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  1. Ah, well Treeza, oor Mikey boy doesn’t listen to experts so that shouldn’t really be a surprise now should it?

    I would have thought if a Person Spec. for PM had existed, then able communicator at all levels would have come pretty near the top of the essential criteria list. The lack of any discernible talent in that area didn’t prevent you from getting the job now did it?

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    1. Yes that’s true. Cameron and Blair were sound communicators, revolting though they may have been. Tess and the clown were both awful. Gove is so repugnant, I can’t bear to listen to him. Indeed the only things I’ve even seen of him without having to look away are his staggering and swaying movie and the one where he fell on his silly arse in downing Street!

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  2. My thoughts on the maybot picture.
    You wouldn’t want to take a burst pay poke home to her.
    Then you remember that she was fully qualified to stand at the same box as gove, she used lots of carefully constructed language to confuse the population.
    You might call them ‘Lies’, but I can’t comment.
    The maybot had doris as her foreign secretary,one of the team.
    The team sacked her.
    We have the runt of the old team.
    I’m thinking it’s the ‘Eddy the Eagle’ syndrome they suffer from.
    We surely will move to be a more normal nation,soon.

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    1. I think she’s a terrifying person. She has a temper too. I’ve possibly never agreed with any of her pronouncements before, but I think she’s right on this.

      Imperfect though the Civil Service is, I’m seriously suspicious of anything that Cummings has to do with.

      Whatever happened to Eddy the Eagle?


    1. That would be a keeper.
      She could do the gove reply that there have been other security advisers without experience.

      Didn’t we used to have a foreign secretary ,without experience, who wrote a history book on churchill with a few errors.
      I thought I would read the churchill book on the time before the first war,gave up as it was his diary.

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  3. Direct, to the point, making sense – extraordinary from one of the slipperiest politicians in – well, I suppose there are loads of them, but they don’t all become prime minister. Now there’s a thought: Gove as PM. Scottish independence assured, I would think, possibly by UDI.

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    1. Yep. I couldn’t believe I was agreeing with her.

      I think she probably hates Boris and Cummings.

      As Dave indicated, I don’t think she’s a woman to be trifled with.

      The only thing is that she doesn’t have anything of a following. Not in the party. Not in the country.

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    1. Brilliant picture. LoL.

      So 35 other areas in englandland may be locked down due to being hotspots.
      My nephew told me that Wakefield is still not under control.
      We will probably see the same if they don’t control the A1,A7 and M6/M74 crossings.
      Still find it amazing that what appears to be the same piece of road suddenly changes it’s name.
      Maybe I should ask carlos jackass to explain as he seems to think there is no border between the two nations of the uk.

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      1. If I remember the story right, they wanted us to change the name (and all the road signs, at our expense… and we said no.)

        Dr De la Zouche, if he’s reading, will supply the full story.

        No use asking him, he’ll just slur, “SNP Bad, make mine a double, Sturgeon must do something…tell ye what, make it a triple”.


          1. So, Mr Cummings has spoken, huh?

            Well, there you go. You can have a border when a piece of stone is being returned to Scotland, but not when there is a deadly virus.

            Could this be connected to BBC and Sky apparently telling us all that the virus is back in Scotland?


            1. Dumfries and Galloway I believe.
              The constituency of Alistair Jack.
              I’m neither superstitious nor religious but THAT historic curse on the borderers still has both real and residual effect.

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    2. Ed……All our great intellects wear a red MAGA cap. 😉
      Enjoyed the article too! Put me in mind of racism, Confederate statues and symbols being toppled, etc.

      In 1894, “Reconstruction” (post Civil War occupation by federal forces in the South) was over, the damn Yankees had gone back north, and the state of Mississippi put the image of the Confederate battle flag (the Stars and Bars) on its state flag. The Stars and Bars and the flag of the state of Mississippi came in time to symbolize the KKK, the southern Jim Crow Laws, and the system of “segregation” in the South……..a system that once again subjugated the freed slaves and their descendants for another 70 years.

      The Mississippi flag has been a source of bitter controversy for as long as I can remember. Finally, facing increasingly severe sanctions from big money corporations, big money sports organizations and franchises, etc, the Mississippi legislature voted and the governor signed a bill to remove the Stars and Bars from the flag. New designs will be on the Mississippi ballot and voted on in November. The old flag was ceremoniously hauled down from the state capitol at Jackson and from the US capitol building in Washington.

