And the difference, I’d venture to suggest, is Mr Cummings, who is, very different.

Boris Johnson's government is dangerously suppressing dissent

BVUK History on Twitter: "Celebrity #ventriloquist Peter Brough ...

Do you think that perhaps, as the Brexit thing falls apart and it appears that perhaps we do not hold quite ALL the cards and that the trade deal won’t be done in an afternoon over a cup of tea that the team at No 10 are starting to fall out a bit?


And all for a blue passport which we could have had anyway…




  1. The resemblance between Cummings and Andrews is remarkable!

    I have an old ‘traditional’ British passport somewhere at the back of a drawer … and it’s BLACK!

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      1. In order of preference (mine): Pantone 300 blue as recommended by the relevant committee of the Scottish Parliament for the saltire; or Pantone Reflex Blue as used in the European flag; or Pantone 279 aka United Nations blue or United Nations azure.

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  2. Time inflation?
    Wasn’t it Harold Wilson who said ‘a Week’s a long time in politics’.
    Seems like a day is the new unit of measure, could be hours in the next iteration.
    Maybe some of our friends can explain the Virgin Atlantic bail out, a ÂŁ1 billion sub to an industry that seems to be worried about getting enough passengers back onto long haul.
    Passed the KGV docks in Glasgow, there appears to be 6 cruise liners tied up for the duration.
    Anyone for a nice cruise?

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    1. I was wondering how they managed to get their hands on that much money. Like the banking crisis, these people are pretty good at socialising their losses and privatising their profits… usually in a low tax regime.

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      1. Smoke and mirrors I’m thinking.
        Branson putting in ÂŁ200 million.
        Delta and Virgin companies appear to be forgoing their income.
        Branson it appears gets payment for his logo.
        Lenders appear to be rolling over their loans.
        Looking much like the chancer adding in NOT taking VAT and Stamp duty as a credit.
        Just listened to LBC giving the mp Swayne, a free go at NOT wearing a mask in shops, for him and friends. Only 120 countries have joined in, including his boss.
        Followed up by an American telling the story that they’re bad for you, they stop you breathing, reduce your oxygen intake and increase your Co, giving you a headache.
        Strange people, they seem to have no problem letting out plenty of hot air.

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        1. report from Sky.
          Virgin Group and Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic’s two shareholders, will collectively defer ÂŁ400m of fees, with hundreds of millions of pounds more secured in the form of deferrals and advances from payments companies and aircraft lessors.
          As part of the refinancing of the British-based carrier, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group will inject ÂŁ200m in cash, while Davidson Kempner, a hedge fund, will lend the company ÂŁ170m.

          On the face of it if we tried this it might just be consider as something else.
          Virgin and Delta own the airline.

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    1. Perhaps, globally, you could add an extra 0 or 00 to that figure? This is a serious threat and you ain’t seen nothing yet

      Least, that appears to me where the evidence leads.

      Hope I am wrong.

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      1. That was a reply to Niko, sorry for not making that obvious before. Just to say, Niko’s heart is in the right place, whereas his politics aren’t. IMHO, YMMV, etc, etc. It is kinda sad that relatively intelligent ‘free thinkers’ could be as wrong as wrong can be.

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      2. More I hear, the more I think you are right.

        I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.

        Still, that won’t be a problem to the Brits. They got the Blitz spirit, haven’t they?


        1. Reports from Spain that the british are misbehaving, well just behaving in their normal fashion. Actually it appears to be the englanders but I may be biased.
          Locals not happy that the visitors are not using face masks and not socially distancing.
          Reports of Blackburn having to start thinking about a Leicester lockdown as the numbers are rising. An increase in a week of 50% positives.
          It hasn’t gone away people.
          Keep safe

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          1. I heard the other day that Spanish police cleared Brits off the beach some place and shut it down. It’s the “We won the war; you foreigners don;t tell us what to do” attitude

            This video starts with what was happening in Britain 3 months ago and then shows some of the great brutish, war winning, Blitz tolerating, bubble brained dipsticks showing foreigners how not to be afraid.


  3. At 12.30pm/1.30pm on Tuesday afternoon Oliver Dowden/Matt Hancock stood at the despatch box of the House of Commons and announced that, yes, letting Huawei provide the UK’s 5G network/not making face coverings mandatory in shops had been an absolutely terrible idea all along, just like everybody said it was.

    That everyone else was right and that they were wrong, and that the policy would now be reversed with (almost) immediate effect.

    Some people have chosen to call these identical announcements a “double U-turn”, or an “embarrassment” but I think that is unfair.

    It’s best to think of the spectacle not as a double public self-shaming but a training exercise.

    No one even bothers to pretend anymore that the coronavirus pandemic found anything other than a government not entirely capable of finding its backside with both hands.
    The face mask has slipped. The government is simply full of idiots and there’s nothing more to be said.

    Tom peck, independent today, says it all, 1984 rules, rewrite history.

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    1. Yeah… I wonder if they will decide in the end that it would be a good idea to have another referendum on Brexit…

      …No, silly me. Cummings would never sanction that.


  4. The PM and his team are dangerously irresponsible.

    Here they are tweeting their own advice and getting it wrong:

    Here they are getting the masks wrong:

    It’s a slap-dash and careless approach, a lack of attention to detail…it’s costing lives.


    1. Can’t get the second one, Jake, but it’s understood. They get more or less everything wrong.

      There was a big fuss yesterday about Truss and Gove going to get takeaway lunches. Truss was wearing a mask; Gove who had said that it was good manners to wear a mask, wasn’t wearing a mask.

      They remind me aog a group of kids doing Civics in school and having to play at being in government.


            1. For heaven’s sake.

              Are they all morons? Silly question.

