OK. How can this be right?

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The result in the Westminster election in December last year was:

SNP:  47

Tory:  6

Liberal Democrat: 4

Labour:  1

Independent:  1

The composition of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee is as follows:

SNP:  3

Tory:  5

Liberal Democrat: 2

Labour:  1

Independent:  0

And some of them aren’t even Scottish MPs!

Given that EVEL (English Votes for English Laws) exists in the Commons, which is, I suppose, under the bizarre system where the UK parliament doubles as the English parliament, reasonable… how can it be that the distribution of committee seats differs so dramatically from the results of the votes of the Scottish people? And is there a reason that English MPs sit on the committee discussing Scottish Affairs?

Do they think, perhaps, that Scots need some sensible, properly educated English MPs to make sure that the Jocks don’t go wild, have a cèilidh, get drunk and chop their fingers off sharpening their pencils?


3 AI scenarios that keep Dominic Cummings awake at night – POLITICO
Do you trust him?

Oh, and just a quick question for those Munguinites who live in Scotland.

Dominic Cummings has arranged to purchase the rights to a smartphone app which, they say, will make contact tracing easy. It’s from a company owned by the brother of some mate of his who was involved in the Vote Leave campaign and, I read somewhere, cost us £25 million.

Gove wanted to try it out on some Scottish islands, but perhaps the response he got on social media made Hancock decide to try it out on the Isle of Wight.

Jacob Rees 17th Century, who, let’s be honest, you would have thought unlikely to have even heard of smartphones or apps, has said that the UK must do this as one. Presumably he has an image in his head of heralds riding out on white steeds across the shires in search of people infected by the plague and eventually making their way to the rough and wildlands in North Britain.


As the borders between the three mainland countries remain open (although Welsh police have turned away English holidaymakers at the border), I can see his point. And tracing has been a part of the more successful European and Asian countries’ tactics for dealing with the virus

On the other hand, I don’t trust Dominic Cummings’ app any more than I would trust Dominic Cummings himself. Not in a million years.

What do you think? If it works on the Isle of Wight, will you download it?

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112 thoughts on “OK. How can this be right?”

  1. The London establishment have apparently refused to share information on their app with Holyrude.
    This makes me suspect that it isn’t up to scratch and they don’t want that getting into the public domain.
    Just like their testing stunt,designed more for show than effect.
    The SG should under no circumstances be dependent on England’s Tories for anything relating to this crisis.
    I am sure that European countries have apps successfully in use which do not have the security issues etc that apparently are prevalent in the one being trialled in England.
    We should cast our net wider.
    No question that should England open up it’s lockdown before Scotland then border checks will have to be put in place.
    Unfortunately we still have the summer holiday period to get through which might still entice travellers from the south.
    Lives matter in Scotland but perhaps not so much south of our border by the authorities who are desperate to get the economy back on track along with their Holy Grail,Brexit.

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        1. It is not very good for those who don’t possess a mobile phone. Mostly elderly and the poor or those with learning difficulties. More people don’t have a phone than the statistics being banded around. In one pensioner group I am in only 2 out of 12 have a mobile phone.

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          1. There is an assumption that everyone has a phone. They don’t. Several of my elderly neighbours have no access to phone or internet. It’s not becasue they are particularly poor… one of them takes 3 holidays a year. It’s becasue they don’t want to have intrusive phones.

            I don’t imagine that that would occur to Cummings.

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            1. Just 3 holidays per year, I try to squeeze in at least 4. I did have one in January before the current crisis started to emerge. My France holiday later this month has been cancelled as was expected.

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                  1. Put Bulgaria on your list, Marcia. Just book a flight and we’ll look after you from there. You’ve more than done your bit helping folk out over the lockdown, so time for some looking after of your own.

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                    1. Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t think travel will be getting back to normal for some time. So holidays at home for this year I think.

