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  1. As I understand it, this was his reply to Starmer’s question ‘What would you like to pass on to the families of covid victims.
    Unfortunately he deployed the line in reply to a question from Starmer wanting to know what he would say to the families of those bereaved by Covid. Starmer is due to meet the Bereaved Families for Justice group this afternoon.
    Another bit of debris from the banana barrel came when Starmer quoted a report published yesterday on potential deaths from a second spike.
    The Labour leader simply asked: “Have you read it?”
    “I am aware of it,” came the reply. Every onlooker thought ‘we will take that as a no’.
    Wonder when the doris is going to meet the families, don’t, he hasn’t got the balls.

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    1. Thank heaven I’m not a member of a family that lost someone, although, when my mum was in the care home and they had the virus there, they thought at one point that she did have it. She was immediately tested and was clear.

      Had I been, the bloody last person in the world that I would have wanted to meet would have been that obnoxious trou de’c


  2. That is quite shocking. I thought it was the worst thing I would see today regarding the current state of the UK but I was wrong.

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    1. Goodness gracious me!

      If this were not Munguin’s Republic you can be assured that the language would have been a sight fruitier.

      Patel doesn’t know her backside from her elbow.

      I’m not a fan of Labour, but Yvette Cooper could wash the floor with her.

      Were I THAT pathetic, I should resign and save myself further embarrassment.


            1. That principle-eating, political-shape-changing pathogenic organism that was (and is) the necrotizing Blair resulted in many casualties among those with over-sensitive stomachs about becoming Tories lite.

              I find it difficult to take seriously a leader of the parliamentary Labour Party, which has been dedicated (though obviously not very) to the principle of abolishing the House of Lords since time out of mind, who ostentatiously decks out his name with a “sir”. Not much sign of a red flag flying there, eh?

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  3. Doctor Lewis gets the bum’s rush from the doris, no longer a tory mp, lost the whip for not voting for grayling.
    What a world we’re living on, Pakistan Airlines have pilots without suitable licences for the aircraft they’re flying, Flights cancelled for 6 months.
    After 14 weeks we still don’t have a system of recording who is arriving with the virus, we stopped the plan before it even started. This is taking back control of the uk borders.
    A billion being spent on customs posts to be ready for January, a new computer software programme to be ready. Hell they couldn’t even get the App up and running.
    A bunch of lightweights who’s only talent is to vote for brexit and support the part time submarine pm of englandland.
    The chancer’s going to break the promise of not breaking the triple lock on pensions, WHY?, because it will cost too much.
    The farm outbreak now has over 90 positives.
    Anybody know the deaths in englandland today?, I know that Scotland has recorded zero for 7 days now, long may it continue.
    The english have moved over to weekly figures it seems.
    Here in the central belt the media go with a hairdresser opening up at midnight, worth the exposure? good free advert for the shop.

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    1. Found the number , 85 people died in englandland yesterday, reported as uk.
      The ebc are getting rid of 70 presenters on radio4, heard other channels as well.
      Wonder what happened to the local journalists they were paying for during the maybots time.
      Need to wait until August to claim my half price food voucher. Not long to go now it’s the Ides of July already.
      I found it wonderful to be told the economy grew by 2% in May, so what’s the problem with the economy, thousands on thousands on furlough and the economy grows .
      I think I’m passing on News Speak, Winston Smith is alive and well.

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  4. David Schneider
    Jul 14
    French government to health and care workers:
    “Thank you. Here’s €8bn euros”

    British government to health and care workers:
    “Thank you. Here’s a round of applause, some blame and a bill for around £80 a week for parking”

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        1. Same sort of people who think up beezer wheezes like “Clean for the Queen”: more sense of entitlement than sense, unable to say anything sensible and non-condescending thanks to the silver shovels in their mouths that they were born with. (The silver shovels they were born with, I mean, not their mouths, though they were of course born with those too, to accommodate their forked, lying tongues.)

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          1. You mean like this plonker?


            Just about the more stupid idea I’ve ever heard.