      Tom Brokaw was the famous face of NBC news for decades. Then, in retirement, he was a great gray eminence opining on NBC new programs…….none more important than NBC’s “Meet the Press” which has been on television for over 70 years. Brokaw was a guest panelist on the program early last year, and this is what happened:

      “Brokaw stated that when he pushes people to talk on the subject, they say that they don’t want “brown grandbabies” or mixed marriages.” Brokaw then added his OWN views:

      “I also happen to believe that the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation. That’s one of the things I’ve been saying for a long time. You know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English and that they feel comfortable in the communities. And that’s going to take outreach on both sides, frankly.”

      The jaws of the Meet the Press panelists dropped, there was push-back from a brown skinned panelist, and a more or less polite discussion followed. But all hell then broke loose on social media about whether or not Brokaw is a racist.

      I just saw this cleverly written article about “white magic.” Interesting if you saw the incident and have seen seen Brokaw’s image all over NBC News. But your mileage may vary on that side of the pond. 😉

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      1. Interesting article.

        I think, in fairness that it is not unreasonable to ask people to make an effort to assimilate.

        Not entirely though… otherwise we’d lose so much of interest.

        But of course, I suspect that white Europeans are the very last people to lecture any one ever about assimilation.

        They proved themselves inept at it, to put it mildly, wherever they went in the world.

        We don’t learn your language; you learn ours. … English, French, Spanish, Portuguese… whatever.

        Oh and your religions are barbaric. You’d best adopt Jesus.

        Oh and you better adopt our kings too.

        Nope … People of European origin are the last who have the right to talk about assimilation.

        I wonder how much of a native American language Mr Brokaw speaks.

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        1. Tris…….Nice comment about native American languages….LOL.
          The concept of assimilation in the metaphorical American “melting pot” was once a big deal in the history of American immigration.

          There are after all relatively few ethnic “Americans” relative to the total population of the United States. Almost everyone came from someplace else.

          I thought that the outrage over Brokaw’s comment was a bit overdone, but some of these things are big features of the culture wars and the illegal immigration issue. Speaking ENGLISH seems to be a really big thing among the right wing xenophobic Bible-thumpers. They hate to hear FOREIGNERS speaking FOREIGN languages I guess.
          There has been controversy about whether young Mexican Latinos who celebrate their holidays by holding parades in Southern California for example, should carry United States flags or Mexican flags. I remember one instance a while back where almost all the kids had Mexican flags, and were excoriated on social media for not “assimilating.” The sort of thing that Brokaw was thinking about I would think.

          I looked this up:

          “Although there is no official national language at the federal level, passing tests in English and U.S. civics and government are required before you can become a naturalized U.S. citizen.
          One of the most important requirements for becoming a U.S. citizen is that you are able to show U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that you can read, speak, and write basic English. You’ll do this during an in-person review of your application for naturalization on USCIS Form N-400. This interview usually takes place some months after you have submitted your Form N-400.
          You will have to read one to three English sentences out loud to a USCIS examiner. You will also have to write down one to three English sentences after the USCIS officer reads them aloud to you. And, you will need to follow the examiner’s instructions, and speak with him or her about the information you provided in your application for U.S. citizenship.”

          It says there are some exemptions to the English language test for developmental disabilities, advanced age, prior residence, etc.

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          1. Absolutely agree that people should be able to speak the language of the country to at least a get by level… or in some country’s cases, one of the languages.

            Not a big one for flag waving in the normal way of things. It all seems to me like it’s a part of Dr Johnson’s “patriotism is the last vestige of the scoundrel”.

            So it doesn’t bother me if I see someone waving a French flag, or as I have seen on the marches, a Portuguese flag (Miguel) or a Croatia flag or a Hungarian one.

            Actually, i usually carry an Antarctica flag at these marches. Munguin expects it.

            I’m glad though that my friends from various parts of Europe have not gone completely native. I like a bit of French cooking or Hungarian wine. It would get very boring if we all ate haggis and drank whisky.

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            1. I think Dr. Johnson had the right idea.
              Nice that you honor Munguin’s national heritage too. 🙂

              I’m well fixed for international cuisine as long as pizza is there.

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              1. LOL, Danny.

                It’s more that it’s a brilliant talking point. People recognise the flag and then they recognise Munguin and it clicks…

                Munguin is always on these marches. But, obviously no one expects him to walk on a march!

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                1. LOL…..I’ve always been impressed by Munguin’s circle of friends. Photographed with Alex Salmond if memory serves, and at least one or two members of the Scottish government. 😉

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                  1. They were very privileged to be photographed with him.

                    The ex-Health Secretary, Shona Robison, the Justice Secretary, Humza Yousaf, and the ex FM, Alex Salmond. MP, Stewart Hosie and Ambassador Murray are but a few of those who have been presented to Munguin. Not to mention Pet Clark with whom he did a duet.

