Boris Johnson: Our principle is to trust the British public to use their common sense in the full knowledge of the risks.

And, 24 hours later, the sun came out, so these British people that he trusted to use that well known British common sense, did this.



This was at Bournemouth in the south of England, where incidentally, one of the Great British Values of which we hear so much, came into play. Leave your rubbish behind you… create employment… let someone else pick it up. No less than 12.5 tonnes of rubbish was left on the beach.

Mind you, the English weren’t the only ones doing it. The other day, Portobello Beach was relatively crowded:

 Crowds flocked to Portobello beach yesterday

And WG Saraband (Twitter) showed the rubbish left behind yesterday on the Meadows in Edinburgh.

meadows miguel


What on earth stopped them from doing the (to me) natural thing and putting their rubbish in the bags and taking it home?

When they go back today do they expect it miraculously to be cleared of rubbish, or are they happy to sit down again in their own litter?


Today’s Titter:


It’s the Midge season in Scotland…

42 thoughts on “THAT WENT WELL, THEN”

  1. The beach scenes are disgusting. Who would have thought there were so many people with no brains what so ever living in the uk?
    And the litter – I just don’t understand how anyone could leave their rubbish behind. What is wrong with people? Wonder what they’d do if it was just left, would it put them off returning I wonder? Maybe the council should try it.

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    1. Well, I’d be tempted to leave it there were it not for the potential danger to wildlife.

      As public toilets are closed I wonder what people did when they needed to relieve themselves. The cans of beer suggest that they probably would have need of “facilities” of some sort or another.

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      1. Yuk! There’s an article in The National about that issue.
        I grew up in Stirling and left for a few years to go to college, then travelled, got married had children and returned to live in Stirling again in the late 90s. Our house then happened to be on the OO march route and the marchers used our garden as a toilet. They didn’t strike us as the kind of people we could ask not to either.

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        1. Yes. They are disgusting. They pee wherever they want to and they spit at priests who are just going about their job. They shout loudly offensive racist slogans.

          And you are right. They are terrifying. My mate is afraid of noone, but he once found himself in a street where these “folk” were “marching”… well waddling more like, and he was scared. not so much for himself, but his car that had Scotland flags on it.

          And they leave their litter behind them and their flutes and drums… Jeez.

          The only good thing about them is that as soon as the pubs are open … sod the marching!


  2. Stuart Budd Flag of United Kingdom Flag of European Union #FBPE #WATON #FSFA
    Replying to
    These are yesterday’s deaths.
    What the hell are you doing, ending lockdown?
    Down pointing backhand index

    UK 152 Left-pointing triangle ^*^
    Germany 0
    Belgium 9
    Netherlands 2
    Portugal 3
    Switzerland 2
    Austria 0
    Denmark 0

    ^*^ (2 of these were in Scotland).

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    1. Munguin has one of these spray things for the roses, y’know, to get rid of greenfly and sucklike.

      He also has a large bucketful of seriously unpleasant smelling garden disinfectant.

      And he has instructed me to spare no effort to keep the grounds of the Towers free from contamination.


  3. Tris

    I saw it all online yesterday and just could not believe the stupidity in both Scotland and England, you would think people want to catch this virus. I even heard yoons say they only follow the English advice as Britain is their country, stupidity know no bounds. There will be a second spike, countries who have remained strict are getting a second spike ffs, some people won’t learn until sadly someone in their family gets ill. Oh well I’ll stick to the guidance and keep myself safe as best I can.


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      I seriously don’t know what I’d do with them, Bruce. If they are stupid enough to congregate like that they deserve what they get, but the medical staff don’t, nor do the people they contaminate.

      I suppose these are the same people who although they are British are very happy to accept free prescriptions and no bedroom tax and all the other things that we have in Scotland.


  4. The Scottish Highlands and Islands are going to look like that beach picture very soon.

    The local forest where I walk the dog daily has, since lockdown, became overrun by noisy screechy people who look like they rarely get off their couch in non pandemic times. That’s good you might say, folk getting out in the fresh air is one of the few positives in this current situation and that’s fair enough. Trouble is though, that like their counterparts dan sarth, they’re quite literally leaving all their crap behind. To the extent that there was a shitty nappy lying on the side of the path the other day. Not rolled up or fastened with the tape and dropped accidentally but taken off, discarded and thrown aside open, revealing all its contents.

    That sort of thing pre-pandemic didn’t happen. You’d get the occasional mountain biker drinks bottle and the commonplace but totally senseless hang your dogs full poopy bag from a tree and that was it. There’s been no forestry staff since lockdown so nothings being lifted and the litter left has increased hugely. The lack of forestry staff has also meant that motor bikes and quads are screaming around the woods at an increasing rate. I had an altercation with a quad biker last week who nearly ran my dog over which kind of spoiled my walk. I’m just too old to be getting into confrontations with some big handy bastard wearing a crash helmet.

    Anyhoo, I’m starting to feel like Irate of Tunbridge Wells so I’ll end rant here, but it’s all just ripping my knitting a wee bit.

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      1. That’s what really annoys me.

        I’ve made a big effort. I didn’t visit my mum as she was dying; I didn’t see her before she dies; I didn’t go to her funeral… I’ve not gone any place; I’ve not done anything; I’ve seen almost no one except neighbours and one mate, all outside, all within the regs set out by our government.

