Was there ever a more ridiculous man than this?

I mean, at least Lofty could sing!

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Budget 2020: Sunak pledge to fill 50m potholes in spending spree ...

Apparently, Mr Sunak, in his address to the nations today, said that the Covid crisis has strengthened the union.

I’m having problems equating that to the polls showing a bigger than ever majority for independence, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Also, it seems that he thinks that it was only because Scotland is a part of the UK that they could enjoy being part of a furlough scheme. Has he heard of Denmark? They had one before the UK did… Just wondering.


Liz Truss has written to the prime minister to tell him that his plan Brexit borders, which needless to say are way behind schedule, are likely to cause problems… They may enourage smuggling, leave the UK open to a legal challenge and damage the union’s reputation. (Eh? I hear you ask. How can you ruin a reputation for being buffoons?)

Border controls will not be in place until July next year. Not so smart when the UK’s transition period (look up transition, Boris) runs out in December.

So, not only are we not taking back control of our borders, we actually aren’t going to have borders at all (just like Scotland).

So, I guess that will be breaking international law…

Still, I’m sure Mr Cummings will come down and sort them out and they won’t like that, eh Mr Frankoise?


PMQs: Boris Johnson claims UK will have 'world-beating' system to ...

At Prime Minister’s Questions today,  Boris Johnson said that setting up a free port “is something that can only be achieved by Brexit”.

Not surprisingly, he was lying.

It seems to have escaped his notice that there are somewhere around 80 free ports in the EU, and until 2012, some of them were in Britain.

He also managed to say that until recently no one knew that you could pass on the virus whilst being asymptomatic and he proceeded to have a right little hissy fit at Starmer about him being Captain Hindsight because he had claimed to know about this. Strange then, that I was talking to a friend of mine, a junior doctor, about the dangers of asymptomatic viral transmission as early as mid-March. If my friend knew about it, why didn’t Johnson?

I wonder if you can get an eye test from Captain Hindsight. Maybe at Barnard Castle?


I was going to add a cartoon to cheer you up, but it appears that the ‘pictures from my computer feature’ as supplied by WordPress, has gone on sick leave, so here’s something from the Net:

Boris Johnson lights his Brexit bomb – cartoon | Opinion | The ...

19 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Love the chancer’s idea that I’ll be able to get a reduction in the VAT I pay to the wee B&B on Skye all the way through the season until the end of January.
    What planet does he live on?
    I remember well the Yopers, hours of zero pay from the garages for them to service cars that the garage charged the normal rate.
    Sounds like the new apprentice scheme.
    Am I getting a bit of Russian Influence in ras Putin’s got Cummings, Johnston and Trump sorted out?
    Strange old world when truss is warning about no borders with tariffs until next year, maybe that’s why they’re putting the fox into the WTO henhouse.
    Barkley got a roasting from Eddie Mair about the chancer’s package, half price meals at the start of the week but only up to a tenner a day, I feed myself and £30 a week goes a long way in basic foods.
    The incoming supermarkets, Lidl and Aldi are getting more popular it seems.

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    1. I love Eddie Mair. He just doesn’t give a stuff.

      I went to a supermarket other than Aldi or Lidl for the first time the other day.

      Jeeeeeez, the prices are horrific. In some cases over twice as much for lower quality…

      Ras Putin… Love it.


      1. Tell me about it… haven’t been been to anything other that the local “supermarket” for months. It’s a small “rural” of one of the chains…never the cheapest to begin with, but there’s a pricing structure that puts a premium on these smaller outlets, even their own brands. Whether it’s beans or bogroll, tatties or tea you pay top dollar. Looking forward to a visit to Lidl/Aldi ( Did I just say that? … shakes head in disbelief..) .

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          1. lets cheer ourselves up though with a song
            Here’s Mick MacConnell with The Ballad of Lidl & Aldi…at a session in John B. Keane’s Bar, Listowel, County Kerry

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      2. I think it was Eddie Mair, some years ago on radio interviewing Johnson, finished by saying ‘You really are a nasty piece of work’.
        Never forgot that, and time has proved he was correct.

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    2. Robert Peston
      · 2h
      I simply point out what @RishiSunak has doubtless been warned, even by his own officials, which is that if there a COVID-19 outbreaks linked to restaurants and pubs over the summer, his 50%-off meal deal will not look smart


  2. There is only one “benefit” from Brexit.
    The Tories can continue to hide their money in their tax havens.
    Just about everything else is on the negative side.
    So…….lies upon lies upon lies…blah blah blah.

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    1. Yep. That was a narrow squeak.

      I see Rees Monocle has moved some of his affairs to Dublin, presumably to facilitate easy trading in Europe.

      Munguin’s money in is Monaco and Liechtenstein so he doesn’t have to worry.

      And I’ve got £1.40 in a saving account in the TSB.


      1. Just before lockdown I emptied my savings account and got a brand new, fresh, clean, crispy £50 note. I liked it so much I’ve decided I’m going to save up for another one. Make every penny a preesner an the pounds’ll look efter themsel, as my granny quite possibly used to say.

        I’ve none of that fancy financial training like that nice Mr Mogg so looking in the longer term, I’d get my place in the sun by entering one of these phone ins and winning £500. I’d then spend all that on lottery tickets. All on separate tickets mind, to increase my chances because everybody knows all on one tickets just plain daft. At least one or even better two out of all them are bound to be a jackpot winner that night. Then I’d smugly collect my winnings and it’d be off I jolly well go. The working class can kiss my arse, so long suckers etc, etc….

        Alas, deep down I know I’ll never win that 500 quid, but I can dream can’t I?

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        1. Ah well, you never know.

          I mean, I thought I’d never be able to stay in a posh des res in Vaduz, but lo, along came Munguin, and all was possible…



  3. Tris

    What a disgraceful comment, how can that not be all over the front pages. Our democracy is dying before our very eyes and people don’t seem to care and the media are complicit in it. I just cannot get my head around how broken the UK is and how people take so little interest in what is going on. We are back in the 1400s and people seem to be happy about that. It is heartbreaking, we have got to get moving on independence now, if the SNP won’t get their arse in gear then we will have to do it ourselves, we really cannot allow this to go on any longer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really hope that the Scottish government will take steps once this virus crisis is over.

      I know a lot of people think that we should do it now, but I’m also aware that The Brits are getting huge amount of criticism (rightly so) for refusing to temporarily halt their Brexit during this crisis.

      However, once this is over, I expect that the government do something about getting us the hell out of this scary union.

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