The statistics in Arizona are terrifying and yet, these dafties are out protesting about lockdown… and not wearing masks.

I know masks are vaguely uncomfortable (I’ve been wearing them since early on, but, you know, it’s not that terribly long ago that we were hearing from Brexiteers that the Blitz Spirit was still with Britain and the great British people (albeit from people who had not actually lived through the blitz).

Our parents and grandparents had to carry masks wherever they went, for the best part of the war years. Kids went out to play with them; they went to school with them; they took them with them to the bomb shelters. Adults had them with them all the time, at work, at play. And of course, they also had to go without food and any kind of luxury (unless they were up the top)… and there was no foreign travel, unless you were being shipped out to Africa, the Near or Middle East or Burma, which wasn’t much of a holiday!

But it is true that they got through it.


The idiots who won’t wear masks for 15 minutes as they go round the supermarket because they are a bit uncomfortable*, wouldn’t have lasted a day in the Blitz.

I can’t wait to see how they manage with what’s going to happen in January when we leave the EU, and find ourselves in utter chaos because nothing is ready.

Whiney wee gits… yes, you Michael Gove.


So, there is the result of John Hopkins research. One of the top universities in the world.

I suppose it’s a hard choice to make… On the one hand John Hopkins University with its banks of scientists, on the other hand, Michael Gove with second class honours in English from Oxford.

In Response to Michael Gove | Creative Mismatch

Not easy…

*I was reminded by Panda Paws the other day, that not everyone can wear a mask for health and I absolutely understand and appreciate the truth of that. 


  1. I can only agree, I also have used one for shops since the start of lockdown, It is the sensible position to take.
    Think of working in an asbestos factory without a mask, that’s what they did in Clydebank in the 60’s, now even the women are being diagnosed with lung cancers and they only cleaned the work clothes.
    I’ve worked in places where masks were essential IF you wanted to live.
    Our Family still had the wartime masks in the loft including a full child one, my big sister was born in 1939.
    Bet some of those people pick up their dogs dirt with their hands very carefully using a doggy bag.
    Today, Professor King says the jag won’t be available until next SPRING at the earliest, another winter to live through.
    The carlos jackass says ‘Nicola should do the same as doris’, why follow a loser?
    We are not out the woods yet, thankfully low deaths and low positives, we’re making good progress BUTT I’m seeing lots of mobile homes on the roads with englander plates, not all will be foreigners to Scotland but people are on the move.
    20 places in englandland are under scrutiny with increasing positives.

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    1. I think that Jackass has been told to say that by Mr Cummings.

      I’m not sure it’s a clever look.

      England has a pretty bad record worse than the rest of Europe and worse than the other uk countries. It would be an odd example to follow.

      Maybe follow Iceland or New Zealand… but almost no one would be wanting to follow England.

      I hate wearing a mask. It steams up my glasses and feels uncomfortable, but I wear one because I reckon I prefer that to dying of Covid, or being responsible for killing someone(s) else.

      Pretty simple, really.

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    1. Gergely Gulyas, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff. “Now, we have to protect our own security and prevent the virus from being brought in from abroad.”
      Yes, struth, I agree with something from Orban’s government. Interestingly my Hungarian bud who can’t abide Orban, says the same. They have done a good job.

      But it seems that across Eastern Europe when they removed restrictions, the virus made a return.

      Lesson there, Scotland.


  2. Posted too quickly

    From the piece above:
    In Florida, 15,299 people tested positive, for a total of 269,811 cases, and 45 deaths were recorded, according to state Department of Health statistics.

    That is JUST for one day.

    From Travellingtabby
    Scotland’s CUMMULATIVE total so far is 18,359.

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    1. Hell, that’s terrible. It must be frightening to live there, particularly as so many people just won’t take precautions.

      My Bulgarian pal, Stanislav, lives in Florida. I hope he, his girl and their wee boy are ok.


  3. I’m intrigued by the idea that there are medical reasons why someone can’t wear a mask.
    Apart from a severe facial skin condition, a facial burn etc, what else stops someone covering their nose & mouth when they go to shops?

