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*Thanks to Dave, John, James and Andi… and I think there’s open there from BJSAlba. (I should keep better records!)


61 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Gosh there are some talented folk at MNR. What a smashing ‘toon from Andimac. The knock knock one made me laugh though tbf I’ve seen it before. Will never not be funny. Hope every one is staying safe and well.

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    1. Actually, I think I put it up here a few weeks ago. But yes, it’s always good.

      Andi is a talented young man, isn’t he?

      I’m staying as safe as I can. I speak regularly to Abu in Malaysia, and he is keeping safe too. I’m a bit concerned that we haven’t heard from Ed this weekend. I hope he’s OK.

      Let us know, Ed.

      I reckon it’s going to be a long lonely summer, but if we are sensible we will see the end of it.

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      1. yeah I was wondering about Ed. Ed post something, anything. Apparently the Scottish government will be writing out to roughly 200k folk telling them to stay in for 12 weeks. Don’t know if I’ll be on the list (yes if it’s everyone who gets a flu jab) but Ed and the over 70s will.

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  2. Yes Tris and all
    Lets keep up the community spirit amongst us, we need to keep up with the real news.
    The airlines are facing a big problem but that’s nothing compared to losing one of us.
    The austerity programme will be seen as a dismal failure IF the humans ever get to look at it objectively.
    My fear is that the establishment will want to return to the old ways ASAP.
    A new world order might happen but I hae me doots.
    Reports from Greenock that there are still pubs opening for customers.
    I worry about the wee bowling clubs etc that run on a shoestring by letting out their facilities for the usual family celebrations will not be there on the other side of this.
    The doris cartoon is showing him a lot younger than he’s looking now, not long until he gets the fed up look and want to do something else, wee trip to the West Indies, perhaps.
    Keep well all

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    1. I was hoping he’d stand down, but then, who on earth would we have?

      There’s not one of them I’d trust with the tea urn.

      Yes, Dave. Let’s keep ourselves and each other amused till this crap time is over.


    2. Just one pub in Greenock, since visited by the police, who explained to the owner the error of his ways. Now closed and will stay that way…

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  3. I just discovered that in British English a (American English) flu shot is a flu jab.
    Actually, “jab” sounds unnecessarily violent to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          1. Poor Danny, having trouble with British English. Just wait till we hit you with Scottish English, then Scots itself and indeed a few of us (not me) could even regal you with Gaelic ๐Ÿ™‚

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            1. Yes PP…..Gaelic is interesting, but there are no clues about what it means. Some of the Scots vocabulary is quite challenging, but you can otherwise follow it up to a point. For unknown reasons related to arcane university academic rules, I took a course in British romantic poetry of the romantic era. I remember the professor saying that Burns wrote poetry in both conventional English and Scots, but by far his best work was in Scots.

              BTW, the unnecessary and wasteful British use of the letter “u” in words like “color” and “labor,” which have no conceivable need of the letter, drives my American English spell checker to distraction when it encounters them. There’s also the British confusion over the proper use of “s”, “c”, and “z” in words like “defense” and “civilization.” The strange British spellings are manageable of course, but adding another complete SYLLABLE to “aluminum” is truly bizarre. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              1. Yep, usually there is no logic to the spelling, Danny.

                ‘Threw’ is a reasonable spelling; ‘through’ is not, especially when you compare it to ‘though’.

                In some cases I suppose the s/c makes sense.

                ‘Licence’ is a noun. ‘License’ is a verb.

                But largely speaking English is mystifying. Try teaching it to foreigners!

                But then, most languages have strange rules, I suppose.

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                1. Tris….I found an interesting comment about aluminum/aluminium.

                  “The Grammarist”: “Aluminum is the American and Canadian spelling for the silver-white metallic element (number 13 on the periodic table) abundant in the earthโ€™s crust. Aluminium is the preferred spelling outside North America. Neither term is superior to the other, and both are etymologically and logically justifiable. Aluminum is older, while aluminium is more consistent with other element names such as helium, lithium, magnesium, and so on (though letโ€™s not forget there are other -um elementsโ€”molybdenum, tantalum, and platinum).”