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          2. Building an app is actually a great idea because the people who are the most mobile are also the people who are most likely to contract and spread the virus and also the most likely to have a smartphone. Every country is building an app. In the medium term, this could prove to be a valuable tool that will allow borders to be reopened but only if there is a common framework that allows apps of one country to talk to apps of another.

            The UK is not exactly unique but definitely an outlier in not specifying decentralised data and anonymity as design goals. There are political issues here around privacy and government snooping but there are also technical issues surrounding app adoption and retention. The UK government is building an app that will necessarily drain your battery on Apple because Apple dictates that all apps can only function by being the focus app with the phone awake. It can only be done this way due to Apple policy on data privacy, which the app breaks as a matter of UK policy. The phone and the app will fall asleep unless the app is the focus app and receives a proximity message from another device running the app. When it falls asleep, the app is useless. It will record nothing and transmit nothing until the phone’s owner purposefully wakes it up. On google the situation is a bit better because apps can remain active without activity for a limited time. This has user advantages but also drains your battery.

            Google and Apple are working on frameworks that will allow apps to run in the background without draining battery and without compromising privacy. They are doing it for the current emergency. They are doing it in a way that builds on their understanding of the mechanics of app adoption and retention. The UK government thinks they can do better and opted out.

            This is all very Brexity. The UK government dismisses technical complexity and arguments about individual freedoms and ploughs its own furrow against all expert advice. They are building an app that will drain your battery and compromise your privacy to companies closely associated with Cambridge Analytica. People are not stupid. They will work out the app is draining their battery and they’ll delete the app or purposefully decide not to refresh it before they leave the house. Some will simly not install it because it has the whiff of Cambridge Analytica around it.

            Although this is very Brexit, it isn’t Brexit. These decisions cost lives.

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            1. Terry: Thanks for the techie info. I’m indebted to you for explaining it so that even I, the least techie bloke in Scotland, could understand. 🙂 No mean feat!

              They seem to be terrified to do anything in conjunction with anyone even tangentially involved in the EU, lest someone in the right wing nut job wing of the Tory party think they may be backsliding on Brexit.

              As you say, this isn’t Brexit.

              For all it is important to trace, I’m not compromising my personal information with an organisation that has ties to Cummings… and will drain my battery… and in any case may nod off.

              Hopefully, the Scottish government will buy into a more secure less power hungry app.

              Thank you again.

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          3. Nicola Sturgeon on her twitter coved address today announced that they intend to get elderly vulnerable people online supplying them with a tablet/iPad and internet connection together with a contact who will guide them over the first six months to ensure they learn how to use it properly the idea being that this will link them more closely to many services.

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  2. I thought that health was devolved to Scotland. Can we not close our borders due to health reasons under Scots law?

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  3. I have often had to “follow diversion” when driving because of ‘police incident’, as a particular stretch of road has been closed for one ungiven reason or another. As long as the road closure is in Scotland, the police can close multiple individual roads all along the border. If they decide to tell the truth they can put up a notice “no alternative routes available – try again later”. Alternatively, the highways repair crowd can put up their sign “Road closed from (date of choice) until (date of later choice).

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  4. Is there some genetic anomaly among the aristocracy that causes only one eye to require a corrective lens?


    1. Strange though it may seem, Rees Mogg is not aristocratic. His father was the editor of, I think, The Times. All this is an affectation, of which you might have thought, he would have rid himself by now.

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      1. Amazing! He was weird even then…..and stayed that way. 😉

        I love the single lens with a handle (sort of a single lens lorgnette I guess) that Leslie Howard wore on a ribbon around his neck when he played the Scarlet Pimpernel.

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        1. I’m sure that Mr Rees Mogg must secretly wish to have been born back then. He must have felt horribly out of place in a world with radio and television, never mind the coming of WWW.

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  5. The techies say it can be used for data harvesting and has real privacy issues. Plus look at who has developed it. So that’s a NO from me. I think the Scottish government are developing an app. If the techies say it’s secure then that’s a different story.

    Aye the “Scottish” Affairs Committee, Bruce has blogged about it too. If it looks, smells and acts like colonialism let’s assume it is.

