If you are over 50 and live in England, you’ll be relieved to know that they’ve dropped this scatterbrained idea. 



NHS Spitfire

What is it with symbolism and the Brits?

This summer, this spitfire will fly over hospitals in England to say thank you to the NHS.

How about they just fund the service and try not to sell it off to the highest bidder?

Because, to be honest, I imagine the NHS staff will be a bit too busy to go out looking for planes flying over to say thank you.

Doctors and nursing staff of the Paris Hospitals (AP-HP) demonstrated to demand more resources in Paris in June

The French government just gave employees of L’Assurance Maladie a pay rise.

Novel idea, forking out money for something that isn’t all show, eh?




Labour’s Sarah Smith tweeted a couple of days ago that it was a nonsense that Philip May was knighted for being there for Mrs May. She also mentioned that Dennis was knighted too (although his was actually hereditary so that her idiot son would one day inherit).

Theresa May’s husband Philip is to get a knighthood. Just like Dennis Thatcher before him. I’m sure they were both supportive of their partners in No 10. But how many political wives have ever been given a Damehood? Why do men have to be rewarded for supporting their spouses?

There were a few glaring errors in her argument.

Firstly, if the way to reward people for doing their reasonably well-paid jobs is to hand them some out-dated title in a ridiculous 18th century, Jacob Rees Mogg, kind of way, whatever title is given to a man, is automatically also given to his wife. Note, Mrs May is now Lady May, whether she uses the title or, like Mrs Thatcher, not.

When Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan, like good socialists that they were, went to the House of Lords, their spouses became “Ladies” whereas Dennis Thatcher would have remained Mr Thatcher. So she was obliged to give her husband his hereditary K so that he would have a title too. It matters to this kind of person.

Even in royalty, a woman who marries a prince becomes a princess and then on marriage, the prince also becomes a duke so she becomes a duchess. But a man who marries a princess remains whatever he was prior to the marriage. On occasions, the man will accept an honorary title from the queen… Tony Armstrong Jones (Earl) or Angus Olgivie (K)… but it is never a royal title and they don’t get to use HRH, unlike Kate Middleton or Megan Markle… and they are not afforded the courtesy of courtiers and others bowing to them.

But dear old Sarah the Socialist’s bigger faux pas was to forget that her own mother was given a peerage after the death of Sarah’s father, John Smith, who led Labour just prior to Blair and who died in post in 1994.

Ooops, red face, Sarah, although in fairness, she later acknowledged it …

sarah smith
The glaring flaw in this argument is obviously my Mother’s peerage. I will shut up now – if no one tells her I forgot about my own Mum!

83 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. The Sarah Smith one was a classic. Given she is, because of mammy’s peerage, technically the Honorable Sarah Smith you’d think she’d remember! The ratio was epic! THough tbf she took it on good spirit for a change…

    Re the Spitfires , one related cracker was someone posting their NHS pay slip (some details obv. obscured) saying it was only two more claps to payday!!! Very keen on empty symbolism is your average (very average!) British nationalist.

    Trigger warning! WoS has a guest, for obvious reasons, anonymous piece from someone who took part in the now notorious SNP NEC Zoom meeting. Even if you hate Stuart, I suggest reading it.

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    1. Yep. It was an incredible mistake which even a few glasses of wine couldn’t have excused. But she dealt with it in the best way she could.

      I don’t hate Stuart by a long way. I think we should be grateful to Wings for helping to dissolve a lot of the rubbish that the unionists put about before and after the referendum.

      He’s never been one for politeness, even face to face. When I met him in Edinburgh at one of the marches, he was mildly rude to Munguin. But some people are like that.

      I remember though some of the good stuff he’s done…remember the woman who was charged with shoplifting becasue she was starving and had no food, and he paid her fine (which rather obviously, Mr Magistrate, she couldn’t)?

      I just think he’s become obsessed recently to the point where I no longer find his stuff interesting.

      It’s a pity. He was one of my everyday reads back in the day.

      I’ll read this though.


      1. “When I met him in Edinburgh at one of the marches, he was mildly rude to Munguin.”

        The bounder! How very dare he!

        I didn’t mean the warning for you, I know some people REALLY have a problem with him though. I think some of his non indy stuff annoys some folk and I get that some might not find it interesting. I still read every post, though I do think the btl comments have REALLY deteriorated. But I do suggest folk read this one.

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        1. Yeah, No.

          When he stops wanting me banned from public life I’ll think about reading his site again. Until then, I refuse to give him page hits.

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            1. Ok, the author is either very angry or trying to stir trouble.