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                    1. LOL Tris…..well. not being a chemist, I’m reduced to Wikipedia expertise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                      Mostly for our purposes here, it seemed interesting in being one of the “um” elements instead of the “ium” elements. Then I see that Wki says: “Tantalum is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and atomic number 73. Previously known as tantalium.”

                      So it USED to be an “ium” metal, and spelling of the elements is just what it turns out to be, and there are no rules…….LOL.

                      At least we know that however it’s spelled, “Its main use today is in tantalum capacitors in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems and computers.”


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                    2. Ah, Danny. What would we do without you and Wiki?

                      And imagine that. One day you can be an “ium” and the next day you are reduced to “um”… or is it the other way around.

                      Maybe it’s like the idiotic British honours system. Maybe Tantalium kissed ass with a royal element and was rewarded by the removal of its “i”

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                    3. You may have it there Tris! ๐Ÿ˜‰

                      I thought we had an “ium” rule based on the other elements, and then…..well…..not so much…..LOL.

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      1. I prefer flu jag. Bring jagged doesn’t sound too bad though will not be super happy if I’m in lock down for 12 weeks on the grounds I qualify for a flu jag, plus age.
        However, will have to make the best of it, if that happens. Lucky to have a wee garden.

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        1. I get an annual flu jag. The last few times I’ve had it. it has been so utterly painless that I wondered whether the nurse had done it. She had.

          OTOH giving a blood sample ain’t that easy. I, apparently have ‘small veins’, and the bruising lasted around a week.

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        2. All Partick Thistle supporters among Munguinites – quite a few of us, I think – will fully agree. The more Jags, the better for all of us. Especially as we try to counter the Forces of Darkness so dominant in other parts of Glasgow.

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  4. Yes Tris went to bed last night , it was 2020.
    Got up this morning it was 1920.

    Agree they’ve got all the best talent in the tory party just now, it’s just that we don’t need a concert party to run the countries of the uk, just people committed to the well being of all.
    Any room at the ‘second’ home in Balmoral country park,lizzie

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    1. Probably not unless you have the correct attire for dinner… and a cut glass accent. It’s probably necessary to be frightfully stupid too.


  5. Apparently,BoJo’s dad is applying for a French passport.
    So that is what he meant when he said he would continue to go down the pub,just not in Little England.
    Pity his son isn’t doing the same.

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    1. LOL… well, he’s not gonna get down to le cafรฉ in France, so he can forget that.

      You get fined for that in France.

      However, I have absolutely no objection to him buggering off to France. I doubt that the French will want him though.


  6. Just been announced that Alex Salmond has been acquitted, non proven law described by media as british law.
    Maybe we will get to find out the truth of the issue

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    1. Yes. I was pleased to hear that.

      Now I think that the names of the accusers must be made public.

      Fair enough to keep them secret if they had been actual victims, but they appear to be liars trying to ruin the reputation of a good man.

      Name them.

      I see Labour’s Sarah Smith managed to get in that his reputation had been damaged… How so.?He was acquitted. Oh yeah, she’s Labour through and through.

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    1. I hope he sues the newspapers and bring private prosecutions against some of the journalists who scraped the bottom of the barrel in their coverage.

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    1. Marcia……LOL……..Made my day! Love it!
      Americans will protest about anything…..or nothing.

      Allows me to post (one more time) one of my favorite “protest” sign pictures. (Canadians being stereotypically placid and uncomplaining compared with their more rambunctious American neighbors to the south.)

      Canadian Protesters:

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      1. PS…..And speaking of Canada……just sayin’…….The famously placid go-along get-along Canadians did not join George Washington in the revolution, and so they’re still a monarchy who bend their knees to the English Crown. They do however, for modern public relations purposes, append the euphemistically misleading qualifiers “federal parliamentary constitutional” to the word “monarchy” to disguise their anachronistic system of government; and only under the most extreme duress, will actually own up to the fact that their head of state is the English Queen/King.

