Baby orangutans traumatized after smuggling attempt - National ...

1. Thank goodness. At last, these pesky bunnies have left and I can get on with my milk.

Mt Hood Oregon

2. Mount Hood, Oregon.


3 Gone fishing?


4. High-rise doggie bed.


5. Dave sent it in. It’s Skye. What is it?


6. I ain’t catching no deadly bug from no dirty human.


7. Primrose. Spring really is here.

n ducklings

8. No social distancing in the Duck world.


9.  Best mates.

Orphaned orangutan Josh to be rehabilitated

10. I’m trying to get a tune out of this to scare rabbits away!


11. Chez Munguin.

POLAR BEAR LOVE: Cute polar bear cubs lovin' up their mamma - YouTube

12. Exhausted by the kids…

16 Fun Facts About Tortoises | Mental Floss

13. You like my house? I’m kinda attached to it.

People Are Just Realising How Long Owls Legs Are And It's Freaking ...

14. Disapproving look from Wol! (Winnie the Pooh)

Girafe Postere și Tablouri | Cumpără online pe ...


15. Let’s get you cleaned up.

Beautiful Stock Photos of Baby Elephants in South Africa

16. Come on. Get a move on…


17.  Share and share-alike.

pecos river new mex

18. Pecos River, New Mexico.

Rare zonkey born after 'wayward zebra' meets 'amorous donkey ...

19. Zonkey?


20. Well, we got through the tour without a single rabbit. 

A Baby Rabbit Is Actually Called A Kitten (And Other Names You ...

Also 20. Yeah, that’s what you Orangutans thought! Hehe. Now I can get on with my carrot!

91 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

      1. Maybe not now, Tris, but I remember when they used to empty the cigarette machines and chain up the weans’ swings for the Sabbath 🙂

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      2. Well, I was born there and I qualify now according to lots of younger folk. Maybe I’m even descended from those that left the footprints…

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          1. Even more precisely than that: James Ussher, the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland between 1625 and 1656, calculated that the biblical creation began around 6pm on October 22, 4004 BC. People took him seriously, believe it or not, and his biblical analysis was regarded as a wonderful piece of scholarship.

            Even now, he is held in high regard by the ‘Young Creationism’ movement who reject scientific evidence for Earth being billions of years old.

            Here’s a Wiki link for anyone keen to know more about one of history’s great misguided nutters.


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            1. So…. if it happened at around tea time on a Tuesday, what was the 6 days all about?

              And if it was all over so quickly, how come only Sunday is a day of rest? I mean it should be a day of rest all the time, apart from 6pm on October 22.


  1. those were lovely apart from 17 which I can’t see. Can anyone else? Anyway bees seem to have found my garden without any help so all is good. Bunnies are awfa cute but let’s have no feuding with the orangs now. I don’t know how they managed to get that cat to sit long enough for a mask!

    Anyway Munguin’s garden is looking good – is the primrose from there?

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                  1. When SS first went up, I quickly scrolled through the pictures, and one was not showing. I don’t recall which. After several hours, I’ve just logged on again and all of them are now showing.

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                    1. Tris……Yes, it appears that the one I didn’t see at first was probably the bees. Seems to be in the right place.

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          1. I know I don’t fit into the anyone else category but 15 is still invisible although 17 has made an appearance.

            I just thought you should know.

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  2. Re the bees,
    I’ve let the dandelions flower as I saw the bees only had them to browse on.
    Lovely to see the fauna awake.
    My little family of spugs are busy nesting in a bush in the garden.

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    1. Yes, bees love dandelions. I think my blackbird (Bertie by name) has little ones, he’s cramming sultanas into his beak and flying away with them… so obviously to feed the family.

      I love spring.

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  3. This MUST be the driest April since records began.
    Here on the west I’ve not seen any rain and it looks likely to continue dry until May.
    Anyone got figures?


      1. Rain is coming for the next couple of weeks.

        Might even be a touch of frost which is a PITA as I just put this years tomatoes out in the hydro setup yesterday. Mistimed things really, they’re starting to set fruit already – that’ll be dropped by next weekend.

        We’ve had 8 months of above average rainfall which more or less stopped around 20 March. 8 months of mud – still not dried out in some spots.

        Dunno whether normal weather will make people more or less miserable about lockdown…..

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          1. Bad bad Tris! Doing non-essential renovations such as internal painting gets you popped by plod down here. Specifically in their guidelines – no internal paint as its non-essential.

            Sadly wallpaper is fine. Presumably since the ex-chancellor and editor of the London Standard has a passing acquaintance with its production?

            Might be fine where you are, we have rain forecast from tomorrow on and off for the week (East Mids).

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            1. You try telling Munguin that painting his bathrooms is non-essential.

              Well, I guess we need rain, and I suppose it will keep some people inside…and isolated.


