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1. Off on the school bus for another day of learning stuff.
2. Just learning to walk here, and you thought I was being super cool!
3. Faroes.
4. Handsome Bulgarian Owl!
5. Snap, Grackle and Pop.
6. And the rain it raineth every day.
7. This is what I call teamwork!
8. I see no ships; only hardships.
9. Twins, I’d say!
bulgarian horse
10. Красив български кон.
11. Another sweet Swiss valley.
12. This is my happy face!
13. Spring has sprung.
14. I’m a very very little hippo.
15. Brrrrrr.
roses roses
16. Not long now. Remember the scent?
gondor hosman romania
17. Romanian village, Gondor Hosman.
18. A useful bed.
19. An apple for pudding.
20. Is it that time already… Must have my snooze. See you next week.

Thanks to John.

57 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Great stuff as ever, Tris!
    Pic 6 –
    “The rain it raineth on the just
    And also on the unjust fella;
    But chiefly on the just, because
    The unjust hath the just’s umbrella.”
    ― Charles Bowen.

    Pic 11 – The beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley – a truly amazing place.

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    1. Morning all, from a cold and wet Bulgaria. And well done, Andi on being first in. I’d have put my shirt on your ‘umbrella’ poem being by Ogden Nash. Just as well I didn’t as I need it (the shirt and the umbrella) at a pre-dawn 6C. The rain is welcome after a very dry winter; the low overnight temperature less so.

      Late frost last spring when the slivi trees were at the same stage of blossom – Pic 13 is in our front paddock – killed off growth and no fruit emerged. Not a slivi (plum) to be had in the entire village. That meant no rakia (plum brandy) making.
      Not quite a catastrophe as we had plenty stock from previous years, but that’s been severely depleted and a repeat this summer/autumn will be disastrous.

      To save you looking it up, Tris’s caption for Pic 10 translates as “Lovely Bulgarian horse”. His name is Brigadier and he’s a ‘paso fino’ breed. Cursty’s personal mount from her stable of a dozen or so. Bet there weren’t many of these around Golspie when she was growing up. (Safer than my shirt on the poem, I think).

      The owl was a daytime visitor to the stables and was taken by her colleague Claire, even staying put while Claire went to fetch her phone to capture the shot. We really are very close to nature in our (thankfully wet) neck of the rural woods. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re all here, I suppose. Do come and visit when travel restrictions end. You’ll find a lovely country and lovely people (not just the horses) and if th slivis survive there will be a welcoming glass of rakia waiting – maybe even a bottle,


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      1. I’ve wanted to visit Bulgaria and Romania for years now – alas, I can’t travel any more.

        For the linguistically inclined, you may be interested to know that “Красив български кон” can be read straight off through Russian as “beautiful Bulgarian horse”. It happens that way sometimes.

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        1. My Bulgarian friend, Hristina, who is old enough to have gone to school when Bulgaria was still under Russian dominance speaks Russian fluently and says there are many similarities.

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          1. Very much so. I’m not nearly so fluent in anything Slavic as I am in a couple of Romance languages, so although I can read pretty much anything in a Romance language (except Romanian!), the Slavics are not so easy – in particular the Western Slavic languages, Czech / Slovak and Polish, which are similar to each other but are not nearly as similar to either the Eastern or Southern Slavic ones, which have a much higher degree of mutual comprehensibility with each other.

            Are you bored yet? Yes? Then my work here is done.

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      2. The plumb brandies of Eastern Europe are something to behold.

        I remember getting well and truly jolial on it in Albania. It was incredibly cheap.

        Looks like being a lockdown summer here. So no travel likely, but I bet there are a few people thinking about Bulgaria when the travel ban ends.

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    2. Except for the picturesque Swiss village, Lauterbrunnen Valley bears some superficial resemblance to Yosemite (in California) with El Capitan peak on the left and Bridalveil Fall on the right.

      Switzerland seems like a nice place, except for the strange people who decorate their cows.

      The Romanian village is pretty too.

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    3. Pic 11 is indeed Lauterbrunnen.

      Slightly to the right but pretty much centred is what’s called the “High Nose”.

      Here’s another view of it :

      I’ve been there, many many years ago now 🙂

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        1. I’m sure I’ve shown you guys this before when Lauterbrunnen came up? I think I posted a “how not to do it” link where the guy’s chute tangled & he hit the trees (his own video)?

          Lauterbrunnen is BASE jump central because the wind in the valley is minimal & predictable.

          Other places you can get blown into the cliff/scree slope but I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before as well 🙂

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  2. Surpassed yourself this week, smashing set of pictures. Loved 13 and 15 and the roses. Such adorable orangs and polar bear. So glad folk translated the Bulgarian though.

    I hope I speak on behalf of the readership when I say thanks for keeping the posts coming through this fraught family time. It’s appreciated by me certainly and I doubt I’m alone in this.

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    1. Ah, PP, Google Translate is a wonderful tool!

      I’m not sure what will happen over the next few days. Mum needs residential care, but of course, it is impossible to get that at the moment, because everywhere is on lockdown.

      I’ll do my best to keep things coming, but over the next few days, I’m not sure that will be possible.

      I may not be answering posts rapidly, or at all. But Munguin says to chat among yourselves. 🙂

      In the meantime, Munguinites, keep safe and keep healthy.


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    1. Posted on my fb page.

      The First Minister should announce a lockdown in Scotland if that’s what it takes – and Boris Johnson and reserved powers be damned. Let the lying bastard take the Scottish Government to court if he objects – if he can find a court that’s sitting…

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      1. I think I agree with the Irish doctor in the video – all we can really do is look at our personal circumstances and assess it from there with the basic idea we’re not going out unless necessary.

        We can’t just keep self-isolating for 7 days every time you get a cough – there has to be a widely available test ASAP.

        Personally I think I’m sort of out the other end of the infection – feeling better from when I posted during the week but still not that great on uphill muddy sections when out with dog. If it wasn’t Covid-19 then I guess I’m in for an interesting few weeks….

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          1. Thanks.

            Still no idea if it was Covid-19 or something else. Obviously hoping it was Covid-19 otherwise it’ll be “fucks sakes here we go again” in the next few days/weeks 🙂

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  3. Wonderful news from hancock.
    Rolls Royce are going to build ventilators at any price,hancock will pay.
    JSB are roped in as well, probably to dig the holes with their machines rather than make NHS beds.
    No doubt the parts will be shipped from CHINA to allow them to be built, only 6 weeks at sea to get here.
    All to the PLAN that was published at the start of this by doris, can’t remember the plan but I’m sure Winston will have it properly dated.
    As to the USA, thousands stuck in corridors at the airports in cramped conditions just what is need to get the herd immunisation completed.
    Hope you are all well.
    Passengers arriving at Glasgow airport from Spain this afternoon just sent on their way home.

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    1. British border control is a disgrace. That’ll be Patel.

      And I heard yesterday that the anti-viral drug they are working on in Germany (if Trump doesn’t buy it exclusively for America) will not necessarily be immediately available here because Britain refuses to have to do with the EU’s drug policy… because the European Court would be involved.


  4. Trump announces the FED rate to be near ZERO.
    They are looking after the vulnerable in the USA, that will be the ones with Health Insurance, the third of the population will be lost.
    He’s going to use the federal governments huge power to defeat the virus.
    Maybe he will just nuk the virus as is in the big war plan.

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    1. I see the state of California has recommended everyone over 65 to self isolate. It’s 70 in Europe.

      And I heard a bloke on the radio this morning saying that England had one of the best primary care systems in the world. I think people waiting 2 months for a doctor’s appointment might argue that!


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