This is just a reminder that the UK isn’t the only country being run by the inmates of a madhouse. Read on and you’ll understand why…


Liz Truss: 'You have to put yourself forward... No one else will ...

It seems that the UK government gave £225 million of our money to a company with capital of £100, owned by a friend of Liz Truss, to pay for medical-grade masks which unfortunately are hopelessly inadequate for the task and cannot be used.

All of this was done with no tendering process. Just handed to the company as easily as if Ms Truss had been off buying some of her famous British cheese. 

Happily, it appears Jo Maugham is on the case.

But can you imagine the unionists if this had been the Scottish Government and not the English one?


…Or if this had been the other way around…

It’s fair to say that I have been unable to find verification of these numbers. Someone with peerless Googling skills (hint hint) might get on it?


What the hell is a chief people officer?


Time after time he’s shown to be a liability. But nothing ever happens to him. Anyone have any idea why?

70 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. “Peerless googling skills” – vanity, thy name is Freeman – I must be as easily manipulated by flattery as Donald J. Trump.

    The graphic showing comparative test & trace contact success rates in Wales, Scotland and England is rather misleading. The omnishambles of the failed English national contact tracing system run by Serco did indeed result in success rates of only 52% (52.4%), according to the BBC yesterday afternoon (06/08/2020): “Coronavirus: Serco defends Test & Trace despite low contact rate”, https://archive.vn/6l8oU. However, testing & tracing systems run by the NHS services themselves and by local councils were much more successful (from my reading, from about 75% to 80% plus, even 90% or so).

    I haven’t heard of Serco or any other private company being used for testing & tracing here in Scotland, so our baseline contact success rate is presumably higher. The high success rate for Scotland which is shown in the graphic does not seem beyond the bounds of possibility, particularly given that the pandemic here has been so much more successfully controlled. For example, in the ongoing outbreak in Aberdeen, The Guardian reports Jeanne Freeman as announcing yesterday that all 191 people known to have been in close contact with the 54 known cases in the city have been contacted by NHS Grampian and told to self-isolate for 14 days (“UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson defends ‘world beating’ test-and-trace system despite fall in contacts reached – as it happened” – https://archive.vn/NGWwX).

    That particular article notes in its subheads that the test & trace contact success rate in England fell to 72.4% in the week ending 29 July. However, I suggest you look at the histogram in that section of the article itself, as it shows success rates of up to around 90% in previous weeks.

    I haven’t delved at all deeply into the Scottish and Welsh figures because I have proved to my satisfaction that the graphic which Tris put up on the blog is misleading in that it does not compare like with like. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am both bone-tired and bone-idle.

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    1. … But you do, indeed, have peerless Googling Skills and for those, Munguin Awards you The Order of Munguin 3rd class silver medal, which may not sound much to you, but in certain circles is highly regarded and much coveted, let me assure you!

      Personally, Tris says: Thank you.

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  2. “Nothing ever happens to him. Does anyone know why?” I have no evidence that suggests Cummings is complicit in a crime but he possibly has the dirt.

    There are lots of poisonous snakes out there and they all stick together. They have friends, or accomplices, in gatekeeper roles to prevent detection, investigation, conviction and punishment.

    Try googling “Jimmy Saville Queen Elizabeth” and you will get the idea, different faces; same filth. Or how this since some people won’t believe it unless it’s in the MSM
    Then again maybe someone could supply a video that shows how high up and extensive these networks are. mmm, then again someone already tried that, to no avail.

    Alternatively follow the goings on across the pond, where they had Gatekeeper cronies in every conceivable organisation including FBI, DOJ, CIA, local Police Departments and local judges and prosecutors. It’s all playing out over there as Guislaine Maxwell’s arrest and court filings are showing. Prosecutions are to begin in the next few weeks and the big fish are going to fry.

    I believe the same snakes have infiltrated the Scottish Government and are pushing certain agenda items which are distracting from Independence.
    WAKE UP!

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    1. Craig Murray was on the Avanda Capital story from the beginning, when it became an unlikely winner of the contract for a quarter of a billion pounds worth of PPE. Now failed. Craig has lots more today under the very appropriate headline ‘Stinking Tory Corruption’. Read – and keep your blood pressure pills handy…

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          1. Thanks, Jake.

