79 thoughts on “OOOFT… TAKE THAT!”

    1. What a brilliantly and powerfully articulate speaker! Don’t think I’d fancy being greeted by her on the doorstep when coming home late from an extended session of taproom philosophy. Mr Barr deserves all he got, though. His philosophy is hardly to be admired, taproom or otherwise.

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      1. Really interesting article, Niko. Thank you.

        I’d no idea about the clothing. To be honest I’ve never noticed what they were wearing.

        My immediate impression of groups like that is that by and large they are overweight. I’d never considered that they had a fashion brand.

        Primark it is then! 🙂


  1. OT
    In the daily recker.
    The football pundit, Archie McPherson, calls for a new leader of SLAB.
    Ian murray would make a good leader, says erchie but says they need to get Ruthless, as leader.
    Keep up erchie, we all know davidson as ruthless.
    You’re having a laugh.


    1. They can elect anybody they like as “leader” Dave. It wont make any difference to their prospects. Out canvassing during the year before the 2014 Scottish Referendum, and in subsequent elections since them, in what were formerly solid Labour voting districts, the turnaround was amazing. Mostly Yes and S.N.P. As I said at the time, our biggest threat would come if, and it’s seemingly a big if, the present Labour Party reverted to its original target, Home Rule for Scotland. Then the S.N.P would have a real contest on its hands.

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      1. Like you Alex, I see more and more of my family either crossing the Rubicon or loosing faith in the labour party. Seeing them as just a part of the establishment, hell a SIR as leader and the hangers on down south repeating the NO NEW REFERENDUM mantra.
        SO now we have darling retiring from the lords, and auld erchie giving us more of pround labour BUTT murray would make a good leader.
        Yes I agree that we would have a problem IF they come back to their roots, Keir Hardie, but the londoner party pay the running costs.
        It would cause a few to revert to Slab next year but how many on the list would support a Slab independence push, I fear not many.

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        1. Dave. They recently said that in order to have a chance of winning power in Britain, Labour needs a very strong contingent from Scotland.

          The trouble is I can’t see a Labour leader that appealed enough to the South East England voters, who would also appeal to the Scottish voters.

          And as Peter Mandelson said, to win power you must take the South East of England.


      2. Absolutely, Alex.

        Originally in the manifesto of Keir Hardie and again promised after the war by Mr Attlee, it’s never happened.

        I reckon that you are right. Home Rule could take away a lot of SNP support. Of course Sir Keir Starmer won’t give permission for that.

        It would have to be a bold bold plan, putting us in the same sort of position as, say, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey. And I bet he can see that, just like devolution where, regardless of the party(ies) of government, Edinburgh has done so much better than London, it would lead, within 20 years, to demands for total independence.


    2. Interesting, Dave.

      I don’t know enough about Mr Murray to judge whether he is, or isn’t, leadership material.

      I’ve read that he’s a very good MP, attending to the business of his constituents and that is why he keeps being elected in one of the richest Edinburgh seats. But there’s more to being a leader than being a good constituency MP.

      Mr Murray seems a rather dour fellow, I’m not sure he could stir the workers’ party into action.

      Then, in a party that has a not inconsiderable number of “Home Rule” or even Independence supports, that jaiket will go down in memory.

      Certainly one of the reasons that the Tories became the opposition in Scotland is that Labour have lost the plot. Starting from day one of the parliament and Donald Dewar, the quality of leadership has diminished with each leader (although, to be fair, Kezia was better than Jim).
      I doubt anyone could call Mr Leonard an inspiring leader. He really leaves himself open so ridicule every time he opens his mouth.

      However, I’d caution that the last time that Labour in Scotland went for an MP as its leader, and one that was on the Blairite right wing of the party, they lost 40 of their 41 seats in Scotland.

      Do you remember Mr Muphies pledge: “We will not lose ONE seat to the SNP.” And he was right. The one seat they did not lose wasn’t even his own; it was Mr Murphy’s,


  2. I have seen some of the hearing and while the USA is broken even more than the UK is we just don’t have the kind of scrutiny that they sometimes have of elected officials. In this country it is all nice and protocol, the SNP and all parties play that game. Sad to say it but we could learn from American representatives here that is for sure.

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    1. To be fair, Joanna Cherry and Philippa Whitford have been pretty forensic in their questioning of government people particularly in the last months.

      Indeed Joanna was largely instrumental in having Mr Johnson reprimanded for contempt of parliament over the “lying to the queen”.

      Too often though, as you say, it is ineffectual.

      I think the Speaker should be able to demand a “proper” answer, although to be fair, if he doesn’t know what the answer is, how would he know what was proper.

      I think the whole thing, particularly at Westminster, but possibly in the other parliaments, to a lesser extent, is all for show.


