Baby orangutans traumatized after smuggling attempt - National ...
1. Morning. You caught me having breakfast. Have a look around but don’t touch anything and wash your hands…lots.
2. Follow my leader.
n lizard
3. Picnic tables always have some tasty stuff on them.
n great white shark
4. Ah, caught you dozing. Wake up and pay attention.
ss bear
5. Morning, welcome to Bear Stores. What can I get you?
6. It’s what mums are for!
n bad
7. Sorry, you can’t come in. I’m self-isolating.
drink times
8. Just popped out for a quick drink.
petite fleur
9. Lady’s Mantle or Grandma’s Bonnet? Anyone?
10. You’re a funny bunny!
ss cheetah
11. Did no one tell you to smile?
12. Another one of Munguin’s country residences.
lazy bones the sloth
13. It’s Lazy Bones, the Sloth.
14. It’s a bit undignified, but I guess when you’re hitching a free ride you just have to swallow your pride.
15. Munguin, looking over my shoulder, just told me to buy it.
athabasca falls canada
16. Athabasca Falls, Canada.
The Musk ox - Greenland Travel
17. Greenlandic Musk Oxen.
18. A stroll along the waterfront before retiring, dear?
19. Paradise.
Baby Orangutans Enjoy the Early Years with Mom | Baby Animal Zoo
20. OK, I got stuff to do, so that’s the end of this week’s tour. See you next Sunday. Stay safe. Stay inside if you can.

Munguin says, not quite. We just came across this fella having a game of footie…or in his case nosey!

22 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. ahh those were lovely, especially the gardens. Very cheering indeed. I saw the birds in flight were obeying the rules and social distancing. Good for them! Adorable bunny and chick too. Loved the cheetahs – I do like a cheetah or two or indeed three! And cats don’t smile to order you know!

    I think the tortoise should be called Denis Law or Kenny Dalglish. Or if you need to go foreign, Pele. Pets need exercise too…

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  2. Thanks to those who sent in the photos. One cannot compete with the choice. Here is some video from the old Landscape Channel that used to be on cable and satellite TV.

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    1. Lovely, saved for other times of need, thanks.
      Was reading the sorry tale of the’ War of Jenkin’s Ear’, this site is much more appealing.

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    2. I too have bookmarked it for future use. The first 5 minutes were fantastic. And there are 8 hours of it to look forward to. What a magical discovery Marcia.


  3. Sorry to disappoint, folks, but the photo of the shark is a digitally manipulated image done by a Russian guy. Having said that, it’s still an amazing image and Great Whites do leap out of the water, sometimes completely so, when hunting e.g. seals or tuna and there are many genuine photos of them doing so.
    Imho Pics 2 & 8 also look a wee bit too good to be true but again great compositions and striking images.
    ps – I love the sloth – we’re probably related ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. seen on twitter

    “What is the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi?
    The people of Dubai don’t like the Flintstones,

    but the people of Abu Dhabi do”

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