    1. I agree|Dave, it’s unseasonally firm underfoot. I barely sink more than an inch if I stand still for 10 seconds. That’s pretty much the standard by which I have historically evaluated and risk assessed the dug-walk…normally I’m at the ankle deep in 2 to knee deep in 4 end of the spectrum. Still though, as I discovered only a couple of days ago, if I wander off the accumulated hard-core of the constructions of previous times the soggy delights of a donner in the West Highlands clings to boots, gaiters and the dug much as it always has.
      In my lighter and more cynical moments though I reflect upon the predictions of Gardeners World and Monty Don et al who urged us all to dig in lots of water retaining organic matter and replant with drought tolerant species… really Monty! In the West we’re still fixated on “drainage solutions” and the search for any horticultural peculiar that enjoys low light, acidic soil, humidity and what-ever the opposite of ” well drained” happens to be .

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      1. All the gardening programmes are designed for the south east of England, as indeed are the instructions on seed packets and most gardening books.

        When it say do x,y,z, in April, it means April in Buckinghamshire. not Caithness!


    1. It’s getting a lot of attention at the moment, given that there’s not much else to do. But thank you. I’m gratified to hear that it gives pleasure.


    1. PP……Trumpy is so pissed off at the way the media jumped on his ultraviolet light and disinfectant recommendation on Thursday, he ducked out of the briefing Friday without taking questions and didn’t even hold a briefing at all on Saturday.

      Here is his explanation:

      Trump Tweet: “What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately. They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time & effort!”

      So he may never be back at the podium since people treat him so badly. 🙂

      I posted below an account from The New York Times about how he spends his time these days.

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  4. I just got a wee bit of gardening done. I planted my peas and constructed a cloche with fleece, insect mesh and plastic pipe. This will keep them warm when it inevitably gets a wee bit colder and help germination, but more importantly will keep the fat greedy Cushies off, of which I have many.

    No sooner had I finished gazing proudly at my handiwork thinking beer o’clock had arrived, than a disco started across the road. I could close my eyes and almost imagine I was in Ibiza. When I went a few steps to the top of the garden I found the disco was drowned out by Bowhill Clubs greatest hits of the 90s blasting out tinny like from a few gardens across.

    All sorts of petty revenge scenarios went through my head. No 1 was to get my stereo out and play some Disturbed or Rage Against The Machine at volume 11. (That would do it) No 2 was to finally clean up the cast iron stuff with my angle grinder. (Very noisy) No 3 was cut some logs with my petrol chainsaw. (Teeth grindingly annoying)

    I’ve finally decided that I’m above such petty actions and am instead going to take the dog for a walk. I will no doubt ponder further why people need everybody else to listen to their music at the same time as them, why they can’t wear headphones or just turn it down a bit. Maybe I just won’t give it a thought until the next sunny day when they once again spoil it for everybody else?

    The scary thought is, am I the only one it bothers?

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    1. Nope.

      It doesn’t matter what music it is, or indeed radio of tv programme. It’s crass bad manners to play it loud enough for other people to hear.

      But petty revenge is just that. Petty.

      And revenge is a dish best served cold.

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    2. No you’re not the only one it bothers. It ABSOLUTELY rips my knitting. Get some headphones and gies piece (is that the Scottish spelling?). I’d have gone with angle grinders, that’s a God awful noise!

      ok I’m going to regret this but wtf is a Cushie? Is it a crow? Yes showing my ignorance..

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  5. I like the quiet but lately my pal has been getting his bagpipes out as his neighbour’s son is kicking a ball against the garage door,the noise is continuous.
    There’s a park a few minutes walk but the parents can’t be bothered going.
    Anyway they complained to him about his noise,these englanders.

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    1. Does your piping pal hire himself out Dave? I’d spot him him 50 quid to come up my garden to sort the fcukers out and I’d enjoy it as well.

      I see this as a new business opportunity for outof work Pipers?

      Got arsehole neighbours? Music too loud? Then call:
      Pipe the Fuckers Quiet R us.
      We’ll sort out inconsiderate domestic arsehole problems and allow you to sunbathe in peace.
      Batter them into submission with more decibels than their tinny stereo or your money back guaranteed.

      Ah, I can only dream.

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  6. As many MNR comments indicate, people are making fun of Donald Trump…..what with his ultraviolet light and disinfectant cure for Covid-19 for example.

    By all accounts, it’s pissed him off and sent him into a funk. Last Thursday, reporters for the New York Times published an account of how he spends his time these days:

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      1. Tris…..I thought this Times piece was truly bizarre. His world now seems to be Cable TV and the pandemic briefings, which substitute for the campaign rallies that he can’t hold. But polling indicates that he’s taking a political hit for the gibberish he spouts. So what will he do? He didn’t hold a briefing Saturday. We’ll see if there’s one later today.

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  7. yeah but, you don’t have to drink the bleach neat…you can marinade the KFC chicken in it. ( other brands of chlorinated chicken are available).

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  8. Late to the party, as usual.
    3) That is a huge bear. Female pregnant?
    4) A super triple decker hot dog?
    9) Is just plain cute.
    All helping to maintain sanity.

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    1. I dunno about the bear, Alan. Just found him/her on the net somewhere.

      Love the dogs.

      And yes, 9 was out of this world cute.

      Sanity… well, almost! 🙂


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