone believe that explanation he gave for his voting position re Northern Ireland?

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  13. Stilton blue cheese a problem with the Japanese deal we’re being told.
    More likely the EU deal with Japan limits their trading with better tariffs with other countries.
    Good article on sugar tariffs on Craig Murray’s site, how to destroy local industry by moving bulk raw sugar around the world and ignore the shipping costs against saving the planet.
    The fame of the truss cheese deal will help the balance of payments deficit with Japan, they must eat lots of blue cheese.

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  14. Garry Ⓥ
    Level 1:
    I swear to god you cannot make this up. After a week of
    stoking anger at having results lowered they’re now unhappy and complaining the pass rate is now too high UN BE Lievable


  15. omgosh so many nutters around… you must beleave – even called the drug trial report company Gilead in the UK….you couldn’t write this stuff. Yeah Gilead heads up the reports for the covid19 so called ‘recovery’ trials…where the hell are we?

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