52 thoughts on “Just for a laugh”

  1. And an enjoyable start to the day here. We need all the laughs we can get. AndiMac continues to amaze and delight with his versatility. Puns, poems, drawings, carvings, cartoons… we are fortunate to have such a talented contributor. And he’s not alone. The diverse skills, knowledge and experience of collective Munguinites is on show every day. One of the things that makes MNR so special and keeps us coming back.

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    1. You’re certainly an amazing lot with such a diverse range of knowledge. Munguin would never say it out loud but I know he is very proud of you!


    2. John, you are far too kind. I’m a bit of a dabbler but I enjoy it and it’s a way to keep myself occupied during lock-down. The alternative would be to tackle some of the jobs Mrs AndiMac has lined up for me πŸ™‚ I heartily agree with you, though, on the talents, etc., of the collective Munguinites. Long live the Republic of Munguin!


  2. brilliant stuff though Grease will never be the same again, I fear. Loved the cat meme – so true. And I echo the previous commenters, Andimac is seriously talented but have you registered that copyright???

    Buttcoin – snigger. At least we know what to say the next time a yoon whines “what currency an independent Scotland would have?” The hardest of all mate – loo rolls, scarcer than gold.

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    1. sorry this virus seems to have the side effect that you can’t type properly and end up in moderation, causing Tris more work 😦

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  3. The acolytes of Reaganomics,aka voodoo economics,will be hoping desperately that this crisis will end soon.
    Musn’t allow people to start thinking that there is something called society and maybe the free for all,every man/woman for themselves philosophy is a load of s*** and only “works” in the good times.
    Isolation makes the heart grow fonder for human community and only communal action will see us safely out of this.
    Loved the video clip.
    Thank you.

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    1. Aye, bringiton.

      Tories: There’s no such thing as society.

      Also Tories: We must all pull together as a society to get through this crisis… and the next one which will happen in January.


    1. Donald J. Trump
      I am a great friend and admirer of the Queen & the United Kingdom. It was reported that Harry and Meghan, who left the Kingdom, would reside permanently in Canada. Now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!
      8:00 PM Β· Mar 29, 2020Β·Twitter for iPhone

      A few points.

      1. Trump is, whatever he might like to think, not a friend of the queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srPrrVqIm2M&feature=emb_logo

      2. I’m not sure that anyone has asked Trump to pay for security. In Canada, up till now, Harry and Meghan were members of the Canadian royal family.

      3. Now that they have left the royal family, why would ANYONE, except Harry and Meghan, pay for security for Harry and Meghan?

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  4. Tris, Just wondered if you had any thoughts on promoting this idea???

    Just wondered? As the big banks appear to be ready to squeeze all they can by upping the loan rates and offering the loans way above the government advertised rates.
    Shouldn’t all the small businesses just apply to our already nationalised BANK!

    RBofS / NATWEST. Thus telling all the other greedy profiteering banking bas***ds to take a hike!!
    Don’t know if it worth a piece by you.

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  5. I like the dog. And Andimac’s Prince of Charles badge. Clever and nicely done!

    And I looked up Rothesay. I wonder if the Duke has ever been there.
    It has a nice old castle. Looks like there may be apartments there. There are some modern glass windows intact.


        1. Once lockdown is over, I’m going (if I’m spared!). Lots of the NTS places I’ve not yet been to and it does look lovely, grounds pretty too.

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            1. oh thanks Danny, much better. Sorry if I worried you. “If I’m spared” is one of those Scottish fatalisms whereby some grannies/aunties/older friends of the family didn’t want you to take too much for granted. So they ended every comment about the future with “if I’m spared”. My pretend auntie (family friend) always said it.

              And there is an element of well, there is a pandemic on the go so better not assume that the future is guaranteed. Sort of tempting fate that would be (PP are you Yoda?)

              I realise being American your Commander in Chief has assured everyone it will be over by Easter so what’s the big deal. Seriously that guy needs to go

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              1. PP…….LOL…..An old saying that takes on some added meaning during a pandemic! Always good to check on each other. I was talking to someone who said that the slightest routine sniffle or cough worries him now.

                I see that his orangeness has given up on the Easter schedule. I think that he’s closer to going now than he was before he botched the pandemic response. Election day is still coming in November. πŸ™‚

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                1. I was talking to a mate on the phone and I coughed, and he got all in a state… How long have you had that cough? Have you got a fever?

                  Incidentally, I was talking to another friend who is a doctor at Ninewells (our local hospital). He says all the staff that need masks and protective gear have got them. He seems confident enough, and he has to work there.

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                    1. My pal has no political affiliation here. He’s from NI. So, I suspect that he’s not exaggerating for political reasons. I was simply concerned for his safety so I asked if he and his colleagues were safe and had enough protection. He just said that anyone who needs the full protection kit, ie those working with people who are infected, have everything they need.

                      So, I’m happy for his. He’s a great guy.

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                    1. Bringing Mike back to life might be a big problem….LOL. The word is that the White House is not a happy place these days with Trumpy hunkered down there and not doing much traveling. πŸ™‚

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                    2. Oh yea! Poor Melania! He’s reported to be in a terrible mood, what with not being able to travel to his golf resorts, or able to hold huge political rallies. πŸ˜‰

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                    3. Well, at least he’s not taking presidential privilege, like Charlie the Dick took royal privilege, and ignoring all the travel restrictions that ordinary lower class people have to observe on pain of being arrested.

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      1. Moun Stuart is worth a visit.
        As far as I know it has never been completed.
        The original house was expanded just before the World War, 1912 ish, at a cost of some Β£2million.
        Paid for from the Welsh coal delivered through Cardiff docks to the royal navy, a fee of Β£1 a ton levied on the coal. Naval ships consumed large quantities of coal at the time.
        The Italian masons went home at the start of the war. Lots of the stonework are still in the rough. Lovely touches are the mice and fruits carved at what appears random in both stone and woodwork.
        Particularly nice is the coloured glass diffused light effects.
        Well worth a visit.

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        1. Nah, maybe he’s just not that interested. I’m not sure if he gets extra money for being a duke in Scotland. The Duchy of Cornwall is worth about Β£20 million a year to him. Not bad if you get it for… being born.

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    1. I once had the pleasure as a teenager in Rothesay watching Charles trying to berth his wee minesweeper they gave him command of in his naval “career”.

      The vessel was the HMS Bronington, a “Ton” class minesweeper – the navy had lots of them so they could afford to lose the odd one or two.

      He made a absolute arse of mooring the vessel – the ferry came in unloaded, loaded and was away in the time it took him to moor his vessel at Rothesay berth no 3.

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        1. I think he’s one of these people, rather like most of them, who must be grateful they have a bit of a boost to their careers, because without it they’d have been stuck on the bottom rung of whatever ladder.

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