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  1. Yes, applaud the high vis man.
    I read some of tbe comments, I was amazed that there was criticism and anger towards the guy who carried out the good deed. I wonder if it was because he made seem so easy to do, it pricked the critics conscience, made them feel less good about themselves, guilty.

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          1. I can’t imagine what life would be like under her. Oh wait. There’s not much between her and Cummings, except that even she realises that Frexit is a really stupid sales pitch to the French.

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            1. Just one of the troubles with me is that I develop good impressions of a nation, from meeting a handful of inhabitants, and so it is with the French. I have also been labelled as a romantic (sometimes hopelessly so). It is this that gives me optimism (in the face of reality?) with the French, that they will recognise political opertunity and manipulation. Then I might not appreciate the level of discontent and dissent.
              A plus of Covid 19, Bannon will be stopped from shit stirring in France, Italy and elsewhere.

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              1. I lived in France. I found the folk there friendly and kind, very much so at the beginning when I struggled with stuff. It was one of the happiest ties of my life.

                Jaques Chirac was the president at the time.

                Sarkozy was a total nightmare and France became, I think, a less happy place.

                BLPanda, who lives there, may have a more up to date opinion…?

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  2. Breaking news.
    The ex leader of the tory party in Scotland has been called back to active duty with the TA, just remembered she’s an officer in the organisation.
    No excuses now about the bad back, even Douglas Bader, man with no legs, did his duty.
    The reservists are being called up, all 3000 of them.
    The article in the Asia Times was a sinister read.
    Meantime in Atlanta Georgia, USA, a flying school is still running as an essential service, trump’s not taking this seriously.

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      1. Last week,I heard the military practising their shooting on a range a few miles away.
        Last time I heard that was in 2014.
        Coincidence possibly.

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      1. Oh lord.

        What a thought. It’s bad enough being ill without being treated by an disgraced oaf life him.

        I actually don’t know, but I am doubting that he will have kept up his licence to practise. I would think he would have to go for an extensive retraining to be allowed to participate. We don’t use leeches any more!

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  3. Very well done to the high-viz man. And the article from the Asia Times makes you wonder what exactly is being hidden from us. People dying unnecessarily around the world, while, at Westminster, we have probably the most cruel, vindictive, incompetent Government in the history of the U.K, making one mistake after another, resulting in even more deaths.
    And tell me, did Charlie boy, after coming to Scotland to put even more pressure on the S.N.H.S, probably knowing he already was infected, return to England? Lets hope he stays there with the rest of his breed.

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    1. The trouble is that a largely either incompetent or compliant press won’t hold these people to account.

      Where are the hard hitting interviews with the likes of Gove and Hancock who appear to either be incredibly stupid, or out and out liars.

      I note though, with some satisfaction, that the Mail and the Telegraph roday both headline the incompetence of the UK government over the ventilators and tests.


      1. A compliant press.
        Why you can trust Sky News

        A “concerning” rise in car journeys has sparked fresh warnings for people to stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

        Dr Yvonne Doyle, medical director of Public Health England, revealed motor vehicle usage in Britain has jumped to around a third of usual levels.

        Despite a gradual drop off to 27% on Sunday, the number leaped by 10% to 37% the following day.

        This is pure rubbish, from Sky.
        Could it be that people who bought stuff are running out and the pictures of people moving to get tested in their car message suggests that’s the safe way.
        Now the Chancellor is going to rework the SME grant/Loan scheme, it was only announced last week. Don’t Panic from Jones of Dad’s Army sounds right.
        Trump to send home people stuck on a cruise ship from Florida.
        Anyone want a cheap cruise, the aircraft are going out empty and a good deal for the fortnight is offered.
        Testing 2000 a day of the ENHS staff means that it will be 3 months to get back to the start.
        Eighteen years to get the population tested.

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        1. Oh… 18 years of self isolation.

          So a baby born now will self isolate till s/he goes to uni?

          Yes, I heard that the BIG plans of the chancellor are in fact, not working and businesses can’t get the money.

          In fairness, though, I’d say that it is a mammoth task.


          1. Agree Tris, a mammoth task.
            Not helped by misinformation in the press.
            My view is we need to test IF you have had it and your immune ssytem has it covered, hence IT MAY be likely you’re immune.
            A test for the NHS carers who are in contact must be done repeatedly as they are at risk.
            Testing 2000 a day of 250,000 isn’t a great plan, that will take a THIRD of a YEAR to get them done.
            I’m sticking with the idea they’re still stuck in the ‘Herd Immunity’ hypothesis, not a theory at all.

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            1. Yes. It’s a bit like No-Deal Brexit. It’s what Cummings wants but someone has been able to point out to him that it’s not politic to say it outloud to the plebs.

              Let’s leave with no deal and blame it on Europe.

              Let’s let the old and the infirm (economically dependent) die but pretend that we just can’t get the kit… or we wold try to save everyone.


          1. It lets me off the hook. Mrs Conan mentioned to a friend of hers that we were going a cruise this year (it didn’t happen because of… stuff before Christmas) and she “expressed an interest”. Now, she’s a friend and all that but three weeks on a boat with nowhere to run? As our unbeloved leader would say, “Crikey”.

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            1. I’ve never understood the supposed fun of cruising. Stuck on a ship for 2 weeks with nowhere to escape the annoying cruisers unless, I suppose, you can afford a first class cabin with balcony, etc.

              Three or four days of guided tours, but the rest of the time, deck games and bingo, then dressing for dinner… yuk.

              That said, I nearly did book a cruise a couple of years ago, visiting the Faroes, three ports in Iceland and 3 in Greenland.

              But that was educational.

              However, the cost of anything other than a cabin next to the engine room was so great that even Munguin felt it was too much money to waste on the likes of me… so that was that.

              I had an afternoon in Carnoustie instead and half an ice cream cone.


  4. Sorry to change the subject but I am becoming more and more convinced that we,at some stage,are going to have to restrict those who can enter Scotland from outside.
    Only people who are tested as being virus free will be allowed to enter.
    England has a VERY long road to travel before they will be able to take the lid off movement but if people think that Scotland is a “safe” place to go,they will try to do so.
    The experience of other countries is that once they have the infection under control,it reappears due to being imported from outside.
    It appears,so far,that we are not one nation/country on the same trajectory and so differentiated approaches are going to have to be implemented across the British Isles.
    The Scottish government,in my opinion,should have been doing this from day one but perhaps they weren’t allowed to by Westminster.

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    1. Yes, in some other multi state states there are border controls to try to contain the virus.

      Quokka was saying that it has started in Australia, and there are some sort of controls on passing from state to state in Malaysia.

      Time that there was some sort of control here so we limit the number of people leaving heavily built up areas with poor heath services for the safer areas.


    2. I don’t believe they had the powers to put up a border, Bringiton. Probably still don’t but I agree with you it should be done, indeed could be done especially for the reasons of virus control. Westminster would look churlish and petty to intervene.

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  5. What a lovely gesture from hi viz man – a public service. Another public service is to make sure you ash your hands properly. And here is a video showing you how it’s done…

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