        (Not that the Canadians joining the British in attacking the United States and burning the White House in the War of 1812 is a pet peeve of mine or anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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            1. PPS: I also forgot to mention that the Canadians have recently offered safe haven for an exiled Prince from the House of Windsor. Not a Canadians citizen…..Doesn’t have Canadian employment…..Needs a costly security detail…….BUT he’s English royalty!!!……..NO PROBLEM!……Come right on over! Canada welcomes him with open arms! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              1. Yep… amazing. But we are used to all that here. They get what they want because they are them.

                I don’t know why the Canadians are providing security. He is no longer a member of the Royal Family (although obviously he’s still the queen’s grandson). He no longer does royal stuff.

                If they want security so that Liz won’t be upset if someone does him damage, then let Liz pay for it.

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              1. Tris…..I should mention that if Harry should ever tire of Canada and want to take up residence in California or some such warm and sunny place, and perhaps UPgrade his former status as a Royal Highness to a Citizen of the American Republic, there will be employment requirements to meet and citizenship tests to pass. (Unless perhaps Grandmother back in England is prepared to pay sizable brides to the necessary politicians in Washington. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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  7. Nicola should be suing Sky for alluding to there being some input from her to the charges being brought.
    Hope someone has recorded the commentary.
    I’m not certain of the rights and wrongs about this from his time as FM, but am amazed that there was a report of a woman staying at Bute House overnight after the supposed date of the charge.
    Back to normality now.
    The German’s are reporting their contaminated numbers going down.
    Hancock caught lying on TV about herd immunity statements, they played the video of him.
    It is announced that after a short straw drawing in cabinet, Rabb is to be the stand-in PM.

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    1. Nicola should sue?

      My irony meter just exploded.

      Stop defending the indefensible is my advice.

      Many of us are aware of more information on this than you – although the chances of it ever being published in Scotland/UK are vanishingly small. My hope is that someone not domiciled in the UK will “publish and be damned”. See what everyone defending Sturgeon has to say then….

      I’ll say what I stated on Wings :

      Sturgeon, her husband and the fat banker need to go. Now.

      There will be more heads rolling (some of whom you can guess) but those 3 are a minimum for anyone who knows what I know (and Craig Murray/RevStu/Grousebeater/et al) before I would ever vote SNP again.

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      1. You see, I don’t know anything about this and so I can’t really comment on it.

        I’d just say three things.

        1. Nicola has been a good and competent First Minister (as was Alex).

        2. If people don’t vote SNP, we might even end up with a Conservative government in Scotland and we can forget independence.

        3. The people who brought these charges, which it took the jury almost no time at all to see through, need to be named (as I said elsewhere). I’m all for anonymity for people while they pursue charges. But what has come out makes it very clear that these were malicious charges, plotted by a group of women, who should now be named for the liars they are. This cost us a lot of money and must have been a nightmare for Alex and Moira. They must be punished. And someone needs to look carefully at the Permanent Secretary, who appears to be an incompetent fool.

        I vote SNP for competent government (can you imagine the Leonard or Carlot running this crisis?) and because they are the only party that can get us out of this abominable union.

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          1. They were. in fact, Jake, perpetrators of a crime which alongside the personal suffering for Alex and Moira, cost Scotland a lot of money.


      2. The irony is that you imply you know what was behind this case.
        I have no knowledge of the internal workings of any political party.
        I only know that politics is a dirty game.
        My point is that in the legal systems in the uk you can win huge amounts of damages against media makng statements they can’t prove.
        I remember max mosley won huge damages against a newspaper that printed allegations on his conduct at a party or suchlike.
        If she doesn’t sue, we can imply that the journalist is close to the truth of the matter.

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        1. She would have to be a moron to sue as everything will come out then. Regardless, her name will soon be manure.


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