              I guess the attitude is that this is another piece on the “the SNP don’t have a plan to get independence” pile?


              1. I still have a regular peek at WoS, when you read the btl comments it is the same people saying the same thing like groundhog day over and over again and BBC repeats. So I comment very rarely now. When the next referendum is called I may comment more. I know some friends who had set up direct debit payment donations but cancelled them.

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                1. Yes, likewise. It’s a shame too because we really need someone with his journalistic flair without his GRA nonsense. I have neither the skills nor the energy, and being housebound doesn’t help either. If I were 40 or even 30 years younger I’d have a gos and learn on the job, but it’s just too much to contemplate, though I have thought about it.

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                2. In the past, when he was fighting the independence cause, brilliantly, people were prepared to follow and to pay.

                  He seems to be fighting now inside the movement. He was bound to lose readers and thus contributions.


      2. I was a great fan of WoS, and over the years I made substantial donations (but never received the badge). I stopped my subscription months ago, but lately he has been more on track. TBH, I have become disenchanted with the SNP. I’ve never been a member but the state they are in now I’m even considering spoiling my ballot rather than vote for them. It needs someone like him to gee them up.

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        1. > It needs someone like him to gee them up.

          A bigoted arsehole who chooses to live in the south of England can stay the fuck away from any country I live in, thanks.


      3. I also just stopped reading it. Although I long ago muted his twitter account and everyone who retweeted him, it was still a relief when he finally left because it all became really angry and ugly and obsessive and I just didn’t want any of it on my timeline.

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        1. Yes. Pretty much how I felt and I felt as if I’d lost something… not a friend but an ally maybe.

          He palled up with Alex Salmond and was, I think, a guest on his show. Maybe he knows stuff that I, or we, don’t know as a result.

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  2. Tris
    That Spitfire flight would set you back £5000 for the hour.
    Don’t think sarah will be on the xmas card list for dear auld mum,forgetting her title.
    As usual,the doris says he’s going to sort out the lords, too many of them, too many against him, need to move them to York, after he appoints 36 extras,maybe it’s the big plan, bring back the virus and sort out the auldies in the lords,replace them with the ones in their 40’s,like his brother and untruthful.
    Was a bit surprised to see the virgin are going to spend money on a new supersonic aircraft,3 hours to Australia, I thought they were looking for a government bung last month.

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    1. Like clapping, all the symbolism that politicians, including our own go in for is to make them look good.

      Neighbours of mine, both doctors, would prefer a more tangible sign of appreciation for all their colleagues.

      I think it would be a good idea to move the house of Lords to Rockall. All nearly 900 of them.

      Australia in three hours? As I recall they couldn’t get a train from London to Edinburgh in 5 hours the last time I travelled with them.

      They were looking for handouts… but then, they always are.


      1. No no tris. Ever since I was a teenager, yes, that long ago, I have been advocating that
        they move the whole of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan to Rockall. No room for their Lords and Ladies.
        Seriously, until we get rid of the head of the snake, this ludicrous farrago of Ruritanian titles will continue unabated.

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        1. Hear hear.

          I’ve always thought that the Labour Party, who wanted rif of Lords and Ladies, could have simply refused peerages.

          As time went on and Labour overtook the Liberals, surely that would have delegitimized (even further) the ridiculous House of Lords.

          Had the Tories and Liberals sat alone in that house, while the government or the opposition was Labour, it would have been impossible for it to operate.

          But no, they accepted the crimson robes and the ermine collars and the “M’Lord” from the lackeys.

          Animal Farm.

          When it comes to royalty, it always amazes me that some of the most progressive, modern, decent, equal societies in the world still have them.

          But then, in fairness, theirs aren’t even slightly like ours.


          1. Tony Blair actually attempted serious reform of HoL but it got the better of him and he gave up. I sometimes wonder if this is a sign that meaningful constitutional reform of the UK is impossible to achieve in practice.

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            1. Well in fairness to Blair he did more for reform than anyone else had. For a start most of the hereditaries went.

              With his majority I’d have thought he could have got rid of them all…

              Of course, he was supposedly religious (and at that time CofE) so I guess he wouldn’t have wanted to dump the bishops. But that is another howling piece of nonsense in the 21st century.

              I’d not expect anything meaningful from a Tory government and most assuredly not this one… unless Dom takes against them, but putting people into the Lords when they have lost their seat in the Commons is an affront to democracy.

              And putting in folk like Botham and Mone just leaves me speechless.

