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I’m a bit proud of this. Neil designed it for Munguin. When I get my IT man back, we will work out how to incorporate it into the blog. In the meantime… Thanks, Neil.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are going on their first major ...

Presumably, in an effort to reingratiate themselves with the public after the disastrous publicity surrounding Andrew, Harry and now virus man, Charles, *Prince William is apparently saying (in private) that he wants to return to the front line as a helicopter pilot to help out with the virus crisis. (*forewarning: link to Sun story)

Unfortunately, says the Sun, he is one of the only senior royals working (working?) at the moment (although he is self-isolating in Norfolk), so his time would be limited. I seem to recall that it was limited before when there was a load of them “working”. He was more often than not unavailable.

Of course, it wouldn’t do any harm for some of the rest of them, who have sponged off the state all their lives, to be doing something now, not, I suppose that there is a lot of stuff to open.


Prince Charles of Wales Should Renounce the Crown | The New Republic

In other royal news, I understand that Charlie boy is better. A remarkably short time after he was diagnosed. Odd that.

Maybe the virus doesn’t get on too well with blue blood, or, of course, there was nothing wrong with him and this was all an ill-thought-through ruse to get some sympathy for the poor old queen (his mother, I mean) which went horribly wrong.


Duh…does he ever think?

Donald Trump explains his distinctive orange hue: it's the light ...

Trump just asked a journalist if she knew the population of Seoul?


Well I know more than anybody about South Korea, Seoul has a population of 38 million”

Seoul actually has a population of less than 10 million.

(Keith R, Twitter)

He knows more than anybody, eh?


NHS England promotes IT in 'to do' list | Digital Health

NHS England has warned doctors, nurses & other staff will be subject to disciplinary action if they raise with media health and safety concerns relating to workplace conditions or patient care, such as a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Quite apart from the obvious implications, has it not occurred to NHS England that this is probably not the best time to be sacking highly-skilled, trained medical staff?

I wonder who gave the OK for that!

Who’s the English health secretary? Oh yeah. All makes sense now.


Referee and Tory MP Douglas Ross will not officiate at World Cup ...

Douglas Ross is whining about the construction industry being shut down in Scotland for all but absolutely essential building (ie NHS).

I wonder how many big construction companies are regular donors to the Conservative party.

“I am acutely aware of the damage this crisis is doing to the economy. But that can be fixed, what we can’t do is bring people back to life”

– The First Minister of Scotland


In the Netherlands. Seems the perfect place to self-isolate.


66 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Has the image of D Trump been photo shopped, to make him appear more orange? Sheesh, that is a scarey image, disturbing, the more so when you know the position held and character behind it.
    Kate (Cambridge?) in a supposed off the cuff image, “Little people, while you’re down there bowing and genuflecting check out this rock on my finger”

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              1. I remember, years ago, a medic was viewing Chic our very own stow away and he commented on his complexion but was more interested in his fingers (Chic’s). “Mmm” said the medic “blood pressure and water retension.” I couldn’t help but cast a look at my own agricultural digits whilst wondering, “is this water retension thing and royals anything to do with excessively long periods on display, a long way from a potty?” Couldn’t say to anyone for a long time “You’re full of piss” without a quick look at their fingers, in case it was factually accurate.
                Life can present itself as a continuing mystery…

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                1. Aye, well… it seems that liquid is his problem. That’s a boozers face if ever I saw one. And to be honest he looks more like he’s 81 than 71.

                  I’ve never noticed his finger, but I’m happy to go along with aforementioned medic.

                  Maybe his old ma will outlive him.

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        1. I would have thought that a president would own tailor made white tie attire. This had the look of a hurried visit to a rental place. I’m surprised that the Queen didn’t just cancel the state dinner on the basis of inadequate tailoring. 😉

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          1. One of my brothers and I were discussing Trump and his dress, attitude etc. and he reckons that he’s such a bawheid, wont listen that his staffers probably react;
            Potus “How do I look?”
            Ans “Looking sharp Mr President, looking sharp”
            After speech, briefings,
            “How did that go?”
            “You had them rocking in the isles Mr President”
            “It’ll be a long time before they foget that delivery Sir”
            “Should I mention anything in particular?”
            “Och no Mr President. Play to one of your strengths, you wing it Sir, way to go.”

