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2. Weekly shop in Australia.
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Thanks to John, Andi (all his own work) and Quokka.


29 thoughts on “Just for a laugh”

  1. The most ironic fact of this global crisis is that the two states most committed to globalisation,the UK and the USA,appear to be the worst prepared to deal with a global pandemic.
    Chickens coming home to roost.
    I hope not however,because the idea of a situation worse than Italy,which was better prepared,is terrifying.
    Doing nothing and hiding behind a smokescreen of herd immunisation will not last for long and there will be an accounting for those responsible for this gross incompetence at the end of the day.

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    1. I noticed “herd immunity” has not been mention again, from government lips anyway. Maybe another edict banning the term, like the word brexit.
      It’s all a bit Orwellian 1984.

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      1. Sorry if it ain’t working as a link. Twas a tweet. Here’s the gist of it:

        “Tescos-good, occasionally busy later. Sainsburys-slight to moderate, navigation warning in aisle 7. Asda-slight to moderate, heavy crowds later. M&S & Co-Op, fair. Waitrose fair to moderate, w poor visibility in pasta aisle at first. Lidl- rough at first, slight to moderate later”

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        1. LOL. For those of you unfamiliar with Radio 4… This is the shipping forecast which they broadcast 2 or three times a day for “those in peril on the sea”.


  2. I posted this is in the last thread but it’s relevant here. Funnt, sweary and biting!

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    1. I guess, what can you expect with the government in London.

      They were hand picked as unerringly loyal to Johnson and hard Brexit. As I looked at them when they were appointed, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Rabb, Patel, Gove, Mogg, Handcock?

      Bloody hell, I thought. We don’t want that lot coping with the Brexit crisis.

      And now, as well as Brexit, these dimwits are having to cope with Covid19. It’s a travesty.

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  3. Off topic.

    Y’know how the SNHS is absolutely terrible and creaking at the seams?

    I went for an X-Ray today. The scheduled appointment time was 12:15. I left the appointment at 12:13. That is a negative two minutes. (Perhaps someone can subtract these two minutes from the stats, somewhere?)

    I had, kind of imagined, that the hospital would have been in complete lock down.

    It wasn’t. The place was quieter than normal, but what it really was was normal? No masks, no zombie patients. No corridors of dead or dying patients.

    Not at all what I was expecting.

    I seriously considered cancelling my X-Ray for fear of being placed in a dangerous situation.

    It wasn’t (dangerous) and I am glad that I trusted our SNHS.

    Our health staff are a source of calm in the face of this adversity. I have the utmost respect for them.

    Everyone of us ought to acknowledge how lucky we are to have the medical professionals we have.

    They are a beacon of light.

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    1. Yes. We are lucky. No matter what the idiot Johnson says.

      The NHS knows what is a risk and what is not. I’m pretty sure if they thought an X-ray was dangerous they would have cancelled your appointment.

      They are doing a great job in the face of what is happening.


      1. With Boris’s strategy of getting 60% of the population infected to build up herd immunity, it’s almost as if the SNHS don’t want people to catch this Covid virus.

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      1. Thanks. I hope your situation gets better too! To some extent, in my case, it doesn’t matter. Unless you believe in The Singularity, which even the author doesn’t anymore, we have lived through perhaps the most turbulent and interesting and apocalyptic and amazing times since we stood upright.

        We now have a reasonable chance of being able to defeat a virus that, when I started snuffling and sneezing in December last year, hadn’t even been identified. (Not that I have it, heaven forfend.)

        This, the ability to identify it as part of the family of Covid viri (?) – (viruses maybe ) – and release the world’s best biologists in response is an enormous victory for science and humanity against natural disasters. Before that the best we could do is indeed give our thoughts and prayers….

        Whatever else we think, we should count ourselves fortunate that we have a tad more than ‘thoughts and prayers’ to see us through.

        To explain myself a bit better. I consider myself extremely lucky to be alive right now. This is an age of miracles.

        {And BoJo. There is that right enough!]

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        1. Just to add, it is a strange feeling to feel free to share stuff with you.

          Elsewhere I’d be a fascist for not getting my elipses right or summat. Here, not so much.

          Those of us that cherish this site do so because it has the common theme of humanity.

          It is a community. And that is what has always been fascinating about it to me.

          I used to be amazed that it didn’t have millions of subscribers. Nowadays, I think it has the right subscribers.

          [This was an advert on behalf of you on behalf of Munguins New Republic.]

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        2. Yeah, well on the bright side, it is the age of miracles; on the other hand it is also the age of Trump and Cummings-Johnson.

          What they give with one hand they sure as hell take away with the other.


    1. The ex head of WHO said Johnson’s plan was madness.

      I believe there’s a bit of a scandal brewing about Trump’s son in law…allegedly:


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