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    1. If it saves lives I don;t mind them harvesting the appropriate data from it, but I wouldn’t trust that lot not to use it for all sorts of other information.

      On the second point, agreed.


      1. well no. The data harvesting (for other purposes) is separate from the life saving bit. They can do the latter without the former. So I don’t think it is okay.

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  6. My quick review of the app.
    I works on bluetooth.
    I have an Apple Ipad that won’t talk to my old Anroid pad, Samsung, and I was asked to have a look at an older Ipad and it won’t talk to my newish Ipad.
    Different versions of the bluetooth software.
    The notification is by volunteering you have symptoms then your phone,IF bluetooth turned on, will wakeup someone else’s device if you come near one another ,by distance and TIME,so it will have to set a counter as well.
    So the app will have to set the bluetooth on various versions of devices.
    My experience of bluetooth says it’s not going to work well.
    Finally,I can report symptoms I don’t have to make it all work IF i carry the device and have the app installed.
    The providers may just UPDATE you devices operating system to make it happen to load up the app without you agreeing.
    Big brother, strikes me.
    Leave the phone in an aluminium foil bag.

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    1. That last thing would be scary.

      We already know that willingly or not, you phone can be tracked as it passes masts so people can be tracked by the authorities. This can be good and bad… you can prove that you were not at the scene of a crime or accident or whatever, or it can be proved that you were!

      Extending that, with or without your permission does seems a bit 1984.

      Will switching the phone off not do the same thing?


  7. Hell ,I missed out the TWO million people that don’t have a modern smart device.
    They won’t be able to report their symptoms or trigger your phone to report that they were in contact.

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  8. Well well Pirbright has a Patent on Coronavirus. See if you can remember who in the UK has interests in this organisation. Answer in a previous post of mine.

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    1. It’s a strange old world we live in If you can get a Patent for a virus,inthe same manner as a vacuum cleaner.
      Next is the Patent for measles and you’ll have to pay someone IF you catch it.
      Much like Mansanto taking USA farmers to court IF they find their GM corn varieties in your field,even in small patches blown in from a neighbours crop.

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  9. Yes Tris, switching it off when not in use would of course work, leaving it somewhere else likewise.
    Back onto the thread.
    As you say,EVEL,it’s the englanders parliament that we send representatives to,just that the englanders don’t actually need to listen,it’s their rules.
    We, the Welsh and the Irish are just the last colonies that are visible,their offshore dependencies are not meant to be seen.
    Reminds me of a sketch from old TV, the one where the meeting is deciding whether to have tea or coffee at the morning break, 11 votes for tea and the chair says that’s 12 million for coffee,so it’s coffee then.
    That’s EVEL at work.
    The englanders don’t even turn up for it unless they’ve been unlucky to have the duty to ask the SOS the Planted Question.
    Westmonster is a sham.

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        1. I understand there’s a good deal of that in the City of London too. In Fact a CA friend of mine working now in Glasgow, did some of his training in London, and he said it was simply hoaching with corruption.

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          1. Scotland isn’t immune either.

            Due to a fuck up by the SNP LLPs (limited liability partnerships) in Scotland became the vehicle of choice to start laundering eastern european gangs money. Lasted 3-4 years an last estimate I saw suggested around $100bn started its “wash” in Scotland.


              1. Tightened up on the risibly lax rules on running a LLP in Scotland.

                Took the threat of a global blacklisting for ScotGov to do anything right enough.


    1. As I understand it, just switching of the phone will not disable tracking. You must remove the battery for that. Otherwise the SIM card is still detectable. I’m no techie expert, but hat’s what I’ve gleaned from my reading of crime and thriller fiction as light relief from the time spent on MNR schooldays.

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      1. I’m not sure. Like you I’ve read a lot of crime fiction and sometimes the “ping” lets the police down, but that’s maybe if they let the battery run down.

        You could of course just leave the phone at home, but I suppose that kinda defeats the purpose of having a “mobile” phone.