              I believe that in some African countries that were cobbled together by European powers there is a House mof Chiefs which is a way of trying to knit an unnatural country together. Apart from there, I don;t think anywhere else in the world has anything as ridiculous, and no one, except the Chinese, with a population of well over a billion, has a house with that many members.


  3. Did you see (probably not ) Charlie Mullins of Pimlico plumbers . On the telly

    Given it large about how those on furlough should be sent back to work instead of being paid to do nothing at home .

    And where was the said Charlie
    Why in his villa in Marbella spain

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      1. He was actually an avid Remainer and had “Stop Brexit” logos as the livery on his vans and stuff like that. But then at some point he gave up with that and said we should all vote Tory at the last election. Very odd, indeed.

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        1. Oh… Well, I apologise to him for that. I must have mixed him up with someone else.

          But a bit of a mixed message… Vote Tory, I want to remain?



          1. The whole thing was really, really odd. Maybe he at first thought Brexit would be bad for him but then eventually figured out a way to make it work for him by moving to Spain in the transition period and ensuring his investments benefit from the UK’s favourable tax regime.

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  4. Tris with respect to yourself and others SC can be a marmite figure but I applaud his exposure and concentration of the reviled GRA and HCB without his and others focus on these issues many people would NOT be aware of the serious personal impact these laws will have on everyone not just females , I am a 69 year old male and abhor that NS and the SNP are so ignorant and contemptible of the vast majority of the electorates objections to these policies yet continue with them unconcerned .

    Yet meanwhile the cause for which they ARE elected is RELEGATED to the pending pile whilst our country is held captive in a loveless and hated union with little prospect of change

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    1. I respect that opinion, twathater.

      Although as I said, when I met him, I didn’t take to him, I have contributed to every fundraiser he has done (I think) and tweeted his absolutely razor sharp put downs of unionists.

      I’ve never commented on his blog because I was terrified that I’d miss a space or not have sufficient paragraphs, for which he has wiped the floor with others.

      He’s a first rate bloke to have on your side, and a very dangerous enemy to have. He also kindly advertises my blog on his website and that brings a lot of traffic to me and he was kind enough, in early days, when he was reviewing blogs, to give Munguin’s Republic a rather glowing scorecard.

      In short, he is a bit of a hero of mine… and yet, as you say, Marmite.

      I just get rather bored with him ripping strips off other people on our side.

      I really wish we could concentrate on two things at the moment.

      Coronavirus and Independence.

      If we can’t persuade 60% of the population of independence when we are stuck with Boris Johnson-Dominic Cummings, we never will.

      The rest comes later.

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        1. This is getting out of hand.

          Please treat each other courteously.

          If not I’ll lock the thread.

          Something MUCH more important has happened right now.

          I don’t know where he is, but John Brownlie, one of our dearest mates on here, is (or may be) in Lebanon.

          Please, John. Let us know you are ok…


          1. Just spoken to friends in Beirut and they say it’s awful but they’re OK.
            Both live in the mountain area high above the city but the blast was so loud never heard anything like it, even during the worst of the war years. If John is also in that area he should be OK.

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          2. Hope John B is okay. I echo your plea for courteous discourse. I’ve had disagreements on MNR but always tried to keep them civil on my part.

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        2. I’m a trans woman. The GRA would have removed a Louisiana Literacy Test from the list of things I need to do to be considered a normal human being.

          Anyone who is opposed to it is actively trying to make my life worse, and the only arguments I’ve heard against it are recycled homophobia and recycled racism.


  5. The issue is with Tory overlords
    And indeed others is the wage slaves have slipped thier chains
    And they want to stop them ASAP in case they like I little to much freedom and tear down our capitalist oppressors

    And carpe Diem

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    1. Thing is, to be honest, Niko… there’s not a lot we can do with the freedom.

      But, by the looks of some pics I’ve seen of the tubes in London today, the English appear to have said… NOPE!


    1. Indeed it did. They are a ghastly lot.

      Close mates of William and Harry. They seem to enjoy killing animals together. The current king is an arse and by cutting his dad off (and probably sending him to Ecuador or wherever it is he’s going, he’s only trying to save his miserable skin.

      Get rid of them, I say!

      I don’t have a cold cold heart, Niko.

      I’ll have you know, I’m a warm, sweet person. Munguin says!


  6. I woke up one morning and put on the World Service. They were trailing a documentary about the Spitfire with the tagline “the people’s plane”. This has all gone far enough.

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    1. In what way exactly was it supposed to be the people’s plane? I mean, could anyone get a lift in it. If so, I’d not mind getting to the South of France, because if I have to put the central heating on in August, it’s high time I was not here.

