60 thoughts on “Now then, écoutez-moi, monsieur Barnier”

  1. Mmmm, did the ERG think they were being ignored and felt they needed to pretend to some relevance? And no mention of their superb and sterling, other adjectives available, PM Johnson.
    Must have been a shock to them to find a border between the UK and NI, after all the promises. Could something esle be going down with the EU that they don’t/won’t like, like fishing access for starters.
    How many ERG were signatories/authors to the New Model Party handbook? Gove’s Ditchley lecture was straight out of the handbook, they are on the march, towards their goal.
    Will the ERG find it cosy under the bus with the DUP?

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        1. That might be a bit complex.

          Mind you he apparently has a degree in military history or something of that nature.

          So maybe he isn’t quite as dim as he appears?

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  2. I chuckled thinking it was a spoof by the parody Francois, known as Mark Ne Francois Pas. Apparently not and he has just succeeded in out- doing the satirist . He’s clearly quite unhinged.

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  3. trispw,

    Off topic, and perhaps not allowed here?

    There is a petition circulating to close the Scotish and Welsh borders to non=essential traffic.

    I think that this is an appropriate response to Wesrminsters mis-handling of the crisis.. If you or anyone else agrees, you can sign it here:


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    1. Thanks for that douglas. Signed. It seems unclear whether we have the power to close our borders to non-essential traffic, although in yesterday’s news conference, Nicola did refer to powers under health regulations which may make it possible.

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        1. Greetings from “Plague City” (Leicester) 😦

          Police Scotland already have the power to setup portable ANPR units at the border to check registrations then pull them over, fine them and send them back.

          I’d STRONGLY urge all of you in Scotland to make the effort to contact your MP/MSP and demand checks on the border because the English govt is simply incompetent. It’s basically English exceptionalism writ large – “can’t happen to us because we’re English” – there is no social distancing happening down here & when the pubs reopen this weekend its going to be mayhem.

          On Leicester :

          My bet is this spike originated in repatriation flights from India/Pakistan about a month or so ago.
          The vast majority of Hindus/Muslims in the East Mids live in Leicester, none of the repatriated (6000 or so IIRC) were quarantined or tested – they all simply went home. All of the mobile testing units have been deployed in the areas where its been dense Hindu/Muslim populations for 40 years. As an aside I first came here 31 years ago and at that time 35% of the population of those areas (I lived in one for 3 years) were functionally illiterate in English. Last census showed 40% were functionally illiterate in English. This is due to the continuous import of illiterate brides/husbands from India/Pakistan (mainly northern India) to marry first/second generation immigrants here. These arranged marriages are all about maintaining their hold on “family land back home” in India/Pakistan. Its frankly a sad reflection on how all education services in England have been cut in the last 10 years.

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          1. …and as an addendum, Notts Police have said they will fine and return people from Leicester if they attempt to travel there.

            Close the border to everything other than essential transport is what ScotGov should do BEFORE the weekend. Protect all of Scotland the same way that the island communities were protected. Just do it fast.

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            1. Well, it Leicester can do it, I can’t see why we can’t.

              Maybe forcing the issue would be a good idea so that the ridiculousness of Mundell can be shown up.


              1. You got that the wrong way round – it’s being DONE TO Leicester 🙂

                I’m not even in Leicester City boundaries but I’m caught just under 100m from the edge of “Plague City”

                It appears that if I walk 250m in a certain direction on a public footpath I will be committing a criminal offence on Friday morning. 6 miles the other way, no problem.

                Reason? We have the same first three letters of our postcode as two of the worst sink estates in England and a massive shopping centre (owned by Crown Estates, just to rub salt in the wound). We’ve had zero positive tests in the “village” of Glenfield (population pushing 18k these days) but there you go….

                You all really need to isolate yourselves from England at this point in time if you want a chance at normal life in the next 18 months. I’m as serious as I can be in saying this.

                I can’t help but think this will demolish one of the unionist arguments as people realise borders aren’t always bad things.

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                1. Thanks for this,it is becoming so serious that a city in englandland is to be cordoned off.
                  Maybe they’ll call out the Home Guard again, Captain Mainwaring and company tolockdown.
                  Don’t think they’ve got enough soldiers to do it.
                  Anyway it’s got the handcock in charge, enough said.

