Next time they stand outside their doors for 2 minutes, clapping their grubby hands, remember that they were possibly thinking how they might very well get the same grubby little mitts on a nice little earner as an English director of an American or Japanese pharma company that owns a hospital or two back in dear old Blighty.

A hundred thousand a year for 4 board meetings a year.

And I can’t see that Edinburgh would be able to do anything about that, because they will almost certainly vote to strip the Scottish government of that power.

Remember, they can vote down everything.

And think on, farmers… they just voted to stuff you and your businesses too. Standards just went out the window.

Don’t ever say we didn’t tell you so…




Murdo Fraser – Deputy Deadwood – 18 Years An Unelected MSP ...

I’ve just read on Twitter that Murdo Fraser of the Tory Scottish branch has called Alex Salmond a Russian agent on the radio. Anyone confirm this? If so surely that’s actionable?

Tory hopeful Fraser slammed for 'Queen's XI' comment after Old ...

He’s known for saying very foolish and embarrassing stuff (like the above tweet, for example, which had it been seen by the Queen would have caused her grave embarrassment) but even for him, this would be rather a step too far.



Is this not a Tory paper?






53 thoughts on “MORE RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Life reaffirmed – oops, sorry, wrong day – suspicions confirmed and reconfirmed, which is why Cassandra has been floating round the place chanting “Told you so, told you so, la la la la” in a sing-song voice for a couple of days now without telling me what she’s told me so about. But I know now, of course, thanks to Tris’s intrepid reporting: it’s the Russia report.

    Once I pinned Cassandra down in a half-nelson, she delivered herself of the words that what They didn’t say was undoubtedly true. When threatened further and warned not to go all Sibylline on me, she confirmed my suspicions thusly: “Of course They knew about it in detail and have done right from the start, but were unable and unwilling to do anything about it and now Their primary mission is to continue having as much access to public funding as They can manage. So the whole thing’s a whitewash and a cover-up, and the inquiry into it was just window-dressing”.

    Whichever way you look at it, the UK security services and all related institutions, all the way up to the Prime Minister, are guilty of gross derelictions of duty. Now who does that remind me of… no. Can’t think. Can’t remember. Can’t have been anyone important, now can it?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Munguin had a laugh at the idea that Tris’s reporting was “intrepid” and suggested that you refrain from pumping up his already inflated ego to the point where he asks for a pay rise.

      He also wonders if you’ve heard of the law that forbids the maltreatment of Prophetesses…and he is minded to report you to the proper authorities if he only knew who they were… How does one reach Zeus by telephone?

      But yes, all that apart, yet another example of how corrupt the British government is.

      Given how much money the Conservative party takes in donations from Russians, I’d be surprised if anything comes of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This “report” only reinforces the view of the majority of Scots that Westminster does not act in Scotland’s interests.
    If the UK state cannot guarantee the integrity of the democratic process here in Scotland,then it is time that we did.
    Of course,it is now clear that Westminster has no interest in promoting democracy in Scotland.
    Quite the opposite.,colonies don’t require that.

    Liked by 6 people

  3. “And I can’t see that Edinburgh would be able to do anything about that, because they will almost certainly vote to strip the Scottish government of that power.”

    They did Tris, on the same night. One of the other amendments that was voted down was to give the devolved governments a say (not even a veto) on trade deals. Goodbye NHS Scotland you were loved and will be missed.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah, yes, PP. I should have remembered that

      That leftover Troy banner in a field of a local farmer… VOTE “Scottish” (sic) Conservative … is looking rather silly now.

      They’ll almost undoubtedly be out of business soon.

      Mind, even if they had voted for any of the other parties, it wouldn’t have made any difference. The huge Conservative majority in England means that nothing anyone else matters a whit.


  4. Love the Sky report on the new powers which might be required.
    The doris crew are going to require foreign SPIES to register on landing that they’re a SPY.
    Yes that will work.
    They have a serious lack of facilities to stop the Calais boat people sailing across the channel and some disappear into the south of englandland.
    The doris crew can’t tell how many people with the virus land at airports and ports as the don’t collect data.
    The Russian report says that there is no evidence, never will be when you never look.
    We are being fed rubbish information to hide the real plan, the uk needs a trade agreement with the USA and the USA hold ‘all the cards’, another 4 years of this stuff to run, with trump, Putin and johnston playing games.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice wee picture.

      Just a thought about all that expensive equipment and staff at CGHQ, they only work when you actually switch it ON.

      Just reading a book on spying, ‘The Spy and the Traitor’, by Ben McIntyre. It’s about a Russian KGB man who was a double agent, supplying the UK with details of the system and staffing in the KGB. He was outed by an American CIA man who was doing the same for the KGB about America.
      Full of spies reading the local newspapers and making up reports for their organisations whilst claiming expenses to run contacts.
      It names Michael Foot,Jack Jones, Jeremy Corbyn and Ron Brown as Soviet recruits.

      The Chinese company Huawei, shuggy to us, has 3 tory party members on their UK board.

      Definately must be April the First today.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. They should pay their electricity bills, Dave.