            Everyone knows that everywhere the queen goes the whole place is sterilized weeks in advance.

            When she came to Dundee, very close to Munguin Towers, to open a redeveloped parkland, the surrounding streets were relaid and wooden tubs with shrubs in them were put in front of all houses.

            Needless to say, the wooden tubs have all rotted now and look awful, but it was pretty when Liz was here.

            Mind you, gove looks more at home with a feather duster than a red box. Ken Dodd without the good looks!


            1. Q.E.D. Exactly like that plonker, though to be fair, he just pretends that he was born with a silver shovel in his mouth because he was adopted, and that’s why he talks funny and apes (irony warning) the Great and the Good of the British Establishment in sucking the blood of us insignificant wee Jockanese and other such proles and sweaties.


  5. Here’s another corker…

    Adam Bienkov
    After Michael Gove was pictured without a face covering in a Pret A Manger, Boris Johnson’s spokesman says masks will not be required when buying takeaway food.

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  6. Boris Johnson’s spokesman also added that lying slogans on the side of a bus before a referendum were also ok and that if the driver felt his eyes were a wee bit wonky he should take it for a good spin (say 30 miles) to test them. (Just to be safe) He added that it was ok to lie about releasing the Russia Report because it was being released anyway but he admitted he was lying about that and that was alright anyway because, well it just was. He qualified this by saying he could only make 2 admissions of being wrong at the one time at this point and that actual triple u-turns were not yet planned to be submitted to a grateful nation until next weeks press conference.🥴

    Coo-ee Nichola, sorry to disturb you because I realise your dreadfully busy sorting the pandemic n all but there’s some not very nice people getting ready to give it to us ticht. Maybe you could see yourself clear to take some time out from full time coronavirus and look in to it for us? Just saying.🤞🤞❤️

    There’s a certain difficulty arising at present when trying to look at the big picture to formulate a long view on the basis of all the guff. I think the only logical conclusion to draw from what’s currently happening is that our worst fears are being realised and we’re all fucked.

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  7. All that, and now quite a blatant attempt to, as I have said they would do all along, emasculate the Scottish Parliament. They, Westminster, will never abolish it outright, that would cause too big a stushie, just gradually take away all its meaningful powers, until all we are left with is a talking shop, bereft of any meaning.
    It started with the Smith Commission when their collaborators on the committee made sure that we wouldn’t have too many powers, and now continues next year when we leave the E.U . Of course I am aware we are in the midst of a pandemic, but if we don’t get a move on, future generations of Scots will be left with a very bleak future.

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    1. I can’t help but think that, given that support for independence in Scotland is at record high levels of around 55%, this may be a rather dangerous move on their part.

      They are doing the same to Wales.

      They are not doing the same to NI, which may as well no longer be a part of the UK.


        1. Yes, I understand that. They can’t touch that otherwise they break international law and have to suffer the consequences of a possible restart of the ‘troubles’.

          Just a pity they weren’t bound by some treaty covering Scotland.


          1. Oh! But they are as I am sure you know. It’s called the Treaty of Union. And if Munguin cares to read it he might pass a little insight on to his butler.

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  8. The banana republic this morning.
    Fall out from Dr Lewis being turfed out the parliamentary party of tories.
    Since Lewis is no longer a tory the doris is going to call for the inbuilt majority in the committee to be re imposed, ie a loyal doris yes person will be voted onto the committee and Lewis removed.
    New vote for chairman, grayling gets elected.
    As it is put elsewhere, another first for grayling, he LOST a rigged vote.
    Shares of old Russia, is cummings a Putin plant?
    The propaganda we got about the Russian system suggests so.
    Remember the tory vote was less than 40% and they sit with a majority of NOW 78.
    Doctor Lewis is a brexiteer loyalist so we can look forward to more being thrown under a red bus.
    The 2% rise in the economy uses the time honoured insurance system of counting from after the loss of the Titanic, it was a rise from the previous month which of course was a 25% drop on it’s previous month. Propaganda and spin in a banana republic.
    Same this morning with the unemployment figures. You don’t count the furloughed as they on paper have a job, Still, but for how long.