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                    1. Maybe they’ll be for export to Australia and New Zealand, balance of payments you know.
                      Wow,the maybot gets into the Frost appointment,I’m looking forward to the same treatment she got being given to the doris.
                      It will happen.


      1. > It seems unclear whether we have the power to close our borders to non-essential traffic

        Is it listed in the “reserved powers list”? If it’s not, then we have that power.

        If it is, then we should do it anyway as an act of peaceful protest.

        (Friendly reminder that protests that don’t cause disruption aren’t protests, they’re parades)


        1. True.

          The Welsh did it in the early days of the virus when English people were insisting on visiting their second homes or caravans.

          No one questioned that, as far as I know.


    2. Of course it’s allowed, Douglas. Munguin is a generous minded animal.

      As it goes, I agree.

      Personally, I’ve put a lot of effort into keeping us safe during this virus. There are guards on the Towers’ doors and no one has been in here since March.

      I think it is a sensible move to close the borders to all but essential traffic.


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  4. Have we heard that a poll of tory voters in englandland want english independence , no more union of UK.
    I’ll vote for that, after all it took India 300 years to get freedom, the englanders deserve to go it alone.
    Wonder what carloss will have to say about getting dumped by the doris.
    He seems to have a knack of raising a subject like Leicester only to have his colonial masters reverse.

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    1. I doubt they even know who he is… When reminded, they remark…. “Oh yes, him, the red faced blokey that tries so hard to be one of us, but is actually trade …and can’t hold his port.


  5. 45c Guttermuck Court
    Lower Wazzock
    SH1 1TE
    30 June 2020

    Michelle Barnear
    Head of Commition
    EEC HQ

    Deer Monsewr Michelle Barnear
    I am writting to you to tell you to get your finger out and get the deal dun what gets GREAT Britain back to being a free country again and not like a mug what you and your EU frends think you can treet like any old rubish. Get a deal dun what gives us Britts back our suver sovarain freedom and what keeps all them dago and frog boats out of our fishing waters and stops all your daft helth and safety rools cripling our worldclass indistrys. And wile your at it make bluddy sure we dont have to pay no tariffs on enything we make or export becos we wont stand for it. Bittons niver niver shall be slaves OK. If you and your EU pals try to shaft us well show you whats’ what. Well be over there before you can say Rool Britanya and well kick your arses like what we did at Dunkirk and the Battle of the Blitz. Boris will lead us to victry and well make you pay see if we dont. So, Monsewr, get the finger out
    And oblige
    Winston Mosley Smallpiece

    Brittish ante-foreigners research League

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  6. I commented on this post far too late in the evening yesreday, no it was this morning. No wonder I was knackered and didn’t write very coherently, (no change there was the chorus.)
    I was wondering/second guessing if the Gove lecture heralds a move to the New Model Party.

    Poor wee Mark Francois, frame compressed with the weight of Dunkirk spirit was compelled to pen a stiff letter to the EU. Something is going down, as they say in cool circles, so I am told.

    If it is not them (the ERG) having a premonition about the undersides of busses, then might it be a realisation of this below that drove them to lend their wieght;


    1. That’s an interesting threat, Alan.

      I’ve been tempted all along to think that way, although clearly there are reasons there that I didn’t think about or know about.

      The Brits have gone on and on about how Europe needs them more than they need Europe, which, when you think about if is utter nonsense.

      Even if it were only Germany, never mind the other 26…

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      1. Comments to the thread, although cannot be held representative of other EU countries, echo what Nick Tolhurst is reading from German press, ie they do not read of any great fear or threat from brexit, only about the nonsense antics and flailing within the UK.
        Who knows? Not I.

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        1. NO. I don’t pretend to know either. It just seemed to me that while the EU clearly would rather that the UK didn’t leave, the notions put about by the Tories were quite fanciful.

          We did not hold all the cards; they didn’t need us more than we needed them; the trade deal was not going to be the easiest in the world ever…

          There are 27 of them including 3 G7 economies: Germany, France and Italy.

          Added to which they have some incredibly rich smaller countries either in the EU or EEA/EFTA.

          Whilst I don’t think, and have never thought, that THEY hold all the cards, I’m bloody certain that the UK don’t.

          Unless by cards they meant jokers.

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  7. Does anybody have a photo of Harry Enfield’s Tory Boy as he is a double of Mark Francois both in looks and the excrement that comes from his lips.

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