Let’s all go down the beach…

… and forget all this virusy stuff…


As for social distancing…It’s for the mugs, eh lads?


But see all this litter?  Well, we’ll leave that for someone else to clear up… That will be a nice and healthy wee job!

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Oh, and that goes for bodily wastes too!


Here’s the laugh for today:


In the 21st century, in a supposedly first-world country, this is how, having demanded a return to traditional parliament, they are going to vote… and we are going to be paying them to do it?

Needless to say, the MP for the 17th century has organised it… I wonder if they will have to wear morning dress…


I hope Scottish MPs won’t be there.

34 thoughts on “Let’s all go down the beach…”

  1. Once upon a time I’d have seen that as biting satire. But, who would believe it?


    Nowadays it seems like the lives we have to live.

    Which is a tad annoying.

    We are truly victims led by donkeys and self entitled morons.

    There is an ‘Animals’ song about that.


    “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!”

    Bit rambling, but you probably see the point.

    I would hope it asks questions of all Munguinites. I would hope they rise to what our host has had to say.

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    1. I presume that the Rocks of Solitude and the other end would be the same, how people could do social distancing on the narrow paths between Gannochy Bridge and the Rocks, it is impossible with that amount of people.

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    2. That’s a narrow little path in there too. and fairly steep sides at various places along the route. As I recall, having walked it in the winter, when we only met a couple of people, it would be impossible to socially distance on that path.


      The rule is still 5 miles +/-.

      And the reason for the ambiguity over the exact distance was, as Nicola explained, We don;t want to set an exact figure. If your children/grandchildren live 5.5 miles away…


    1. You still in the queue, Niko?

      Not sure where it was, but I saw a picture of a queue to get into IKEA someplace and it was at least as long as Mr Rees Moggs queue to get into the voting lobbies.

      What for?


  2. Think about 120 people dying a day from the virus in the uk. This is the figure from a weekend day,today’s figure will be more informative.
    Today’s rags saying we’re Winning says handcock.
    Saw the propaganda film on Sky,the prince’s kids back to school, aye the handshakes gave it away,old film cut into yesterday’s report.The Nationalist Party of englandland willbe overjoyed that they’re being lied to.
    The NHS write off of deficits written off by handcock,terms and conditions apply,not written off,written down as loans to be paid back over the coming years.
    Planning permission granted for a billion housing scheme on the Isle of Dogs granted the day before a local authority bill for unused land was to be paid.The company donates to a political party so that’s ok. The permission will be overseen by a new government minister to ensure NO bias.
    As Douglas says,thanks for the fish.
    The eu owners of the fishing quotas purchased from uk will be losing their money.
    The stuff goes on and on,noneed to quarantine arrivals into heathrow now,we’ve won the battle of the virus,a film will be made showing the plucky englanders fighting off the mugger virus.

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  3. Aye,more moaning minnows
    It was announced on Monday that 96 are at risk after coat hanger firm Mainetti revealed plans to restructure the business.
    It comes just two weeks after Ovo, an energy company also based in the Borders, set forth plans to potentially make 380 staff redundant.
    MPs, MSPs and local councillors are calling on the Scottish Government to help those affected by the news.
    MP John Lamont said: “These job losses in Jedburgh are yet more devastating news for the Borders economy. It is clear that the economic hit of the coronavirus is going to be significant.

    Rachael Hamilton MSP said: “I am devastated to hear of more damaging job cuts. The financial impact will hit hard in a fragile rural area like the Borders.
    “The Scottish Government must plan now for an economic recovery and try to mitigate further job losses and ensure the people of the Borders can find alternative work opportunities
    Funny that these are unionists calling for SG to do something, why not ask jack and carlos.

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    1. The thing is that by and large the Scottish government is quite good at saving jobs in struggling companies, as trades unions will probably agree.

      But right now so many companies need help, even ones with bosses that tax dodge and live in Caribbean islands which they OWN.

      In the meantime, I haven’t hear one single positive thing from the Tories or Labour. Not one suggestion that might contribute to us getting through this worldwide problem.

      NOT ONE.

      So, challenge to the Tories (or Labour). What would you do? and How would you pay for it?

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  4. Phil Ochs originally wrote this song about the state of Mississippi in the sixties. He re-wrote the lyrics for Nixon.
    Alas he is dead now, but I’m sure he’d approve of this:

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  5. Had another look at your pictures,looking for televisions on the beaches,couldn’t find any.
    So the uk government decides that since the viewing figures at the weekend are so low they will stop the the briefings at the weekend, HOW do they know who’s watching?
    Great for the doris,he’s promised to do ONE each week, so that’s him working 2 hours a week.
    143 reported died in englandland and Wales today.
    The mogg motion will become law shortly, back to the 1700’s for voting, nearly an hour to vote a count of 400 mps,given up on electronic voting,the whips need to see the vote.

