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46 thoughts on “THEN AND NOW”

  1. Yeah it’s Amazing 😉 people grow old and age wow !!
    See you haven’t put one of Nicola Wonder why ?

    C the Torys are asking the BBC
    To stop her daily briefings.
    That’s coz they are successful
    Whereas Boris ones were shambolic .

    So unfair 😆

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    1. Yeah, they do…well, except Munguin, obviously.

      I was thinking of putting one on Nicola in, but I think I’ve done it before. She looked like a wee lassie from a council estate, which she was.

      Jackson Carlaw seems to think that she uses the daily press conferences to make party political points.

      She uses them to keep us informed about the virus. Some journalists may ask questions that are politically based. She answers them. Mr Carlaw would say she was running scared if she didn’t.

      I’d suggest if Mr Carlaw wants equal time for him to be scrutinised by journalists, he should be given it. Then he might have to answer why his government in England, in making such an unholy mess. At least Richard Leonard is bright enough to see that it is by far and away better to leave the scrutiny to Nicola.

      Her press conferences have largely shown her up to be a competent leader. As you say, the shambolic messes that have taken place in England have shown their government to be a set of half-wits.

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      1. PS Niko: I did put Eck in, showing him as a slim young man as he was then and a fat old dude as he is now.

        He’d better stay out of England or Boris will have him on a bike.


  2. Who is the guy with the guitar and the “interesting” attire? I mean those leggings and that top separately would be bad enough… I thought I’d no sense of style!

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    1. Todd Rundgren.

      Aye, he’s a fair old mess, clothes-wise, is he not? His music is good though.

      Even when he was young he wore some really awful outfits.


  3. These days I find it difficult enough to recognise myself in old photos,let alone anyone else.
    Pretty sure no.3 is not Alex Salmond.

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  4. I must admit to an unreasonable and totally illogical internal response these days to people who, unasked, take my photo and then gleefully show it to me. I take a look at the worn old git in the photo then experience resentment along the lines of; I was sitting here having a perfectly nice time minding my own business and now you’ve went and ruined it. How dare you remind me that I no longer look like the 25 year old greig12 that resides in my head. This all happens in my head of course, the photographer being non the wiser.

    Reality is a bitch.

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    1. and yet as I grow older I grow more handsome.
      My vanity remains intact, constant and unchanging

      A doctor friend recommends I try giving up the fags and the booze,
      A physicist friend recommends I try travelling at the speed of light.
      Improbable notions both, and they know it, their chuckles betray them,
      as do the wrinkles on their ever expanding brows.

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  5. Excellent video from Phantom Power – it’s not even o’t since it covers Tories then and now!

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    1. As soon as possible after the 2021 Holyrood elections would be even better, methinks.

      Actual Brexit at the New Year, Holyrood elections in May with SNP and Greens standing on a platform of holding indyref2 without further delay, Brexit should really be biting by the end of the first half, add in the usual amount of time to get the necessary legislation through our Parliament, assume a refusal on our part to be put off by yet another refusal of a §30 order by the Tongue-tied, Tousle-haired Toff who holds the post of Prime Liar of the Westminster regime, throw in a relatively short campaigning period, and the 23d of September is the first Thursday after the seventh anniversary of the 2014 vote. And as seven years is the minimum interval between border polls in Ireland specified in the Good Friday Agreement, They won’t have a leg to stand on in trying to stop us. Not that They ever have had.

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      1. Things are moving in our direction;
        Bercow towards end of Feb, “perfectly possible for Scotland to hold a wildcat referendum without a section 30.” Result would be a significant lever with EU and wider international community.
        John Curtice; talking, without caveat, about the consistent lead and continuing surge for independence.
        Three places in the UK rejected brexit;
        Nothern Ireland, effectively remaining in the EU.
        Gibralter, looks to be staying in, if Spain accepts the deal.
        As the Phantom Power film asks, has last PM of the UK visited Scotland.

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