  10. OT, we read that the guardian are claiming Facebook said Iran meddled in our 2014 Scottish referendum .
    Facebook just became fakebook, and both they and the guardian must be priming us to go to war, if not real, then at least a propaganda war.
    As the guardian nor Facebook mention David Cameron interfering in our referendum, when he went for backup to Spain, so it looked like we would not be excepted in the EU,
    Nor do they mention interference from Obama, and interference from the queen.
    MSM stands for, most sh.. media.

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    1. LOL… Cameron, I seem to recall, also asked Putin to weight in, as he did with, as you say, the bloke who was head of the EU and Obama.

      Putin said no… That of course doesn’t mean that Russia wasn’t working behind the scenes. He was just smart enough not to say anything in public about it. Obama went down in my estimation at that point.

      There was a quid pro quo with the EU bloke, who wanted to be the next NATO Secretary and asked Cameron to put in a good word for him with Obama.

      That the queen got involved was beyond belief. ‘One doesn’t want to lose one’s Scottish palace or one’s shooting estates… somewhere for one’s son to run to when he has a highly infectious disease so don’t vote for independence.

      Is Charlie Wales still in Scotland?

      As he’s the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall, why did he choose OUR country to hide in?

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  11. Just working my way through an ebook.
    Interesting that the next big project for our money is the new Thames Barrier, the current one will no longer protect london after 2030/40, so a new one,bigger and further into the estuary needs to be started very soon.
    We can’t have london being flooded,seems part of the problem is the number of Flats that have been built and the walkways,the tidal surges will just go further up the river.

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  12. May I ask on here about ‘Scotland at Seven?’

    This is vaguely ridiculous. They harvested all of my details, and when it came to my modest contribution of £5.00 a month they glitched.

    I attempted to access their contacts, and their were none that I could see.

    Does anyone have a contact address, answered by a ‘real human’ for Scotland at Seven?

    Y’know, them contacting me via my phone number (already given) or e-mail (already given) or address (already given) or whatever?

    And zero response?

    This is probably down to them not thinking out a route to surviving as a viable business.


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    1. That ‘contact address’ would be good, folks. I would really, really like our chums at ‘Scotland at Seven’ to open up and provide it here.

      So far, silence.


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      1. Some defunct youtube stuff AFAICT run by something called Linda Graham PR and Marketing.

        Its run on the worst hosting service in the UK (they share the server with 2,646 other sites) so they’re either clueless or scamming IMHO.

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        1. Hmm….

          I did my ‘due dilligence’ and so forth. One of their main hosts is ‘Indy Car Gordon Ross’. I have watched a lot of his stuff and he is certainly not a scammer. The other ‘host of the show’ is probably more famous, tho’ I personally fail to recall exactly who he is. The site appears to me to be kosher.

          I don’t agree with everything they say, but it is, in principle, a worthwhile project.

          The lack of contact details however makes me a tad concerned.

          We are somewhat blessed to have a host here that doesn’t ask for a brass farthing and allows us to comment freely. Though if TRISPW ever wanted to go on air, as it were, I’m fairly confident that we’d all rally round and make that a reality. Just for comparison purposes, I happen to agree with Craig Murray on a lot of things, YMMV, but his legal defence fund has been oversubscribed. Target of £60,000 easily exceeded. Including my own bawbee. As a movement, we are not exactly poor.


          1. The hosts of the show are unlikely to be scammers anyway – unless they’re really stupid 🙂

            I’m just saying that the domain is owned by something which sounds like a company but isn’t. Its not a good starting point for trust.

            I’m very cynical however when it comes to internet “entities” asking for money. 20 years of running internet-facing mailservers does that to a man 🙂

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            1. Thanks Vestas. I have ‘invited’ Gordon Ross to comment here. Whether he sees my comment or responds to it is in the lap of the gods. Just for information I consider him to be an honest and straightforward person. Outrightly wrong about independents on list seats, but, who’s perfect?