        Good story about the guy reading newspapers and passing on that info for money. There are cheats everywhere, eh?

        I think the verb you are looking for will be “had”, for surely they will be out of a job. Three more disaffected Tories. Yay!


        1. London, UK, 14 April 2020: Sir Michael Rake, former President of the Confederation of British Industry and former Chairman of BT group, has today joined the board of Huawei Technologies UK, having been an adviser to the company since 1 January 2019.

          As a widely respected business leader with extensive experience in telecommunications, Sir Michael brings decades of boardroom and leadership experience to Huawei. His guidance will help the company navigate industry challenges and deliver fast, reliable internet connections to millions of households across the UK.

          Sir Michael Rake said: “The importance of good communication infrastructure has never been more vital, as the Covid-19 crisis emphasises every day. We are all getting used to working and communicating in different ways in these difficult times and I am passionate about making sure everyone can get affordable, reliable and quick connections at home and at work. Huawei and its world leading technology is vital to that. At BT, I saw first-hand how Huawei worked with Britain’s leading operators to roll out broadband, 3G and 4G. I look forward to working with them again on the next generation of technology as the company extends its 20 year track record in the UK.”

          Lord Browne of Madingley, independent non-executive Chairman, Huawei UK, said: “I am very pleased that Sir Michael is joining the Huawei UK Board. The current global crisis has demonstrated the importance of world-leading connectivity. Technology and innovation are critical to economic development, and I look forward to working with Sir Michael to support Huawei’s contribution to the UK.”

          Victor Zhang, Huawei Vice-President said: “Sir Michael brings a wealth of relevant experience to our boardroom and I look forward to working with him as we enter the next phase of our partnership with Britain. We’re working round the clock to keep the UK connected through the current crisis and bring affordable, reliable 5G to every corner of the country – so millions more can benefit from fast digital connections. I am delighted Sir Michael has agreed to join the board and help us continue this important journey.”

          Sir Michael will serve alongside fellow non-executive directors on the Huawei UK board, Lord Browne of Madingley, Sir Kenneth Olisa and Sir Andrew Cahn. The Huawei UK board underlines Huawei’s commitment to openness and transparency. The independent non-executive directors are responsible for reviewing the performance of Huawei in the UK, providing counsel to the Huawei Management Team regarding the company’s operations in the UK, and carrying out the statutory obligations of directors of a UK limited liability company.

          Sir Michael is also Senior Business Adviser at the Chatham House and Chairman of the Advisory Council for Better Business.

          You’ll have had you G5

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh well, there won’t be much business left soon to use the G3 we have. Off to Europe in the 21st century, leaving us to live with 20th century technology


      2. I have also read that book. It was a fascinating bit of history and amazing human stories from the heights of bravery to the lowest morals possible.

        Michael Foot did take money from the KGB, which he used for campaigning. He also went for boozy lunches with people from the Soviet embassy. He must have known who they were and where the money came from. It was kind of innocent because Michael Foot was never in government but also kind of not because he might have ended up there and … what the hell was he thinking, this is obviously really dodgy.

        I look at Salmond with his chat show on RT that nobody watches yet is still being made for money and I’m troubled by it. I think the same of Tory MPs and Brexit campaigners who took Russian money and went for boozy lunches with people from the Russian embassy.

        There’s a sense that people justify all this by asserting common interests but this is a false justification. The Russian government’s only interest is to sow confusion and disorder. Independence for Scotland is not in their interest because it would lead to a period of calm and a strengthened EU. What they really want is for division to consume us forever. We can already see that with their attempts at peace-keeping in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Nagornoh-Karabakh. What has actually happened is permanent military presence and political influence.

        People criticise the FM for not being bold enough with indy. At the same time, the same people condone accepting money from foreign powers that is strategically targeted at permanent limbo. It’s all utterly maddening and I wish it was all over.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think we all do, Terry.

          You make some good points there.

          I don’t know why Alex Salmond decided to do this tv show for them. I also don’t know how much influence the Russian government has over the content of what is broadcast by them.

          I do know that rather dangerously both China and Russia are run by despots who have recently extended their presidential periods, apparently for s long as they wish to be.

          It is seriously unfortunate that at the same time, the West’s de facto leader is an incompetent buffoon with the attention span of a gnat, who appears (judging by what is happening in Oregon and possibly next Illinois), to want to extend his power to interfering in policing to control demonstrations… the responsibility of state police and state governors.

          As you say Russia does not want an independent Scotland, and rather like Trump, does not want a strong EU.

          I’d not be surprised if Putin is interfering in some other European elections in the hopes of destabilizing the EU and winning back client states in Eastern Europe.


          1. An Austrian politician invited Putin to his wedding, even though they barely knew each other. I think they had met only once prior to the wedding. In a bizarre twist, Putin actually turned up. It is all very weird.

            I think we’re now past the point where we can say that Angela Merkel is the West’s de facto leader. Everyone is looking to Germany for leadership. It’s not hard to imagine that the UK ought to have been able to step into such a role but Brexit, Brexit, Brexit… UK influence is horribly diminished.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I can see the dilemma that might have posed had Brexit not been sort of happening…

              Mr Johnson as leader, or Dr Merkel. Hard one, eh?

