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Donald Trump, Robert Mueller and China: The Week in Cartoons for ...
World's cartoonists on this week's events: Coronavirus - POLITICO

Thanks to Wilson, Brenda, John and Andi.

45 thoughts on “Just for a Laugh”

  1. Love the money-saving tomato plan! And Andi’s contributions!
    What a wonderful way Nancy Pelosi has in politely suggesting that Trump could lose some weight…..right before she assures him she’s praying for him. 🙂

    The lockdown took a hit on Monday, the Memorial Day holiday in America. (Traditionally the unofficial beginning of Summer.) The Lake of the Ozarks is a nice place in Missouri, but the social distancing in the lake resorts like Osage Beach left something to be desired.

    The Lake of the Ozarks:

    The party at Backwater Jack’s Bar and Grill at Osage Beach:

    The Daily Mail (lots of pictures):

    The New York Times :

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    1. Oh I see Missourians are as mindful of social distancing as the English.

      Despite the heatwave in Scotland, the Tory “S*n” newspaper reported that Scots are respecting lockdown.

      I see that they moved Trump to a bunker under the White House during the protests in DC. Maybe of course they just got fed up with him and stuck him in the bunker for an hours peace. Or maybe they thought he might not tweet offensive trash from there?

      As you say, great contributions from which I’m very grateful.

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      1. Yes Tris, I can confirm that Trump has taken to the White House bunker at least twice this week, and no, it hasn’t significantly reduced his Tweeting. 🙂

        The demonstrations have been going on in cities all across the country, ever since the police murder in Minneapolis on Monday. Lafayette Square (Park) is right across Pennsylvania Avenue from the North portico of the White House, and it’s a natural place for demonstrations to be held. Trump went to the bunker Friday and at some point Tweeted that anybody who breaches the White House fencing would be “greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen.”

        The crowd of protesters was generally well behaved Sunday, but the violence began about the time the police started enforcing a Midnight curfew in Washington. Cars turned over and burned, store fronts ablaze, and an increasingly violent crowd in the park. Note that the second floor windows of the White House (the president’s residence) had a clear view of the police lines in the park. Trump is a bully and a coward, so he was probably glad to take to the bunker once again Sunday night (which sources confirmed.) No doubt he had the vicious White House dogs all ready to go if the North fence along Pennsylvania Avenue went down. 🙂

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        1. I have no time for people who overturn cars and set light to buildings, or loot. None at all. Pretty much no matter the provocation.

          Nor have I any time for police who kill people just because they can, or authorities who have to be forced by this kind of action into taking action against said police.

          Ten years ago England had the same thing. It started when a man was shot dead by police somewhere in London for supposedly carrying a weapon, which turned out not to be a weapon…and then the police lied about it.

          The riots started there about this death and spread all over England.

          Probably the people rioting in Liverpool, Birmingham or Newcastle didn’t give much of a stuff for the dead Londoner.

          But there was a general feeling of discontent in the country about Cameron and his government… and of course, as ever in these situations, there was a large contingent of people who were spoiling for a fight… and would always be spoiling for a fight regardless and often oblivious of the reason.

          I wonder what awful weaponry the Orange idiot has in store. Surely even he isn’t stupid enough to nuke Washington.

          Well, maybe. God knows he’s bloody thick.

          I see he has made ANTIFAC a terrorist organisation.

          I don’t even know it was an organisation at all. But now it looks like it’s illegal to be against Fascism.

          Won’t be long before Cummings latches on to that one.

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          1. It seems like the pattern of protest and then violence and criminality plays out much the same everywhere. In this one the crime seems especially egregious of course, and was recorded on video from various angles. The murder charge was quick in coming, but that doesn’t necessarily help much.

            Who knows what Trump means with his blustering Tweets about dogs and ominous weapons. Probably something he made up to appear tough. Or even some BS he was told by the secret service security detail to shut HIM up. 🙂

            I had to look up ANTIFA. I’d never even heard of it before Trump’s gibberish on the subject.

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              1. Tris……Very good commentary!

                I often thought that George W. Bush was more stupid than evil. But I think that Trump is probably more evil than stupid. After all, he came to political prominence with the blatantly racist “birther” attacks on Obama that right wing Republicans embraced enthusiastically. Now, it’s clear that he’s using racist tropes from the southern civil rights movement in the 1950’s and 60’s to appeal to the racist base of the Republican Party. In principle, this goes all the way back to when the “party of Lincoln” went off its historical rails with Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.” (See Wiki.)