              Not me, that’s for sure.

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              1. I suppose I should also have asked whether Munguin’s Republic would allow it to be posted? As I trust Munguin’s New Republic completely, you will, perhaps, excuse my presumption? This, ladies and gentlemen, is quite the site!

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                  1. “Anyone who wants to comment here can, Douglas. I’m fine with that.”

                    I kind of knew that. I know this is too much, but it is why you rate ( for me ) as the best site on this internet thingy.

                    I’ll keep nudging him!

                    We’ll see!

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        1. Yeah the broadcastingscotland.scot site is hosted on Fasthosts (spit) and is currently very broken – SSL certs are screwed amongst many other things. Site is registered to “Linda Graham PR and Marketing” in “North Ayrshire”, Companies House has no company with that name.

          Personally I wouldn’t have anything to do with any company which chooses Fasthosts as a hosting provider. IME they’re always either clowns or scammers. YMMV.


          1. Hmmm What have you got against Fasthosts? My company is with them although I only use them for email. I’ve been with them for umpteen years with no problems.


        2. Thanks, Douglas. I noticed that Theresa wouldn’t let Raab negotiate the withdrawal from the EU despite making him Brexit Secretary, a job at which he failed dismally if I remember rightly, voting against his own legislation… and now the idiot is deputy prime minister. Demolished by Kier Starmer, as I assume Johnson will be.


  13. In the good old days,aspiring politicians used to get their PPE from Oxbridge.
    Nowadays from Turkey and it is just as useless as the Oxbridge one when it comes to help manage a crisis.

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  14. We need to close our borders under Scots law , as a health precaution that’s for sure,
    We also might consider using our right to choose who governs us, and start anew here in Scotland,
    What is the point of the people of Scotland having that right, if we do not use it, and sit and waiting around on referendums,
    It seems sometimes that we prefer to sit around moaning like children in a playground, when another child will not give us back what was ours.
    Anyone have ideas how to proceed with this right that Westminster acknowledged When it went through Hansard in July 2018.

    The way we could change our world right here in Scotland .

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    1. If Johnson is going to start lifting restrictions next week, and if people run amok with it, I think the police will have to patrol the borders and deny access to people who are travelling unnecessarily.

      I’m surprised that more has not been made of this right we have, agreed by Westminster.


  15. Excuse me while I rabble for a moment, but the bbc just referred to Ian blackford as ‘a prominent Scottish mp’

    Nothing to do with being the SNP’s westminster leader then?

    Rabble! Rabble rabble!

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  16. We are sitting in our garden this morning, listening to children squealing and laughing, dogs barking, birds tweeting, it nice and warm ,the suns shining, the smell of fresh Washing hanging out, and the little distant noises of other people in their gardens, contented and peaceful, and I am thinking this is how it should be for everyone.
    And then I think of where governments all over the world are taking our rights away to live at peace with one another , to be able to relax, to be in the planet, not just on it, to be part of it, And I know I want a better world for me ,my children and my grandchildren,
    I want to look after the planet better than the big corporations whom desecrate our natural resources, whom have close financial ties with all governments, and therefore direct how we live.
    And then before I know it, I am wearing my angry hat.
    I am mad, gotten myself into a froth thinking about how the wrong people are running and ruining our world, I want change, and I want it now,( a bit impatient, ) I Know. But you don’t mess with my serious hat.
    WE CAN DO THIS, We can make a difference, this change has to happen,
    If your like me, I know some stuff, but not enough, not one of us knows everything, but I do know that we have the right to chose who governs us here in Scotland.
    let’s use it, all we need is someone with a different learning, someone who knows the legality of putting into practice, our first legal steps,
    We have to know more, learn more , with regards to the treaty of the union, how binding is it all these years on, has it legally been broken, would it stand scrutiny in a court of law,
    Not long ago we read that the Scotland act, may actually may have been illegal in itself , breaking the treaty of the union.
    Are there no legal brains in the yes / independence movement here in Scotland?
    Did David Cameron break the Treaty of the Union in 2011? when he altered whom the monarchy could marry, after all, it was set in writing and into the Treaty 1707 to be one Pacific religion,
    Are we already independent from this possible questionable treaty?
    I have a million questions regarding our present position and the uk,
    Has the wool been pulled over our eyes?
    How can we hold the right to choose who governs us, have the right to choose our monarchy, be sovereign as a people and nation, have our own Scots law and yet be anchored to the uk, it does not making any sense.
    Perhaps we are blindly mentally bound to the idea . But the reality is obvious, so obvious, we do not see it,