        And after 4 months of it, I’m bloody fed up.

        And these b******ds are going to bring it all back.

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        1. My mum died on the 3rd of July last year in a care home. It was hard enough back then and I can’t imagine the extra hassle and grief you’ve been through during all of this.

          It sucks man, and yes, they are going to bring it back.

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          1. Sympathies, Greig12. It’s not an easy time at any time. It will be hard for you as the anniversary approaches.

            My point was really that we’ve all had to make sacrifices for our own good, for the good of neighbours, friends, family, the NHS and total strangers we might see momentarily in the supermarket.

            Most of us have made these sacrifices relatively willingly, but these nearly 4 months and all the sacrifices could be thrown away because Johnson insisted that the British people had good common sense… and that he could rely on it.


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    1. Don’t blame you.

      I reckon this brings out the best in people… and the worst in people.

      And there are plenty around here I’d happy give a good rap in the jaw to, if only I were braver.


  5. I can understand it, listening to young, and some not so young, folk I know.
    Looking at things from a secure, middle class background, with a steady wage or pension is different from a lot of folks lives.
    If you don’t have much, then you don’t have much to lose.
    I’ve heard folk say in answer to, “you might die of the virus”, the reply, “big deal”.

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    1. And some people have too much. Up in the hills I once came across an abandoned tent and cooking gear. All new – the wrappings were scattered about. They had obviously bought a few hundred quids worth of equipment and after one night thought ‘Sod it, we’ll just leave it’.

      I was wild camping once in my motorhome and a man in a range rover turned up with 3 boys. They had obviously never camped before and there was a noisy hour while they got the tent up and pumped up their inflatable mattresses. Then they asked me where they could get food – after 7pm on the south road along Loch Tay! I advised them where to go. 10 minutes later the bobbies turned up to check the tent. Apparently abandoned tents are a regular occurrence in that neck of the woods.

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      1. Yeah, we found one a couple of years ago. Great big thing it was too.

        We just left it. I’d never have used it and you would have had no idea what kind of people had slept in it….


    2. Well, I heard someone say… well, you’ve got to go of something. But I think it’s an unpeasant end.

      Likewise, you may not die, but you may never be quite the same again. It can leave all manner of things behind it… heart, lungs, liver, kidneys.

      I feel so sorry for kids who want to be with their mates, gfs/bfs… who are sick of being stuck in the house with the old fogies. It’s summer. God knows its short enough here without having to spend a lot of it indoors.

      And like to say… I have the gardens to be in. Some people live of the 14th floor in a cramped little apartment.


    3. It’s a big deal alright to the hospital workers who have to look after people who are ill and infected. Everyday they have to go into work knowing that they are going to be indoors and in close contact for an extended period of time with this killer virus.

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      1. Yes. The like clapping for them because that looks good, a bit like standing at the Cenotaph will a black suit and a long face.

        But when it comes to action … nah, far too much effort.

        And as for competition between the heath of the NHS staff and big business Tory donations… Pfffff


  6. My daughter lives in Bournemouth – its a shithole which exists on knuckle-dragging right-wing racist scum on stag/hen nights at the best of times.

    These scenes have happened whenever its sunny ALL THE WAY THROUGH LOCKDOWN in Bournemouth and plod are useless (no surprise) – council are ultra-right wing tories, at least one every couple of years is exposed as a NF/BF member. Therefore its only when it gets truly insane that the (tory-owned) MSM comment on it and then its obviously a “we need more money for our (tory-owned) private police forces”.

    Decision time for Sturgeon I feel. If the border stays open after 4 July then wave goodbye to schools reopening this side of xmas in Scotland. Wave bye-bye to any chance of normal life before next summer at least. Then again a postponed ScotParl election might suit her well enough….

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    1. Oh and when you look at the photos of Bournemouth beach then make sure you play the “spot the black person/non-pink Englander” because I can suure you the photographer had to work REALLY hard to find anyone BAME for his agency-approved crap.

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      1. Yep. I can’t see a non pink body anywhere.

        The romance of “we’ll meet again” and “bluebirds over ” is so far removed from the reality that is these stupid thick selfish people.

        Clap for the NHS… Jeeeez.


    2. Judging by the polls, I don;t think that it would.

      I see that Tobias Ellwood is the MP for Bournemouth. He’s asked for more police to be drafted in.

      But there you go. His boss said he could rely on the good common sense of the British people.. and like just about everything else the moron has said, it was wrong.

      Incidentally, I’d rather eat my own leg than go to Bournemouth. Ever.


  7. Heard their mp whine on about the lack of resources in the area.
    They need more help,more money,polis , binmen.
    As you say it’s his boss man that has let the nutters loose.
    As is said the place is falling into decay,narrow roads and restricted parking.
    The mp said on LBC, ‘Don’t come here were full’.


  8. Tris, I think we may have lost email contact again. check your inbox and spam folder for AOY and SS contributions. If nothing there, let me know and I’ll try a resend.

    Meantime, can only echo the sentiments expressed here about thoughtless idiots – and all the crap they leave behind. Wouldn’t expect anything else from Bournemouth but surely Embra folk should know better? Or am I giving too much credit to fellow Scots? As Jake put it so well, take a person of average intelligence and 50% are more stupid. Conversely 50% should have more sense. Did only the lower half go the the Meadows?

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