1. There’s always one on the school bus who won’t face the front.
norway south dave
2. Norway.
3. Will it ever be sunny at Munguin Towers?
rocky mountain national park
4. Rocky Mountain National Park.
5. Who’s a pretty pussy?
6. I wonder where this could be.
7. I’ll just lick your paw clean.
8. Who is a handsome little animal? I am!
9. Wildflower meadow in Munguin’s neighbour’s gardens.
10. Who are you calling Big Ears?
11. How does this work again? Got it! Say Hay.
swansea tasmania
12. Tasmanian beach.
13. This is my “I’m not sure I like you” face.
Castle Campbell Dave A
14. Castle Campbell in the mists.
North norway dave
15. Arctic Norway.
16. I’ve taken this little one under my wing…
17. I see Eck knows some seriously important dogs.
18. Any guesses?
19. Now don’t go getting the hump.
Orangutan Diary | KPBS
20. That’s enough soppiness for one day. Munguin says Tris has to get the lawns cut and the flower beds weeded.

Thanks to Dave and Dave

77 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. #1. Barrow in Fur(ry)-Nes ??

    #5. Lots of odd animal couples today. Talk about the Lion lying down with the Lamb, but the Pig with the Tiger! Altogether a pair of a different stripe?

    #18. No idea where exactly … but I’ve not a sneaking feeling I’ve been there sometime or other …

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  2. Pic. no. 14 is my favourite Scottish castle!

    Even if it did belong to the “wrong” clan.

    Formerly known as Castle Gloome, its name was changed to Castle Campbell by an act of Parliament.

    It stands high up in Dollar Glen, above the confluence of the Burns of Sorrow and Care.

    (note to Marcia: there are a couple of waterfalls for you!)

    John Knox preached there once, and Montrose bypassed it on his advance into the Lowlands.

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    1. All that mist had me quite fooled, it looked like somewhere off in the weild heilands, not the relatively tame Ochils (not too far from where I once lived in fact πŸ™‚ )

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  3. I have a look at mnr before 10:00pm on Saturday night and SS is already up and even then there are 6 posts. It’s just no fair. By the way the picture if the pyramids must be the 7 sisters just outside Livingston, cant possibly be Cairo. Love the cat with the in 13, seriously grumpy face. Typical of a 🐈, but I do love felines

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    1. I was going to try to get away with the story that I was just being super efficient and the SS page went up early, but the honest truth is that I pressed the wrong key when I was scheduling the page and it published…

      Munguin docked a day’s wages.

      Livingston you say? I must take a trip down there one day!



      1. Ah, that explains it. Just gone 2:30am in Bulgaria and I thought SS would be just up by now – half past midnight in Scotland – and there would yet be few (if any) comments. Instead I’m nowhere near being first in.

        I’d go back to bed and sulk, but sulking’s a bit difficult after such an uplifting collection of pics and comments. The bridge also seems familiar, but where? Maybe the old crossing at the end of Loch Fyne from the Strachur side, but I’m far from confident. Pretty sure it’s not the Atlantic bridge at Clachan Seil, though.

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  4. Pic 2 reminds me of my first visit to Norway. One stop was to visit a friend in Aalesund. I spoke to him on the phone before we got there and he told me to stop anyone and ask for Mr Ringseth. When we got there there were thousands of houses spread up the valley sides. I though it was crazy to stop anyone at random and ask for Mr Ringseth but it turned out his father was the local postie and everyone knew him.

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        1. Oh yes. They don’t find it too expensive. Although those living somewhere near the border tend to go over into Sweden for shopping… and Sweden is really expensive for us.

          What, of course, it was about was having a good government that wanted to make Norwegian lives better and had no great interest in being a world power and strutting around like a rather ugly and pathetic has been peacock on the world stage posing for photographs with the people who really DO run the world.


  5. Very life-affirming as always, Tris! No. 18 is no mystery, though: it is obvious to the naked eye that it is a hump-backed bridge, the clue being that it segues nicely into no. 19, who are of course camels, though dromedaries would have been more apt than those Bactrian ones.

    The grounds of Munguin Towers are looking particularly splendid. The resident peon deserves a pat on the back, if you ask me.

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  6. Great stuff!

    That photograph of Castle Campbell is frankly stunning! I kind of wish I could scale up all the photo’s because I think modern technology would allow it?

    Answers on a postcard.

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        1. Nope. WordPress keeps converting the link to the actual image. In Firefox, if you right click on the image and select Copy Image Location you can get hold of the link. Not sure about other browsers.

          If all else fails, contact me on

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  7. Out of postcards, Douglas, and the pigeons are on strike claiming it’s too hot to fly. We’ll just have to make do with Emperor Munguin’s reply service.

    First you’ll need a high-resolution version of the image you want to use. Otherwise, blow-ups lose definition and become pixillated. If the SS image is low-res, see if you can find a high-res copy on the internet. Save that on a memory stick and visit your nearest ‘quick print’ shop. They’ll take from there for you. (Unless you have your own large-format printer.) Job done!

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    1. John. thanks for all your help. It is genuinely appreciated. And, perhaps, points me in the right direction.

      Going to see if I can work this out on my own. Frankly, you guys and gals are pretty inspiring! The ‘can do’ attitude around here is pretty amazing.

      See y’all in a fortnight!

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  8. What a smashing bunch of photos. I must say Munguin Towers is looking splendid, a credit to the factotum, as indeed is the neighbouring wildflower meadow. I’m really not sure about the big kitty and the pig – I see tragedy in the future! Blaze appears less interested in the then FM than he is in the tennis ball… Perhaps less well known celebrities doesn’t interest him πŸ™‚

    The orangutans are always joyful but todays’ were particularly life affirming. Runs away before Ed tries to get me for plagiarism!

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    1. Indeed Alex seems more interested in Blaze than Blaze does in him…and it is a very nice ball!

      I’m sure that Ed has put the “life affirming” phrase into general circulation now and no longer requires royalties for its use πŸ™‚

      Munguin says: Stop praising what Ed calls the Resident Peon (Munguin trying to be all Bulgarian and up with the Johns!). Otherwise he’ll not accept the pay deduction that was coming his way due to Covid.

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      1. No, Tris, I can grudgingly allow fair use, but thereafter I demand royalties.

        I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Munguin on this occasion; in my long and not terribly unproductive working life I have found that patting peons, resident and otherwise on the back occasionally goes a lot further toward improving master/serf than any of those bloody team-building exercises which are sheer hell if you’re any older than about 25.

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    1. Well done! I did think of putting quotation marks around the link but there are enough copies of the photo already and I didn’t want another.

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    1. Camel brings to mind the old leg-pull with the cigarette brand. Anyone smoking Camel would be asked: “Have you ever spotted the hitch-hiker on the pack of the packet?”

      The innocent victim would pick up the pack and inspect the pyramids and palm trees intently, eventually giving up with, “No, can’t see anything like that.”

      “Ah, she must have finally got a lift then.”

      Probably puts me in the running for another of Ed’s groan awards.

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    1. Ah, I see that Andi got it…

      Munguin thanks everyone for their efforts.

      Unfortunately, no prizes will be offered as Munguin’s far too tight to splash out money on anything other than Munguin. πŸ™‚ 😦


    1. I was literally just going to post that. Excitable chap/ess aren’t they. I mean yes it’s a rock hopper but it helps if they are rocks to hop on!

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