Worried about a 'no deal' brexit? UK startups should check this ...

I’m beginning to wonder if this Brexit thing may not be all it was cracked up to be.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall that there was not going to be a downside to Brexit and we had not only all the cards but a hand full of aces. However, bit by bit, it seems, promises have turned out be the kind of piecrusts which have attracted vermin to the larder.

There were those who promised that there would be a free trade deal and others who said that that we were certainly not about to leave the single market. Indeed the current prime minister was one of them, as was ba’heid here.

Malex on Twitter: "Leave in 2016. "Only a fool would leave the ...

No, Mr Farage, it wouldn’t be terrible at all, indeed, I desperately wish we were more like Norway and Switzerland in numerous ways, not to mention their partners in EFTA, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

But that wouldn’t have allowed us to take back control of pretty much anything… even though having actually done it we are about to hand it all to Mr Trump.

Additionally, as these four countries are very rich, they don’t mind not benefiting greatly from grants for development, agriculture, science and technology, social funding, etc, at the same time as paying into the EU and supporting the four freedoms.

But Nigel’s OK because it seems he took the step of ensuring his rights by getting himself a German Passport.

Nigel ist ein kluger Junge.

The opium kicked in, Rees-Mogg admits

In the meantime, dear old Jacob Rees Mogg, has seen a company of which he is a director, move its base to Ireland, is fear cliste é Jacob, and the chairman of one of the Brexit organisations, Nigel Lawson (you’ll remember him, the one who said his main home was in France so he could claim £16,000 in overnight expenses) applied to remain in France as a citizen but was refused. Maybe Nigel n’est pas si intelligent ou peut-être il ne parle pas couramment  français?

Nigel Lawson - Wikipedia

So I fear that these guys, whom you’d hope would know a lot more about Brexit than Munguin or me, must be aware that it ain’t gonna be all peachy and creamy.

Munguin is already looking out his Antarctican passport. What about me, I hear you ask. Aye indeed, I hear myself ask it too, but, reply comes there none!Tommy Robinson: Violent ex-EDL leader to give talks to ...But Mr Yaxley Lennon, also known by his gig name Tommy Robinson, who also strongly advocated Brexit, has a different reason for leaving.


He says that he has been the victim of arson attempts, or rather his wife’s house has. (There’s a court case coming up and there may be damages so he doesn’t have a house any more.)

Nigel Farage calls Tommy Robinson a 'thug'

So, first of all, let’s be clear, I have no time at all for arsonists or people who use violence to make their political points. Robinson may hold repugnant views (May? Munguin) and he may be a violent thug himself (May? Munguin), but arson isn’t even vaguely appropriate revenge for his unsavoury behaviour. Additionally, he’s got two kids, damn it!

So, I can’t blame him for making a run for it…

But here’s the thing…

Irony at Grammar Guide

This is a man who has ranted against refugees who have been fleeing equally terrifying situations. Running from war zones in Syria, for example, where their houses have been bombed or burnt and their kids’ lives and theirs have been put in danger.

Dozens Are Killed in Airstrike at a Bustling Market in Syria - The ...

And this is a man who has spoken out against the EU and freedom of movement.

Yet, when his wife and kids’ lives have been threatened, he’s off to live as a refugee in the European Union.

Given that he demanded that people who went to England must be able to speak English fluently, I hope his, his wife’s and his children’s  Spanish is absolutamente de primera clase.

Anyway, I wonder when Katie Hopkins will do a bunk… Let it be soon.


  1. From Private Eye…

    Number Crunching
    New customs agents required to deal with additional bureaucracy after end of transition period
    Total number of staff employed by the ‘bureaucratic’ European Commission

    The Eye also has a running story on Farage’s finances. How UKIP and its reincarnations, the Brexit Party and the Reform Party, amassed millions
    from donors, but became limited liability companies/partnerships – with Farage as the sole shareholder! You have to buy a print copy of the Eye for that, it’s not in the short online version, but the Farage stories alone justify the two quid cover price. The best (maybe only) investigative journalism remaining in the UK.

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  2. Did someone somewhere at some point not say something about parcels of rogues in a nation?

    Pity we can’t ship the whole parcel overseas, preferably in the sort of container desperate refugees are so often stuffed into. Or better still, treat them as toxic waste.

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    1. P.S. Katie Hopkins? It would be an awful thing to say that she should be shot out of the water in the Mediterranean, so I shan’t. Besides, toxic waste is bad for the marine environment.

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  3. tris

    Me grandsons father (my daughter have parted a while back) lives in Norway 🇳🇴 .
    Seems he is taking Norwegian
    Citizenship which means the boys will be eligible for Norwegian/ eu Citizenships.

    And to me that would could lead
    To a better bright future than
    Anything a Tory dominated UK
    Can ever offer .
    They are young and would be
    A shame to see them go when they are of an age to go.
    But I would pack thier bags with
    A happy heart 💓 a. very happy
    Heart .

