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Thanks to Brenda, John and Andi.

50 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Thought you might like these, to explain about the long haired twit called Neil Oliver, we call him a traitor, he is, sold out his country along with a good few others for a good position. He is now on charge of the National Trust here that looks after big houses, castles etc. I believe many people cancelled their membership. I think all the rest are self explanatory. Helena

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  2. Love the doris long nose.
    Just heard his education secretary announce a £1billion programme for rebuilding 50 schools in englandland over the next TEN years.
    My arithmetic says that’s 5 a year.
    The doris announced his speed and cocaine programme with the fact that we could build nightinggale hospitals in days,an achievement that no other country on the planet could do. Reference to China.
    The schools project is to replace the 3 months education that disadvantaged children have lost.
    Strange that Eton school isn’t going back until it’s safe.
    The rebuilding schools must be a huge problem if you can build a hospital in days.Reference required to the Liverpool hospital still to be completed after the Carillion collapse.
    They’re just making it up as we go.
    The city of the country of englandland is supposed to be put into lockdown,quick,build the walls around the cities.
    The airbridges to Spain,are they going ahead.
    Is there any significance of freedom for englandland on July Fourth?,Isn’t that the USA’s day?

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    1. Dave……Yes, the Fourth of July is the American day! Nice of you to remember! I heard the first fireworks explosion of the season last night. Some places that prohibit backyard fireworks through most of the year, allow for their sale and use the first few days of July up through the Fourth. But a few people always get a jump on it. If Americans were all that concerned about breaking rules, we would never have had the revolution.

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      1. Similar here with the Guy Fox celebration.
        Firework go off a week before the actual day.
        Some of our residents have no idea what the celebration is actually about.
        The current thinking is that Mr Fox is the only person to have entered the Westmonster building with a workable and sensible plan.
        Maybe just people like the pretty effects and the noise.
        Have a great Independence Day, ours will come along in due time, hopefully very soon.

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        1. Dave…..And I join you in wishing for a speedy arrival of Scottish Independence Day!

          As a young kid, I think I loved the Fourth of July for the fireworks before I even knew what was being celebrated on the 4th.

          As soon as the fireworks supplies come in and the tents and stands go up in late June, some people will start firing them off……the local fireworks laws be damned.

          Love the idea of a workable and sensible plan for Westminster. 😉

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  3. Excellent stuff.
    There is no doubt that as at Potsdam,the Russians and the Americans have been yanking (pardon the pun) England’s chain in order to achieve their aims in Europe.
    Putin wants to resurrect the Soviet Union which means recovering “lost” territory in Europe and both he and Trump want to undermine the EU in trade negotiations.
    As at Potsdam,England is irrelevant in their global schemes but just hasn’t realised it.
    Just a pawn in a much bigger game.

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  4. Nice group of laughs this week! I love the “Korean” lady speaking and acting “English” for the guy. And old John Bolton selling his new book! Bolton used to just be hated by the Democrats. Now he’s detested by everybody in both parties.

    And the political wars of Covid masks……

    Winston Churchill (attributed) : “The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    NY Times: “A public hearing in West Palm Beach, Fla., went viral this week after a group of residents ranted about the Palm Beach County Commission’s decision to mandate wearing face masks in public.”

    Trevor Noah (late night comedy guy): “Yes, it appears America isn’t just dealing with a deadly strain of coronavirus, it’s also dealing with a deadly strain of stupidity. If wearing masks killed people, there would be no doctors, no dentists, and no hockey goalies. Every hockey game would end with a score of 1,000 to 980. Why are we even arguing with these idiots?”

    George Washington himself has been enlisted by the right-wing Republican Bible-thumpers in the Covid mask struggle. Would GEORGE have worn a mask?


    1. PS…..No comments shown! Clicking on top above Washington’s picture brings them up.

      A little more of the crazy people in Florida:


    2. I have to say, Danny, that quote from Churchill is 100% on.

      Sometimes I think… What? And he/she has a vote??????

      The comments on the mask thing are hilarious. I understand completely people’s desire to have as few regulations as possible but the responses show how you can take a principle so far that you make it laughable.


