If you only have one day as First Minister (titters) and your first priority is to get tough on ‘Gypsy Travellers’, what does that make you?

If you find it hard to answer that, you may wish to reflect on some of his other decisions previously mentioned on this blog:


So, he doesn’t like “Gypsy Travellers” nor does he like gay rights, or indeed any other human rights and he doesn’t believe in equality.

He also doesn’t like the EU, and despite the Scottish people voting relatively strongly to remain in the EU, he doesn’t want their parliament to have any say in negotiations on them being the only nation in the UK being dragged out of Europe against their will.

He also doesn’t want the Scottish parliament to have any more powers. That is interesting as what it really means is that he wants the London parliament, which is a predominantly Engish parliament, to decide stuff for Scotland, rather than the Scottish parliament, which is an exclusively Scottish affair.

He’s against taxing banks which make massive profits and which only 10 years ago cost us so incredibly dearly…every one of us. He seems, too, to be a climate change denier, which is, if you don’t mind me saying so, a pretty dumb thing to be.

So what is he for, you might well ask.

Well clearly, he wants the NHS reformed and I’m guessing that means sold off to whoever will pay most for it, regardless of what they do with it. And he is keen to reduce the services you get from your local council and hopes to do this by reducing their funding.

All-in-all, he sounds like a right nasty piece of work. 

Of course, he cannot actually take any part in running Scotland at the moment, because he isn’t an MSP. So, presumably, his deputy will be running things until such time as he makes the top of the list somewhere where he will certainly be elected. After all, that is what deputies do, isn’t it?

Wings Over Scotland | Drowning the baby
Leave him in my capable hands, Boris!

That would have made for some entertaining exchanges at First Minister’s Questions, but it seems, alas, that that entertainment is to be denied us.

Because, I can only imagine that Annie has her hands full with other things, although what exactly, I’m not sure, unless it’s her friend from their holiday, erm I mean fact-finding trip, in Israel.

Because it is rumoured that we are to be paid an inestimable honour. Yes, the Right Honourable, Noble and Gallant Aristocrat has stepped up to the plate to save Annie some time in her, …erm busy, …erm schedule. 

Ruth Davidson quits as Scottish Conservative leader - BBC News
Right Dross, I’m on it, we soon ride roughshod through that Scottish parliament and put the boot in.

Amazingly, Her Aristocraticness’s situation must have changed since that Blue Blood transfusion, and suddenly she has found herself capable of being an MSP, running FMQs, attending to her aristocratic duties in London, like a proper Lady, and looking after her son, which only a few short months ago was the only thing she could find time for.

Of course, with her elevation, it is possible she has managed to engage a nanny. Mr Rees Mogg had one going spare, I heard.



    1. Well, he has 9 months to practise getting one over on Nicola, before he has to do it…

      Of course, we are prejudging the election. It might be Tricky Dicky he’s up against, or indeed, Nicola might be asking the questions and … nah, that’s too silly for words.

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  1. I am in awe at the efficiency of the Tory Party in Scotland. I know they don’t have many members but the speed they got the ballot papers out to them, had the papers returned and counted the votes is impressive.
    Also good is that they’ve landed themselves with a ‘leader’ who makes Jackson Carlaw look charismatic.

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    1. Yes, full of awe.

      Is that the same as “awful?

      I think they used the Dominic Cumming election strategy, a bit like the Dominic Cummings competitive tendering strategy.


    2. The ballot papers is a good point to question. Although they wouldn’t need to be returned, only one candidate at close of candidates submissions. It doesn’t seem as if there was enough time to even post them out, given everybody was taken by surprised at Carlaw’s resignation, well everybody but Cummings, Johnson and Dross. (Doffing cap to Andimac)

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      1. Interesting. I don’t know what the procedure was but the speed and efficiency with which events came and went are suspicious, especially as speed and efficiency are not words I’d immediately associate with the Tories in Scotland.

        It sounds like

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        1. And of course Ms Davidson visiting DRoss’ house four days before Carlow resigned was pure coincidence, aye right.
          Probably all other Munguinites knew this except me, the letters WWG1WGA sometimes also #, is the slogan (mission statement?) of QAnon. It stands for Where We Go 1 We Go All. QAnon is mainly found in the US but I was becoming more aware of the slogan’s use over here, hence my search. I think it was the group (Q) behind Kangaroo’s video that he posted.