  3. There are other clips of Barr getting roasted by the Dems. They appear to me to deliberately not give him time to answer any of their assertions. It appears to me to be all done for the media and the Dems are trying to portray a particular narrative for the upcoming election.
    So whilst it looks like OOFT! I dont think it is working for them in the USA. On the particular matter being referred to it is my understanding that it is the US Marshals responsibility to protect Federal Government property, such as the Court house. It is the State Governors responsibility to protect the States citizens and State property. They may gave to call for backup if they are being threatened with bombs, firearms and knives.

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  4. Another MNR distinction… first commented on this topic at03:15nd I’ve been waiting patiently for the past hour so I could add another at 3:15 pm.


    1. Bugger. The clock ticked over to 3:16 before the post went up. Ah, well 12 hours and a minute isn’t too bad for regular checking of what Munguintes are up to.

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    1. Welcome back, Conan – and with such splendid accompaniment. You’ve got my day off to a laughing start, even if the thought of the genuine Trump doing this every morning puts me off my breakfast porridge.

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  5. Breaking news – after having (again) had his arse handed to him on a plate at FMQs, Jackson Carlaw has resigned as branch office manager saying they needed a better leader. Don’t stop there man, I need a better MSP!

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    1. It could be argued that Jackoff by resigning has just struck his first blow to the Indy movement. It’s a tragedy for us and he will be missed.

      That’s for folk who know who he is of course?


      1. Garry Ⓥ
        Level 1:
        Lol, jackson carlaw didn’t even make the bbc national news headlines, and was 2nd on reporting Scotland Face with tears of joy


        1. I saw a link to the Herald when it first reported the missing paintings. In 2003. 2003! Seventeen years ago.

          Given that there are frequent references to the missing artwork, I would assume that they have never been found. So what has happened to the directors? How long does it take for their collars to be felt?

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          1. Well, if they want to make him the next leader, in between refereeing and chasing away Romanies, I’m not sure he’ll have much time for the job.


        1. Jackson Carlaw was a gift but Annie Wells would even manage to outeejit him. She’s got to be good for another 3% on the YES vote at the very least.

          Alas, it’s seriously unlikely, we can but dream though.

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          1. So who will be it?

            Ballantyne who was so roundly beaten last time round?

            Murdo…? Oh please, let it be Murdo.

            The Prof?

            I don’t know any of the rest of them.


            1. The Guardian reckons Buffalo Girl might be taking FMQs till it’s settled and that Douglas Ross might be a contender as you’ve already said. There’s no sae much fitba refereeing during a pandemic so he might just be able to spare the time?

              Who the fcuk knows. Maybe they’ll get the guy from Burnistoun who takes on tricky jobs.

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    1. Gerry Parker
      Level 1:
      So Carlaw has gone, wonder if we will get someone really willing to stick the boot in. Face screaming in fear
      6:09 PM · Jul 30, 2020·Twitter for iPhone


    1. One of the neighbour’s cats came in yesterday. I was having a cone, the cat thought he wants a bit so picked off a little bit. His face was a picture when the starting to chew. Normally he sniffs before chewing, not this time. “its cold” was the reaction on his face.

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  6. Ah the onionists have the ball at their feet now.
    The best they’ve got has resigned as leader, not as a MSP, he’s not that daft.
    Is Tris going to run the raffle, who will win the golden hairdo?
    Maybe 2 jobs will run with it as he’s not really busy at the other jobs for now.
    I’m going to miss my nickname for him but expect the occasional , carlos jackass gone.
    Wonder if he’ll open a post office in NM with the payoff money he’ll get as leader of the opposition.
    Now for Slab and jackie baillie the new leader.

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    1. I’ve just though… Mundell?

      Nah, I just remembered Mr Cummings didn’t like his faither, so he’s got no chance.

      Maybe Jackie Baillie could do both?


  7. Was looking at the Scottish Parliament FMQT.
    And who was there but a young person who fits carlos jackass’ description of the new leader.
    Yes you’ve just mentioned him, Muddle the younger.
    Now there would be someone that oor Nicola would be worried about as leader. She would lose her composure and maybe laugh out loud.
    Elsewhere they’re giving it to the referee/linesman who can do the mp’s job as well.

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      1. My first thought was that maybe Jackass has seen the light. He’s quoted as saying he’d come to the “painful conclusion” that he was not the best person to lead the case for Scotland remaining in the UK.

        Does that mean he hasn’t got the stomach for it any more? That he’s finding it increasingly difficult to make that case with any credibility?

        Probably not, but if we interpret it that way, we can congratulate him on becoming the latest recruit to the independence cause. He’s recognised that making the case for Scotland remaining in the union is a task beyond him – and for whichever poor sod inherits the job of flogging the dead horse.