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          2. It has always struck me as odd that many of the same people who bang on about the right to freedom of speech (usually the freedom to indulge in various forms of bad behaviour, including saying and doing offensive, hateful, antisocial and dangerous things in defiance of such appallingly pinko libtard snowflake notions as civility, keeping the peace and generally making our social environment more caring, more empathetic and less threatening) are the first to insist that other people should only be “allowed” to exercise it in English (or another language depending on location and on which fascistic social / ethnic / language group the heid-banger belongs).

            Or rather, it doesn’t surprise me at all, because such people don’t do joined-up thinking.

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    1. The only energy is from the methane gas he spouts from all the orifices.

      Carbon capture, world leader, Drax power station is coal fired.
      We’re going to build a passenger jet with Zero emissions , Ah a glider,new tech.
      Electric buses to the made from old wooden boxes.
      We’re going to repair falling down schools, colleges and hospitals that haven’t been maintained for over a decade.
      The maybot shook the non existent magic money tree and gave £1billion to the DUP, wonder where that went?
      Cash for ash perhaps to balance the books.

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  4. Dear heavens right enough.
    Just hearing that Cranfield School of Management have just appointed a new Professor.

    Professor Jo Swinson, late of Dumbarton East.
    I know ,the response should be Jo who is a professor.

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        1. I am a bit underwhelmed,I was brought up in an era that thought a Professor in education was someone to respect.
          Must be my age, getting auld and crabit.

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  5. PS: Also on the racist front……

    History finally caught up with President Woodrow Wilson PhD last week: “Princeton University’s board of trustees has voted to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from its school of public and international affairs, saying the late president’s segregationist policies make him an “especially inappropriate namesake” for a public policy school.”

    Our current racist president, Donald Trump, is very upset about it.

    Woodrow Wilson:

    The traditional image of the 28th president….the only president who held a doctorate……is of a professor of political science and jurisprudence, and president of Princeton University, and the 34th governor of New Jersey. He was a progressive Democrat and a scholarly internationalist who led the American nation into WWI and was an architect of the League of Nations at Versailles.

    Wilson with David Lloyd George (left) and Georges Clemenceau (center) at Versailles in 1919:

    But Wilson was a southerner born in Virginia who spent his childhood and youth in the state during the Civil War and Reconstruction. As president, he was sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan, and established a rigid segregationist policy throughout the federal system.

    People have been trying to have his name expunged from Princeton’s “Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs” nearly as long as they’ve tried to get rid of the Stars and Bars on the flag of Mississippi. 😉

    Maybe the Civil War will be over one of these days. 😉

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    1. Interesting stuff Danny.
      My limited knowledge of Wilson was that he kept the USA out of the European’s war until 1917.
      The submarine open warfare and the sinking of neutral shipping caused a change in viewpoint.
      The League is considered now to be toothless but then it held real promise, from my reading.
      What will the survivors think of this decade in 100 years time.

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      1. Dave…..Woodrow Wilson finally brought America into WWI due to the unrestricted submarine warfare, and also the Zimmermann telegram (proposing a German-Mexican alliance) that was intercepted and decoded by British Intelligence.

        Wilson was a progressive Democrat…….only the second Democratic president after Abraham Lincoln……and therefore one of only two Democrats between Lincoln and FDR. Sometimes political science professor Wilson (a complicated man) is called the Godfather of liberalism. His writings reinterpreted the fundamental vision of the founders and the founding documents of the republic. He’s therefore hated by the traditional conservative Republicans as having established a powerful imperial presidency that in their view took American constitutional government off the rails and paved the way for FDR.

        At least by 1917 he was an internationalist thinker who was devastated that the United States Senate never ratified the Treaty of Versailles which he helped draft at Versailles, nor did the US ever join the League of Nations.

        Pretty much everybody now finds some way to hate Wilson. The Republican conservatives always hated him, but now the Democratic liberals find him problematic:

        “Wilson, the intense, private, cerebral, reformist president of the Progressive Era, once a great icon of democrats worldwide, has now been flayed more often by the left—for his idealistic internationalism (given a bad name by George W. Bush), his wartime suppression of dissent (of which Bush, again, reminded liberals), and his racist predilections (a stain on his record now impossible to ignore).

        His virulent racism……perhaps a product of his formative years in Virginia during the Civil War and Reconstruction era……..that gathers the most Woodrow Wilson hatred from liberal Democrats and others.

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  6. Yes Danny had a look and saw that the transatlantic cable had been tapped by some government!!!!! and were reading the telegrams. The one to the German Mexican embassy looking for a treaty.The Mexicans to attack the USA and recover lost lands from the south.
    Reading other peoples mail was not considered proper actions by gentlemen but why let that get in the way.
    As I read it I thought you should just insert out PM’s name and his history and leave it to be opened 100 years from now. The doris will have a doctorate soon.