          I find the concept interesting, an almost quasi religous grouping dedicated to seeking and spreading the “truth”, from within a base of social media. Akin to a political party dedicated to wealth equality springing from and rooted in casinos?

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  2. It may be me but he doesn’t have much personality. He comes over as rather dull. I suppose they didn’t have many to chose from and that was the best they could get. Doesn’t say much about the rest though.

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    1. Well, there really isn’t anyone. Carlaw was the best they were going to get, and he was seriously useless.

      Annie’s a joke.

      Ballantyne was humiliated, as was Murdo.

      And the prof already has a full-time job.

      Never heard of the rest of them…

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    2. When you remember that none of the Jockistani MPs were deemed fit to fit Dross’s shoes in his highly demanding job as teaboy at the Scottish Office, you get an insight into the catastrophic state the Tories are in this country. When the comic act known as Michelle Ballantyne is considered by some to be a “senior MSP”, you can see why Jackson Carlaw has left the party after being booted out of office.
      It’s all so sad I feel I’m going to wet myself laughing.

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  3. See the French (pals of tris)
    Are escorting the migrants
    From their Territorial waters
    Into the UK 🇬🇧 .
    Disgraceful but what you expect
    From the french .
    Then they give that old guff about being a sovereign nation
    With its own laws well how very dare they throw the Brexiteers
    Words back into their faces.

    Typical bloody french 😝

    One can only hope the eu arrange a fast track pathway
    Whereby as soon as the migrants arrive in the EU they
    Are escorted to the English Channel and let free to cross to
    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.where they wish to be.

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  4. The only reason the Tories,including DRoss,have a political presence in Scotland was their No to Independence stance.
    That message is now falling on a considerably smaller number of listening ears.
    Their purpose in Scotland is simply to represent England’s interests in retaining control of our resources.
    Parcel of rogues 2.0

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    1. From the perspective of English Tories it’s piece of land adjacent to the main estate and it’s residences.
      At one time very labour intensive but responding well now to managed wildening, it’s quite the north facing country garden. With well tended borders it has a good rotation of hybridised native vegetables along with many imported plants. The land is rich and fertile and has been extensively drained over the centuries. Fishing rights are subject to negotiation by treaty.

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              1. Aye Edd Gruinard. Didn’t know about the melanism, curious. Interesting, I’m wondering if/how insects were affected, especially the pupating type.
                Anthrax a bit more edgy and more permanent than Grecian 2000

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  5. Scottish Tories increasingly remind me of Eastern European satellite Communist parties from Soviet days, who toed the Moscow line, spun on a sixpence (or should that be a rouble ?) on policy, and any who diverted or were seen to fail were defenestrated. Jackson can at least take consultation that he won’t wind up in Siberia or with a bullet in the back of the head….

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      1. I suspect that they were removed lest they become rallying points for the disaffected, but I doubt many would be likely to rally round Carcrash.


    1. I seem to remember a bullet in the back of the head case… no wait, that was suicide and we know that because it was the gun that was defenestrated after the fatal shot.

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    2. Re the Scottish Tories and the fall of the Berlin Wall – one of my favourite words in French is dégringolade, which is wot happened to the walls of Jericho, and Humpty Dumpty as well.


  6. It was all pre-arranged. The resignation over Dominic Cummings was a stunt to get him a reputation for integrity. (At the back of my mind I remember reading that Cummings had tweeted congratulations over the resignation. I remember thinking that was a bit funny but I can’t find the story now. But it begins to make sense if the object was to build up a reputation for DRoss)

    In June, The Courier had an article that said DRoss was planning to take over from Carlaw. Did somebody in the know spill the beans?

    The Carlaw resignation, after FMQ on Thursday, was totally unexpected by Tory MSPs. But within hours DRoss had emerged as the only candidate. He had a pact with Ruth Davidson. And the photos released of Ross and Davidson together were taken on Friday. To put all that together in less than 24 hours was incredible!

    Carlaw went very meekly. Did they threaten to reveal where the paintings are?

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    1. They didn’t seem to care how it looked about Carlaw.

