the king

There’s not going to be a single border anywhere because they are repellent, eh? Not between Scotland and England; not between Wales and England; not between Northern Ireland and Ireland… and absolutely not between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

What’s that, Munguin?

Oh, boArders, you say?

Ah, well, I guess it depends on your accent…


Dear DUP,

You trusted Boris Johnson?



Ya muppets.

Kind regards,



56 thoughts on “REPEL ALL BORDERS”

  1. I think mebbie, jyst mebbie, someone has been out too lang in the sun. The question being just who … 🙂


      1. Don’t exaggerate, Tris. I spent a few hours in Dundee yesterday while the car was in for service. My nose certainly caught the sun. And the view from the Law was terrific. Perfect for a picnic lunch.

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        1. OK. It wasn’t snowing. Actually for a little the sun was not too bad in the middle of the afternoon. While we were out walking around Tealing it was actually quite pleasant.

          The view from the Law is indeed spectacular, particularly over the river. 🙂


  2. Businesses still don’t know what they need to do or what it will cost. This is not developed world levels of organisation.

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    1. I always thought it would be a mess, but never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that it would be this chaotic.

      In my opinion they should have taken up the offer of the EU to extend the transition period. As I remainer, you might think that I WOULD think that.

      But although I want desperately to leave the UK, I was please, even proud, that Nicola immediately put all campaigning for independence on hold until this situation was under control.

      There are some things that are more important than that.

      The UK government have made a mess of Brexit and they have made a mess of Covid.

      They are a travesty.

      On the bright side, I saw some lovely goats and horses this afternoon, and a field of carrots, so not everything is bad!

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  3. The grounds of Munguin Towers are looking splendid, Tris. Unlike the Westminster regime’s Brexit garden, to strain a metaphor.

    Boris Johnson openly, blatantly lying? I am shocked, I say shocked!

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    1. We probably should have put a warning at the top of the post, Ed.

      It was unkind of us to subject you all to the shock contained in this post.

      Munguin apologises.


      1. Mr. Munguin is too gracious. I am touched, very touched. I fear I must take to my bed to recover from the shock, perhaps with the help of some smelling salts, or possibly a line of coke.

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  4. So all 10 of the Brexit promises were mince but it’s particularly ironic (to quote the great Philosopher Alannis Morrisette) about numbers 4 and Dear God 7!

    UK – How is your integrity feeling today, protected much?

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  5. What a mess we’re in,
    This morning we have in the propaganda sheets,
    Money for housing improvements for each house purchased.
    Stamp duty holiday.
    Money for new apprenticeships.
    Parking charges for NHS staff can’t continue, no mention of SNHS.
    Young people’s wages to be paid for 6 months by the treasury.
    Fox to be made WTO chief. What!!!!
    Free childcare for Military personnel.
    Arms to be sold to the Saudi government.
    Bubonic Plague in China.
    The Chinese/Glasgow phone company being removed from the system.
    The Chinese shareholder in the new Nuclear power plant being investigated.

    Are we being manipulated, you can only say, looks like.
    The doris blaming the care homes, off the pages.

    The magic money tree gets another shake.
    Meantime 155 people died in rUK yesterday from the virus, the majority in englandland but we can’t get them to say that, smoke and mirrors to protect a pm that’s on the picture opportunity trail.

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    1. It’s all rather grim.

      The likelihood of DOCTOR Liam Fox being chosen, is apparently very slight.

      It’s unlikely any of the EU countries would vote for him. The favourite to win is Nigeria.

      Adam will be sad. Lots of free trips all over the world on the new royal yacht just went down the tubes.

      England’s death toll is far worse than the other countries in the UK.

      Dani, in Hungary, a serious opponent of Orban, says that he’s done well. Hungary is more or less back to normal, although masks must be worn in shops and on public transport.

      I saw yesterday that in France a bus driver was beaten severely and is now brain dead, because some thugs didn’t want to wear a mask.

      I can’t get over Liam Fox being put forward though. I mean, why not go the whole hog and put forward Grayling?


      1. It was dreadful what happened to that driver and there are NO excuses.

        Can I just remind people though that some people ARE exempt for medical reasons from wearing masks. I’ve been wearing one though I’m actually exempt but today I just medically couldn’t. I did tell the drivers – and I’ve got my disability bus pass back (hooray!) which makes it easier to prove- but could feel some passengers eyes on me!

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        1. Yes. It is difficult if you are exempt but no one knows.

          I can’t deny that I tend to glare at people in shops if they come anywhere near me without a mask.

          I should take into consideration that they may well be exempt. Timely reminder! 🙂


          1. They could also be eejits! That’s the problem you can’t tell. I tried to get hold of the travel exemption lanyards but they had run out. I’ve a hidden disability lanyard but I’m not sure how many folk recognise that’s what it is.

