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68 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Some real corkers today – laugh out loud indeed. Anyway Trump is as ever a feature. I’d ask how any sensible nation could elect him but then, you know, Johnson so I shut up!

    Danny might be especially interested in the following. The Alex Salmond show interviewed two prominent Republicans – one Ed Martin a former big wig in Missouri. I thought he was bad enough then we had Jenna Ellis. Sweet Baby Jesus – jaw dropping…

    Not sure if this link works outside UK.

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      1. I know, I mean I’d heard she was nuts but really – unbelievable. Anyway for those of you without a tv licence that youtube channel has Alex’s show every week!

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    1. Panda Paws…….Link worked fine! Seems that Alex has a good grasp of American politics, although we need to talk to him about his choice of guests. Ed Martin (a Chief of Staff for a Governor, but well known failure at Missouri politics, and right wing media provocateur) was no worse than usual, but I could only take a little bit of the crazy lady. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Only about 16 weeks to the election now and the political ads are getting nasty.


    2. Trump is struggling in some States he won in 2016 easily. Texas has now become a swing state. States that might change according to the polls are – Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Arizona and Texas, plus 2nd Congressional District of Nebraska. Hopefully.

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      1. Marcia…..Yes! All that is really required to win is for the Dems to take back the electoral votes that Trump won narrowly in the rust belt states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Those three states win the electoral college for the Dems even if Trump takes everything else he did in 2016. But seeing his favorable polling in those three states PLUS other swing states like Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina AND more dependably Republican states like Georgia, Texas, and Arizona, look like it could be more than a narrow win for the Dems, if the election were held today.

        Even the normally cautious and very closely watched Cook Political Report shows a very favorable political map for the Dems in their July report. Charlie Cook was on the TV political shows the last couple of weeks talking about a possible Democratic tsunami that could take the White House AND flip control of the US Senate to the Democrats. The House is surely out of reach for the Republicans in any case.



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        1. Forgot to include Iowa. Polling released last week now suggests it is getting nearer to it going back to it being considered a swing state.

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          1. Yes Marcia…..Iowa has often been a swing state. There’s more than corn growers and hog farmers in Iowa. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are lots of smart people there. Iowa State University of Science and Technology at Ames for example is a world leader in particle physics.

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      2. Love to see him defeated. It’s just a pity that the president will be Biden.

        There were, I thought, better president in their list of nominees.

        It would also have been a good idea if someone could have stood against Trump.

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        1. Tris……Interesting to see what sort of party convention the Dems will hold in a little over a month. Biden needs to name his VP pretty soon. A woman for sure he says. Lots of pressure for a black woman.

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              1. We can but hope, Danny.

                If you have anyone going spare you might like to loan them to England. They are desperately looking for someone sensible in government.

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  2. Great selection of cartoons.
    Watched the video.
    Comment:- doris johnston says the Times newspaper is against him with false reporting.
    The ex leader of the tories says that the world is going to be taken over by the Chinese, this harps back to the thirties, it’s so unfair. I take it he was happy that the empire took over 25% of the landmass by force.
    Anybody know if I have enough time to learn Mandarin.
    The Chinese are involved in building nuclear power stations in englandland and now ids says the Glasgow Phone Company,Hughie, should be dumped from the phone system.
    Yes take back control.
    Now a ยฃbillion to be spent on new customs posts before January, liz truss is worried.

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      1. The champions of global free trade are about to erect trade barriers within their own country and protectionist trade provisions that facilitate EU trade at the expense of their own. Liam Fox still thinks he’s pretty strong on trade.

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        1. Bless him, Liam isn’t strong on anything much.

          I have to say that even in my wildest imaginings I never thought it could get this bad.

          And I fear that Mr Worse is awaiting us, just around the corner.


            1. Actually, there is a beauty salon not far from Munguin Towers. I walked past it twice today and neither time was anyone is, except the woman who owns it…all alone… no customers.