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        1. It sounded to me like leading the Scottish Branch Office of the Tory Party has joined running two car companies on the list of things Jackson just can’t do.


  8. Don’t often bother but just to see how the STV website dealt with the stunning news .
    They lead with,
    Seven Hens stolen from a garden in Dumfries.
    Sums it all up, a right cackle.

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  9. Take that right enough.

    Coronavirus spread ‘largely due to households meeting’ –…
    Duma: Duma review – extreme Kenyan metalheads bring doom to the dancefloor

    A senior Tory MSP has warned that independence looks like the “majority position” as his party searches for a new leader after Jackson Carlaw ’s resignation.

    Adam Tomkins said for the “first time in Scottish history” independence might not be a “minority pursuit” and described the SNP as “formidable” opponents.

    He also dismissed MSP colleague Michelle Ballantyne as “laughable” after she criticised Carlaw’s performance as leader.

    Carlaw stunned the Scottish political world yesterday after he resigned as Tory leader after five months in the job.

    It is understood he agreed to quit after dismal internal polling was presented to Downing Street. He faced pressure from senior Scottish Tory figures.

    MP Douglas Ross, who quit as a Scotland Office Minister in protest at the Dominic Cummings row, is the frontrunner to take over.

    Former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson may also be in line for a mini-comeback by doing First Minister’s Questions until the next Holyrood election.

    In an BBC interview, Glasgow MSP Tomkins, who is standing down at the election, said of Carlaw’s decision:

    “Jackson had just reached the view that perhaps he had taken the party as far as it could, and it was time for somebody else to come forward.”

    He described Ross as “formidable” and backed him to succeed Carlaw: “I think he would be an outstanding candidate and an outstanding leader if he does announce his candidacy in the next few hours or days. I would be very keen to support him.”

    Following polling showing support for independence at 54%, Tomkins said:

    “For the first time in Scottish history independence now looks like it might not be the minority pursuit that it’s always been, but the position of a majority of Scots.”

    He also took aim at Ballantyne, the South of Scotland MSP who said of Carlaw last night:

    “I’m happy he’s gone. I never thought he was the right person.

    “The push has been coming from everywhere but I suspect it was Westminster who pushed him.”

    Tomkins blasted: “That’s just laughable from Michelle. Michelle doesn’t know what she is talking about. The only thing that we need to remember about Michelle is she was beaten 75/25 in a two horse race by Jackson Carlaw only a few months ago.

    “I’m afraid that Michelle doesn’t speak for the party. She speaks only for herself.”

    He also described her comments as “unhelpful, unwise and ill-informed”.
    MSN’s take above
    Will the media be saying the tories are at war with themselves, naw.

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  10. A few July Covid-19 facts and figures.

    Total July Cases –
    Wal = 646 = (37.93% of June total)
    Sco = 376 = (62.15% of June total)
    NI = 165 = (94.83% of June total)
    Eng = 18135 = (219.53% of June total)

    Cases per million population –
    Sco = 68.82
    Eng = 322.19

    Eng = 4.68 x Sco

    Level 2:
    Total July Deaths –
    Wal = 51 = (30% of June total)
    Sco = 9 = (6.98% of June total)
    NI = 5 = (17.24% of June total)
    Eng = 2325 = (52.91% of June total)

    Deaths per million population –
    Wal = 16.18
    Sco = 1.65
    NI = 2.64
    Eng = 41.31

    From Graham Pattie on Twitter


  11. Caligula in downing street.
    The doris puts his brother into the HoLs, botham, the maybot’s husband and a Russian Media mogul, who is NOW a Brit. 36 in total on the list. Only some 30 or 40 years of possible seating, Hammond and Clarke.
    We thought the Lloyd George premiership was bad for selling seats in the lords but this is crazy.
    Huge crowds on the beaches down south today, the doris says he’s putting on the brakes, too late doris it takes 3 weeks to see the results of a control input.

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    1. The hottest day of the year brings them out of the beaches and then they have a few drinks and then they fight or kiss and then the virus spreads.

      I saw Mr Johnson put Mr Johnson in the lords. Once upon a time the PM, maybe foreign secretary, home secretary and chancellor got a lordship, Johnson junior was a low level minister, as were several others that went to the lords.

      I wonder what Botham is going to add to debate in there. He was a great sportsman and he did do a lot for charity. Many who work for charity all their lives get an OBE.

      Going to the lords is supposed to mean you can add something to the national debate.

      Botham’s talents were sporting; not intellectual.

      I see that the ex-speaker was not on the list.

      I wonder if that is because Johnson took the huff with him, or because Bercow told him to stick it?


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