Given that we are told that we are supposed to keep at least a meter between us, why on earth is the English health secretary standing so close to this woman. He’s clearly making her feel uncomfortable because she moves away from him and then puts her bag between them.

And don’t even look at his trousers.

What an utter creep!

Still, it inspired me to find some good music.

40 thoughts on “I NOTICED THIS…”

      1. Events moving very quickly here.

        The Federal government announced state of emergency, meaning they take over from cantons.

        On Friday, the Federal government announced that all schools and universities would close until mid-April at earliest. That was pre-empted by some universities announcing they would close just before the government announcement. My employer also announced office closure just before the government announcement.

        Another announcement today saying everything is to be shut unless it is a bank, post office or supermarket. The border is now closed for people as well.

        Things are as ok as they could be expected to be – definitely no sense of panic so far. I actually got a sense of government frustration in today’s announcement that people aren’t taking it seriously and need to.

        I’m obviously worried about friends and family back in Scotland and it’s a bit unnerving to think that I probably can’t travel there until the travel restrictions are lifted. It’s also kind of mad seeing everything close here at the same time as 5000 people go to a Lewis Capaldi concert in Aberdeen. The UK is equally paced on the growth curve but it’s miles behind on preventative measures.

        I hope everyone at Munguin Towers stays safe.



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        1. Well, as to be suspected by the super-efficient Swiss, things seem to be under control there, at least as much as they can be.

          I’m not sure what powers exactly are devolved to the Scottish government and what is reserved to the idiots at Westminster at a time like this.

          But we need to close pubs and schools and ban concerts and a good deal more. Of course there are going to be economic consequences. But the UK is supposedly the world’s 5th largest economy. You’d think, if it could bail out banks, it could increase sick pay for people laid off by regulations (or by sickness).

          And yet UK sick pay is around third of that in Ireland.

          I heard someone this morning talking about football matches. They reckoned that, if you play them behind closed doors, you are inviting people to go and sit in a crowded pub and watch them on tv. Sheesh! Shut the sodding pubs then. They have elsewhere.. France, Italy.

          Really, it’s like nothing has happened here…well, except that greedy stupid people are buying every toilet roll in the world.

          I despair.

          It sounds like your employers (the greedy capital pigs) aren’t quite as bad as we thought.

          We hope you stay safe too, Terry.

          PS: I hope you don;t have any Brits out there. What an embarrassment.

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          1. My employer is actually pretty good. We’re pretty much always allowed to work from home anyway but in recent weeks that freedom has been reiterated many times. I find that at home I have too many distractions to concentrate but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. The project that consumed all my time and energy has shipped now so I don’t have anything pressing that requires me to be at full productivity.

            Zero hours contracts aren’t such a big thing here and there is still a residual sense of a social contract. I think these are an advantage at times like this. Having said that, the government haven’t announced details of how they are going to help SMEs, who will really struggle. They’ve said that funds will be available but the detail is still a bit of a mystery.

            I just don’t understand how people can be as selfish and mindless as the people in that video in Spain.

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            1. Ha, yes. I was only joking about your employer.

              If they are reading this, “I’m sure you are a lovely lot and Terry never told me you were a bunch of capitalist pigs!”

              Munguin, on the other hand…

              Working from home is always more difficult. “Oh, I’ll just check Twitter. Oh… that’s interesting, I’ll just read that article…”

              I suppose even relatively efficient countries will take some time to work out how to compensate employers who can’t have people work from home and who will inevitably lose out.

              I’m surprised that the London government hasn’t declared devolution suspended. I bet it has crossed Cumming’s mind!

              Gove will be on it like a rat in a drainpipe.

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          2. Really, really embarrassing. I live in Spain (southern Extremadura) but 100s and 100s and 100s of km away from the likes of that. Thank goodness!
            Lockdown where we are seems calm. People taking it seriously. We have plenty of stuff put by to keep us and our dogs and cats happy and fed (our house is out on its own in the countryside, so we normally have stuff in to keep us going).
            I am more worried about my son (in london) and my son in law (in staffordshire) who are both still expected to go into work.

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  1. The brown stuff is hitting the fan.
    80% of us are forecast to be infected, 30% of those will require intensive care, 50% death rate.
    Since the young seem to be not involved we are talking 500,000 deaths from this in the next year.
    The media are going crazy on this now.
    Stay safe all.
    You can see the tory party are only concerned about their paper casino which is just about to crash to nothing.
    Hancock can’t even tell us how many ventilators are needed, we have 5000, probably means englandland, and MANY MORE are needed. He’s asking the car manufacturers to switch production to ventilators.
    So here we are after 4 years of brexit waste and a really wee bug shows them up as donkeys.

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    1. The “take back control of our borders” thing seems to have fallen flat on its face as we haven’t, while France, Spain and Italy have. Austria is recommending its citizens in the UK to return to Austria because they have no faith in the way Britain is handling this. Full powers on shutting stuff down in retained by London. And some cretinous Brits in Spain are going to come back here, and they won’t be tested.

      The words booze up and brewery don’t do justice to this farce.


    2. “The paper casino is about to crash to nothing”.

      True, current trajectory is to spend spend spend, which means print print print. Reduce interest rates to bu##er all, result currency goes full Weimar or Zimbabwe if you prefer. The ONLY way out is to buy precious metals, which are rapidly disappearing. US Mint out of Silver Eagles….. Beware VAT on Silver in the UK is 20% I believe whist Gold is 0%. In either case you must get your hands on the physical everything else is just a debt obligation and can disappear as quickly as “poof” oops gone..