            At best they are a set of incompetent idiots who shouldn’t be left to run a bath.

            At worst they are a set of thieving bastards who should be in Wormwood Scrubs.


      1. Well Jo is on it, and as we know, he’s a pretty sharp knife (most of the time).

        So, with some luck, they will be doing a bit of worrying in the non-offices of Avanda.


        1. Shipping companies with no ships, PPE contracts with no usable products, and does anyone remember Carillion at this point? Or Group 4 profiting out of feeding asylum-seekers and prisoners substandard food and making them work for it?

          Though Windrush and Dungavel are not exactly comparable to Trump’s ripping infants out of their mothers’ arms on the border with Mexico, and the kleptocratic cronyism of Liz Truss and others are not on the scale of Trump’s and his acolytes’ many fraudulent money-grubbing schemes, any differences in the callousness, inhumanity and scale of the thievery from the public purse between Trump and his repugnant Republicans versus Johnson and his repellent Tories are purely a matter of degree.

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    2. There is the possibility that he knows where the metaphorical bodies are buried.

      But I think as well, he is a good organiser who has roughly the same aims as the likes of Gove, Patel, Rees Mogg (except obviously he never wears a top hat), et al. And has the drive and managerial skills to get these things done, unlike Johnson, who left to his own devices would probably sit around all day on his fat ass drinking and carousing and quoting Ancient Greek (no, not Phil)


    1. I think he always knew he was there( to keep the religious south on side), it’s just that most of the time he ignores any of his supposed teachings.


  3. Don’t usually watch M.S.M news, but caught the astonishing spectacle of a politician from N.Ireland defending Nicola Sturgeon, and the Scottish Government, from a completely untrue, bile fueled attack, by a “Scottish ” LibDem M.S.P, I think Chirstine Hamilton. Of course, no challenge from the ” journalist ” hosting the programme to the lies she was spouting. Free rein to contaminate the airways with her propaganda, none of which has the slightest basis in fact.

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    1. I vaguely half heard and half slept this morning through another liar telling us how much the English had poured into Scotland during this pandemic. Not once did anyone point out that we pay taxes too.

      Neither did anyone think to ask how Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, etc managed to get through it without Eton OBs and Dominic Cummings to tell them what to do.


  4. There seems to be a lot of pettifogging criticism here from people who clearly have overlooked the point that we’ll all soon have blue passports which will make us a great trading nation again and we’ll be able to buy duff PPE from the highest bidder without the convoluted rules and regulations that currently (well, usually) stop us awarding big contracts to our chums. I won’t hear a word against Ms Truss (no, not mistrust) who is a damned foxy looking lady and remember, throughout history the Trusses have been to the forefront (so to speak) in supporting bollocks. Oops, I seem to have lost my thread and I see matron coming with my sedative enema. Toodle pip, what ho? Watch for the Hun in the sun, eh? 🤪

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  5. I am just this morning reopening the Kansas City bureau of Munguin World Media which almost two weeks ago suffered a collapse of its entire digital infrastructure…..my laptop! Technicians have worked around the clock and digital communications have been restored. I have a lot of
    comments from Munguinites over the last couple of weeks to review. Cookies have been wiped, so it’s anyone’s guess what my name will be when I log this post, but maybe I can eventually navigate back to Danny.

    At the risk of repeating an item that has perhaps already been posted and parsed here, I didn’t want anyone to miss Trump’s eloquent recitation on the wonders of America’s National Parks……most notably “Yo-Semites towering Sekoyas.” How a man has lived in America for 74 years without learning how to properly pronounce the name “Yosemite” is a mystery. (He is however a native of New York City, for whom the American land west of the the Hudson River is an enduring mystery.) He did manage to say “Grand Canyon” OK, although in the absence of a specific reference to Yellowstone, it does sound as if the Grand Canyon is where “Old Faithful bursts into the sky.”

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    1. What can one say in the face of such monumental stupidity? Intelligent Americans everywhere must be cringing in embarrassment.