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      1. Tris……It never surprises me when I see crazy people like that. I know they’re around, but I hate to be reminded, exactly as you suggest, that their vote counts the same as SANE people (like us) on election day. 😉

        And since they’re so often in the South, I always think maybe Abe Lincoln should have just let the Southern Confederacy leave in 1861. Then they wouldn’t be screwing up elections anymore. 😉

        I liked those comments too. As for what George would have done, since he was a guy who wasn’t averse to not following the rules laid down by those in control, I enjoyed this more or less serious history article about old George, who would SO have worn a mask, even if Trumpy yammers on about different viewpoints.



        1. Yes. Good article, Danny.

          Of course, mainly (but not exclusively) we who wear a mask in an indoors situation, do it not for our own safety, but for that of others.

          Dependent on the mask it is likely to stop, or at least reduce, the number of droplets getting through, and reduce their range.

          So wearing a mask is, in fact, the mark of someone who gives a damn about protecting other people.

          But of course, you really wouldn’t expect a moron like Trump to understand that.

          It is beyond belief that a leader would behave like that… it just seems typical for a fool like him.

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          1. Tris……You really do wonder what he could possibly be thinking. Something about being in total denial maybe. Or a political tactic that denies reality and his political base (not really bright people) won’t notice. Getting businesses reopened and people back to work is all about trying to revive the economic statistics before election day of course. But that’s an even stronger reason to wear masks around people in public places. So who knows? He really is deranged, so god knows what the fool thinks. 😦

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            1. Danny: I can see how it is important to get people back to work and get the economy up and running again, election or not, but clearly even more important for him in an election year.

              But if he pushes everyone back to work and schools back to classes, there is a more than reasonable chance that the virus will take off again. See Florida and Texas.

              Viruses need hosts. The don’t live for long on pavements or walls. If you stay away from other people you can’t pass the virus on. Within a pretty short time if no one had contact with anyone, it seems to be that it would die out.

              Although clearly that is impossible, it makes sense to do that as much as possible.

              Also, as I understand it, the Federal government’s advice is to wear masks, but the president refuses to do so…

              Why would anyone expect people who don’t want to wear them to do so when the president won’t?

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              1. Tris……As far as I know, there is no federal policy about masks…..and for that matter other things related to the Covid pandemic. At the federal level, we have CDC guidelines and recommendations, but Trump obviously wants nothing to do with it. He’s acting as if it’s all over now, and we’re moving on into campaign season. Thus, the Tulsa rally debacle…..and surely more to follow!

                This is information on the CDC website, current as of yesterday:


                As far as I know, while there have been various mask wearing policies for White House staff who have contact with POTUS and the VP, Trumpy has just thrown it to the states to decide their own Covid policies…….about shutting down businesses, reopening businesses, wearing masks in public, etc. Pence wears a mask in public some, but Trump refuses to. At one point, he said that if he did, the Democrats would get a picture and make fun of him. He clearly has no intention of even setting a good example.

                So with lots of things reopened in the states, we now have higher total daily numbers of new cases than we had at the peak in March/April. But now it’s not in New York, it’s mostly across the South, notably Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. So some states are going back to some restrictions and closings….especially bars and restaurants. As of four days ago, it looks like there are only 16 states and the District of Columbia that actually have any sort of mandatory requirements for wearing masks.



                So…..it’s a hell of a way to run a country. And it’s a real problem when you have a president who doesn’t really give a damn. 😦

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                1. I wonder if it totally coincidental that the southern states are the ones that are most likely to be right wing Trump voters, bathed in the blood of Jesus and with no intention of interfering with god’s breathing system. (I wonder if it occurs to them that Covid is pretty smart at interfering with that?)

                  I think it’s mandatory on public transport here, but not in shops, where it is only advised.

                  The ex-Secretary of State for Scotland Fluffy Muddle, was pictured in a shop with no mask, standing very close to the young assistant, wearing no mask. The picture isn’t clear. To be fair there may have been a screen between them. But it shows disrespect for the other shoppers just to make a political point.

                  But then, he’d happily die for his union.


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                  1. Tris…..Good point! There’s no doubt that the “red state” Republican governors were slow to order lockdowns because they knew that Trump wouldn’t like it, and then when they were finally forced to lock things down due to the Covid cases, they were later among the first to reopen things because they knew that’s what Trump wanted. That’s what the Missouri governor did, and some areas are peaking here now. Same with the other hard hit southern states like Florida. Florida allows local city and county restrictions and mask rules I think.

