Richard Dalton’s comment on that thread:

UK Gov: We can replace 40 years of integration with a comprehensive trade agreement, negotiated in a few weeks.

Also UK Gov: Look, buying a sandwich is a complex issue.




  1. I’d have thought the Tories would have had clear instructions for going into a shop to buy sandwiches, etc as the entire Government is clearly made up of doughnuts and fruitcakes.

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          1. Jake, I will award you the Freeman Golden Groan Award (MNR Edition) for today if you promise to cease, desist and refrain from perpetrating anything as appallingly groanworthy until my poor, feeble brain has recovered from that one.

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            1. I thought ‘albumen yolk’ was quite clever actually and merited more than an award with groan in the title. Golden or otherwise.

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              1. Oh yes, it was indeed good, and really pretty funny, but such crashing puns always merit a groan, and for that reason I have awarded Jake my much-coveted Golden Groan Award! He should be proud of himself, and buy me a drink if he sees me.

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                1. My favourite title is Lord Privy Seal, because it sounds like either the operative who comes round and puts a tape saying “Out Of Service” on the WCs when there’s a plumbing problem, or a pinniped performing on the pedestal while wearing ermine.

                  Just another of the many Ruritanian foibles which devotees of the BritNat philosophy find so engaging, but make more level-headed persons scratch said heads and wonder what the hell is wrong with these people.


                    1. Agreed, Tris. They would contribute as much in the Lords as most of the incumbents – recumbents? – there do now, and in the Commons they’d do a helluva lot less harm.

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  2. Ah these exceptionalists don’t do such mundane things Andi. They send out the muddles of their group to fetch and carry.
    Buy sandwiches, no, 5 course lunches are free to them, cheap drink in parliament.
    Now the Russians are accused of interfering in the 2019 election. But our government says that they like the result so we won’t have a rerun.
    A joke party in government with 78 of a majority.

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  3. No sane society would elect a party and government composed of such lying toads, numpties and nitwits to govern it. Ergo, the English polity is insane, but the Scottish polity is not. Not in the same way, anyway.

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  4. The Eu have just published a plan of action: Short-term EU health preparedness for COVID-19 outbreaks

    Click to access communication_-_short-term_eu_health_preparedness.pdf

    “Drawing on the lessons of the past months we are planning to avoid improvisation, reinforcing our preparedness on all fronts and facilitating the path towards economic and social recovery across the EU,” vice president, Margaritis Schinas said.

    So what d’ya reckon, Boris? A plan or a food fight in the dorm after lights out?
    ” I say, you rotters, you’ve stolen my sandwiches from the tuck box, the bare-faced cheek of it all”

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    1. Hah! The eejits will treat that document with utter contempt, if they condescend to take note of it at all. After all, it was a bunch of ruddy foreigners that came up with it, eh what what, so obviously it won’t be good enough for proper Englishmen, stands to reason, dunnit, because they don’t understand what makes Englishmen so special, do they?

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    2. It’ll be like everything else. We’ll do it our way till it crumbles into pieces… Ho hum…

      Besides, who in the UK government is smart enough to read all that?


      1. Should be simple enough to get them to read it; rename it ‘Harry Potter and the Short-term EU health preparedness for COVID-19 outbreaks’

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  5. It’s yet another disgraceful attack on the sovereignty of member states by that damn undemocratic EU. These foreign types obviously haven’t got the Dunkirk spirit to take Covid on the chin like us British Bulldogs.

    They should wise up, pack up, leave and take back control like what are Britian done.
    Ooh, look, there’s another spitfire!

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    1. Is that Vera Lynn come back to life singing away about Whale Meat. How appropriate. Maybe the new trade deal with the Faroe Islands will provide them with the new English national dish.


  6. Who would believe it?
    I’m old enough to remember the U2 spy plane incident.
    Hell the pesky Russians are at it again, spying on us.
    That’s not playing the game now is it. They should stop it right now or we’ll send our carrier sans aircraft to sort them out. Once it’s returned from sorting out the Chinese.

    Oh sorry folks, it was the allies that ran the U2 spy plane, just a wee mistake.
    signed, the dukes of spying

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  7. Why are we demonising the Russians for spying on Covid research?
    Why aren’t we sharing and collaborating to speed up the possibility of an effective vaccine?

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    1. On the basis that REAL normal life won’t resume again until everyone in the world can be immunised, I’d say that was a sensible idea.


        1. Good question.

          I don’t think they will go down that route but I reckon that’s OK.

          Vaccine makes the risk personal rather than general.

          At the moment if someone, say, refuses to wear a mask in a shop, s/he is putting me (and everyone else) at potential risk and so I care very much about his/her actions.

          If I’ve been immunised and my neighbour gets the virus because s/he hasn’t, that’s not my problem. It’s his/hers and the only people they can infect are others who have refused the vaccine.

          The only problem is when there are kids involved.

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          1. Vaccines vary in their effectiveness, depending among other things on the host’s particular immune system – highly variable – and there needs to be a certain minimum percentage of people who have been immunized before outbreaks can reliably be snuffed out before they start. My own feeling about it is that kids who have not been vaccinated following the usual programme should not be allowed to mix with other kids in public school.

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