              If you are going for a sit down meal, it would be pretty hard to wear a mask.. I mean, difficult to shovel food in yer gob if you have a mask on.

              If you are going into a shop (like PrĂŞt Ă  Manger) then what is the difference between that and going into a shop where you are going to buy a tin of paint?

              Dim as… Grayling.


  5. OT: Alert Munguinites will have noticed that there’s a poll out saying that a majority of Tory and Labour voters in England are now in favour of “English independence” from us ungrateful, grievance-mongering, subsidy-junkie assorted Celts, Ulstermen (and vile cybernats). However, it’s not a majority of the whole electorate down there yet.

    Cassandra said something a while ago about the possibility of the Tousled, Tongue-twisted Tory Toff and his nasty little pals dumping us rather than have us go to the bother of dumping Them, which would be worse PR for Them than seeming to be in control of the situation. That possibility is that much more likely today. After all, if you’re going to be “free” of Europe, why stop there?

    I feel a certain amount of unholy glee at the thought of the Jackson Carlots, Richard Leotards, Willie Rennies and assorted Ludgers of this corner of the world being brought up short by the realization that “it’s our country” doesn’t give a toss about them, and will gladly throw them under the proverbial bus.

    I am taking no bets on whether They’ll decide they need a §30 order from Themselves or not, because obviously the Westminster Parliament has ultimate sovereignty over everything and everywhere it can dupe into going along with its jumped-up idea of itself. So They likely wouldn’t feel They need to consult us, talk to us or even tell us in advance.

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      1. Jacob Rees Mogg would make a flying visit to which ever of her castles or palaces Lizzie is in, and get her to approve a Privy Council thingy… and there, voila, the deed would be done.

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      2. True enough, Jake: that way our Scottish MPs wouldn’t even be able to vote on ending the Union. The thing is, we all know there’s nothing to stop Them doing just that, and They wouldn’t even see anything wrong in it – so it’s as good an example of the democratic deficit in this almost entirely one-sided “Union” as any.

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    1. Yes, that was pretty amusing.

      I think they have taken the huff, becasue we seem to gt things right a lot more often than they do.

      So they want rid of us, but the Treasury certainly doesn’t.


      1. Given that the polyphiloprogenitive fridge-lurker has said “bugger business” in the past and the whole Brexit endeavour is already economically if not clinically insane, the virus is actually a godsend for the lying bastert’s propaganda campaign. I say that because They can lump in the catastrophic economic effects of Brexit with the lockdown-induced depression as well as being blamed on Johnny Foreigner, and both those effect would be just as fungible as money itself with the economic hit They’ll take from us keeping and spending our own money without reference to Them.

        I have no desire whatsoever for anyone to suffer in any way, including economic, but I have to say that anything that realigns the British Establishment’s jumped-up idea of itself with the real world has to be beneficial in the longer term.

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  6. See untruthful ruthie is writing for the evening standard.
    Having a go at Nicola.
    She supports the ‘single uk market’, people manufacturing things in Lanark are entitled to the same deal as ********.
    Easy street getting paid for an english newspaper and talking down Scotland.

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    1. I thought she only had time to change nappies and make up bottles?

      A friend of mine who is a Tory and who used to rate her, went off her 100% when she didn’t have the nerve to resign because she couldn’t stand Boris, and had to make up an excuse.

      No guts.


  7. So the news is that grayling did’t get the chairmanship of the intelligence committee.
    The committee voted for another tory called Lewis.
    Make up of the committee is 5 tory, 3 lab and ONE SNP.
    Since one of the tory members is grayling it’s possible he didn’t vote for himself or of course the other 3 voted against him.
    In our democracy we will wait a long time to find out the vote.
    I read the report that the doris didn’t get much support for his NO MAGIC Wand to support 30,000 BA staff who are getting phase 3 contracts IF they want to continue in employment.
    Phase one is the original contract with good pay, conditions and pension.
    Phase 2 is a new pension deal and longer hours.
    Phase 3 is you buy your own french chalk for protecting your hands from the oars, much like the Galley slaves in Roman ships.
    The doris previously said that companies shouldn’t change contract terms during the crisis.
    The trump takes the credit for the uk throwing out Shuggie from the 5G phone system, delaying it’s introduction by up to 5 years.

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    1. Munguin told ya. They have taken back control for Europe and handed it to Mr Trump, who has just engineered our being left behind in telecoms…

      Oh well.

      However, the exciting thing that happened was that Failing Grayling, as you say, failed yet again to get the job that Boris (Cummings) promised him.

      Insead Mr Lewis got it.

      Within a short time, however, Mr Lewis was thrown out of the Tory Party for collaborating with the Labour members to get himself and not the dim one elected.

      No one knows what to do right now, because Dom has headed off to the loo with a copy of Mein Kampf and he may be a while.

      Dim and Dom, eh?

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  8. With all this skulduggery and all those shenanigans, it will be absolutely ages before the Intelligence Committee is in any state to consider the release of the Russia report! The rebarbative blond one must be spitting feathers about that, mustn’t he?

    Oh, wait…

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      1. I note comments to the effect that Putin had a hand in it all. Actually, I’d be more surprised if he didn’t.

        Oops. Some auld bugger or biddy at the Sunset but Independently Living Home where I reside just set off the fire alarm, so the fireies will be turning up, as the Americans say, momentarily. Probably some auld fool sterilizing their dentures in a pot of boiling water on the hob and forgetting about it. Oh well – at least none of them – aargh, none of us – sets off the fire alarms for kicks any more (or should I say “shits and giggles” rather than “kicks” to give a deceptive impression of yoof?).

        P.S. Our warden – sorry, site manageress – has just informed me that the incident was caused by burnt toast. How terribly, terribly mundane.

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