                    Most stores here require their employees to wear masks at work. But we were in a drugstore the other day, and the checkout lady had her mask pulled down under her chin. Big help that was! I think in places like California, enforcement of the mask order is mostly stores telling customers without masks that they can’t come into the store. Some states like Florida allow local jurisdictions to issue mask guidelines as local conditions warrant.

                    It does look like Fluffy hasn’t gotten the message. Missouri had some travel restrictions for a while, but I didn’t here of any actual enforcement. Your media seems to have watched your politicians and have sometimes named and shamed when they violated travel bans.

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                    1. In both Scotland and England it is now obligatory to wear masks on public transport for anyone aged over 11 (unless there is a disability which prevents them doing it). But it seems that it is advisory only in shops.

                      I was in a store today and very few people were wearing masks and almost no one was socially distancing. I collected some stuff in a shopping trolley, but left it and walked out when I kept on finding yet another person right in my face.

                      Not a clue. They seem to think that becasue there have been 4 days without deaths here, it’s all over.


                      And it’s not helped by fools like Mundell, one England’s least able politicians.

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              1. Thanks mate!

                Oh well…..that’s over in St.Louis. Kansas City is more peaceful. 😉

                I suppose if you live in a house like that, you have to be well armed to protect yourself in the event of revolution. 😉

                The wife seems to be asking the husband (with the heavy weaponry) which one of the dark skinned people she should shoot with her little pistol.


                I see this caught the attention of the Washington Post. The St. Louis Mayor got herself in trouble over the weekend for releasing names of people who sent protest letters about the St. Louis police. Apparently not illegal, but a stupid thing to do. So this was a march to a demonstration demanding that she resign.


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                1. She sounds like someone that Munguin would love to invite to the room at the top of the Towers… (Not the Mayor, the wife who couldn’t make up her mind who to shoot.)

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              1. Interesting word…. “presidentialisation.” And an interesting read. In some ways it has elements of the so-called “Imperial Presidency” of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and later presidents. The pattern is that the cabinet secretaries…….with their Senate confirmation and the well-established constitutional oversight (checks and balances) of Congress over their activities………become mere administrators over executive departments, while the real business of government is carried out by White House staff appointees who are not Senate confirmed and have very little congressional oversight.

                The archetype is Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration. Nixon for long term personal reasons hated and distrusted the State Department, so he brought in Henry Kissinger as White House National Security Advisor who became the de facto Secretary of State, while the Senate confirmed Secretary of State William Rogers became little more than Kissinger’s errand boy.

                This power grab has accelerated under Trump, as the government is largely run by his yes-men (and family) on the White House staff, and when the oversight committees of Congress have tried to compel testimony by issuing subpoenas, they are ignored and the staff people refuse to testify. Then all Congress can do is file lawsuits in federal court, which may require months or years to resolve.

                So checks and balances are a good thing in the Presidency, but recent presidents have figured out ways to largely avoid them.

                Wikipedia articles on the Imperial Presidency and William Rogers (see Secretary of State years) :



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                1. I think Mr Cummings is impressed by the way things are being run in the US.

                  He has said that he intends to effect massive change in the Civil Service (“a hard rain is going to fall on it”) and it appears to have started.

                  He has already taken control of all ministerial advisors. Now it looks like the top rungs of the CS will come under his knife.

                  In many ways these people at the top may need a bit of a prune back. Too many public school/Oxford/Cambridge chappies with no real idea of what life is about, but I doubt if what Mr Cummings has in store will be what is needed.

                  He is scary and it seems that NOTHING is allowed to get in his way.

                  I see tears before bedtime while we try to cope with the twin disasters of Covid and Brexit… but hey ho!

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                  1. Interesting! Sounds like Cummings understands exactly what he’s doing.

                    American Presidents have almost forever hated the fact that they install their political people at the top of each executive department (the “Secretary” at the very top being a member of the “Cabinet”), while the massive expanse of the “government”…….all the executive departments combined…….are run by the huge federal Civil Service. What happens is that the politicians come and go, but the unelected Civil Service goes on forever……pursuing its own goals and agendas across the decades.

                    First, in the USA, there was the demise of anything approaching “Cabinet Government” in the British sense of the term. Cabinet meetings that actually formed governmental policy may not have occurred since the Lincoln administration. Certainly cabinet government didn’t survive the nineteenth century. Today, cabinet meetings are simply photo-ops.