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          2. Trump has now reached the creative humour level.
            I told my brother this one. Danny can say if it is true or not.
            Trump and Pence were just discussing, chewing the fat and as usual Nancy Pelosi comes up in conversation.
            Trump, “You know she has two assholes”
            Pence, “How would I know, I’m totally god fearing man”
            then added “how would you know she has two assholes”
            Trump, “Rember that big occasion, lots of people were there and a few us took a walk out into the Rose Garden. There was me, you and Pelosi was walking between us. You must remember, well I heard the press photographer say it.”
            “Look here comes Nancy Pelosi with the two assholes”

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  2. Umm ! 🧐 tris seems to me you have Royalty dérangement syndrome wherebye your loathing of all things Royal 👑
    Distords your mind and leads
    You to say such snarky and nasty comments .

    Iffen you keep up your tirades
    And influence the feebleminded
    (Conan for example ) our royals
    May decide to Chuck it all in and decamp to LA .

    Is that what you would really like to happen one hopes not .

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    1. Ahhhh, Niko. You have me bang to rights there, old fellow.

      As you have unmasked me, sir, I can no longer deny that I harbour a slight distaste for all things royal.

      I would respectfully suggest that for an aged couple of couples, the climate in LA or perhaps Florida would be more appropriate for their aged bones… So maybe Liz, Phil, Chic and Mrs Parker-Bowles might consider moving there full time.

      As Mr Trump is such a friend of the Queen (or so he tells us), I’m sure he would let her use one of this golf complexes and she could see out the rest of her days free of the drizzle and cold of the London weather.


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      1. I can no longer deny that I harbour a slight distaste for all things royal.”

        I kinda got that from the Republic part of the blog’s name personally. Was it meant to be a secret? 🙂

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          1. I’m beginning to detect a pattern here, Niko, sounds quite sensible (for him) for a while, then descends again into the Niko we all know and, um, love. It’s as if he forgets his medication or something…

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  3. From memory I think that next king billy’s helicopter licence will not be active.
    A course of training and a skills test would be required to re-activate it.
    Of course some-one with blue blood wouldn’t have any trouble passing the necessary tests.
    His father, chick III in waiting, managed to run one of his mum’s aircraft OFF the end of the runway on Islay some years ago, the co-pilot got the blame.
    To re-validate you have to fly with an instructor/examiner and record the fact with the CAA.
    The licence is also conditional on passing a medical examination with an AME.
    So maybe it’s just a we bit of false news.

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    1. I’m sure that it was put about in an effort to untarnish the somewhat tarnished royal image.

      It will shortly be explained that the retraining would take too long and have otherwise busy trained pilots taken from their jobs. The prince will proclaim to be distraught but will understand that priority must be given to real work.

      He will then go back to whatever it is that he does.

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    2. “His father, chick III in waiting, managed to run one of his mum’s aircraft OFF the end of the runway on Islay some years ago, the co-pilot got the blame.”

      one of MNR’s other readers said Chuck made a pig’s ear of docking a ship in Rothesay. Do you think he’s mibbee incompetent?

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      1. Chuck was given command of a mine sweeper in the Clyde as far as i remember.
        First time an Admiral was captain of a plastic boat in recorded history of the queen’s navy.
        Chick III in waiting will be lucky IF he gets to wear the crown as his mum is doing as queen victoria did to eddy VII, a short reign.
        Never met chick but I suppose he’ll get the coronation in the abbey, competent or not.
        He has spent some of our money in Ayrshire doing up a wee home and garden.

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        1. PRINCE Charles left the Royal Navy shortly after making a mistake while in charge of a coastal minehunter – and his shipmates saw him off by draping a toilet seat around his neck, a documentary has revealed.