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  9. Worst thing is it wasn’t remotely funny .
    Actually what is worse is a so called comedian who has lost
    His/her (nod to PC) talent
    And you can hear 👂 their footsteps as they exit the stage.

    Billy Bunter as an old man is always a tragic figure .

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    1. Actually, I thought it was a refreshing bit of good humored political jousting, far superior to the morbid rage of accusation and outrage that is more commonly the rule in Commons.

      The behavior of the Speaker being pissed off because the Prime Minister faced the wrong direction is another matter.

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      1. IMHO, underwear jokes are fine in the junior remove, but by the time you graduate to the senior remove, you could reasonably be thought to have something a bit more sophisticated to joke about.

        Still, I wonder if he ever got out of the junior remove. You don’t really need to if you’re father is superrich.

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  10. The englanders have a Hokey Jokey prime minister.

    One that still thinks that there is an Empire, that one closed just after the 39-45 conflict.

    The patel bully report, delayed.
    The Putin report, delayed.
    The virus report, delayed.
    The no borders for NI, just wait a minute.
    There’s a long way to go on the face coverings it’s only July 16th.

    Keep safe

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  11. Off topic, but relevant to the video:

    The business of reprimanding the PM because he briefly looks toward other members instead of toward the Speaker’s chair is really annoying. Even the American Congress formally perpetuates the silliness of addressing the chair……the Speaker of the House or the President Pro Tem of the Senate……..but generally ignores it.

    Both the Senate and the House are sensible enough to realize that it’s now all a show for the TV cameras anyway, and even allows members to use visual aids. In the House, the visual aids are positioned at the front of the House chamber and don’t even face the Chair.

    Democrats (often black females) may display employment data, while Republicans (almost always white males) may show a former president riding a dinosaur and firing a machine gun.

    And yet, the Speaker in Parliament chastises Prime Ministers for briefly facing in the wrong direction. This is annoying beyond measure and should be stopped. The American Congress has shown Parliament the way. 😉

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    1. I’m not quite sure why Hoyle did that.

      People normally don’t face the chair.

      But seriously, if you can be told off for looking in the wrong direction, who is the problem with telling someone not to make reference to other members’ undergarments?

      What’s next? Will de Pfeffel be referring to women’s bras?

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      1. Well, Americans may have a higher tolerance for underwear jokes. There might also be a different view of what constitutes proper debate in parliament. I would take a few underwear jokes in preference to the hootin and hollerin and fist banging any day of the week. 😉 Things are however a lot more quiet when the session is sparsely attended.

        In any event, I probably won’t be consulted regarding new rules of debate at Westminster…..LOL.

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        1. LOL.

          You see, Danny, they are so stricty about everything else… Hon gentleman, rt hon gentleman, no clapping, all this endless dreary “unparliamentary language” and yet Fatso can talk about the leader of the opposition collection of undergarments.

          Had it been a woman leading the opposition, I wonder what would have been said.

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          1. LOL Tris……I see your point. With all those honorable and right honorable people there, one might reasonably expect better behavior. 😉

            BTW……always something new on MNR. I looked up Billy Bunter. The only Bunter I knew was Lord Peter Wimsey’s valet.

            More seriously on-topic, it sounds like Scotland is handling the pandemic crisis relatively well.
            I read that a couple of days ago there were more new Covid cases in the state of Florida in the previous 24 hour period, than in all of Europe. Although some state governors are still refusing to enact mask orders, some big corporations are taking action. Beginning next week, masks will be required of all customers in all Walmart and Sam’s Club locations in the United States. Walmart joins Kroger, a big grocery chain, Starbuck’s, and other big companies in requiring masks of all customers.

            The Walmart corporation probably has more actual influence in this area than anything Donald Trump does or doesn’t do. I read that something like 75% of Americans now wear masks on a regular basis, regardless of what the various states have ordered.