                    Then by Nixon’s time, even the Cabinet Secretaries lost power over their own departments in favor of direct White House control. The real political power started to be vested in the White House staff (with its sharply reduced constitutional and congressional accountability, and personal loyalty to the president himself.)

                    By Trump’s time, the battle between the elected politicians and the Civil Service had been picked up as a political issue by right wing media, which started identifying the Civil Service as the “Deep State” and Trump’s elected government being subverted by a “Deep State Conspiracy.”

                    So the battle between the politicians and the Civil Service has gone on for decades, but the term “Deep State Conspiracy” has now become part of the media-fueled culture wars. And on the political side of the power equation, the White House staff gains more and more power, at the expense of the Senate-confirmed, constitutionally and congressionally accountable cabinet secretaries.

                    On the British side though, and from an American perspective, the old British cabinet system doesn’t really work to serve the people very well either. While the Prime Minister as Head of Government has real power, he/she is not directly elected…..and can be removed by the cabinet (which is not directly elected either), or by a vote of the party members….who are CERTAINLY not elected by anybody. I’d say that changing the Head of Government without a general election seems to most Americans to be something approaching madness!

                    On the other hand, the British put up with a Head of State who is an hereditary monarch. So madness is pretty much baked in the cake of British government I’d say. 😉

                    It’s all just a matter of the European parliamentary system at work I guess. I don’t cut the Europeans much slack in the matter of monarchy either. They get all misty eyed about their monarchies, and pretend that it’s all modern and OK, since their kings and queens have stopped ACTING like hereditary monarchs……what with dressing normally and mingling with the people in public. European Monarchy LITE is still monarchy IMHO and should be abolished. I almost give the Brits credit for maintaining the trappings of monarchy, and not pretending that it doesn’t really exist anymore. (I do appreciate that those trappings cost large sums of public money though.)

                    So democracy is a fine idea, but it’d be nice if we could figure out how to make it work. Rant over! 😉

                    And about that “Deep State Conspiracy” that the Trumpies bang on about……..

                    The federal government is the nation’s largest employer, with something like 2.79 million workers (in 2011) employed in the United States, U.S. Territories, and foreign countries. A majority of these employees work in the competitive service of the United States Federal Civil Service in the executive branch. The vast sprawl of the federal bureaucracy now extends far beyond the limits of the District of Columbia, into Maryland and across the Potomac into Virginia. The handsomely paid Washington-based Civil Service professionals, living in the DC suburbs of northern Virginia, have transformed the politics of the state of Virginia from its southern roots into what has recently become a fairly reliably blue state with an urban flavor. (The Virginia state capital of Richmond…..just 100 miles from Washington DC…….was the capital of the Confederate States of America.)


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                    1. Good rant, Danny.

                      When I look at the British Civil Service, I can’t help but see the “Sir Humphry” type at the top, utterly detached from ordinary people. I expect it has modernised a little from whenever they made these Yes Minister programmes, and even then they were a satire.

                      Change may be overdue in the British system but I have grave doubts that the changes that are proposed will be anything but bad for the fragile idea of democracy that they have here.

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                    2. Tris…..I actually learned a lot about British government from Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, satire as it was. Very entertaining!

                      A “Spoils System” developed in US federal employment as soon as the Federalists (John Adams – Alexander Hamilton) and the Jeffersonians (Tom Jefferson – James Madison….AKA Democratic-Republicans…..AKA Republicans……AKA (later) Democrats) started fighting it out when George Washington left town. “In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson, alarmed that Federalists dominated the civil service and the army, identified the party affiliation of office holders and systematically appointed Republicans [Jeffersonians].” By the 1860’s, Abe Lincoln had trouble getting any work done as office seekers would line up in the second floor White House hallway outside his office to ask him for federal jobs.

                      After a false start at a merit-based employment system which first established the Civil Service Commission in 1871, the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883 put the merit-based Federal Civil Service on a sound footing. The Federal Civil Service has been “reformed” at intervals ever since.

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          2. On Friday a neighbour started his car and left it running.
            I was about 40 feet away from it.
            My point is that I could smell the rotten eggs smell, that smell is a molecule and it made it’sway over 40 feet to my nose. Certainly there would be plenty of those molecules but If a large molecule can float then why can’t a virus composed of RNA do the same.
            A suppose that my smell devices work by the molecule triggering a response then the virus can enter by the same method.
            I am using a mask when I enter a shop to protect others and wish them to protect me.
            Wondering if the people on the video would be happy with the doctor, surgeon or dentist working on them without protective equipment or having dirty hands inside their bodies.
            Makes no sense to say that an entity called god designed the breathing system and it doesn’t need any changes, on modern aircraft the cabin is pressurised to about the same as 10,000 feet pressure to allow flight at 40,000 feet without you getting hypoxia and dying.