              Do you think that if Munguin asks Mr Putin to his wedding, he will come?



              1. He will come but he will insist on wrestling a bear after the cutting of the cake so you will need to provide a wrestling bear.


                1. Yeah, well, that poses no kind of problem at all. Munguin has all manner of contacts in the upper echelons of bear society.

                  Just wondering what bears like for wedding breakfasts… Any ideas?


  5. So. An occupied country we are then. None of this equal union rubbish. Scots acting as English agents spreading lies and deceit . What to do eh, sit back and let it all happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. I’m afraid this “equal partners” was a load of bs from Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

      We need cross party support for protest… indeed cross nation support because it is happening to Wales too. (NI is presumably exempt on the basis that it de facto remains in the EU).

      But I suspect that we will simply be regarded as a bunch of whining Jocks and Taffs.

      And while the Tories have a huge majority in England, that’s that.

      Action this day, please, Scottish and Welsh governments and all MSPs and AMs (except obviously Tories, who for their remaining 4.5 years will be climbing up Boris’s fundament in the hopes of joining the ranks of the doddering old sleepers in the house of peers).


      1. Two other things today,
        Liz truss says we may not manage the USA trade deal before 2021 as the virus has slowed down negotiations. Oh dear.
        The Ford company are to get a £600million loan from the uk government to secure jobs making engines and transmissions in Dagenham, englandland. The Welsh factory isn’t included as it’s being closed anyway. Lovely wee detail, 100% of the gearboxes are exported, that’s because Ford don’t assemble vehicles in the uk any longer.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Surely Ford is so big and so rich it really doesn’t need this loan.

          I wonder if they will be able to export them, or if they will rust on the massive lorry park, bigger than the Isle of Man at Ashford.


  6. Russian intervention in the 2014 Indyref was a matter that a Holyrood committee tried to investigate. The Whitehall Civil Servant revealed that Russian officials had been briefed. When asked for details, he was silenced by UK Cabinet minister Alistair Carmichael.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Forgot to mention,
    Looked at the stv website,
    Whilst all the politics are going onthey have a big story about a cat losing it’s tail in Irvine.
    Feel sorry for the cats in Irvine, looks like being attacked by cruel people, butt big story.
    Wonder how much the website costs stv to run, it’s not worth it as it is always way behind the instantaneous news provision idea of the internet, super fast broadband running at 18th century transmission rates for news, ie cart horse and flags. The town crier was faster.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. Bring back the Town Crier… oh and give me ten minutes with the thugs that cut off the cats’ tails. I’ll cut off theirs with a rusty knife.


  8. 1h
    Boris Johnson on #TheRussiaReport

    -Won’t answer question on delay

    -Claims it’s about ‘Islington ‘Remainers’

    -Wrongly accuses
    of not condemning Sailsbury attack

    -Makes joke about flip-flops, Bournemouth beach

    Extraordinary response to shocking investigation.

    Tweet for Paul JOhnson, Journalist.

    Can this idiot not take anything seriously?


  9. Straight out of Para Handy.
    Aye McPhail, it was lucky that North Lanarkshire had the englander Track and Trace in their area.
    Aye Para, and all the positives working in the same building.
    These englanders know how to run a show, right enough.

    Measar an t-amadan glic ma chumas e a theanga.

    Hope GCHQ don’t have a translation.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Perhaps ‘the Johnson’ will reflect on his ‘hero’ (not according my Grandpa and friends who ‘enjoyed’ the debacle of Gallipoli, his day to day diaries of that time are grim) opining in a speech from the House of ‘Commons’ (why are there so many entitled eejits there?) 1933 – “We know that he has, more than any other man, the gift of compressing the largest amount of words into the smallest amount of thought.”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sounds very much like Churchill had either Johnson or Trump, or both, in mind when he spouted that.

      I salute your grandpa, by the way. IMHO Churchill was an obnoxious drunk whose only contribution to the war was that the people liked him and of his time (it wouldn’t work now) he was able to rally them behind him.


  11. Enter the master plan competition.
    the maybot Scottish Experience visit.
    Lunch in london.
    2 hour flight to Shetland. In the new blig.
    A bung to the locals, £20m, you should be part of the onion, you vote yellow onionist anyway.
    Quick flight to Lossiemouth to see the resignee in Moray, fly the fleg.
    Quick flight home in time for tea in englandland.

    Off to the holiday pad for the holidays.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Oh I forgot,
    Mr & Mrs Fill De greek have to get dropped off in Furry Boots City on the way.
    Nice safe place to land with restless natives surrounding .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jeez, did they have to get on the same plane as BoJo?

      Jeez, still, it’s only a short journey and Liz could say that she needed a nap.


  13. So I got it wrong.
    The 146 was used and landed at Kirkwall where the runways are more used to Saab 340’s and Islanders.
    Maybe they thought the Bling would be too show off for us poor Scots.

    Liked by 2 people

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