Look out, John. This old nutter is amongst you.

I wonder if they do eye tests…


  1. This is the REALLY sad thing… Gerry and so many other people like him:

    Gerry Stergiopoulos
    One rule for Johnson senior, another for us plebs!
    I can’t travel to Greece to see my beloved grandma who just broke her hip & at 95 might not have long to live.
    But Stanley Johnson IGNORED the UK to Greece travel ban & sneaked in via Bulgaria to visit his holiday home!!
    I hope they lock the bastard up and deport him.

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        1. Definitely an idea worth considering, Marcia! I wonder what the quarantine period is for rabies… (googles rapidly). Oh. Only 10 days. Better stick with COVID-19 14-day quarantine then, and hope he develops a mild case of the sniffles so they can keep him another few days.

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            1. Indeed. Bound to bring on a cold, Tris, especially when it’s a bit parky out on the streets of Bradford, or baltic in the Hillhead in Glasgow or his old stamping grounds in Dundee… Come to think of it, as he’s a year older than me, he must have been at the Harris Academy with friends of mine.

              I shall enquire, if I can be bothered.

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              1. Didn’t he have a seat in Lodnon at one point?

                He only ever laster 1 session wherever he was, as far as I can make out, because he was utterly crap as an MP. Lazy and useless, but utterly full of pomposity (and large words).


                1. Better at doing the big I Am than anything else, Tris; that’s always been my impression, anyway.

                  Maybe I should ask my friends if they remember him from the Harris. I seem to recall that it was Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s form master who identified him as a sociopathic personality when he was 12. I mean, when BoJo was 12. I don’t think they let people be form masters at the age of 12, even at Eton.

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        1. It won’t happen. He’ll claim he’s a journalist. Journalists are one of those protected professions to whom the lock-down stay at home instruction doesn’t apply and never did. You and I, ordinary members of the public, were required by law to stay at home, indoors, except for our 1 hour a day exercise and essential shopping…this so called advice was actually legally enforceable…but NOT for journalists. George Galloway knows this. His bravado on twitter is pointless, empty and hollow. He’s not some defiant hero of individual freedom and liberty… he’s a privileged exception to the rules that apply to the rest of us and he’s freeloading on that.

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  2. Deport him back to Scotland and lock him up in the Bar L for 2 weeks.
    Looks like all the stooshie over borders and our FM was manufactured to cover their latest fup with air bridges.
    It’s all our fault that they can’t implement their latest crazy plan.
    That will be right.

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      1. Of course they do. Silly me, forgetting that the rules and regulations of law and social interaction between peers (not THAT kind of peers), and general social responsibility do not, of course, apply to our betters (tugs forelock, grovels).

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  3. We all remember the bendy busses.
    Here we have the bendy airbridge.
    Where do you want to go to,Leicester, Ah you’ll need to go to Coventry and get a taxi.
    Coming back,don’t say you started from Leicester say you started from Derby.
    Add any country you fancy as long as shapps has said its a green traffic light.
    Who would have thought Galway was an onionist?


    1. Ah, yes, Dave, but only if you are one of the set.

      Johnson senior has form. He first said (when they were suggesting that people skipped the pub, that if he wanted to go to the pub, he would, thus encouraging other people to cock a snoot at government advice. Then he went to his house in Kernow when no one else was allowed to travel, and now Greece, when Greece has banned Brits.



    Boris Johnson refused to talk about it on LBC saying that he was sure that the majority of “British” people would treat the travel bans with respect.

    And then Grant Schapps crept in there saying he had every right to go to Greece to Covid-proof his property prior to letting it out. It seems not to occur to him that Johnson is an immigrant coming illegally, against Greek law, from a state with FAR higher incidence of the virus.

    I wonder if the right-wing of the Tories are thinking “typical F’ing immigrant”…


  5. Come on who can be 😮 surprised.

    The Tory elite ?? Are just doing
    Wot they normally do .
    They would think 🤔 it a bit
    Cheeky of you lot of moaning
    Minnies .
    But the truth is the criticism
    Don’t even register just a lot
    Of far away pointless noise .
    From the third class passengers

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    1. Sorry. I really shouldn’t criticise my betters.

      Munguin, on the other hand, is not thus shackled and he thinks Johnson is an utter …. Oh, Munguin, how do you know words like that?


  6. Things might improve IF they would actually listen to the population in Steerage but they’re deaf to those passengers on the same planet.

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  7. See cummings has just bought us a bankrupt American satellite company for £400million with an equal share purchased by an Indian IT company.
    This is to replace the £100million share we had in the EU project.
    That magic money tree seems to have no end of useful produce.
    The company are still developing the low earth orbit satellite broadband system, wondering which of cumming’s friends will be given this little project to manage.

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    1. I don’t suppose it would have occurred to Them to invest in a Scottish satellite company, seeing as how They probably still think that all we produce in Scotland is whisky, haggis and kilts.

      Maybe I do them a disservice. After all, They’ve just decided that there’s to be a space launch facility way up on the A’Mhoine peninsula in Sutherland off the A838 – but it still wouldn’t surprise me if They don’t know we actually do aerospace things here in Scotland.

      It’s a good thing that Hielan coos are such phlegmatic beasts.

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  8. Airbridges: just wondering which countries would be foolish enough to let the plague-ridden hordes from the UK come to reinfect their countries where they’ve just spent so much energy and agony ridding themselves of the virus.

    Mind you, it probably didn’t occur to the English exceptionalist ba*stards running the show that Johnny Foreigner might have the temerity not to comply with their diktat that said plague-ridden hordes may now travel abroad.

    Now, if Scotland were independent, we might be able to negotiate travel with other countries (except England) as we’ve got our coronavirus epidemic under better control. The corollary of that, of course, is that we’d have to have health checks on the Border and mandatory quarantine for travellers from areas where the virus is still not under control…

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    1. It is quite probable that England will be on the list of higher than acceptable risk in a few weeks time.
      Will the SG demand quarantine from those coming over our southern border?

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      1. England already has the worst outbreak in Europe, and is slower than the rest in bringing the infection rates down – there’s now a clear difference between us here in Scotland and down south in England. At least, that’s my understanding of the situation.

        Demanding quarantine from people coming from down south – or maybe just the worst-hit areas – would seem like a very sensible public health measure. We can imagine the howls of outrage if we were to do that – but we also know that if the situation were reversed, They would impose quarantine on us without a second thought, and assume it was absolutely Their right to do so.

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    2. Unbelievably, I read that Spain is going to allow them back.

      Bloody silly, but their tourism industry is geared for pork chops and chips/bacon and eggs/fish and chips and Fuller’s London Pride… and they need the money.

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        1. Yes, I’ve been to Spain and eaten some amazing food there, and my friend Marta has cooked up some lovely meals.

          But I once went to Benidorm. (It was the middle of winter and I need a short break) All that was on offer was English cuisine and English beer. The flight out at 11.30 was populated by Scottish neds, all drunk out of their minds. One was arrested on arrival in Spain. What a nightmare.

          These black pigs are handsome characters. 🙂

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  9. Yoon brexit couple I know
    In their seventies.
    Saying he goes to golf with
    His pals and they do social
    Distancing by standing as close
    Possible ….. he he he they go

    She in remission from cancer
    Of the throat with daughter in law suffering with MS and in
    Vulnerable category .


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    1. Ah, that’s showing good solid British Common Sense that Boris is so proud of…

      What fools. I intend to continue to take great care. Munguin says he couldn’t afford to lose me, and if he did, you’d have to come be factotum.

      Any news on the job btw?

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