I’ve never been a fan of Piers Morgan.

However, on the matter of the Virus crisis, where many other interviewers have sucked up to ministers, failing to pick them up on their inability to answer the simplest of questions with any more than a series of stuttering, stammering platitudes, he seems to have stood out as a shining example of the “hard talk” interviewer. He won’t take crap for an answer.

I take my hat off to him for that…



For those who may have missed it, way down in the comments in the last article, Panda Paws sources a government paper which confirms what we were told yesterday. She links it there but for some reason, I can’t get the link to work in the body of the text.




A nice tribute to our First Minister from Brian May.


Stay safe, everyone… And that’s an order from Munguin.

8 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. If handled correctly I would see this as the end of the UK. The most vulnerable anywhere are older citizens. Treating them – and I have to include myself in that cohort – adversely, is not the policy of a sane government. How many will move from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ on the back of this? If your government gives up on you what hope are you left with?

    Those that trusted the UK have little left to hold on to. And your middle-aged children will never forget that you were treated unjustly.

    Least, that’s what I think.

    Hell mend Westminster!

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  2. I’ve repeated a bit of my comment in the other thread.

    Section 1.38 of the English Dept of Health and Social Care’s guidance states

    “We have made arrangements with seven wholesalers to supply PPE to the social care sector. Careshop, Blueleaf, Delivernet, Countrywide Healthcare, Nexon Group, Wightman and Parrish and Gompels will all provide supplies to care providers registered with the Care Quality Commission”

    guess what the Care Quality Commission is the independent Regulator of Health and Social Care in ENGLAND. So if you aren’t regulated by them…

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