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    1. YOu know, mainly it’s the wrong people who run things… not always… but I guess that’s becasue the wrong people want to be in charge of stuff.

      I’ve never wanted to be in charge of anything, ever.

      I’m suite happy to take instructions and get on with doing a job.

      Some of the better leaders are trying to do something about preserving what is left of the world. I suspect that at least for a while Covid19 may turn out to be our friend.

      Even the English government appears to want to do something about making the world a greener place.

      I wish I had a milli9on answers for you, James, but as usual, I don’t.

      Maybe some do though…


  17. I clearly remember walking down our street arm in arm in a group of slightly older boys, chanting ” we won the war”. Meant nothing to me at the time but assume with hindsight that was VE day.

    Now suspect I know what it was, but am totally unmoved by the coming celebration, which strikes me as bread and circuses to keep the population distracted from a contemporary disaster.

    And all being promoted by a newspaper whose owner at that time was an appeaser who spent much of the 30’s cheering on Adolf’s British imitators.

    What, me a cynic ?

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    1. I do not recall the War. I was born in 1948. What I do recall was the earliest form of propoganda.


      A Spitfire has been hit by a Messerschmitt 109. The pilot of the Spitfire turns his plane upside down and leaps onto the Messerschmitt. Grapples with the pilot and after his untimely death, lands the plane.

      Such was my reading (with pictures) back in the good old 1950’s. I think the propoganda cost an old shilling. Yup, back in those days we actually paid for the propoganda.

      That is the degree of indoctrination we have to overcome.

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          1. Yes I remember,Matt Braddock was a Sergeant pilot,not a gentleman pilot.
            Still find it strange reading historical articles about how many pilots were mere sargeants but were the captain of the aircraft and hence skipper and in charge.
            They lived in the sargeant’s mess, not a gentleman officer.

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    2. It’s hilarious, that, isn’t it?

      Not cynical at all.

      The Daily Mail of course is a joke, but the government loves to weep and wail about our brave boys and how we beat the Germans and blah blah, until someone reminds them that they have a duty of care to troops and ex- troops.

      I’ll never buy into their switched on for an hour concern.

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      1. How come we agree so much? There were a couple out at 8:00 pm clapping. No-one else joined them. What were they clapping for? Perhaps the hero in, what we used to call ‘a shillingly war comic’? I preferred Dan Dare.

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    3. I think if you do some research you’ll find that the daily hail was a fan of Adolf and his getting Germany back to work.
      Adolf built the west wall with the new roads all paid for internally,people eat again.
      Even edward Viii was a fan along with Lloyd George.

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      1. Yes, I’ve seen Lord Whatsit was a big fascist. Loved the Brown Shirts, and we all know the royals were until it because a seriously bad idea to be.


    1. I’d have given your post a ‘like’, but that would have been just ‘wrong’

      Thanks, Ternce Callachan, for bringing this piece of drek to our attention.

      I salute you!