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    1. Dave……I hadn’t read about the famous telegram in quite a while. Lots of cloak and dagger intrigue.

      Actually I think we finally ended up paying the Mexicans a little bit of money for the 1/3 of their country we took from them in the Mexican War. I should check that out. 🙂

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  7. Forgot my finishing point.
    The uk has failed to ask the EU for an extension to the negotiating period,we leave the without a deal on December 31.
    A crash out brexit as they planned.
    Where are we going to put up 2.9 million Hong Kong residents?

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      1. Here in Scotland, maybe, Jake, but it’s been an issue in America for a very long time, far longer than a few weeks – I forget when the slogan “Black Lives Matter” first became a rallying cry, but it goes back to at least the case of Eric Garner in New York in 2014, who was killed by a police officer using an (illegal) chokehold on him – he was selling individual cigarettes to poor people on the street, which is not a heinous offence in my opinion. His last words were “I can’t breathe”, and those were the last words of George Floyd too on 25 May when he was killed in Minneapolis by police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck. George Floyd’s “crime” was passing a counterfeit $20 bill – which is not all that difficult to do as there are so many going around (Danny, is this still the case?). I once passed a counterfeit $20 bill myself – and it was one I got from a bank ATM in the UN Headquarters building.

        There have been so many black people, mainly men, killed by deranged and racist police officers – I can think of the awful case of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, shot at a playground, if I recall correctly, by a police officer who should never have been allowed within 10 miles of a gun – it goes on and on and on. But at last the White majority seem to have made the necessary mental connections…

        As it says in the second paragraph of the US Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This is all very well and good if you happen to be (a) a man; (b) white; (c) rich; and (d) straight, and not nearly so good if you happen to be (e) a woman; (f) non-white; (g) poor; or (h) LGBT+. And that’s why the movements to achieve women’s rights (including reproductive rights), racial / ethnic rights, gay rights, and economic justice too are all interwoven: we are trying to win for ourselves rights that are supposed to be ours already, and unalienable.

        The same principles apply not just to the United States of America, of course: they apply in any liberal democracy, provided that there are protections against the tyranny of the majority. And that’s why democracy is so important: none of those rights can reliably be achieved in any society that is not a democracy.

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    1. That’s the basic principle, isn’t it, Douglas. You only have to shout about it when you’re being treated as if your life doesn’t matter, as is the case for black people pretty much everywhere outside subSaharan Africa. It’s also true of LGBT+ people like me, of course.

      America has the foul legacy of slavery to contend with – an outrage against humanity in which our Scottish ancestors too played a part. We shouldn’t forget that last part.

      I’m not up to going on demos any more but I have great sympathy with the Black Lives Matter movement. The hopeful thing is that now it really does seem to have sunk into the consciousness of Americans that it’s time and past time to do something about it; I for one would never have predicted that Mississippi would have got rid of the Confederate battle flag from its state flag, which has been a vexatious bit of vexillology since time out of mind. Well, since Reconstruction / Jim Crow, anyway, as I’m sure Danny would tell you.

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      1. I really hope that this does mark a change all over.

        I’ve never, for the life of me been able to understand how people could make a decision about people based on the colour of their skin or on their religion or on who they love or whether they have some disability, or anything like that.

        There are many people who need to take responsibility for slavery… from all over.

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        1. It’s not as if any of us asks to be born, is it, and we have just as little choice about the physical and mental details as we do about the time, the place, or the blood relations.

          One thing I’m sure of, though: in building a personality, there is no need for hatred. Less hate and more love. Not that I’m a wishy-washy pinko libtard snowflake who’s far too soppy and soft-hearted for his own good, of course.

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  8. Twitter news – the Irish border parody account has competition following BoJo’s nonsense yesterday.

    Also a cracker from Jimmy Ferguson –

    I can’t remember how to write 1, 1000, 51, 6 & 500 in Roman numerals.


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  9. The Tories are going to try and use his “ill” health as an excuse to get rid of him.
    He has served his purpose (Get Brexit done) and now they need someone with more gravitas to lead the party into the next election.
    People won’t forgive his laissez faire attitude to the covid crisis,once the dust settles.
    He can also take the blame for the economic catastrophe that Brexit is going to be,so perhaps he has a little longer to survive.

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    1. I suspect they will give him a couple of years, then they need someone else, but not one of the incompetent muppets in the present cabinet of 4th raters.

      In the meantime, how much dangerous stuff will Cummings be able to achieve.

      I mean when he gets under right wing May’s skin, he has to be one dangerous nut case, and as we all know, he is untouchable, as long as he doesn’t burn down Buckingham Palace.


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