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    1. I don’t know, Jake, but across the world, it seems to be accepted that some people have to be excused.

      If anyone knows, I’d be interested.


      1. The tl;dr for that:

        The bottom line: Neither Dr. Kaufman nor Dr. Keany has received any specific, official guidelines on who would be exempt from wearing a face mask—and that it’s more important to worry about how to wear a face mask, rather than who may or may not have to. “I believe that most people need education on proper use rather than exemption from such a simple and effective device to keep them and others safe,” Dr. Keany says.

        In Dr. Keany’s opinion, if your respiratory status is truly that tenuous that you’re not able to breathe through a cloth face covering, you should stay home and not expose yourself to any risk. “If you are truly that fragile, a COVID-19 infection could be a death sentence,” he says.

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  4. My attitude (and I wish someone would do a snappy graphic for this):

    I wear a mask to protect other people, because I’m not an arsehole.

    I wear glasses to protect myself, because most other people are.

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  5. Well it seems I caused a bit of controversy and I’d not even previously commented. Firstly I agree that face masks should be worn in public places indoors and I do except once. However there are exemptions. Not every exemption means your condition means you have higher risk of severe Covid.

    Now some of those exemptions seem a bit tenuous to me. Take anxiety, I have anxiety and I’d more anxious about spreading Covid than wearing a mask! Under 5s are exempt and they are germ factories and remember masks prevent you spreading it, not getting it.

    However I’d to take my mask off on the bus because I was having breathing difficulties – not caused by the mask – and needed to take medication and that is a valid exemption. NB I was fine when I left the house or I wouldn’t have left.

    So yes wear a bleeding mask. If someone else isn’t wearing a mask they might be an “arsehole” or eg. they might be travelling with a companion and need to lipread. Look out for a sunflower lanyard that will alert you to hidden disabilities. Sitting well away from someone not wearing a mask would seem sensible too.

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    1. I have a good friend who has Trigeminal Neuralgia, he has great difficulty shaving and touching his face when he has a flare up.
      Nothing to be done for him says the doctors, he takes tablets to control the pain and facial ticks.
      He has been in isolation for the whole time, except when he needs something urgent.
      Not pleasant and he looks normal when it’s controlled.
      So a bit of slack.

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      1. I’ve said all along that if people can’t wear a mask, then that’s fine. As PP says you can get a lanyard which stops other people from going off on one.

        I suspect that there are a wide range of conditions which make wearing a mask really difficult.

        My argument is with the likes of Michael Gove. He says it’s not necessary, and so a pile of people will use his argument just to not do it… possibly for political reasons, particularly in Scotland.


    2. Agreed, PP.

      I’d add though, that while the primary reason for wearing a mask in to protect others, it can be seen by the John Hopkins graphic, that it also protects the wearer, albeit to a lesser extent.


  6. I think the balance for governments in this situation (at least those genuinely concerned with public health) is between people going crazy in isolation or getting sick in public.
    Masks are just another tool in the public mitigation effort.
    Ideally,full body suits would be better but too cumbersome and expensive I suppose.


    1. When the virus was at its height, I had to go to into the bank and have an interview with the manager. She wore a plastic face visor. I wondered if that would be more effective. I saw a lady in Aldi yesterday with one of them.


      1. I think the plastic visors would be better for lots of people especially those who rely on lipreading. But it’s getting hold of them. I’ve seen masks for sale but not visors. Also helps with glasses steaming up!

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  7. I never thought it would be so easy to bamboozle an entire population so easily.

    Essentially what we have is an entire society going nuts in much the same way Howard Hughes went nuts!

    Proud to be an Muzzle Denier!

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    1. I’ve been reading a couple of articles today that suggest that as we get to know more about the virus, it becomes more and more scary.

      Some people in Texas threw virus parties. One particular participant’s last words to his doctor were… I guess I was wrong.

      But Italian doctors are finding that people who recovered, apparently, are suffering from other illnesses affecting kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, brain, etc. And many of them young.

      Maybe one day folk will learn.


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