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          1. Prince Charles crashed Queen’s Flight jet in £1m smash that made heir to the throne give up flying as pilot.
            Prince Charles crashed a Queen’s Flight jet aircraft in a crash that caused £1million worth of damage and saw him give up flying.
            Disaster struck in June 1994 when the Prince of Wales took over the controls of a British Aerospace 146 aircraft coming into land at Islay in the Inner Hebrides.
            Three tyres burst as the £10million ‘Whisper Jet’ came into land in 33mph winds and it overshot the runway – damaging the nose cone, landing gear and weather radar.
            The British Aerospace 146 aircraft crashed after overshooting the runway at Islay in the Inner Hebrides on June 29, 1994 while it was being landed by Prince Charles
            Responsibility for the accident on board the plane carrying 11 people from Aberdeen was placed squarely on the plane’s captain even though Charles was at the controls. 
            RAF squadron leader Graham Laurie was severely criticised in a Ministry of Defence report which claimed he should have grabbed the controls from the Prince.

            From the media report

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  4. I wonder where that guy in the Netherlands gets his house insurance. Some folk in houses built on flood plains might be interested. Or folk in Ballater. Come to think of it, Balmoral is close to the river. Who is by appointment to her majesty as purveyor of hoose insurance? Ah, of course, Royal Insurance.

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    1. Queenie would be like Cnut, that king that thought he could turn back the tide.

      She’d be there in her waders saying “Get beck, I commend you. I say Pheeleep, thet water isn’t doing what one tells it. Orf with its head.”

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  5. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
    Applies to both “leaders” of the Anglo American axis.
    Mind you,at least our “leader” knows when to go into hiding.

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  6. I’m a latecomer to the Republic today and was immediately taken by Neil’s design below the intro banner. With more than 30 comments so far, I thought someone would have mentioned it by now. So, latecomer in one respect but first again in another…

    Well done, Neil. Lovely work and I look forward to seeing it incorporated as a fixture. You have captured the sentiments of so many (if not all) of us so well. A poster as well, maybe, or car window sticker?

    As for Chuck III and flying exploits, he’s been long referred to in Private Eye as ‘Brian’, so much so that I always think of him with that handle. His mother is always Brenda. Why? Just checked Wiki which tells us…

    “This is a result of the 1969 BBC documentary Royal Family, after which the magazine gave each member of the Royal Family working class nicknames, as though they were characters in a soap opera. The Duke of Edinburgh is “Keith”, Princess Margaret was “Yvonne” and Diana, Princess of Wales was dubbed “Cheryl”.

    All very democratic, I think. Must come to the defence of Cnut, though, if not to his anagramatic successor (maybe). Cnut was a wise and benevolent ruler and did not attempt to turn back the tide as he is so often maligned. He was demonstrating to fawning courtiers that he was a mere mortal with only earthly powers. If they took him to the seaside and he commanded the tide to turn, would it obey?

    No, of course not, as he happily demonstrated, Now be off with you! And stop expecting me to do things that are beyond me – king or not. Give Cnut a break. He was a decent bloke. Could you say that of any of the current mob (including the blokesses)?


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    1. Oh… I genuinely didn;t know that about Cnut. It was the opposite way as it was told to me at school. (We couldn’t afford Morrisons Academy.)

      But I’m delighted to have that put right.

      He’s now become a wee bit of a hero.

      I love that Private Eye gave them working class names. And that it stuck. My mate never called the queen anything but Brenda. Mind his name is Keith!!!

      Have to agree about Neil’s contribution. Munguin was fair chuffed out of his box. He’s wanting the Lord Lyon to register it. It’s as well Joe Morrow’s a personal friend.

      Munguin, huh? You can’t keep him down!