      He had his backside handed to him bu Nicola and then he resigned. Could it not have waited till the weekend?

      The Tories are a heartless lot.


  7. I just compare it to the ruthie resignation.
    The time for nominations and ballot took a very long time.
    Then the time for the voting.
    This seems very rushed, a week after the resignation of carlos they have completed the democractic will of their members.
    The whole thing reminds me of the Godfather scene, ‘I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse’.
    The DROSS will still be a westmonster mp and slotted in as a list MSP even if he doesn’t win a seat.
    Still having plenty of time to be a referee at the footy.

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    1. Actually much more interesting was the way in which Ruth Davidson rose rapidly from nowhere to the top job.
      The resignation of Annabel Goldie. The preferred candidate who stood down when their association with the security services came out. The candidate who wanted a different and distinctive policy direction for the Scottish Tories, but who was warned off ( rewarded with a top “list” spot). The candidate who threatened to sue in the law courts over the abuse of process in the selection procedure ( and received an out of court settlement from party coffers to compensate and to keep stum). Then the emergence of the girl from no where about which there was always those discrepancies in her CV time-line.

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      1. …and you’ll remember that this girl from nowhere was lent Mr Cameron’s PR specialist to help her run her campaign.

        Obviously she was Cameron’s choice.


    2. I think he should stand for a seat though.

      It’s only fair that at least some of the electorate have a chance to vote for or against him.


    1. Not only is he a Tory, but he seems to be a rather right wing one.

      And at that one who thinks that the important thing is not what his constituents say or what his country says, but what his party leadership (ie Mr Cummings) says.


  8. I begin to wonder if the Tories really want to see an end to the Union. I cannot imagine anyone other than Johnson himself who will appeal to Scottish voters less than DRoss.

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    1. They’re either seriously deluded, or they’ve faced the reality that they’re going to lose, and lose big, because of the ludicrous antics and abhorrent actions of their bad joke of a regime and leader down in Westminster. The fuc[Censored – Ed.]witted [Censored – Ed.]ockwombles in London naturally have no idea that Dross is an even less popular and less rational and competent placeman that Carlaw the Jackal.

      In other words, the Tartan Tories are doing what they’ve been told to by the mothership, as usual, but aren’t bothering to raise even a token objection to make them look even marginally “independent”, or erect even a Potemkin village of intra-Party democracy, and are just parachuting the obnoxious, homophobic, xenophobic fuc[Censored – Ed.]wit of a [Censored – Ed.]ockwomble into the suddenly vacated position with a minimum of fuss and delay.

      Could they have actually finally have realized that denying democracy with their idée fixe of No-to-Indyref2 no longer plays well in Peebles, Pitlochry and Plockton, especially when the lead player is the Prime Liar? Surely not. It just strains credulity too far that they might have so much insight or understanding.

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      1. I imagine they think well, he’s reasonably young and marginally better looking than old Jack the Lad. He has approximately the same warmth of personality and he will appeal to some of our dyed in the wool or even died in the wool voters…

        And we want shot of him from Westmonster, because he bores the a**e off us… and lets face it, who else is there… Annie?


    2. Well, there’s no doubt about it, he must have very narrow appeal.

      Amongst the things he has voted against, he must have upset gay people in the party and as he is against human right, humans in the party.

      Probably that’s not many right enough.

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  9. Dross doesn’t need to be popular. The Tory plan recognises that they can’t and won’t win Holyrood. Their plan is to discredit and to marginalise it. The plan is to divert resources away from Holyrood to both local authorities and tame and compliant agencies that are answerable to The Hub.