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      1. I was a bit sleepy when I heard this but I think it was because it was made by people at different locations, thereby spanning the country’s geography and its people. But if that was the reason then you can turn on your people’s central heating so that it heats up your people’s radiators and stops your people’s living room going cold. Isn’t everything made by people in different locations?

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        1. LOL. Yes.

          I wonder if Volkswagons werden von Menschen an verschiedenen Orten gemacht…

          If they can have people’s cars… the Brits can have people’s planes… Dear god, what are they like?


          1. Like the Glasgow detective investigating a murder case where the victim had been killed by a burst of small feathered projectiles. “Rangers supporters,” he declared confidently after only a brief inspection of the body. “How can you be so sure?”, a colleague asked.

            “Easy. The perpetrators are obvious. Wee arra people.”

            Another daily grown candidate for Ed, and it’s only coming up 5:15 am here.

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          2. At the moment, I’m limited to people’s shoes and people’s bicycles. To be honest, I would tune into a documentary about the Raleigh Chopper, even if they trailed it as the people’s bike.

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                    1. Ah… I can see your antipathy towards them… I always thought they were rather silly bikes.

                      Much better with this kind of chopper:


  7. Sky news report from Beirut.
    Journalist report, look at these cars, they look like they’ve been ……blown up.

    Hope that it’s not been a terrorist event.
    What has it achieved if it was, there’s a pandemic going on.

    Lots of coverage but the survivors need help.

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    1. I remember from my schooldays 50 years ago learning that ammonium nitrate was very hazardous stuff, and great precautions had to be taken to prevent it exploding. From the reports I’ve heard, they had about 27,000 tons of it stored haphazardly in a warehouse in the port, for years, apparently in some sort of legal limbo. For comparison, the amount of ammonium nitrate used by Timothy McVeigh in 1995 in blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people and injuring at least another 68, was – 2 tons.

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    2. No, Dave, it wasn’t a terrorist attack. It seems to have been incredible incompetence.

      Lots of help being offered, including from the UK and Israel.


  8. This chemical, Ammonium Nitrate, is used as a de-icing medium in preference to common salt.
    My understanding is that it is derived from animal urine as when mixed with water that’s what it smells of.
    A few tonnes are stored as prill, small pellets, at work.
    Delivered from a flat bed truck in large plastic sacks,the truck carries 20+ tonnes at a time.
    Needs an initiator to make it explode.

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    1. You wouldn’t really want to use it as a deicer because it’s a potent fertilizer and you don’t really want it in your water courses causing algae blooms and eutrophication. Salt is cheaper…

      Ammonium nitrate used to be mined in very arid places such as the Atacama desert, but nowadays it’s made from ammonia (manufactured using one of a number of possible processes) reacted in its gaseous form with nitric acid. Not a process you want to be anywhere near if it springs a leak…

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      1. It’s not a great de-icer, only works down to minus 2 celsius.
        It is less corrosive than salt on the aluminium alloys used on aircraft.
        Smells for weeks afterwards as it is brought into the terminal.
        Place has the character of a small loo.
        Not much growth in the winter but we do have the weeds growing in the small cracks in the tarmac in the spring do deal with.
        Now we will probably have to store it further away and not keep it after the winter.
        The explosion pictures of nearly 3000 tonnes makes you think, still wondering if the fire set it off.

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        1. 2700 tons seems more like it, Dave. All I can say is I don’t think it was me who was out by a factor of 10. De-icer – I didn’t realise that you meant a specialized application; I guess if would be less corrosive to aluminium. The pH would be less alkaline, I suppose.

          A fire would definitely set the stuff off, I’m sure. I know that the Middle (Near) East has been having a heatwave. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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  9. An obituary notice you won’t see in the Dundee Courier.

    Sadly one of the old folks that I was doing shopping for passed away two weeks ago, nothing to do with COVID-19. It has been a struggle trying to find out his immediate relations as he had no living family in Dundee that anyone knew about. So keep your address books up to date. I did find relatives in Europe and North America by a fluke. A while ago I mentioned that I was teaching him to use the computer. He still had Google-mail open on his computer. I emailed everyone he communicated with since April and I received a reply from a niece In New York who then was able to put me in touch with others. All matters now passed to his family to deal with.

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    1. As the guy said, it pulled no punches.

      It’s bang on. People can argue as much as they like about their freedoms, and I’m a great one for freedoms, but I don’t believe, for example, I should be able to drive at 80 miles an hour past a school just becasue I want to.

      I’m sorry for your loss though, Marica. You must have been fond of him.

      It’s good that, by chance, you were able to find a relative.


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