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    1. And I reckon in lost salary alone for the MP, we are talking between £20,000 and £30,000 a vote while they stand around doing sod all.


  6. It is a scandal laid upon a scandal untill nothing appears scandalous. Truth and decency devalued to something meaningless and worthless. Who ever records this history I fervently hope they don’t just record the devaluation of currency but the devaluation of the UK’s and trade’s lubricant, truth and decency.
    We must set ourselves free from the corrosion and rot.

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  7. What’s happening
    – An amendment that would allow MPs to vote remotely has been defeated
    – Some MPs did not attend the session as they are isolating at home due to medical advice
    – Those who were back at Westminster took part in a queue that snaked around Parliament in order to vote

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  8. Tris if it was happening in North Korea, Russia, China or any of the Stans it would have been first line news,but here it’s the norm, why bother having votes when all you see is the disenfranchising of not only the mps but their constituents, see some are up in arms that IF the parliament was an employer in the normal sense they would be breaking the LAW on employment. BUTT of course the parliament is exempt fromsuch laws,they just produce a new one.
    Last mob I heard about doing this was the German Nationalists with the enabling act,to produce a dictator.
    The englanders talk the talk about freedoms but this mob are running it into the drains, they have no shame.
    The old veterans will still turn out for the killing parade and vote tory in england.
    See elsewhere the EBC are going to run some last century football, something around 1966, a whole series, glad I don’t watch tv.

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  9. yes the last time an english team was composed of anglo saxons I think.
    I find it strange to hear the anglo saxons give their support to african players that they wouldn’t talk to not so many years ago.
    Other english teams have won European trophies but their teams were full of players from all over the World.
    They are so exceptionalist they can have their cake and eat it.

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  10. The people who left all that rubbish should be ashamed at their own lack of intelligence, appalled at how lazy they have proved them self’s to be, and how blinkered they choose to be towards the planet and animals.
    Hope no one minds to much if we mention something here that I just heard not moments ago.
    A nurse working in hospital had a patient that died of a heart attack, and was filling in the forms for cause of death,
    They where stopped and told to fill in covid 19/coronavirus instead,
    The nurse did so, but was not happy, so backchecked the cause of up to two hundred heart attack patients(the area they worked in) and was surprised at how many people that had died of a heart attack were down as corona virus,
    This was told by the nurse themselves in Aberdeenshire,
    If this is true, how many others are doing this across Scotland and the uk.?
    We need to compare patients that have died in the last few years of all the the various illnesses and viruses plus heart, kidney, liver, and actual influenza, etc.
    To enable us to find the correct and accurate cause of death, if some patients cause of death are being deliberately mis interpreted, accidentally, or because it’s easier and less hassle, after all which one of us are there to question it.
    Under normal conditions, (not in lockdown) we would have visited our loved ones before they passed away, in hospital , in their homes, or retirement homes, therefore we would have had a fairer idea of what were their health issues in their last days.
    Meanwhile we have to rely on what someone tells us happened to a loved one, or wait on statistics to come from the very same hospitals and care homes,
    Our mother took a fall last week, and I was so glad that she was not in hospital or a care home, that my sister was there, and her neighbours are nurses,
    She is sore this week , and we hope it is just bruising, we are keeping an eye on her.
    However we are worried in case she has to go to hospital.
    Changing subjects again, we would like to say a big thank you tris, to your self and to Dave for helping in the search for a adult trike for my sister, We managed to get one, but between being in five mile lockdown and my mum taking a fall last week, things are on hold,
    Still enjoying your site,all who those that contribute and commentate,

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    1. First of all, James, sorry to hear about your mum’s fall.

      I’m concerned about the misreporting of deaths. I’ve heard that (and I have no idea whether it is true or not) that some places in England they are putting reasons other than Covid down as cause of death. Of course there are often a number of reasons.

      I can’t understand why anyone would do that the other way around, unless they wanted to make the covid figures look worse than they are…

      I don;t know who you heard it from, but it could do with further examination.

      I really glad you got the trike.

      Give our best to your mum and tell her Munguin commands that she get better.


  11. Good news about the trike ,James,not so good about the fall,hopefully a full recovery.
    Just listened on the radio to handcock saying that BAME residents are some 60% of the deaths.
    On the football return to play,don’t they read and digest their own data,there’s a large BAME population in the football world in the englander leagues BUTT they can now start the return training.
    More clever use of words on his stats work arounds, capacity and tests complete aren’t the same thing.

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