    2. Yes Neil’s banner will have to be included in the Blog.
      I agree totally with the text, Yes yes yes until my death.
      Sorry that’s a bit over the top BUTT once you’ve seen the light there’s no way back to onionism.
      I’ve just listened to the the business secretary on the daily untruth.
      He’s got the imagination of a gnat’s ball, back to the old style economy after this has passed, WHAT.
      The journalists asking rambling questions just let the panel avoid any answer.
      If you do the arithmetic, 10,000 tests a day means it will take 18 YEARS to test the population.
      The doris said 2 weeks ago that we would be at 250,000 tests a day by now, question avoided.
      Then they show the graphs of the various nations performance of total numbers, the shapes are the same trends misplaced by the date.
      Do the journalists not realise that they’re looking at a Natural Logarithmic Growth, e raised to the power x.
      Well done Neil I look forward to the banner appearing on the heading.

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      1. I think you only have to look at Germany where they have tested, tested and tested. They have had many more cases than the UK, and far far far fewer deaths.

        Of course, they have to have 10 years of austerity and cuts to everything. And they haven’t scared away thousands of doctors and nurses by leaving the EU and telling these doctors that just as soon as they trained up enough good decent hardworking English doctors, they would be replaced. Jeremy Hunt! Idiot.


    3. On the subject of Neil’s design, I was thinking you could use the top part for a t-shirt as well (I like t-shirts with things on). Nice work.

      Of course in Dundee, it would have to be Eh till Eh Deh (as in Oot at fehv for a peh).

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      1. oh that’s a good idea or a mug, maybe.

        A few years ago I was working with a French guy, and he was fascinated by the Dundee accent.

        I taught him to say:

        “Ehl tak a plen peh an’ an ingin ane an a’ an’ ehl tak a tele an a.”

        Ett was fan to ‘ear ’em try to get ‘ees mouse around zat.

        Mind you he got me back by making me recite ever faster the famous old tongue twister…

        Les chaussettes de l’archiduchesse, sont-elles sèches ou archi sèches.


  7. “ Queenie would be like Cnut, that king that thought he could turn back the tide.”

    Poor King Cnut he is forever traduced. When he “commanded“ the tide to turn back i believe he was demonstrating to his companions/courtiers that a king’s power was limited. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve just discovered that, rakali. I’m busy apologizing to Cnut.

      Munguin offered to invite him round for tea, but I pointed out that he was a tad too late for that.

      You Majesty, I humbly apologise.



    1. He he he … YOu were just rubbing in my ignorance… and quite rightly too.

      Seriousl I had no idea, but I do now.

      So,as the famous saying goes… every day’s a school day chez Munguin.


  8. trispw

    I would say must people, to the extent they’ve heard of him, think he is an example of arrogance when he was, if anything demonstrating a certain humility. The “injustice” of it rankles. 🙂

    His rule of Denmark, Norway and England gives rise to an interesting “what if” of history as an alternative to the Norman conquest.

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  9. Rakali: Indeed we are in Munguin Towers.

    I haven’t a clue what I was referring to when I said that (and no, I hadn’t been drinking).

    Rest assured the Republic is no friend to the Windsors. 🙂


  10. I’m sad that Scotland want to leave the UK but if I were Scottish I’d want the same thing now. Run for your lives away from the London lunatics running this shit show.

    Your Trump photo disturbs me on so many levels but I’m also disturbed that anyone is still asking his opinion about anything, ever, at all. The gigantic fascist orange scrotum.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Owen.

      We aren’t represented, and haven’t been for years.

      We’re a different kind of country … we haven’t voted a Tory majority since the 1950s. We elected largely centre left politicians to have them outnumbered by right wingers in England. We have 59 seats in the 650 seat parliament. Even if all our politicians vote for something we are ignored.

      And we voted to stay in the EU by a sizeable majority, to be taken out by a small majority in England.

      We like… or most of us do, England. But we don’t want to be a part of it and its right wing agenda.

      The thing about Trump is that, whether we like it or not, he has a massive following in America; one which is pulling even the reasonable Republicans to the right.

      Those who voted for his impeachment have received death threats… as, I believe has Mike Pence for daring to refuse to deny the election for Biden.

      I don’t think we have heard the last of Trump and his shit show.

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