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            1. One of my charges had a fall last week and went to hospital. He made the mistake of complaining about the hospital food (he a strict vegetarian) saying he couldn’t taste anything. Before he knew it, they were taking swabs of his throat and nose to see if he had a virus – negative. He said he will be more careful to complain about the hospital food. The next day was fine or so he said to the nurse.

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  5. Let’s be honest here – if Trump had worn a mask from day one and had pushed continuously for their mandatory use all the forces now screaming for masks would have been screaming against masks.

    Masks would have been a “right wing” thing, a fascist imposition yada, yada, yada……

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    1. Seriously? There are only political issues involved here? This could not be recognized as a valid public health concern rather than a political statement?

      Trump’s right wing minions do have trouble understanding that certain matters (like the desirability of wearing a medical mask in a pandemic emergency) are not in reality political issues. That they are literal facts within an objective reality. Mr. Trump and the right wing crazies are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.

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      1. Have a look at the small print on the boxes of the el-cheapo masks which most people are wearing – “does not offer protection against coronavirus or any virus” or words to that effect.

        Playacting, just like the wee stickers on the pavement, one-way supermarket aisles, track and trace.

        Deaths in the UK peaked in early mid April long before the lockdown could have had any effect.

        Hospitalisations and deaths have been steadily decreasing since then.

        There has been a vast increase in testing particularly in young adults and although the test is far from accurate this has resulted in increased positives – or as the deliberate scaremongering has it “cases”. Yet hospitalisations and deaths continue to fall at the same time, which is a sign of success – the famed herd immunity which because it was associated with Boris you were taught to disparage and most of you fell for it.

        I have always thought of myself as being on the “left”, however as the “left” becomes less to do with economic justice and more to do with spurious social justice and identity politics I am not sure anymore. The “left” politicised this event from the start.


        1. Just a few facts……in the face of opinions and unverified assertions.

          The USA has 25.5% of the world’s Covid infections (2,604, 800 of 10,200,000) and 25.0% of the deaths in the world (126,100 of 504,990), in a population that’s only 4.25% of the world population, and we have a president who utterly failed to organize an effective federal response to this public health catastrophe. On February 26, when the confirmed cases in the US stood at FIFTEEN, Trump said: “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

          I could quote statistics about the efficacy of various kinds of facial coverings and the official recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control: “CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings when around people outside of their household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.” The CDC does not claim statistical reductions in infection rates, because the statistical studies are not complete. But the CDC does provide links to 16 scientific studies that support this conclusion and recommendation.

          Even if facial coverings and social distancing were no more than 25% effective, we would have 650,000 less Covid infections in the US, and 30,000 Americans that would now be alive rather than dead. What do I think of disparaging comments about the “small print” on surgical mask packaging, and comments about social distancing procedures being “playacting?” Not much, since the former is irrelevant, and the latter is inaccurate.

          At least in the USA, the rhetoric about how the left “politicized” the pandemic, and how it’s simply TESTING that has caused the infection numbers to go up, are talking points generated by the radical right wing media machine, after Trump’s original story about how the Covid outbreak would all just go away on its own became no longer tenable. No reputable scientist or medical doctor believes that the decline of Covid cases in Europe and elsewhere in the world had anything to do with herd immunity rather than social distancing and a social/economic lockdown. However, Trump and his right wing supporters don’t much believe in facts and data, and they certainly don’t respect science and scientists.

          All we can hope for in America is that in the November election these dreadful people with the incompetence and near-criminal malfeasance of the hateful, narcissistic, authoritarian, racist, xenophobic, moron who leads them are forever consigned to the trash heap of political history.

          Not to put too fine a point on it. 🙂

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    1. Tris……He must be a severely conflicted man. He loves PLAYING president as if it were a TV reality show, but he doesn’t want to work at it, or accept responsibility when things go wrong. He needs to run for a second term if he wants the TV show to continue, but that requires work, over and above the show biz rallies which he likes. He HATES to lose, and that’s what the polls are saying is likely to happen. Yep….surely conflicted! 🙂

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