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  18. Totally agree with you Douglas, they were out here to all clapping on demand, like a bunch of seals at the circus,
    Care workers are either at work, or trying to catch up with sleep , or worrying if they have a job to go to when all this is over,
    Bbc control, when we snap our fingers you all jump, it’s only when your up there can you ask how high.
    Talk about mind control, and the same goes for waving a wee Union Jack flag when the red arrows fly over the royal balcony, cos we won ww2 all by ourselves.
    we are not being inconsiderate to care workers, perhaps we would be better showing our support for them to get a pay rise, or fighting with them to maintain their jobs.
    My sister is a care worker , my nephew is doing his training and works at the hospital, my 2 daughter-in-laws are also care workers looking after the aged and the vulnerable,
    They often work long hours on basic pay, and that was before covid-19,
    All Clapping like seals on que does not pay their mortgages , rent , or food on the table,
    It is not so long ago that we were reading about nurses having to go to food banks,
    I know many of my family struggle to make ends meet, and they have been in the health sector a lot longer than coronavirus.
    Write to your mps, if you want to support the nurses, trainie doctors, and care workers.

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    1. James,

      Action rather than clapping? We need to recognise who is important rather than the self-important. I am utterly scunnered with Westminster.

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  19. Tris , I do not think I am leader material either as I am not good with organising and nowadays have a memory like a seive, but perhaps there might be room for motivating others , as you do with munguins republic, inspiring others is a gift sometimes larger than any leader,😊

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    1. James Cheyne,

      I am pretty confident that our good host could lead. Well, an alternate definition of leader is someone that is followed. I’d be happy to follow.

      OTOH if you think you have a memory like a sieve, it is probably because you know a lot more than you did yesterday!

      Danny has taught me a lot more about astronomy than I ever knew I didn’t know.

      What is the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way?

      If you have read this site for a while, you’ll probably know the answer.

      The general degree of erudition that floats around here is pretty well amazing.

      “inspiring others is a gift sometimes larger than any leader,😊”

      Well, you and I must both hope so! And it is certainly a gift.

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    2. Thank you, James.

      You have to remember, though, that all I do is provide a space for a lot of clever people to come and put forward ideas and throw things around…

      I’m kinda more like the janitor! 🙂


  20. I see that some wee whistleblower or other has leaked the Operation Cygnus report>

    Here you go…

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  21. Apologies to everyone here, i am just catching up with all the comments before going to bed, and being a scatter brain, jumping into comments in a disorderly manner,
    My younger sister was offered a job with DC Thomson as a cartoonist, (she could copy any of the characters in the comics, by hand and eye only) She turned this down, as it meant she would have to move house.
    And I myself was cartoonist with two local newspapers here for awhile,
    Both my sister and I are computer illiterate, so my sister could not do her work from home and therefore would have had to move house..
    I on the other hand lived close to the two local newspaper offices, and used to deliver my cartoons by hand, my cartoon days came to an end in 2014 during the referendum, as the editors wished for me to do a satirical cartoon on Alex salmond, which I did do, and still have, but never consented to its use, as I did not like the caption he wished to add below,
    as the referendum got closer, I held out against the editors more and more, well eventually the editors one by one said they would have to let me go.
    It was inevitable I suppose,Mmm.
    See what principles can do for you.
    I wished I knew how to download and send pictures and photos, still haven’t got a clue to this day,
    There is a very ironic but funny end to this story, after loosing my work at the subsidiary(to D C Thomson) local papers, I went on to teach artwork day classes with the local council.
    The punchline.
    Both my sister and I failed art at school, and both of us are colour blind.
    We have definitely had the last 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. James, well done you. Wish me luck today as I am going to try and teach basic computer & internet skills to one of “my charges” today at the age of 83 who had broadband installed this week. He thought he should do something to pass the time away and get “connected”. I gave him the old laptop to see if he can get used to it before I commence my lessons. I will put Munguins Republic as one of his bookmarks. I get the feeling I am not going to enjoy the teaching today after doing his shopping. If he is reading this later on, I hope you enjoyed the lesson. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Bravo Marcia and bonne chance and bien venu, maybe, for your pupil. I hope he will enjoy being online and Munguin’s Republic.


  22. We do indeed wish you luck for today Marcia , two brave people in the same place at the same time, giving and receiving , you’ve made our day.
    Let us know how you get on when you get time, lol

    Liked by 1 person

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