              I’m sure there is tattoo parlour within 10 minutes’ walking distance. I could check it out for you, in case you want to book yourself in ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. LOL. Yep… well done that man.

      Yeah. I thought the first guy was interesting. He talked about Trump being a traditionalist Republican… and somehow managed to include Family Values amongst his attributes! Eh, I thought! Bloody funny family values.

      I also though he kinda got a little lost on the power if the states v the power of the centre and in particular, the president.

      He didn’t really explain it the way I understand it.

      But he was reasonable.

      She was revolting. Seemed to me that he was a guy who had been around, and although his views were not mine, I could respect them. She was a idiot. All she had were regurgitated slogans. And so sickening that I really couldn’t watch her.

      Tell you what though, I like Eck’s garden.

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  3. The lady reminded me of a sales consultant I met a long time back.
    Full of False enthusiasm, would sell you chicken Sh*t as highly refined vegetable engineering medium.

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  4. “Under Kennedy we went to the Moon”!

    I think you’ll find they went to the Moon (allegedly) under Nixon, old “Trickie Dickie” himself.

    Perhaps it was another one of Creepy Joe Biden’s “Senior Moments”.

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      1. “That woman” is the least of it trispw.

        Do a wee bit of research, although youtube will be deleting as we speak – some of the videos of Joe inter-acting with young girls in public are barely watchable, skin creeping stuff.

        Either something will happen to Biden before November and Hilary will come to the rescue or Hilary will be made Vice President and something “unfortunate” will occur shortly after his election and Hilary will tearfully take over.

        Something along these lines was to have happened to Reagan in 1981 but there was a bit of a balls up and it would have looked a bit off to try again, however Reagan got the message and from then on in reality Reagan was Vice President and Bush President.

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        1. Interesting, JG.

          I know he was pulled up for behaving inappropriately but I wasn’t aware that it was with young people.

          Reagan was pretty unpleasant, but I read somewhere that in poll after poll he figures as one of the most popular of all presidents.


              1. You’re not wrong there trispw.

                And the trickiest bit about it is when they throw us “fake news” that fits in with what we want to believe.

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    1. I do enjoy the way people spin political facts. The idea that we went to the moon under Nixon because he had been president for six months before the first moon landing is almost as silly as the right wing craziness about the whole thing being filmed in Hollywood. The Apollo project from inception to completion spanned four presidential administrations from Eisenhower to Nixon, but the big money and the pioneering engineering and construction work was carried out during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. The explicit national goal of “landing a man on the Moon by the end of this decade and returning him safely to the Earth” was in an address of John F. Kennedy to a joint session of Congress on May 25, 1961.

      The idea that Trickie Dick should be seriously credited with any part of this is utterly absurd…….even by the twisted, perverted and outright criminal standards of Republican right wing politics.

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  5. Yes it is interesting how people “spin” facts, for instance the “spun” fact that Apollo Programme scepticism is a “right wing” thing.

    In my extensive research on that subject I’ve found that the best writers and proponents of alternative theories have been, as far as their politics were visible fairly left wing. Anyway the best material on this subject was produced decades ago before Trump and MAGA was even thought of.

    There has been a co-ordinated attempt, with the help of usually uninformed and not overly intelligent “useful idiots” to turn “conspiracy theory”, ( I prefer “reality theory”), into a “right wing” thing.

    For instance when the reality of 9/11 started to dawn it was most definitely a “left wing” thing, with the right wing, indeed Dubya himself, rabidly denouncing “outrageous conspiracy theories”.

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    1. Right wing fanaticism in America has a much longer history than Donald Trump and MAGA. In the modern era, it at least goes back to the John Birch Society and the post-WWII communist hysteria. Left wing fanaticism…..sometimes violent…… had a big day in the 1960’s and 70’s, and was to some extent rooted in the Vietnam protests.

      Historically, I agree that conspiracy theories are most certainly not confined to the right end of the political spectrum. But today, you only have to look at the right wing media…..the bizarro right wing alternate reality bubble of FOX News and right wing talk radio…… and listen to the rantings of the deranged Trump and the backwoods redneck morons who support him…….to understand that in this era, conspiracy theories are certainly a right wing/Trump/MAGA thing.

