The Baby Orangutans In Borneo Get A New Home! | The Great Projects
1. Is this it then? One leaf? Healthy diet? Huh!
john treecart
2. So, now, I’ve got to the top, erm, how do I get back down? The tribulations of a Bulgarian cat!
3. The beauty of the Faeroe Islands.
john stork
4. I can listen in to their telephone calls from here., says a member of the Bulgarian Secret Service, heavily disguised as a stork.
Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012
5. Mercury Venus and Mars, aligning (with the pyramids) for the first time in 2737 years, on December 3 2012.
pine marten
6. I’m back and I’m very fond of these grey squirrels.
7. Eeeek, just when I was enjoying my picnic! I’d best skedaddle.ย 
john bulgaria gad
8. Everything is out early in Bulgaria.
coati and cub
9. Coati and cub go climbing.
wolf babies
10. Did you hear the one about the three bears? Well, this isn’t it. We don’t much like porridge.
big owl
11. This is like my transport… same as you might have a horse. It saves me from having to fly everywhere, which I heard was bad for the environment.
john calres goats
12. Are you the waiter? What’s on the menu today? (Claire’s goats)
n robbie 2
13. The hills are alive with the sound of music.
14. Oh don’t mind us, we’re just batty, hanging around here.
joh horse
15. Yes, don’t worry, I’ll stay away from the human animals. Lord only knows what they might have.
16. I’m gonna learn to climb like that Minnie.
me and da cat
17. So, who will blink first?
john garden
18. “in a Bulgarian country garden”.
19. Just when you were thinking that there were no beautiful dogs in Munguin’s Republic today, here I am.
20. And us… don’t forget about us.
21. Boring!
vietnam china border
22. Not short of waterfalls on the Vietnam-China border, are they?
top of a punain
23. Nice place to live; beautiful views, but can you imagine the look on the face of the bloke who just delivered your new washing machine?
n phesant
24. Now, where did I leave my… what was it I lost? Pheasants! Not the brightest of birds!
Baby Orangutans Enjoy the Early Years with Mom | Baby Animal Zoo
25. WHAT? Prince Charlie (and not the bonnie one) is coming for a visit.ย  I’m out of here!

Thanks to John for sharing his village with us.

49 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. well yesterday chez moi it was raining cats and dogs and lo and behold, MNR is reigning (!) cats and dogs. Lovely selection. And Bulgaria looks lovely. The pine marten was soooo cute too. Not sure about the bats though – they should keep their viruses to themselves. Why are bats so full of viruses? Maybe it’s all that hanging upside down… Stay well everyone and their loved ones.

    Topped and tailed by many people’s favourites, no 25 either he’s been told Chuck is visiting or that no 1 finished all the leaves…

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    1. Minnie up a tree might have been raining down on us, had it not been that that cat is pretty sure pawed.

      I didn’t know that bats were full of viruses. It’s kind of an inappropriate time to be having virus pics, but they looked so cute.

      I assumed 25 was horrified that Charlie was coming, but it could be, as you suggest, the fact that No 1 ate the last leaf!


    2. One of the houses we lived in on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam had no ceilings, just the underneath of the roof. We also had a colony of bats living in the roof. In the evenings some of them would fly around inside the house! We got quite used to it and my husband became a dab hand at throwing a towel over them and putting them outside.
      By law we were not allowed to remove them as they were protected. We moved house eventually (rented so easily done) .

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  2. While I always look at your lovely photos tris, I don’t usually comment, just enjoy the pictures. But yesterday one of our much loved dogs passed away very suddenly, and my wife and I are in bits. So thank you once again, especially for No, 20.

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    1. At the bottom of my garden, where all of them liked to crouch and wait for whatever interloper should dare to enter their territory, lie:
      “Thunder”. The ironically named Jack Russell with the heart of a lion.
      “Bessie”. Jack Russell cross that loved babies and small children. To protect and coddle, not to eat.
      “Gizmo”. Ma dug. Hunt terrier or insanely huge Parson Russell, father of my present dugs Scruffy and Sweetie.
      “Wee white yin”. The stillborn puppy of Bessie. Strangely the only one I cried over as I buried him or her.

      Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware
      Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

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    2. I’m really sorry to hear that, Alex. I know how a dog is as much a part of a family as another human, so I understand how you feel (having been there).

      I’m glad No 20 helped if only a little.

      Please pass on our condolences to Mrs Beveridge.


  3. That house made me think of someone trying to deliver but you were out how would they react. Also reminded me of the Laurel & Hardy Film, “The Music Box”

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    1. Marcia, I wonder how they ever found those steps to make the film. I love Laurel and Hardy. A picture from Stan’s teenage music hall beginnings in Glasgow.

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  4. Entirely agree about pheasants being stupid.
    Once when on a walk from Cromarty up the South Sutor I disturbed a pheasant. It flew up squawking wildly, crashed into a fence, fell back and then flew off successfully still squalking.
    If the stupid bird had just sayed hidden in the long grass, I would have never known it was there.

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    1. LOL. I love when you are driving along a country road and they run along in front of you zig zagging all over the place.