      Of course, “Yo, Semite!” used to be my cheerful greeting to my Jewish colleagues in work, and my Arab ones too, for that matter [Freeman is a fibber, liar liar pants on fire, he’s almost as bad with the porky pies as the Mango Mussolini himself – Ed.], because I don’ t believe in discrimination.

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      1. Indeed I do, Danny, indeed I do remember when the Shrubster was a synonym for moron manipulated by the neocon whores Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove. I remember too Dubya’s dad’s veep, the ineffable James Danforth Quayle, who could rival even Trump for sheer idiocy.

        The joke at the time was that if Poppi Bush were ever shot and killed, the first duty of his Secret Service detail was to shoot Quayle.

        (Rummages desultorily through the interweb machine) Oh lookee… the Washington Times (no, people, not the Washington Post) had a “where are they now” article on Danforth Q. as recently as March this year: https://archive.vn/dWe3O. It’s called “Whatever happened to Dan Quayle? The former vice president weighs in on coronavirus and the 2020 election”.

        Highlights of the article / interview:

        “On the virus and the approach to it by the Trump administration, Mr. Quayle said, ‘I think they’re doing a very good job. They know what they’re doing.’”


        “Mr. Quayle thinks his fellow Hoosier [Hoosier = native of Indiana. Also means something like “bumpkin”.], Vice President Mike Pence, is ‘doing an outstanding job. He’s a comforting voice. He knows his facts. He does his homework.’”

        It’s nice to see that Danforth’s judgement remains unimpaired relative to how it was back in Poppi Bush’s day. It gives me hope for the future.

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        1. Remember the “potato(e) incident?

          And didn’t he apologise on a visit to South (Latin) America that he didn’t actually speak any latin… or was that a bit of a joke?

          fatuus, stultus, morologus , retaxo.

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          1. Remember the Potato(e) Incident? Indeed I doe. On American TV within hours of it happening.

            Quayle was put in charge of a committee dedicated to dismantling environmental regulations. One regulation he and his committee junked was a requirement that lead-acid batteries be recycled. Lead-acid batteries generally are recycled anyway, but Quayle and his hangers-on decided that trying to prevent a toxic heavy metal implicated in causing brain damage in children from getting into the environment was an assault on Americans’ fundamental liberties, or something equally idiotic.

            There was an occasion – maybe the same visit to Latin America that has been mentioned – when Quayle visited, I think, Peru, and picked up wooden figure carved by an indigenous person. The thing is, it was some kind of fertility symbol fetish thingmie with a very large and erect – um – satyrical organ. The stupidity lay in buying the thing in front of the world’s press cameras instead of sending an aide back to get hold of it later. Sorry, I meant to say “buy it for him later”. Obviously.

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            1. Ed……I’d not heard about the fertility symbol. I do recall the incident of the audience laughter when he proclaimed that he had a fine environmental record. When your audience breaks out in spontaneous laughter during a serious political speech, you’ve made a mistake. 😉

              I love the story that in the days before Google was instantly available on smart phones, the reporters in the school room looked confused and immediately went for a dictionary to verify what they thought they knew about the spelling of “potato.”

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        2. Ed…..A nice stroll down memory lane! What was Poppi Bush thinking?! isn’t it interesting how Dan Quayle was a Vice Presidential precursor to Sarah Palin? 😉

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          1. Ah yes. The ineffable Sarah Palin, the one with the family straight out of Jerry Springer. She must have spent many happy days looking at Russia out of her kitchen window.

            What can John McCain have been thinking of? He was drilling himself into a hole with that babe for sure. As Trump would say, she was a disgrace and a disaster.

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            1. Ed…..Hard to know what McCain was thinking. No wonder Joe Biden is taking so long to decide. Someone said that the VP candidate is seldom a real asset to the campaign. The best to be hoped for is to do no harm. Someone who will not embarrass the ticket and will not outshine the presidential candidate…LOL.