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      1. It is now generally thought that the John Birch Society was, if not entirely an Intelligence “front”, was certainly controlled through it’s head by US Intelligence from the early/mid 1960s on.

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    2. J Galt,

      Could you share with us what they were saying? I find the entire space program utterly fascinating. From orbital telescopes, to colonisation of Mars. Oh! and the man on the moon thingy! Just so you know, I kinda believe the USA did do that.

      We, as a human race, are putting a percentage of our wealth into discovery.

      Which is good, and flat earthists are bad.

      I read several magazines that claimed, more or less, that everything was a conspiracy.

      My favourite was:


      It seemed to dot about the place between belief and disbelief in any conspiracy theory you or I might get a certain frisson from. Sadly, it is now only available on-line.

      Robin Ramsay, given name so’s he could comment here if he want’s to, is nobodys fool.

      It is kind of fascinating when an awful event, becomes controversial. But I would still like to know why members of the Bin Laden family were allowed to exit the USA, immediately after 9/11, when no-one else was.

      Just sayin’

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      1. Douglas……whenever the urge to argue facts with a conspiracy theorist strikes me, I just go talk to a brick wall. It’s just as fruitful and a lot less annoying.

        Conspiracy theories are so wonderfully self-fulfilling! If a conspiracy theorist ever arrives at solid evidence that appears to refute his theory, he is filled with the realization that the conspiracy is MUCH deeper than he thought, and comes up with a new one that’s infinitely more complex and sinister. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        1. Yeah! Flat Earth, most of the 9/11 stuff, Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

          What is ‘interesting’ is threefold:

          Firstly that just because most conspiracy theories are utter garbage doesn’t mean that there aren’t necessarily conspiricies. Just not those ones.

          Secondly, that (breathes deeply for fear assassination :-)), that some conspiracies may actually exist.

          And lastly, we should be as hyper-critical of what we are told is ‘true’ by MSM, as we are of each other. On this point, I have more faith in you than I do in the NYT. Or a word that exit’s POTUS’s mouth.

          Just for the sake of arguement, what is the difference between a politician’s lies and a conspiracy theory?

          And why do I trust you more than either?

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          1. I first encountered right wing conspiracy theorists at university where I met students who believed ANYTHING that they saw on the internet. One fellow, who was as lacking in critical intelligence as anyone I ever met, was constantly regaling me with accounts of how the Clintons ran drug rings down in Arkansas. Now if you can’t find something sensible to say about as flawed a character as Bill Clinton, without casting him in the role of a drug kingpin, then you’re an idiot and I have nothing to say to you.

            As for the faked moon landing silliness, this is a symptom of an aversion to academic knowledge and expertise itself, ginned up by the American right wing political media as a program of liberal indoctrination by universities. This kind of stuff by its nature appeals to the fundamentalist anti-science Bible-thumpers who are now the right wing core of the Republican Party , and who have formed a personal political cult around Donald Trump.

            Tom Nichols wrote a book and an article in The Federalist about anti-intellectualism in America. The book is: “The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters.”


            You are of course familiar with the Dunningโ€“Kruger effect.


            To put it plainly, I don’t waste my time arguing with arrogant idiots. On a few things about which I AM something of an expert, I simply tell them NO, their opinion is not in fact just as good as mine (about some aspects of science and technology for example.)

            As for matters of politics and current events, I consider the New York Times and the Washington Post to be the very next thing to solid gold, and any preference for my own view over and above the NYT is WAY misplaced…..LOL.

            Yes, politicians lie! But some lie a lot more than others, and as far as I can see, the Times and the Post do a pretty good job of sorting out the good from the bad. So who am I going to believe? The Times and the Post and other reputable sources, or the lunatic in a corner of social media ranting about the latest conspiracy theory? Not even close! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Start with “Wagging the Moondoggie” by the late Dave McGowan, available at centerforaninformedamerica.com

        Douglas most people are not really interested in what they are in or the nature of reality and they appear to get very angry with those who are.

