Planes to paint, palaces to do up, apps to buy to keep Dom happy.

Now that you saved the prime minister’s glove puppet’s life, you can just get on with it any old how.

Munguin will attest to the fact that I’m one of the least violent people in the Towers, but I’d seriously love to slap these b******* about.

23 thoughts on “WE’LL COME OUT FOR 2 MINUTES AND CLAP FOR YOU ONCE A WEEK (for a photo opportunity)”

  1. Well the NHS staff should get
    More guts then they wouldn’t
    Need any testing.

    I myself am totally unafraid
    Now I wear at all times
    My union Flag 🇬🇧 long johns.
    Why one peek at theM at
    Mr COVID flys away in trembling fear .

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    1. Well, to be fair, we all would, Niko.

      I expect Mrs Niko must be breaking her lockdown to get away.

      I’m wondering though, how Muddle and Jackthelad got to vote on that. It being nothing to do with them…

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  2. All six of the North British Tories voted against though because health is devolved this is not only evil but also EVEL so their voted would be discounted.

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  3. What appalling creatures they are. The only good thing about them is that they are constantly making the case for Scottish independence, but they’re doing it by trying to outdo each other in the despicability stakes.

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        1. You can never tell with them, but English health is English health, unless there was to be consequential funding found, I suppose, in which case, yes, they would have had the vote.

          It turns out the whole lot of the Tory Scottish branch office voted against it.


  4. What were the stated reasons for voting against this?

    I am genuinely asking as I avoid all mainstream news.

    At the moment money is no object, so why would they commit such an obvious own goal rather than just entering a few more digits into the fantasy island account?

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      1. Thanks, Jake, but I got down a bit and gave up.

        God they are embarrassing… “I will give way because the hon gentleman is a Leicester City fan.” Whit?

        I did find out that Serco, who couldn’t organise the proverbial booze up, is seeing this as a way to insinuate itself farther into the NHS.


  5. They can’t be that stupid.
    What if they have the same outlook as the doris and catch the virus then need the ITU.
    Are we to assume the exceptionalism keeps you safe, we know now that the doris is operated by cummings. Cummings said he caught it.
    Today 186 people in englandland died from the virus, who would be releasing the lockdown?


  6. Tris; “I’m one of the least violent people in the Towers, but I’d seriously love to slap these b******* about”
    A socially distanced queue will be needed, refreshments for those who join later.

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  7. Smug, self-centred, uncaring bastards. I’ve never been a vindictive person but if every one of them sloughed off this mortal coil tomorrow I think my only reaction would be to applaud. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to happen. These are the individuals who should truly be labelled, “Enemies of the People”.

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