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  10. It’s like a “Jim will Fix it”with The tories and the elites in more ways than one,
    It’s amazing how they shake of the dirt,
    On the climate change denier subject, I guess I might be in that category, just because logically things don’t make sense when reasoned out, here are some of those reasons.
    If our governments across the world believe that plastics on our beaches and blowing across our country side is bad, So Why are they not out there picking it up every weekend instead of blaming and taxing the small man on the street, whom is shouldering the responsibility and often volunteering to go out at weekends to pick this mess up,
    Meanwhile the big companies producing these plastics are still in the pockets of our governments, still lobbying and still producing this stuff, not banned and often avoiding taxes. Big decrepencies.
    Wind turbines are seen running on the calmest of days that have no wind in our area, but it’s the other side of this story that no one seems to address, such as, There are be amazingly large holes quarried into the earth to obtain these metals to build these turbines and of corse the machinery doing the quarrying use petrol and diesels , and are transported by petrol and diesel vehicles over thousands of miles, these vehicles are themselves quarried and made from earth metals, The quarries cover vast tracks of land, where nature and trees are removed to make way for them, and the quarry near us uses explosives(also quarried) to blow up the earth, which includes houses where people used to live but got moved on to alternative housing,( also quarried) for financial benefit of these companies. The whole process of making giant wind turbines is not environmentally safe or friendly, we are ignorant of the story when we only look at the back page in a book.
    There are many environmental, supposedly green climate issues that have a financial dark side that the ordinary man on this planet is being fooled by.
    Do what you can by all means to save our planet as munguin and I do , plant as many trees and old fashioned flowers as possible even in the smallest of spaces and places, put out safe places for animals to hibernate and nest, pick up rubbish and take it home to your bin, ( that’s another story) that is dodgy, to save animals from harm. Make sure they have a water supply, but do not think that the green agenda by our governments is for our benefit, it’s just brainwashing and a way to raise tax revenues, you pay for it.
    I apologise for making this sound like a lecture, it’s sincerely not meant to be. We can help the planet but we should wiser.

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    1. A great many of the wind turbines you can see on almost all points of the compass from where I live are built on peat moss. I’m no scientist but I know that these turbines stand upon concrete blocks, (PH 11-14 alkali) sunk into the peat moss (PH 3-4.5. acid) My basic ‘O’ level chemistry of yesteryear tells me that alkali and acid cancel each other out so this must adversely affect the ecology of the peat moss. Add to this that maintenance roads etc, are laid across the area disrupting or cutting off the water flow and significant environmental damage occurs because when peat dries out it biodegrades and releases all that nasty carbon it’s been storing into the atmosphere.

      I read somewhere that your average peat moss retains significantly more carbon than a comparable area of rainforest. I also read, and I can’t for the life of me find it so no link to prove it, that a turbine built on peat moss takes approximately 24 of its 25 year life paying back the carbon released on construction. That’s not counting all the other environmental costs incurred during its manufacture and transportation.

      Next: Electric Cars. How are we going to increase generating capacity to charge them all and what will we do with all those old dud batteries?

      I agree with you James, Capitalism just can’t be trusted to save the planet.

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      1. Hm. You don’t want your concrete to be too easily attacked by the acidic water in your peat bog either, and you certainly don’t want acidic water getting attacking the rebar. It’s not a good look if your wind turbines blow over when it gets a bit breezy… Here’s a paper on how to make your concrete acid-resistant:

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    2. A lot of the material that goes into a wind turbine is actually composite – fibreglass, carbon fibres, that sort of thing. The raw materials for those are plentiful and not particularly energy-intensive. For the rest, in the UK 56% of steel (according to British Steel a couple of years ago – is recycled, and almost all steel from demolition sites, 99%, is recycled. In other words, the steel in your wind turbine is recycled at end of life, and recycling scrap steel takes only about a quarter of the energy needed to produce virgin steel. Here’s a more in-depth article about steel recycling which will answer all the questions you never dared to ask:

      The most efficient thermal means of electricity generation is the steam-cooled combined cycle gas turbine, at 60%. With your wind turbine, obviously you want as much electricity out of your breeze as you can get, but the rest can hardly be described as “waste”. Other fossil-fuel-based heat engines are worse than CCG, sometimes much worse – your average petrol car engine is only about 25% efficient in terms of thermal energy in and mechanical energy out. To put that another way, even if you charged your electric car using electricity generated by CCG, you’d still be about halving the amount of carbon pollution per mile travelled. I’m ignoring the energy costs of making the things, of course, but at end of life, a great deal of the material can be recycled, and modern vehicle design is taking increasing account of what happens at end of life.

      We humans have exceeded the carrying capacity of our planet in many ways, and we Westerners are the worst offenders – though poverty can produce its own pollution problems (e.g., untreated sewage flowing into sensitive aquatic environments, destroying fisheries as it goes and worsening problems of hunger). We are so stupid that most of don’t even realize that our behaviour is stupider than the stupidest birds’, because we shit in our own nests and even they don’t.