                Anyway, I’m thinking that his seemingly unhinged Tweets are actually well targeted political messages to the racist Republican base. I failed to understand his Tweet: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” The Times published a story about that. And as for the comment about “vicious dogs,” it seems clear that he’s thinking about “Bull” Connor, who had control of the Birmingham, Alabama, police and fire departments, and famously unleashed vicious dogs and fire hoses on civil rights protesters in Birmingham in 1963. Bull Connor’s attack dogs are now an iconic civil rights image. Wiki: “Bull Connor directed the use of fire hoses and police attack dogs against civil rights activists; child protestors were also subject to these attacks. National media broadcast these tactics on television, horrifying much of the country. The outrages served as catalysts for major social and legal change in the Southern United States and contributed to passage by the United States Congress of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”


                1. Danny: Even though we all know that it happened and we all know some of the terrible things that were done to people because they were not white anglo-saxons, watching something like that video; thinking about what these people had to go through, imagining that brings tears to my eyes… and that it still goes on today, after all that people went through just makes me plain angry. No, it doesn’t it makes me f’ing FURIOUS.

                  And it’s not just in the South or just in America… It’s everywhere.

                  Trump really is a piece of crap.

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                  1. Well said!

                    I should have remembered Bull Connor’s vicious attack dogs, when Trump came up with that comment. It’s called “dog-whistle politics” (no pun intended.) It’s part of the standard Republican playbook.

                    Wiki: “Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the population of the general public at large while also simultaneously having an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup. The analogy is to a dog whistle, whose ultrasonic tone is heard by dogs but inaudible to humans.”

                    The old time racists in the South knew exactly what he was saying.

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                    1. I wish I had just a clue as to what goes on in their brains.

                      What makes people think that their colour, their god, their country, their way is so much better than anyone else’s.

                      Only a really stupid person would think that.

                      Hey ho… Trump fits the bill and ticks all the boxes.

                      I hear he’s to address the nation tonight… presumably from the safety of his bunker.

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                    2. I guess they decided that cowering in the bunker wasn’t a good image, so he gave a statement from the Rose Garden (in the big south lawn of the building) where loud bangs could be heard from the north side, where police were “defending” the fence along Pennsylvania Avenue (and the much smaller north lawn) from the crowds in Lafayette Park (reported as mostly peaceful protesters.) Tear gas was reportedly fired. CNN has a good report on Trump’s terrible weekend.

                      Note the police presence on the roof. Perhaps to make a last ditch stand at the north wall if necessary. 🙂 Yes……the Trump presidency just gets better and better.



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                    3. There’s a bit of me that is thinking back to Nicolae Ceaușescu… I’m not sure why, maybe it was the police all over the palace roof.

                      I cannot help but think, this serves him right. Since day one he has operated in his presidency as a racist.

                      I never understand racism in anyone… but in one of the world’s most powerful men?

                      He was going to build a wall to keep immigrants out of a country that got to be great becasue it was full of immigrants (including his own grandparents).

                      He’ll like this. He has something in common with the Windsors. His name is really Trumpf; Bavarian in origin, Theirs is Saxe Coburg Gotha.

                      He’s backed the Klan, made fun of disabled people, disrespected people who fought for his country while his money bought him some bone spurs.

                      He encouraged the police to use violence in their arrests… and much much more.

                      He has encouraged discontent with people who are in some way different.

                      And now his palace is surrounded by people who find that offensive.

                      Tough life eh, Donny. But you sew what you reap…

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                    4. PS: It seems that Trump decided that the bunker image wasn’t good. So tear gas was used to clear Lafayette Park so that he could walk over to historic St. John’s Church (at the edge of the park) and have his picture taken holding a Bible.




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                    5. Does he even know what the Bible is?

                      I seem to recall that despite being such a lover of the Bible, he reacted a bit like Palin when asked what newspapers she read…

                      Clearly she didn’t and clearly he’d never opened the Bible.


                      With all this social distancing… who’s doing his hair?

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                    6. Ha ha ha ha ha…

                      Given that he had peaceful protestors gassed so that he could get his photo op, he deserves all the ridicule. He should be grateful that’s all it was.