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    1. Norway is an awesome place to live.

      They grasped the opportunities that came with vast wealth from oil, instead of squandering it on shutting everything that employed large number of union members. And, we shouldn’t forget moving the economy to the south east of England… oh and self importance though becoming deputy assistant policeman of the world.

      … Anyway, advantage for you would be to be able to go to Norway and stay with them.

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  4. “So, first of all, let’s be clear, I have no time at all for […] people who use violence to make their political points.”

    So, no time at all for Ghandi or Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks?

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  5. Wee thought from this morning’s news.
    The uk government has purchased 60,000,000 doses of the experimental vaccine.
    My wee thought, aren’t there 68,000,000 of us.
    Ah that wee slip is the Scottish population, they’ll get their own, you’ll have had your vaccine then.
    See the ts&cs of the £60k payout to NHS workers who dies of the virus are in vogue, only 21 payouts.
    The house of lords to be expanded, another tranche to be inducted onto the £325 a day benefit scheme.

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      1. Well, I’ve seen the rumours on Twitter and I’ve not seen any rebuttal, so I suppose it’s true.

        They could make her Secretary of State and get rid of the lacklustre posh boy they have at the moment who comes over as being almost as appealing as a dead fish.


        1. Tris, I must put in a word for the dead fish. Some can be very appealing, unlike the individual you mention. Oatmeal-coated fried herring, sole bonne femme, tuna salad, battered cod or haddock, grilled barracuda with lemon and garlic, smoked salmon, mackerel roll-mops etc etc. All extremely appealing.

          Perhaps you had in mind a far from attractive catfish, caught and discarded, dead for a fortnight, and shunned even by the gulls.

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          1. Aye, John, that’s the one I had in mind.

            The one that even Harry Herring-Gull, a bird who enjoys Munguin’s boundless hospitality and eats all in sight, wouldn’t touch with a tarry pole!


        2. Ruth as Secretary of State and Oor Nicola as First Minister?

          I can just see Honorary Colonel Lady Davidson late of Pacific Quay attempting to put the boot in, and Nicola Sturgeon cutting her legs out from under her in a calm and measured manner with a few well-chosen and exceedingly sharp words.

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          1. That would be worthy seeing.

            It will be The Rt Hon and Gallant Colonel Lady Davidson by the way…

            Look at the fearless way she defused mines and prepared her boots for the kicking she’s going to give us…


      1. Report the lord darling has resigned from the lords.
        There’s 800 of them it seems, too many for the beds on the red seating area.
        He must be thinking of a come back or a nice wee job in the thinktank business now that there’s a space for untruthful tank commander.

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        1. Here’s a report about Darling’s resignation from the STV website yesterday, though it doesn’t add very much detail at all: https://archive.vn/L3Kh7.

          So it’s bye bye to Lord Darling of Roulanish, then – I seem to remember that there were times in the past when committed Labourites would have called him a class traitor in between verses of the Red Flag, but of course all those actual lefty-wingy socialisticky social solidarity types have been expelled from the New Labour Party, haven’t they? Still, as he’s a life peer I suppose he’ll cling on to his title until he’s shuffled off his mortal coil, so we plebs will be able to go on tugging our forelocks at him.

          If we feel so inclined.

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          1. If they are trying to reduce the size of the Lords, here’s a wee hint.

            Sack them all, take away their titles and their allowances and subsidies food and have a small elected chamber.

            With 328 million, the US manages on an upper house of 100.

            Why Britain, with 66 million, would need 800 beats me.

            Under 30 should do them, and once we and NI (and hopefully Wales too) are gone….20.

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            1. After Scotland has gone … then it will be entirely up to Them and it will not be our place to interfere – not that we have the numbers to do so even if we wanted to. Or at least, it will be up to Them until the people of England finally get round to doing something about Them – and the worse They behave, the sooner that will happen. For the sake of my many friends down there, I earnestly hope the bloody revolution which England needs won’t be too bloody sanguinary.

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    1. I wondered what had happened to Gibraltar in all that.

      The will of the Gibraltar people and all that.

      What was it 96%?

      Seemed a bit obvious to me that they would want to stay, totally dependent as they are on Spain for so much.

      Something else no one thought about.

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      1. But there are major questions for Gibraltar.



        There are no major questions for Gibraltar.

        And they can just separate?

        Perhaps we should be taking advice from them on how you do it?

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        1. I think that they are a crown colony or something like that.

          They aren’t an integral part of the UK.

          Like Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, which never joined the EU.

          So, it seems the will of the Gibraltarian people will be respected, as will the will of the Northern Ireland people… at least to some extent.

          It’s just Scotland that can go whistle… All teat oil and water is a bit of a curse at times.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. I was with you all the way..


            “all teat oil and water?”

            Where the heck does that come from?



            1. Typed in a hurry: All that oil and water (that the Brits want to hang on to) is a curse.

              If we didn’t have a pot to pee in… they’d get rid of us sharpish.

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