      The generators in wind turbines do use significant quantities of rare-earth metals, particularly neodymium and dysprosium, of which there is not an enormous supply, and almost all of that comes from China. However, replacing the permanent magnets for which the neodymium is needed with non-permanent ones is not technologically impossible; end-of-life neodymium magnets can be recycled (; and permanent magnets made using more abundant and cheaper alternative materials is ongoing (e.g.,

      The longer wind turbines last, the more of the original cost in terms of greenhouse gas pollution is amortized. There is constant progress there too, I’m sure: it would be a very poor engineer indeed who designed something that was less efficient and more expensive than earlier models.

      Other forms of environmental degradation and destruction can’t and shouldn’t be ignored, of course, but unfortunately that’s what our free market system does. It’s been obvious since Malthus that humankind needs to reduce its numbers, reduce its consumption of everything to sustainable levels, and invent a better, more equitable economic system that does not result in a vast concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a very few while simultaneously reducing the majority of the world’s population to poverty and even destitution.

      As they say, though, chance would be a fine thing.

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      1. Well as I said Ed, ‘I’m no scientist but’🥴. I wonder how many I’ll informed opinions have started with these few words?

        My slight objection to wind farms only concerns when they’re built on peat moss. I’d also have to add too close to houses also. Figures I can get say that this makes up around 10% of the UK land mass in total, 20% of Scotland, but around 50% of the UKs wind-farms are on peat. (Probably mostly in Scotland ) It’s disproportionate but probably due to peat moss being in windy exposed and remote places so plenty of bluster to keep the turbines burling.

        As a gardener I’ve changed my practice by not using peat to help preserve these habitats. Ok that’s lifting the stuff and a bit different but mosses are very important so why mess with them at all? There’s tons of stuff on line saying that turbines cause minimal disruption to the peat eco system these days when conversely there used to be lots saying we shouldn’t be doing it. As usual it’s extremely difficult to tell if something is genuine or someone has a dog in the race therefore not entirely objective.

        There’s plenty of other places to put them, it’s just that many folk , especially the better off, still don’t want them, well not where they live anyway.

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    3. I think we are all learning and I think that most of us are less than green ourselves.

      There are, of course, some scientists who say that the change in the climate is a natural thing and that our abuse of it doesn’t make that much difference, and of course I can’t argue that one way or the other.

      Even if our massive consumption of fossil fuel isn’t to blame for the change in climate, it most certainly is causing all sorts of ills becasue of pollution.

      And, I guess it would be nice to stop killing off animals with our plastic and our building more and more homes and roads.

      It’s pretty unlikely you will get the right wingers to care about that though. Profit first last and in the middle for them.


  11. O/t Twitter competition to win a baby alien if anyone is interested. (Okay it’s knitted we’ve not been invaded from Outer Space!)

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      1. Hi, Conan, thanks but we’ve been back for a while now and can’t see us going back for the foreseeable future. The country is in absolute chaos run by crooks and charlatans backed by ‘religious’ factions where it is now cheaper and easier to buy a gun than a loaf of bread. The economy is fucked and what should be a prosperous country is on it’s knees with no solution in sight. Strangely the horrible tragedy yesterday might persuade decent and honourable citizens who form the majority of the population to finally say enough and do something about the situation but any such attempts will be strongly resisted and not just in Lebanon itself.

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        1. First of all, I’ve never been so glad to see a post. We were all worried that you were there.

          Your description of Lebanon does kinda make me think of the UK.

          I’m so sad for Lebanon. It looks so amazingly beautiful. I have a feeling I was there as a small child, but I’m not sure, and I’ve no one I can check it with now.

          Anyway, much relieved to hear you are here with us.

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          1. Have not been on here due to problems with my PC connection but should be okay now. The situation in the Leb is desperately sad with no relief or hope in sight and is ruining my beautiful country unless something drastic happens. Hopefully France can influence some change.

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            1. I see Macron immediately visited.

              I hope he can do something about the corruption.

              I know that a lot of countries have offered aid, but if it goes into a corrupt government… it’s not going to do much good.

              France needs to get other EU countries involved too.

              Maybe this will be the turning point. I hope so.


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