      Sometimes they run up to a wall or a fence and struggle to find a way through it. It takes them a while to remember that they are birds, with wings, and that they can fly over the top.

      Cute but dim.

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      1. I’ve got a couple of them in the garden. They hang aboot under the bird feeder waiting on seeds and nuts being chucked down by the wee brown jobs who seem to take pity on them ( if I’m not being too anthropomorphic).

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    2. Not just stupid but annoying. In Glen Esk they seem to breed them for the shooting fraternity. Their calls are a constant background noise and you can’t walk for more than a few minutes without one jumping up squawking.

      They also seem to breed Red legged partridge which is a lovely bird. But they also appear oblivious to the danger on the road.


          1. Bamber Gascoigne, he of University Challenge fame, wrote a wee book, just 61pp, “Ticker Khan – A fable”, back in 1974. It’s about the eponymous hero,” the pheasant who walked with man.” Quite amusing


  5. Delightful pics, Tris. I love the young pine marten – cute but fierce. My favourite, though, has to be the robin. I’ve got two that are regular visitors to my back wilderness. The fact that they tolerate each other probably means they’re a pair. I love to hear a robin sing at any time but in these days of lockdown – and its accompanying quietness – the robin’s song is a wee blessing. As is all birdsong, even the cawing of the crows and rooks.

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    1. They are wonderful birds, fierce though, but the quiet, as you say, means that we can enjoy them so much more. Love when I’m gardening and one of them waits till I get up to fetch something and is right down to catch the bugs I’ve dug up.


  6. Nice collection of critters and landscapes! What’s not to love about a cat in a tree before the firemen arrive? And storks do construct seriously awesome nests, if this one is typical.

    Now, as to astronomy and picture No. 5 :

    No one will be surprised that the conjunction of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn as seen above the Pyramids on December 3, 2012, has been gussied up by Photoshop. The planets appear too big and bright, but more to the point, as they would have appeared above the Giza Plateau at the conjunction in 2012, they are….well….WRONG!

    Looking in this direction , they would not be seen at all. They would in fact be BEHIND the photographer. So to get a perspective showing the conjunction above the Pyramids, you would have to walk entirely around the Pyramids to the opposite side, and you would see the lights of Giza and Cairo in the distance.

    Then there’s fact that the planets actually appeared in a line that is more nearly vertical than horizontal to the horizon, and they would not appear in quite so straight a line. So you could walk around to the other side and pick your position such that any ONE of them would be located precisely above any ONE Pyramid, but all three of them could not be above all three Pyramids.

    Then there’s the fact that at no time does Mercury ever appear at an angular distance to the sun greater than 28 degrees of arc. That’s why most of the time Mercury is lost in the glare of the sun during daylight, and is only seen at certain times low in the east just before sunrise or low in the west just after sundown. In this picture, the one lowest in the sky is surely Mercury, but it looks at least 28 degrees or more above the horizon, and there isn’t even the slightest glow of impending sunrise from below the horizon. So the picture shows Mercury more than 28 degrees of arc from the sun.

    This article explains the astronomical facts in greater detail, and simulates the way it would actually have looked in 2012 by reversing the photograph horizontally, and positioning the planets using star-charting software. It also adds the glow of impending sunrise. In the simulation, the Pyramids and planets are correctly positioned relative to each other, but it IS only a simulation. An actual photograph would be taken from the other side of the Pyramids, and the lights of Metropolitan Cairo would appear in the distance.

    (If the picture does not appear, one or the other jpg links may be clickable. The picture is also shown in the article.)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Tris……I thought that the guy did a good job of explaining it in his article and creating the more or less correct simulation. Planetary conjunctions happen frequently but are always impressive to see. A very similar one also happened in 2007, just five years earlier than the picture. Add a few Pyramids and you’ve got something!……LOL.

        The gussied up picture got a lot of play on the internet. It even made the Snopes fact-checking website.

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          1. Tris…..Snopes is a great fact-checking website. Whenever I read something that seems really strange…but I figure that you never know……..I just type a few search words into Snopes, and as often as not, it’s an internet rumor. Sometimes it’s one that’s been flying around the internet for years.

            As for camels, it’s hard to tell what they’re thinking. I think they have an image problem. Even humble camels tend to look snooty. It’s just a camel thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          2. A I U I. Camels look down their noses at EVERYONE.
            Reason being; Camels know the secret name of Allah.
            And of course are not telling.
            Or so I have read somewhere or other.

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    1. Excellent, Danny. I was very taken by the shot but not convinced of it’s
      authenticity. If it looks too good to be true,it probably isn’t, and your explanation makes that very clear – as well as being a great astronomy lesson. Yet another MNR schoolday…


      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks John. What I learned from the picture of the lighted pyramids and a bit of Googling is that there is a sound and light show presented on the Giza Plateau. Apparently it’s pretty well known, but not to me. I think I read that it’s shown in one of the Indiana Jones movies (that I guess I didn’t see.) Anyway, always something to learn on MNR.

        The narration is in English, although it seems a little cheesy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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