Please keep safe

socially distancing
Munguin makes a rare foray into the kitchens to check up on the staff (me) and make sure that his Lobster Bisque is being prepared to his satisfaction. There will be no letup of precautions in Munguin Towers.



      1. I don’t think it’s the thyme for that sort of behaviour. What’s the world cumin too. I’d give him a rocket if I were you…

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              1. Bay leaf me, chive had enough, I’m cloves to seeing this as a form of harissa-mint but I’m just going to chilli out . Some people – give them a pinch and they’ll take a pun!

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                  1. The Freeman Golden Groan Award (MNR Edition) panel is already not just in lockdown but in deadlock over today’s contributions from so many and varied contributors. Lettuce spray that the decision does not come down to fisticoughs, earwigs on the green, or further horsetilities of any shorts between the members of the penile.

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  1. The effectiveness of the lockdown means lives have been saved.
    It means most of us didn’t catch it. That means we don’t have immunity.
    We can still catch it, and it’s still out there. It’s as dangerous and deadly a virus as it was a couple of months ago.
    We can all stay safe if we stay in the house. When we go out we’re relying on other people.
    And remember even people who’ve had it or have themselves got immunity can still spread it.

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    1. Hasn’t been said enough Jake. Talking of reducing R numbers can give the impression that Covid virus is somhow weakened. Wrong, it is just as potentially virulent as ever it was, our behaviour is the only thing, at the moment, that can reduce the virulence.

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    2. Yes. There will almost certainly now be a rise in the number of cases.

      It’s important to keep up vigilance. As you say, we are safe becasue we followed the guidelines laid out by Edinburgh.


  2. When I was in Lidl on wednesday they had masks on sale so I bought a pack. I assume that the NHS now has sufficient stocks.

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    1. One of our neighbours is a doctor. I was socially distancing with him last night over a glass of wine in the grounds (with Munguin, of course). He said that his hospital was well prepared, and always had enough equipment for those who needed it.

      Care Homes/Nursing homes were woefully unprepared though.

      But it is not unreasonable to point out that these entities are private companies doing what they do for profits. Most of them part of large groups. I can’t help but think that THEY, not either the Scottish or other governments should have been prepared for this.

      When (if) this is over, we must look at how we run homes like these.


  3. Still of the opinion that we are all to get it, just the rate we do is being controlled.
    Shops yesterday looking like back to normal except at the checkout,people wandering the aisles ignoring the one way system.
    Organised to meet my brother who I haven’t seen for ages, today,sister tomorrow,hopefully the weather will stay fine, flask of coffee and a bun in hand.
    Seems like I’ve fallen for the Bread & Circus approach from the doris/cummings book of empire.
    It’s not over yet, look at the numbers recorded as being infected.
    Stay safe.

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    1. of course we are going to die just more slowly and in a manner which does not
      overwhelm the N.H.S
      i can only say if the science says social distancing reduces spread and therefore
      deaths. Then it is only logical that if you lift social distancing spread and consequently
      deathswill increase or the science is WRONG.
      I do not believe the science is WRONG.

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      1. Agreed, Niko. The advice remains to be 2 m apart. Only socialise with people OUTSIDE. Don’t share food, cutlery, crockery.

        But then, there were pictures of crowded beaches yesterday, even a punch up on one. (It’s hard to rap someone in the face from 32 meters!)

        Unless/until they find a drug (and they still haven’t found one for the cold) it is here to stay.

        For me, life isn’t going to change.


    2. There will be another increase.

      They opened the schools in South Korea only to have to close them again.

      Please, UK, this time learn lessons.


    3. The numbers being infected are scary.
      So are numbers dying.
      It currently just under 400 PER DAY.
      Imagine if a passenger airliner fell out of the sky…every day
      or there were 4 Hillsborough disasters..every day

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      1. Yep, I know Jake, and still there are those that just don’t give a damn and are acting like nothing has happened.

        I was obliged the other day to talk sharply to a bloke in Aldi. Old fellow who should have known better, absolutely determine to invade my space.


    4. I suppose if I’m going to catch it I’d be better doing it within the next couple of months, before my next birthday. If I leave it to after that my chances of survival drop by about a factor of 10.
      Ye canny argue wi the science.

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  4. Excellent choice of mask, I have the same kind. However, I have seen some saltire ones on sale and am investigating them !

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  5. As a vulnerable person,we are not going to be lifting lockdown significantly in the near future.
    Unless and until either a vaccine or suitable treatment becomes available,the threat remains the same.
    Even if a vaccine is produced,as with the flu vaccine,it has a reduced efficacy with older people and or those with certain medical conditions.
    Life has changed for everyone and will remain so to some extent for some considerable time to come.
    Great,however,that some sort of social interaction is possible now,that will be a great relief for many.
    Let’s hope that doesn’t have to be regressed.

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  6. You can’t keep a good liar down.
    As far as I’ve read today.
    Worlds class tracking system NOT working fully.
    Serco recruited minimum pay staff.
    Handcock gets a warning from stats standards about false reporting tests as capacity.
    Covid warning still at level 4,relaxation was supposed to be after at 3.
    China warned about Hong Kong by the doris, as he invites 300,000 to use their uk visas.
    The chancer’s job retention scheme Ts&Cs are declared.
    Remember they’re tories.
    Keep safe

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      1. I recall very well back in the late ’90s, when the handback of Hong Kong to China was being negotiated, Westminster / the British ruling classes / the Great British Meeja Machine were obviously dead worried that loads of folk from Hong Kong would come to England and swamp them Yellow Peril OMG rivers of blood and no one’s pet dug would be safe in the vicinity of any Chinese restaurant. As I recall, a figure was agreed for how many residence permits would be granted to folk from Hong Kong – but, although many people from Hong Kong did leave before the colony was handed back to China, the mostly went to greener pastures. The result was that only a few thousand came to the UK and most of the (relatively measly) number of visas that had been agreed remained unclaimed.

        I had a friend from Hong Kong back in the ’80s – I miss him, he was a lovely guy – he studied in the UK, but got out as soon as he’d finished his degree and went to the US. I mean, what self-respecting furriner would really want to live in the UK under the Tories? And of course it’s even worse now.

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