        As Winston Churchill in one of his erudite moments is supposed to have said:

        “Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened.”

        “Truth” is very much a minority interest.

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  6. The spinning here.
    Sunday, the gove says ‘NO need for face coverings’
    Monday, maybe advise face coverings, says doris.
    Tuesaday, Media says there will be a ยฃ100 fine for not wearing in shops.

    We have a hoky coky government.
    Now we’re getting brexit done, another ยฃ1billion for 40 lorry parks in addition to the NI customs posts.
    The economy is down by some 20% due to the virus, costs mounting there, prediction of some further 10% drop due to brexit. The oven ready trade deals all in place, aren’t they?
    The aircraft carrier, sans aircraft, is off to the China Sea to show the flag.
    The Glasgow phone company, Shuggie, loses its chairman, will take until 2030 to remove the existing equipment in BT system.
    Now ‘What’s wrong with chlorinated chicken’?, says minister. Experts will be called.
    Now we get a forecast of 120,000 further early deaths over the winter if the R number rises now.

    Just a wee wonder IF that’s why the doris has put gove in his place over masks.

    Worst economic performance since the Union of the Crowns, well let Scotland go as they’re pulling englandland down, obvious isn’t it, the subsidy junkies must go their own way.
    Leicester has workers being paid less than the national minimum WORKING wage.
    Tuesday’s figures will be interesting.

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    1. In a way, of course, this virus came at the right time. The depression that will suffer can be blamed entirely on Covid19 and not on Brexit. They’ll probably tell us that it would have been much worse if we hadn’t left the EU, and people will believe it, even as the EU pulls out of it far faster than we do.

      I imagining that they were told to ditch the Chinese if they wanted a trade deal with America, but I’m wondering about the nuclear power station that the Chinese are building for England… surely that is every bit as open to whatever as G5, which we won;t have until god knows when and that will cost British industry a fortune.

      He he… It’s fun to see Gove looking even stupider than usual…


  7. Mary Trump’s book goes on sale today, and the gag order that Trump family lawyers got a judge to impose has been lifted. So she can go on a book tour and tell us exactly why and how her uncle is a dangerous sociopath. ๐Ÿ˜‰




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  8. I suppose what I am attempting to say here is that there are conspiracies. In the widest definition of conspiracy.

    For instance, it is a conspiracy that Scotland is too wee, too poor and too weak to be an independent nation. It belies almost every bit of evidence. So, by definition it – the lie – is a conspiracy.

    Not a theory, but a genuine attempt to talk us down.

    Almost all independent nations wouldn’t agree.

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  9. The new invisible border that appears as and when the doris decree is issued.
    I suppose the argument is,
    You took part in a uk election, the doris won a majority of 80, the majority decision applies.
    Facts like First Past the Post system used in uk and the majority voted AGAINST him, ignored.
    In Scotland we have a devolved parliament based on one of many proportional representation schemes where we get the designed in HUNG parliament.
    Saw that Carlisle is now in the RED zone for the virus, wondering when Carlisle gets put into lockdown.
    I read the spin data on the numbers on SKY, strange that they’re not using Daily figures they are now on Weekly returns, still ONS say 535 died in englandland in the last week, small numbers in there for the other 3 nations or not, you can’t tell.
    We are now in the banana republic zone.
    All we need now is for the uk 2025 election results to be leaked to the media.
    Is Glenn Campbell sporting a riddy after the face covering question? probably not. Now it’s a ยฃ100 fine there for not wearing, ยฃ50 discount for early payment, don’t you just love the commercialisation of the legal system.

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    1. I was talking to a mate this afternoon. He was saying that you couldn’t trust the figures from Russia or China. I said you couldn’t trust the figures from England.

      I wonder if you get a discount on the fine for multiple offenses…


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