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                    7. Tris…..The Richard Wolffe article is excellent. British born and Oxford educated, Wolffe was writing for the American news magazine “Newsweek” during the days of DubYa, and seemed to have almost as much on-camera air time as a political commentator for MSNBC as Keith Olbermann did at the time on his own show. Wolffe’s current articles for the “Guardian US” are excellent. This article certainly covers all the bizarre twists and turns that ultimately led Trump to that bizarre photo-op in front of the historic and iconic St. John’s Church (1816) at the edge of Lafayette Square that every president back to James Madison has attended at one time or another; and since the days of FDR, has figured in presidential inaugural activities.

                      Speaking of ridicule…….Yesterday’s frequently rancorous phone call with the governors, followed by the attack on protesters and his dishonoring of the Church of the Presidents drew wide condemnation. The New York Times published an article about his con-artist’s relationship with the Bible, and Mariann Budde, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington which oversees St. John’s Church was not amused. By the time she got on the phone with Anderson Cooper of CNN, the Right Reverend lady was coming down on him like a ton of bricks….at least by Christian Bishop standards. 😉

                      An article in the Post was excellent…..and scathing.

                      Meanwhile, the protests have expanded all over the country.

                      The Washington Post:

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                    8. Does Trump have a political hero? Good question!
                      Well, he seems to think he does. The problem is that such a thing should imply KNOWING something about them, even though Trump’s ignorance about history is legendary. He doesn’t read books of course, so maybe he’s seen and misunderstood a TV show about somebody he thinks he likes.

                      He has decided that he likes Andrew Jackson, whose portrait he moved into the Oval Office. Jackson was the last president who served in George Washington’s revolutionary army, and was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. Then he spent a lot of time killing Indians before serving as president from 1829 to 1837. He defied the Supreme Court and was responsible for the removal of Indian tribes west along the “Trail of Tears” which killed thousands, and opened eastern lands to white settlement and slavery. In short, by modern standards, Jackson was a despicable authoritarian character of the sort that Trump likes.

                      Jackson’s portrait is seen in Oval Office photos, and Trump can look over at Lafayette Square and see Jackson on a rearing horse (appearing to be sitting on the shoulders of one of the men on the police line.)

                      The historical problem is that although Jackson died in 1845, Trump seems to have gotten it in his mind that he was involved with the Civil War (1861-1865.) Also that he had a “big heart.”

                      Where Trump got this historical gibberish is uncertain. He also seems not to understand why there was a Civil War, and really feels that it could all have been “worked out.”

                      As soon as someone got to him and told him that he’d made a fool of himself, he tried to correct it with a Tweet. He may have in fact been thinking about a very early secessionist issue that Jackson was involved in. But of course, whatever TV show he got his Jackson history from, the moron got it all screwed up. 😉


                      BTW, there was also a famous incident during Black History Month, when it sounded like he thought that Frederick Douglass, the famous Civil War era abolitionist, was still alive. The Washington Post took a stab at sorting that one out.

                      This Photoshopped picture shows Frederick Douglass in the Oval Office ……supposedly after Trump named him to the National Security Council. 😉



                      Finally, it’s known that when Trumpy says “some people don’t know” or “most people don’t know,” it means that HE’S just learned something that he’s going to tell you about. But no one was prepared for what he said in 2017 when he appeared before the National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner and said about Abraham Lincoln:

                      Trump: “Great president! Most people don’t even know he was a Republican. Right? Does anyone know? A lot of people don’t know that. We have to build that up a little more.”

                      So YES…..until shortly before that, it’s clear that HE did not know that ABRAHAM LINCOLN was a Republican. He then exhorted the Republicans to go out and spread the word about Lincoln having been a president of their party.

                      (However, the Post quotes a poll which showed that only 55% of Americans DO know Lincoln’s party. So with that kind of ignorance, no wonder people voted for Trump.)


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                    9. Thanks, Danny.

                      You pretty much covered everything.

                      And the summing up phrase seems to be the one where he was called a moron.

                      The trouble is, when you have a moron with as much influence as he has…

                      He may have made a horrible mistake using that church which he does not attend to get his message across.

                      I’m not a Christian. But what I say here is said with the respect I give to every religion.

                      I wonder if Trump realises that Jesus was from the Middle East.

                      He was not the blond lad with film star looks that artists have painted.

                      He was from Galilee, now a part of Israel, but then in ancient Palestine. Probably by Trump’s standards, Jesus was a person of colour, and of course he was a revolutionary. He preached against the authorities. Trump would have been tear gassing him.

                      I suppose his southern baptist followers won’t have noticed any of that though… bathed, as they are, in the blood of Jesus.