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    1. Exactly!

      Without wishing to be vulgar, or for that matter too personal, from what I can see he’s no more impressive there than he is anywhere else!


  2. I would have said one refreshment too many as well – mind you no sign of brewer’s droop!

    A case of “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow………….”?

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  3. One possible solution for businesses who are going to suffer would have been a tax holiday.
    Problem with that,especially in Brexit Britain is that many businesses don’t pay tax anyway.
    So,HM government is going to have to find some other way to bail them out or accept widespread closures.
    Either way,I think their Brexit plans are now in tatters and once the corona dust settles,people will be in no mood for any crash and burn policies to become a global trader in a hugely diminished global market.
    The best laid plans…….

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    1. I see there are people calling for the implementation phase to be extended. Something Johnson said would never happen. (I’m sure it was another “die in a ditch” scenario.)

      I’m not sure the fragile economy could stand two shocks in a year.


    1. Why are we so far behind.

      Only a week ago it was… just like the flu. They neglected to mention, as that report does, that that was the 1918 flu.

      The thing that worried me is that the Scottish government doesn’t have the authority to take the necessary steps.

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      1. How much power to they need? With what power they have they haven’t got sufficient supplies of hand sanitiser for hospitals or primary care health workers who are visiting the frail/elderly at home. And that’s right now before the spike that everyone knows is coming.

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        1. I think they would have the power to close schools, but no authority to deal with the attendant social security problems of mothers staying at home. They need the social security powers to ensure people don;t starve to death. The also aparently can’t ban gatherings. They can only advise not to attend.

          I’ve not seen the news lately as it changes by the hour. I suspect Johnson will have to follow the lead of the rest of Europe and close schools (with attendant sick pay).


      2. Yes they do. Both health & education are devolved, as is policing and local govt. The SNP could have taken action any time they chose. They chose not to.

        The truth of the matter is Sturgeon (& her permenent secretary) is no more competent that LBJ/Cummings when the shit hits the fan. Either that or she doesn’t give a shit for anyone other than her political buddies/cronies. Take your pick.

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          1. English schools will be closing on Friday according to my daughter (works for council).

            Schools close every year and people have to deal with it. This is different but many people’s work will be closing down pretty damn soon now anyway – already are here in Leicestershire.

            The risks of keeping schools open are ridiculously high given the current uncertainty about how it affects children/young adults and more than anything else the school gate “crush” in primary schools where all the common childhood diseases spread like wildfire amongst kids and parents. There’s an argument for keeping secondaries open but not primaries. They should have been closed last week.

            The one thing we CAN’T DO is palm childcare onto grandparents.

            Nobody over the age of 60 can afford to catch this virus – the fatality rates are ridiculously high, verging on 12% once you’re in your 70s and 16% in your 80s. That’s provided you can get acute care which is going to be increasingly unlikely.

            I think people should bear in mind that experienced medical staff find it “extremely distressing” watching someone suffocate to death even with adequate levels of medical intervention. What’s happening in Italy now is much worse than that. Its an appalling way to die.

            I see lots of comments around from older people like “no way are we going to be prisoners, etc”. I think the best way to respond is from a film (Dirty Harry) :

            I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do you, punk?

            The odds of dying from Covid-19 once you’re in your late 70s are much the same…..

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            1. Yep, I agree. I imagine that Scottish schools will close at the same time, Easter being a holiday set by Vatican City and not the Scottish or English governments.

              Surely in the circumstances you describe merci killing when the patients is in unimaginable distress would be appropriate.


  4. As you say, the best laid plans of mice and men etc.
    The £350m a week to the EU spent in the NHS, seems that the lie is going to be a bit higher.
    The EU controlling the Borders, seems to be you can do it within the EU, strike 2.
    Migration can be stopped.
    Bent bananas sold.
    NHS safe in tory hands, 5000 ventilators for a population of 60 million, that works.
    The four years of internal fighting and NOT DOING the DAY job, coming home.
    The political decisions like Shuggie taking part in 5G telecoms.
    Aircraft carriers without aircraft.
    Army recruiting down,Police numbers down, Nursing numbers down, teacher numbers down, so who’s going to look after the shop.
    Reminds me of that story from Egypt and the big contract going bad, the plagues etc.
    Look after yourselves.


    1. It’s interesting that Brexit has now cost the country more than all the contributions we have paid to the EU in our membership years. So the fictitious £350m a week will take 48 years to recover.

      I begin to see what Rees Mogg meant when he said we would feel the benefits after 50 years.


    2. On the subject of Egypt and plagues, I read somewhere that Bernie Sanders is a Jewish carpenter who wants to heal everyone, hit the money-lenders, and who is riding in on a donkey.

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  5. Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but it seems to me that the Scottish Government are following the same line as Westminster re the virus. Now, as we have seen from the advice given be the W.H.O, this is completely the wrong tactic. Like you, I don’t know the exact powers our government have in relation to taking a different tack, but it is a concern to me, probably because I am in a high risk group, that they haven’t broken ranks, and started testing for the virus. As far as the figures for those diagnosed, these must be a joke, and I suspect that the real number is very much higher. But of course we will never know, as testing is not taking place, unless you report feeling unwell.

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  6. Parliament discussion from westmonster.
    The english NHS have over 7000 ventilators, so well done matt.
    Chief advisor says IF we get the deaths down to the 20,000 mark that would be good result.
    Article on research says the virus lives around 3 hours on hard surfaces but 24 hours in cardboard.
    Keep safe

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