            Walmart website:


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            1. It’s a sad state of affairs, Danny, when a lower end supermarket chain has more of a handle on the pandemic than the president of the republic.

              Scotland has done pretty well. It started badly. Far too slow, but that was while the four countries were trying to work together. (That’s not an excuse. The three Celtic nations should have put their collective feet down.)

              Once they started to differ, NI, Wales and Scotland have done a better job than England. Indeed until yesterday we had gone a week without a death.

              Pretty clear leadership from our medical advisors, our health minister and our first minister.

              Billy Bunter, a rater politically incorrect comedy about a fat boy who’s always pinching people’s food.

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            2. Danny, apparently the numbers in Florida are being deliberately misreported. Something to do with a Republican election meeting which was moved from another State.

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              1. Kangaroo……While it’s true that the pandemic is causing trouble for the Republican convention planners, it seems unlikely that since Trump Republicans are in total control of Florida from the Governor to the US Senators to both houses of the state legislature, that they would misreport their own data in order to screw with their own party convention. 😉

                The Covid infection rate is in fact spiking in Florida, but not in a way that’s all that different from other big populous states, like Texas, Arizona, and California.

                There was a time…..since 1832 for the Democrats and 1856 for the Republicans……when the big party nominating conventions held in the summer of a presidential election year were the greatest political show in the nation. Party delegates would meet in huge convention halls….usually in mid to late August…….and nominate a candidate to run for president in the general election in November.

                These days, although the presidential nominees of the parties are now effectively chosen by primary elections in the states, the Democrats and Republicans still hold their big convention shows. At the convention, the presidential and vice presidential candidates each give a big nomination “acceptance” speech on national television. This is the big formal kickoff to the general election campaign.

                So Trumpy and the crazy Republicans were all set for a big convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, the week of August 24. But the Democratic Governor of North Carolina told them that as a matter of public safety, they would have to hold a smaller convention with social distancing. Trumpy threw a fit and demanded a BIG blowout just as planned, (where he could strut Mussolini-like on the stage in front of the rednecked morons who admire him so much.)

                At that point, the Governor of North Carolina told Trump and the Republicans to go screw themselves, and so they decided to pull most of the activities out of Charlotte and hold the big TV convention show in Jacksonville, Florida. Then the pandemic hit Florida, and now it’s being scaled back again. There’s talk that maybe some of it will be held outdoors. Many Republican party big wigs…….Governors, Senators, Congressmen, etc……. have started announcing that they will not be attending.


                The Democrats BTW……who, unlike Republicans, are sensible people……..have decided not to hold a big convention at all. They planned to meet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and some small meetings will still be held there. Delegates, Governors, Senators and Congressmen however will not attend. The convention will be held electronically, with Joe Biden’s acceptance speech (and a few other speeches) televised from Milwaukee.


                1. Ahhh, that’s the trouble with this virus. It respects no one. Not even his orangeness and his desire to strut around blowing his own trumpet… or Trump-et.

                  I notice that having promised their fans a big blow out wedding to “cheer people up” after the pandemic, one of Airmiles’ lazy daughters got married quietly without the attendant prosessions and massive expense this morning.

                  How exciting.

                  I wonder why that was brought forward…any guesses? Note the date, people. It will be interesting to discover when the kingdom will be blessed with yet another benefit scrounging mouth to feed.

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                  1. Tris……Yes, a hastily arranged secret royal marriage does seem suspicious. 😉

                    Actually, I was totally out of touch with the royal plans. I was thinking she was already married. But now I see that the marriage that was scheduled for last May was postponed because of the virus.

                    I suppose that Harry and Meghan didn’t fly in from California. I don’t think that “Americans” are allowed into the UK or Europe these days…..LOL.

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                    1. LOL. No. There were apparently 20 people there…

                      So, Liz and Phil, Goofy and her b/f, I suppose Chic and Cammy, Airmiles and his ex-wife , her sister and her husband, maybe Willie and Kate. I suppose they have some friends.

                      I reckon the Uk would have refuse entry, but I think Harry and Megs are personna non grata with the royals anyway.