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            1. True! Everyone remembers that she couldn’t name a newspaper, but even better was her version of the Paul Revere “British are Coming” story. In her version, Paul was warning the BRITISH, not the Americans ABOUT the British. And it was about the British trying to take our guns. Her version also inexplicably involved ringing bells and firing guns. (She may have heard about the signal lantern in the Boston church steeple and got it mixed up with the Liberty Bell down in Philadelphia.) Absolutely the stupidist person on the face of the earth….well…….except maybe for Trump. 😉

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  6. Ed….A nice all-purpose Semitic greeting there! 😉
    Odd that media people will waste time speculating on the political subtleties of Trump’s bizarre utterances. In fact, nothing that he says means much of anything. He’s simply an idiot. Watching him with the Axios reporter pretend to understand some Covid statistics that caught his eye was typical. He clearly didn’t have a clue what the colored lines on the bar chart actually meant.


  7. I’m happy to hear that you have been restored to connectivity with the centre of the world, Munguin’s Republic, Danny. It must be a relief of monumental proportions.

    Talking of monumental, your pea-brain president never ceases to amaze me. It seems that he is barely able to read, and yes, even I know that it’s not “Yossy Might”.

    Still, let’s be grateful that you don’t have a Grond Conyan.

    Bloody idiot.

    PS: Munguin says, “Welcome back. As the Kansas City Bureau (which, despite what Mr Trump may think, is not in the great state of Kansas… they did it to confuse him) has been closed for over a week, he reckons you have been overpaid and would appreciate the return of said overpayment by your newly restored electronic means, direct to his Swiss bank account. Pronto svp!


  8. Tris……Yes, it is indeed nice to be reconnected to Munguin’s media empire. I have quite a number of comments to read through. Tell Mr. Munguin that the refund of my unearned salary is on its way to Switzerland as we speak. 😉

    It’s amazing to watch Trumpy try to read a speech in a listless sing-song style. With big rallies now closed to him as a campaign tactic, he’s really just flailing around. It’s convention month now, but both parties have finally given up on the idea of having a traditional big political blow-out. Trump in particular is devastated that he won’t get to have a big show as he had hoped. He was going to try to deliver his big acceptance speech in Florida, but had to cancel that, as he did North Carolina. Now he says maybe he’ll just read it from the White House. Biden was going to travel to Milwaukee (the planned convention city for the Dems,) but is going to stay in Delaware to deliver the speech. Looks like this will be a campaign with very little traveling. Unheard of in modern times!

    Yes, it’s amzing that Trumpy even got “Grand Canyon” right…..LOL

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    1. Munguin is counting out the dollars and cents as we “speak” and converting them to francs and centimes. I see him nodding his little head in satisfaction.

      The one thing in the whole presidential thing that Trump has done possibly well (if you like cheap tacky showbiz, is his campaign rallies. He’s never really stopped campaigning. It’s a bit like one of his cheap nasty reality tv shows, I guess.

      You could almost feel sorry for him that he won’t get to do any of them in the run-up.

      Oh well, ‘life’s a bitch and then you die’ as dear papa used to say!

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      1. Counting one’s money in francs and centimes used to make us feel rich, rich, rich! The reason for that was that the French franc used to trade at about 12 to the pound when I was a young man. Even better was to count it in old, pre-1960 francs and centimes – the old franc became the new centime, i.e., they lopped a couple of zeroes off the end of the currency, a phenomenon which any Brazilian who lived through the ’80s and ’90s will be able to describe to you (see, for example, Wikipedia: https://is.gd/YTgKbh).

        Ah, the joys of being a drachma or even a lira millionaire!

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      2. Yes Tris…….Trump is clearly devastated without the rallies. It’s the only way he knows to do it. Then when the economy collapsed, he didn’t even have a message. 🙂

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        1. Welcome back Danny and KC Bureau. We’ve missed your copy filings and glad to learn your absence due to tech problems rather than being Munguin furloughed or laid off as part of pandemic cost-cutting in his global media empire, unlike the rival (supposedly) Murdoch empire.

          Bulgaria Bureau also unaffected as yet by financial restructuring, but there’s a rumour that salary will by replaced by linage – ie, 0.10 leva per word used. “An’ ah dinnae pay fur adjectives,” as an old Glaswegian news editor once told me.

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          1. Thanks John for the welcome back. Yes, Munguin’s Kansas City Bureau is still in operation. Glad to hear the same about the Bulgaria Bureau. As for linage, I suppose that unnecessary adjectives could be a problem. 😉

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