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            1. Well maybe we all have to look a bit closer at things….and keep our critical thinking
              2020 ANTIFA
              1930s Antifaschistichte
              Compare and contrast.

              If you buy a packet of Cornflakes and when you open it there are Ricicles inside then you didn’t buy what you thought.
              ANTIFA a group whose motive is destruction and chaos. Paid puppets of the puppetmasters who use them with false messages and pay them.
              The riots are Americas Kristallnacht. We await them trying to burn down the American Reichstag next and try to usher in the new Adolf at the next election.
              Hopefully the puppeteers will be in GITMO soon.

              Who new…….

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    2. As far as it not being illegal to disregard social distancing, I can accept that but it’s grossly irresponsible to host that kind of event where thousands of people will be allowed into a small space.

      Some of them are bound to have the virus… but hey ho, it’s as much the responsibility of the idiots who think that they will be OK.

      You wouldn’t get me near anything like that!

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      1. Tris……ME NEITHER!
        Those Lake of the Ozarks pictures became national if not world news. Republican governor Parson was slow in declaring a state wide lockdown, and then later was in line with Trump in wanting things reopened. He was obviously embarrassed by the lake parties, but followed Trump’s lead of saying the job of policing was the responsibility of others. Various officials called for a voluntary 14-day quarantine of the party goers.


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          1. Tris I agree. But however much Trump blusters about “ordering” this and that, he probably has very little or no actual authority in such state matters. And as for the states, who knows what various powers the 50 state governors have. Some probably do have well defined emergency powers, while others may have no such authority whatsoever. I don’t even know what authority the Missouri Governor has in this area. Quite possibly the authority to simply try to herd the cats. And if people refuse to comply with “mandatory” social distancing, what are the authorities going to do? Throw them in an overcrowded prison? So it’s pretty much all voluntary anyway.

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            1. Yep. It’s I suppose the same thing everywhere. As you say, arrest people for being close to other people and lock them up 6 to a cell!… Hmmm.

              Even Trump wouldn’t b… No wait, he might.

              I wonder if it’s all that orange makeup that has sent him around the bed?

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  2. Loved the whole lot this week.
    Can only think that the second coming of the virus isn’t much more than a couple of weeks away for englandland.
    The idea of keeping 5 year olds apart is just shown up as impossible, how the teachers in the schools today are going to manage with their young students may be a similar problem.
    Careful risk assessment ,I think, is the way forward.

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    1. Take it on the chin, is still Johnson’s strategy.

      I see than now both Greece and Spain have said that they won’t accept British tourists when they open up.

      I really don’t blame them.


    1. Cute!

      I wonder if that dog’s human is also doing Nicola’s hair, which seems to be absorbing the attention of so many unionists at the moment. They seem less concerned about who’s doing the queens hair … or Matt Hancock’s hair.

      Clearly, of course, no one is doing Johnson’s hair.

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  3. On both sides of the pond we have administrations who consider themselves to be untouchable.
    Trump with unimpeachment in his back pocket and Cummings with his majority of 80.
    At least Americans have the opportunity to get rid of Trump in November but I wouldn’t expect too much to come of that.
    We are stuck with Cummings until he gets Brexit done which is one reason why they are in such a rush to unlock,unleash England.
    A very big gamble however because instead of the economy being unleashed,it is far more likely to be Covid19 and the economic consequences of that will be catastrophic.

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    1. Don’t like the opening from that article.
      Maybe it should read
      Reducing the already inadequate representation from Scotland is a breach of the idea that we are an Equal member of the union.
      The only thing that has been shown under the current tech parliament is that the conduct is much more becoming of a democracy and a much more sensible way of working.The idea of voting by walking through a corridor to be counted is lunacy except when you realise the whips want to see you toe the party line.Last week the chancer did a dugdale and pressed the wrong button.

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    2. well personally I’d be happy resiling the Treaty but we need a majority of people in Scotland to agree. And the best way to find out is a consultative referendum. I’d given up hope of a section 30 order EVER.

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      1. I’m with you there,we need to be free of a democracy that has a built in english majority.
        My comment was on the way the article started, worrying that a reduction of the current Scottish block was in some way not acceptable,we should have the same number of MPs as the englandersIF we are an equal member, as we’re supposed to be,only TWO signed the agreement.
        It’s time to do our own thing.

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  4. American police – let’s arrest the black man and put him in handcuffs.

    Search his pockets.

    Find his FBI id badge.



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