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                    1. Ha ha ha ha ha…. Oh dear, the GOP are vicious enemies to have, are they not.

                      I heard that she’s been advertising something and she got her father to do the same. So he sat at his desk in the Oval Office and did an advertisement.

                      So, I’m thinking that this can’t be true. Even Trump wouldn’t be that tasteless… then I’m thinking… it’s Trump. Nothing is too tasteless for him.

                      If and when they get rid of him from the job, how on earth will they stop him from cashing in and selling out?

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                    2. Tris….LOL……It’s absolutely true! Trump posed with an assortment of Goya foods on his desk in the Oval Office. The Goya guy is a big Trump supporter. Ivanka started the controversy with her own Goya ad.

                      Steve Schmidt is a principal founder of the Lincoln Project. He was John McCain’s campaign manager in 2008, and he almost foams at the mouth when he talks about Trump. 🙂

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                    3. Jeez. I know the UK is a laughing stock but I seriously can’t see Liz the Last doing an ad for Baked Beans or Charlie doing a commercial for double breasted suits.

                      But in the end of that clip… Trump bought his niece underwear? What the hell is that about.

                      Goodness but that is creepy.

                      On the second video, I can tell you that Istanbul is a very nice place with a great deal of interesting stuff to see.

                      I’ve never been to Tanzania, but I am thinking that the wildlife there is awesome. We have several Munguinites who can fill you in on that info if you are planning a holiday. Just watch you don’t stray across the border into Kenya though!


                      Imagine if he won again…

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                    4. LOL……the idea of the royals doing TV ads is really quite funny to contemplate! 🙂

                      Yes, I too was not so much taken with the fact that Trump bought his niece a cheap gift, as the fact that it was underwear. Creepy indeed!

                      Thanks for the travel tips! Good to know that there are still a couple of nice travel options in the world for Americans…..LOL.

                      If Trump wins this one, then it’s some big shot Democratic party leaders whose heads will roll. 😉


  12. You know, Tris, and I’m sure this is very bad of me, the only reason I don’t spit on the graves of our Ridiculous Reichsführer and his nasty little pals is because they’re no deid yet.

    The arcane and archaic rules of the Westminster bear garden really strain credulity sometimes – often – and are a shining example of the triumph of form over content and function, and a Ruritanian, 18th- and 19th-century façade concealing an ugly reality.

    I would really like to see our SNP MPs chant “Liar, liar, liar” whenever the Tousled One or one of his parliamentary minions comes out with another lie about Scotland and us independentistas, or perhaps “Not true, not true” would be less incendiary. Also, if the Speaker won’t make the lying basterts give straight and truthful answers to direct questions, then surely it’s up to serious MPs to halt proceedings until they do. Parliamentary meetings of any kind are more successful and productive when they have strong chairpersons, though that alone wouldn’t be enough to save the Westminster parliament: Westminster needs root-and-branch reform, which I don’t see happening.

    At the risk of repeating myself, Scotland needs its independence, but England needs a bloody revolution, though not too sanguinary, one would hope. It’s the only way I can see that would force the Brit Establishment to bring their institutions up to date. With the 20th century at least – and even that would probably have to involve giving Jacob Rees-Smugg and his ilk a choice between resigning and the guillotine.

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    1. I’ll get me knitting. 🙂

      I vaguely hear that there is a proposal to take their ridiculous parliament up to York as the costs of doing up the ruin that is the London parliament mount and mount and mount.

      That will be fun. Can you imagine all those posh boys having to cope with a Yorkshire accent as they negotiate taxis and posh restaurants.

      Eh bai goom, lad. Tha’s not seen noothin’ yet.

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  13. I see there have been a hack and leak of some of the UK US Trade deal negotiations. UK being bullied mercilessly into agreeing to sell out everything. The US wants a “Negative Agreement” rather than the normal “Positive” one. This means everything is included unless you state otherwise. That and a dispute mechanism which favours big business rather than Governments TTIP on steroids.

    Read all about it….

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