Israel's Health Minister Litzman and his wife test positive for ...

The health minister in Israel, Yaakov Litzman, has gone down with Covid19.

Litzman, 71, has been accused of violating his own ministry’s guidelines on social distancing in order to continue to attend prayer services and has been reported as having been to the house of a friend to pray.

Both he and his wife have contracted the virus and because he has been in contact with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister has now had to go into a 14-day self-isolation. I expect we’ll all miss him.

Last week he was asked if the lockdown would be lifted in time for Easter and he said that he hoped that the Messiah would come before Easter.

“I am sure”, he said, “that the Messiah will come and take us out as God took us out of Egypt. We will soon be free and the Messiah will come and save us from all the world’s troubles.”

Well, even if the Messiah does arrive before Easter, it will be a bit late for Yaakov, as he will definitely be self-isolating.

Interestingly, last month this guy, allegedly, blamed Covid19 on homosexuals.  Thanks to Cairnallochy, for bringing the questionable nature of the facts on this to my attention.

So it isn’t just unpleasant that he got it. It’s possibly also a tad embarrassing.


While we are on the subject of Benjamen Netanyahu, does anyone know if he dyes his hair blue?

Israel Election: Is the Benjamin Netanyahu Era Over? | National Review

It seems more often than not to have a blue tinge. Not that that’s a problem, of course. 

My father had an elderly aunt who had lived a lot of her life in Paris and was, even as a very old woman, very chicly dressed and coiffured. She had tinged her hair with a slight blue rinse for a long time, but as she got older, sometimes she left the dye on for too long.

Apparently, she arrived at my grandparents’ house one day with an overdyed head. Every one was desperately trying not to look and no one said anything. Then my dad, about 10 at the time, came downstairs, took one look at her and just asked: Aunt Flo, why is your head purple?


Ruth Davidson on Twitter: "Great to spend some training time with ...

Tony Blair has suggested that Labour would do much better in Scotland if they had a leader like Ruth Davidson. I was reminded that Mrs Thatcher once said that Tony Blair was among her proudest achievements, so time to repay the compliment?

Labour IndyRef2 row shows party now split by two clear factions ...

I’m not sure how Richard Leonard would look on a tank in full combat gear, but now they have got Ms Baillie as deputy leader… Will she do?


Jeremy Corbyn would cost Labour the election – Ian Murray ...

I see Ian Murray has been reappointed Shadow Scottish Secretary. I bet old Sir Kier had a hard job with that post. “Hmmm, who to pick?” said Sir Starmer to himself. “I wonder…”  

Sir Keir has had another brilliant idea, which he must have come up with all by himself without any skiffy from Gordo.

Why not have a constitutional convention? Give Scotland more powers, maybe even a Federal settlement. No one ever thought of that before, did they?

So a few questions which have been posed:

Click on pic to make it big enough to read.



So Munguin hopes you all stayed safe and are feeling well.

We spend the day in the grounds. Munguin sat on his chair and I cut grass, weeded borders and dug out all the cat droppings which have been generously donated by my less than charming neighbour’s THREE cats.

Munguin was thinking of getting a dog.

He asked me to include this picture of him in Budapest. He has connections, y’know!

munguin with ronnie



Boris Johnson

I’ve just read that Boris Johnson has been taken into intensive care.

Now, I’ve no time for the man. As a politician, he’s a complete incompetent, absolutely lacking in judgement, almost as bad as Trump. As a person, he’s a downright unpleasant racist, homophobe and overgrown posh boy with a dubious past in dealing with people. An utter clown of a man.

Looking back I’ve had my differences with most prime ministers in the UK over the last 30 years. Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May, but, at a time of crisis any of them would have been a better bet than Johnson.

However, I wouldn’t wish COVID19 on my worst enemy.

So tonight, I wish Boris Johnson, (along with everyone else in the country and across the world who has fallen victim to the awful disease), all the very best in the fight against the virus and a speedy and complete recovery.


The Baby Orangutans In Borneo Get A New Home! | The Great Projects
1. Is this it then? One leaf? Healthy diet? Huh!
john treecart
2. So, now, I’ve got to the top, erm, how do I get back down? The tribulations of a Bulgarian cat!
3. The beauty of the Faeroe Islands.
john stork
4. I can listen in to their telephone calls from here., says a member of the Bulgarian Secret Service, heavily disguised as a stork.
Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012
5. Mercury Venus and Mars, aligning (with the pyramids) for the first time in 2737 years, on December 3 2012.
pine marten
6. I’m back and I’m very fond of these grey squirrels.
7. Eeeek, just when I was enjoying my picnic! I’d best skedaddle. 
john bulgaria gad
8. Everything is out early in Bulgaria.
coati and cub
9. Coati and cub go climbing.
wolf babies
10. Did you hear the one about the three bears? Well, this isn’t it. We don’t much like porridge.
big owl
11. This is like my transport… same as you might have a horse. It saves me from having to fly everywhere, which I heard was bad for the environment.
john calres goats
12. Are you the waiter? What’s on the menu today? (Claire’s goats)
n robbie 2
13. The hills are alive with the sound of music.
14. Oh don’t mind us, we’re just batty, hanging around here.
joh horse
15. Yes, don’t worry, I’ll stay away from the human animals. Lord only knows what they might have.
16. I’m gonna learn to climb like that Minnie.
me and da cat
17. So, who will blink first?
john garden
18. “in a Bulgarian country garden”.
19. Just when you were thinking that there were no beautiful dogs in Munguin’s Republic today, here I am.
20. And us… don’t forget about us.
21. Boring!
vietnam china border
22. Not short of waterfalls on the Vietnam-China border, are they?
top of a punain
23. Nice place to live; beautiful views, but can you imagine the look on the face of the bloke who just delivered your new washing machine?
n phesant
24. Now, where did I leave my… what was it I lost? Pheasants! Not the brightest of birds!
Baby Orangutans Enjoy the Early Years with Mom | Baby Animal Zoo
25. WHAT? Prince Charlie (and not the bonnie one) is coming for a visit.  I’m out of here!

Thanks to John for sharing his village with us.


Only a couple of days ago, Neil did a design for us here at Munguin’s New Republic, and then our very talented Andi did a cartoon version of Munguin at Munguin Towers saying how much he loves our NHS.

So without further ado… here it is.


Once again Munguin and I are much touched (that’s enough, Niko) and we’d like to thank Andi for his gift even if Munguin did have to paint in the “+Munguin” himself.