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            1. It’s a real problem, particularly with people’s feelings running high. I saw a video of someone being run out of a shop in the US. In California it is obligatory to wear a mask unless you have medical dispensations.

              Once again, how do you prove that?


  6. So VAT is cut to 5% for some items.
    A bonus to employers for getting people back to work.

    I don’t know how you get the economy to restart but one thing is the population will have to feel they can participate in safety, that includes economic safety as well as personal.

    Read recently that grayling has a wee chairmanship along with his mp’s salary.

    A lot of the economic activity is centered around vehicles, fuel, servicing, sales, taxes, VAT, special car tax and excise duties, where are we going there?, car sales down, even the car washers seem quiet.

    Still a long way to go.

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    1. I think above all people need to have confidence that it is safe to do stuff.

      For all the scenes of drunkenness last Saturday, they say that pubs are relatively quiet because a lot of people are waiting to see if it is safe.

      I remember Lord Darling or Darling reduced VAT, but not that much! But I think he did it on everything.

      God, what moron offered Grayling a chairmanship? I suppose it’s for the contacts within the party and the heads ups?


  7. I should have added to the chancer’s statement,
    Terms and Conditions apply.
    Half price meals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, £10 vouchers to be applied for.
    Money in the restaurant’s account in Five Days, hard luck the the claimants for Benefits, they still have to wait FIVE WEEKS.

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    1. There was a woman on Money Box the other day saying just how disastrous it was to have to wait five weeks if you have been being paid weekly. It means 5 weeks with no money.

      What a country.


    2. Deryck De McBoomer and 4 others liked
      James Felton
      From “we’ll have a world class track and trace system to help us return to normal” to “look here’s £10 off Nandos”


  8. The chancer’s graphic shows £30billion in spending BUTT it includes £6 billion already announced and £9 billion that is Not Collecting Stamp duty on house sales and VAT reduction to 5%.
    He’s not spending that amount he’s just not collecting.
    Puts another nail in the coffin of having to TAX the population to spend on projects, seems you can just print money and not collect tax.
    The cost of free parking at hospitals for staff surely wouldn’t add that much to the total, back to How much will it cost to collect the parking after the relief from the charge to certain people who will be exempted. Much like the cost in Scotland to check that the people claiming presciption exemption far outweighed the costs of the medicines.
    More smoke and mirrors from the chancer and his boss.

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    1. His £30 billion, even if you forget the fact that it’s not really £30 billion at all, compares really badly with what German is going to spend to revitalise the economy.

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      1. I was reading somewhere over the past couple of days that the £6 billion the Scottish Government wanted for the same purpose was actually commensurate with the amount Germany allocated to spend to get out of the COVID-19 hole. The figure I saw mentioned for Germany in the past few days was £118 billion, but according to this article in the Guardian – – it was €130 billion, which the Guardian article of 4 June quotes at £116.4 billion. Strange, dat – or maybe it’s my memory playing tricks. Can’t find my source now to check because I’m just far too lazy to get into the weeds for it.

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        1. LOL… Well it’s a lot more than wee broke Britain can manage. But they have Merkel and the Brits have …well, what they have.


  9. See already the comments on the monday to wednesday £10 voucher is the industry already offer low prices on those days to try to increase footfall.

    See wee francois is threatening the Army’s Generals with his big brother, ‘cummings will come and sort you out’.
    The doris made grayling the chairman of the INTELLIGENCE committee in westmonster.
    Now there’s an oxymoron.

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    1. Oh for heaven’s sake… I thought they would have put him in charge of the Doozie Committee.

      Still I suppose that guarantees that the Russia Report we were promised 6 months ago will never see the light of day.

      There’s definitely stuff in there he does NOT want us to see.

      Ah, bless wee Frankoize. He’s a wee laugh a minute.

      I have no doubt Cummings will come and sort them out.

      Actually he wants a smaller armed forces and, (I’m not sure I can say this out loud) I agree with Cummings on that one.

      It’s time we had an armed services suitable to the status of the country and not like some superpower.


    2. Barbara Walton #FBPE
      So Cummings, who spent 3 years in Russia pushes through Brexit, slashes the British defences, visits security sites and refuses to #ReleaseTheRussiaReport Nobody smell a rat?

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      1. I think many here smell a rat. We, largely, have a simple proposition. That the likes of Cummings is a reasonable identifier of what is utterly wrong about our Union. If he has had anything whatsoever to say that was agreeable, he wouldn’t be hidden away as a Svengali, the definition of whom is:

        “a person who exercises a controlling or mesmeric influence on another, especially for a sinister purpose.”

        But that is exactly what and who he is. I would submit.


        1. It’s a scary situation.

          He’s interfering with the civil service and with defence, and almost certainly with the devolution settlements.

