So, there are 10 monarchies left in Europe.

Spain, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the UK (although people tend to think of it as England because they are accustomed to hearing ‘the Queen on England’).

I’m thinking that the Vatican isn’t quite a monarchy… would you agree? (If not, there are 11.)

Some of them lost their monarchies a long time ago. According to the map, San Marino was founded in 301 AD and has been a republic ever since. Switzerland in 1291, France ditched its monarchy in 1870. A few lost their kings after the Russian revolution; many lost theirs after the First World War and more during and after the Second. Greece in 1973.

Isn’t it time we ditched the rest of them now?



I was delighted to see that Dim Dom Raab announced today that “we” had started formal negotiations on our future relationships with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Trade with these important partners is worth £66bn and we’re committed to build on the progress in talks to strengthen these partnerships, he said.


So as well as the Whelks from the Faroe Islands, we’ll be right in there for Skyre, Cuckoo Clocks, Chocolate and Gravlax… just in case we run out of our own.

Oh well, never mind. I’m sure Dim Dom knows what he’s doing.

Note from Munguin: Tris is lying, he’s not at all sure.


Map of England

This was taken from the Daily Mail, which appears to have conceded that Scotland, Wales and NI have already escaped their clutches.

Well, they have to be on the right side of things occasionally.


For heaven’s sake. What are they like? Thinking back to our AUOB marches, does anyone ever remember seeing this kind of mess?


Hugh Pennington


Does anyone know why, as usual, BBC Scotland felt obliged to ask Hugh Pennington, a long-retired bacteriologist to go on radio to talk about the outbreak of a virus in a call centre in Motherwell?  I mean, maybe, if they needed to speak to someone, a virologist would have been a better bet… and probably one who hadn’t retired 20 years ago.

Still, who needs experts when any old person who’ll badmouth the Scottish government or Scotland or Independence will do.

At least this dude did do Mrs Thatcher’s hair so, I mean, clearly, that gives him an insight into Scottish politics, right?



Orangutan joy
1. I’m playing at being Tarzan. Anyone want to be Jane?
2. Munguin fancies this little cottage for a weekend retreat.
Grey Seal_0
3. I heard Munguin calling for a Lord Privy Seal, but I was in the Arctic Ocean at the time. I got here as quickly as I could.
4. On the other hand, this might be more appropriate for Munguin. Whatcha think?
gang gng cockatoos
5. Gang of Gang-Gang Cockatoos.
6. Hmmm, them stupid cats think they can get them birds up on that pipe. Me, I’m just sitting here pondering the intellectual mysteries of the world.
devils flower mantid
7. Devil’s Flower Mantis.
8. Luna in repose.
9. It’s not fair to call us Warthogs. We don’t have any warts and we didn’t go to that magic school with Harry Potter either.
10. The resident Tortoise in a certain Bulgarian garden.
11. Hawaii.
12. The picture of innocence.
Glen finnan
13. Glen Finnan.
john gard
14. How many kinds of Evening Primrose grow in a Bulgarian Country Garden?
15. Let’s make a start to our new home.
16. I love you, mummy.
Govt to build Four "smart cities" in Kathmandu Valley
17. Katmandu.
cross fox
18. Don’t mix me up with Liam. I’m the bright one.
19. What’s the plural of Platipus? Well, whatever it is, that’s us.


20. I hope you’re socially distancing. Don’t forget it’s not gone away yet. See you next week.

Munguin’s thanks to John.


“On the basis of extensive analysis, the Government has concluded that it is almost certain that Russian actors sought to interfere in the 2019 General Election through the online amplification of illicitly acquired and leaked Government documents”, says the foreign secretary, that’s Dom the Dim, y’know, the one that we’d all forgotten existed.

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab admits that he never read the ...
Don’t touch your face, Dom.

It strikes me, though, Dom the Unknown, that they might have been less liable to interfere in British politics if they hadn’t been invited to do so by no less than a British prime minister.


If you invite someone like Putin to poke his nose into British politics to try to influence one election, it would take a level of stupidity that would be beyond, I reckoned, even this ragamuffin bunch of extremist dipsticks, to believe that Putin would stop at only one election.

Duh, Dom!


Oh, and then there’s this…

Will someone please wake me up if anyone of that lot in Westminster does something right sometime. I’d really hate to miss it because it will be unique.






Richard Dalton’s comment on that thread:

UK Gov: We can replace 40 years of integration with a comprehensive trade agreement, negotiated in a few weeks.

Also UK Gov: Look, buying a sandwich is a complex issue.






And the difference, I’d venture to suggest, is Mr Cummings, who is, very different.

Boris Johnson's government is dangerously suppressing dissent

BVUK History on Twitter: "Celebrity #ventriloquist Peter Brough ...

Do you think that perhaps, as the Brexit thing falls apart and it appears that perhaps we do not hold quite ALL the cards and that the trade deal won’t be done in an afternoon over a cup of tea that the team at No 10 are starting to fall out a bit?


And all for a blue passport which we could have had anyway…




The statistics in Arizona are terrifying and yet, these dafties are out protesting about lockdown… and not wearing masks.

I know masks are vaguely uncomfortable (I’ve been wearing them since early on, but, you know, it’s not that terribly long ago that we were hearing from Brexiteers that the Blitz Spirit was still with Britain and the great British people (albeit from people who had not actually lived through the blitz).

Our parents and grandparents had to carry masks wherever they went, for the best part of the war years. Kids went out to play with them; they went to school with them; they took them with them to the bomb shelters. Adults had them with them all the time, at work, at play. And of course, they also had to go without food and any kind of luxury (unless they were up the top)… and there was no foreign travel, unless you were being shipped out to Africa, the Near or Middle East or Burma, which wasn’t much of a holiday!

But it is true that they got through it.


The idiots who won’t wear masks for 15 minutes as they go round the supermarket because they are a bit uncomfortable*, wouldn’t have lasted a day in the Blitz.

I can’t wait to see how they manage with what’s going to happen in January when we leave the EU, and find ourselves in utter chaos because nothing is ready.

Whiney wee gits… yes, you Michael Gove.


So, there is the result of John Hopkins research. One of the top universities in the world.

I suppose it’s a hard choice to make… On the one hand John Hopkins University with its banks of scientists, on the other hand, Michael Gove with second class honours in English from Oxford.

In Response to Michael Gove | Creative Mismatch

Not easy…

*I was reminded by Panda Paws the other day, that not everyone can wear a mask for health and I absolutely understand and appreciate the truth of that.