          What next?


    1. Can’t find anything on Google about it, but I’d be very surprised if it were not true.

      For a start almost no one young watches tv, or if they do it’s on-line.

      I read ages ago that Scotland is the country where fewest people take a licence.

      I stopped back in 2013/14 and, hand on heart, I haven’t missed a thing about it.

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      1. I wouldn’t put too much reliance on that source, but it seems well possible: not just the large numbers of people in Scotland who really have lost all faith in the BBC – which is a real and known fact, though the scale of it may not be – and their counterparts elsewhere in the Disunited Kingdom, but the increasing numbers of people who get all their entertainment on line. I’ve heard it said that young people don’t watch TV any more because they’d rather watch whatever at times of their choosing, not when somebody else chooses to put it out on air. It seems likely to me – because I don’t watch TV either.

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        1. Aye ed. Last year I asked two of my grandchildren, aged 22 and 18, if they had ever bought, or read, a newspaper. Blank stares all round. Watch T/V? Rarely. Of course they are both S.N.P voters, and will vote Yes when the time comes.

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  10. What happened to my £500 that I could spend to boost the local economy? That seemed like a reasonable idea.

    Why was it dropped?

    He just gets me all excited and then he crashes and burns.

    The mere idea that money should pass directly to citizens to help stimulate the economy!


    (is there a correct spelling of Pshaw? Or do I really care?)

    This Westminster Government appears to me to hate it’s electorate and love it’s donors. That may well end in tragedy for them when this all unravels.

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      1. Didn’t the Tories have some bonkers notion before the last election that the Boris should come to Scotland more often to wow us all with his charm? Shows how out of touch they are if nothing else. Oh yes – it was a “charm offensive”, but, as many of us would remark, without the charm.

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        1. Oh yeah… How we all laughed at that.

          But like all the rest of his crap it was…well, crap.

          Pity, it was fun watching him booed in Edinburgh and making an escape by the back door.

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          1. It was indeed fun, Tris! Am I right in saying that Boris never came back after that, except for a couple of carefully stage-managed visits to factories owned by Conservative donors, maybe? Maybe They realized that his brand was so toxic here in Scotland that having him here was doing far more harm than good to their cause. The last time he met the First Minister, even virtually, was – before the lockdown? All the mechanisms for making the Union work have basically been blown up or undermined by the Westminster regime, and They are back to ignoring everything the other three nations want, need or say, and in Scotland’s case being as offensive about it as They possibly can. Which is very offensive indeed. The devolved governments should not have to find out about Westminster’s latest manoeuvres by reading about them in the press along with everyone else.

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            1. That’s a reasonable summation, Ed.

              He went to a distillery got tanked up, then went to NI and talked a load of drunken bull about there not being any borders. He reminds me a bit of Yeltsin. Old soak!

              Rather like May and Cameron before him, he can’t make a public appearance in this country for fear of social media headlines ripping the mickey out of him for being booed, so all his appearances are in private property belonging to Tory donors, with strict instructions to the staff to be nice to him. No prior publicity.

              I suspect that when that distillery finds that the Japanese can sell whisky here and call it Glen Auchenshoogle Scotch, undercutting them by 25%, he won’t get invited back for free drams.

              Equally, I fear he has lost the confidence of the farmers. It appears they took une feuille out of the French farmers’ book and blocked traffic around Westminster in their tractors. La prochaine fois: le fumier. Merde alors!

              Foreign beef at half the price…

              Still, blue passports, eh?

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              1. Blue passports indeed, Tris! I have decided that Scotland’s passport should be blue too, either Pantone 300, as was recommended for our flag by a committee of the Scottish Parliament in 2003, or United Nations blue, Pantone 279. You can see what those look like by plugging the numbers into We would want any text or decoration on the covers to be silver, of course, rather than gold.

                We could of course stick to your Basic European Burgundy, but then we would miss out on the opportunity of showing the poor benighted Brexiteer BritNats that they didn’t need to leave the EU after all just so they could have blue passports…

                … which, by the way, will have to be the same size as the current European standard, not the big old ones that wouldn’t fit into a breast pocket, as all passports now are standard in size worldwide so that immigration people everywhere can do biometric automatic reader techno stuff on them.

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                1. I’m fine with a blue EU passport, like the Croatian one, I think.

                  At least it will get me through passport control without having to wait for an hour on a busy flight.

                  Yep, all passports in the world now have to conform to the standards internationally set so they can be read by the electronic thingummy in every airport from Kathmandu to Kansas City.

                  All these people who were expecting a blue passport with a stiff cover like they used to have in the days of Edward VIII are sorely disappointed.


  11. Let him spend what he has got on Croydon. Let us spend what we have on Scotland!

    That would be a challenge that he would lose.

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