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“In Scotland, they have a particular issue with the resilience of their public services”, says Boris Johnson. 


Probably the resilience issues are that they aren’t privatised and, although they may be understaffed, they certainly aren’t as understaffed as their English (or Welsh) equivalents.

I can’t make my mind up about Johnson.

Does he say these things off the top of his head because that’s the kind of thing that posh Eton boys do without given a flying one about the consequences? Very rich privileged people don’t worry about consequences because by and large they can buy their way out of them.

Or does Cummings just feed him words and he repeats them without thinking because he isn’t in any real sense the prime minister? Just the bloke that waves from the back seat of a chauffeur-driven limo on his way to see the queen.

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  1. You ask “Does he say these things off the top of his head because that’s the kind of thing that posh Eton boys do without given a flying one about the consequences?” I think the problem is that he’s been educated ‘way beyond his intelligence.

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    1. I think he was hiding in the fridge when he should have been attending classes. So he has missed out on a whole swathe of education and thus utters fact free meaningless drivel. Occasionally he throws in a Greek or Latin phrase as he thinks that makes him look intelligent. Hes just an overpromoted posh boy, way out of his depth. I can’t think of anything he has done which sets him apart as a towering intellect, indeed exactly the opposite is the case.

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      1. I don’t think he really wanted to be Prime minister. He just wanted to get there becasue he felt like he deserved it, being rich and privileged.

        He may or may not be bright, but he doesn’t apply himself to anything.

        Like Trump he’s too lazy to read pages and pages of briefings.

        Just what we don;t need at this time.

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  2. I am finding that the more I see and hear of the buffoon the more I detest him deeply. There is nothing about him that is pleasant or intellectually charming.
    His children must be absolutely given every chance to disown the fool! 😀

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  3. It’s all part of the propaganda message that the SNP government has failed miserably to manage the limited responsibilities it has.
    Paving the way for Westminster to take back full control of Scotland.

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    1. My thesis in a nutshell, bringiton. The messaging has been constant since … well, Theresa May at the Armadillo, that’s for sure, but that’s only when I first really noticed it.

      Boris came out with some of it when, as reported in the National, Pete Wishart asked him why he was so unpopular in Scotland. There seems to be no mechanism for demanding retractions or clarifications of such false statements at PMQs (or at any other time?). I suggested this before somewhere – OK, start at the beginning, it strikes me that the conventions and traditions of the Westminster beargarden should be treated with the same contempt that Westminster reserves for our SNP MPs and those of us who voted for them. So, when Boris or one of his nasty little pals comes out with a whopper about Scotland, our SNP MPs should start chanting “Liar Liar Liar” at him. Another thing they could do would be to give him a slow handclap. See how many rules they can break all at once… see if they can get the Speaker to throw them all out… and perhaps in the fallout someone in the meeja might ask what it was that provoked this, and one of Boris’s lies would have been outed as such.

      Anyway, you get the idea. I wonder too just how long we should expect our MPs to put up with the way they are treated at Westminster. In my view, when they walked out that time when none of them was allowed to participate in the 15 minutes allotted to – what was it? – my memory – the Scotland Bill? – they should have simply not gone back at all. That being the one in which not one of the many, many SNP amendments was adopted.

      We really do have to wonder whether the Westminster game is, as they say, worth the candle. Our MPs should wait for a suitable casus belli and walk out, in my view, but until such time, they should take every opportunity to disrupt the place each and every time Boris Johnson-Cummings or any of his NLPs trots out some lie about us Scots, our country and our Government, and refuse to sit down and shut up until such time as it is retracted. There are not actually all that many strings to Their narrative of failure, so if the disruption is great enough, the tactic might not have to be repeated all that often.

      Sitting back or lying down or rolling over and suffering it in silence is not the way to stop a bully.

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    2. Yes, I think this is it. The UK Government has a fairly generously staffed ‘hub’ in Edinburgh, with a fair proportion of the staff being in PR. I guess that their main task is to provide SG/SNP/Scotland/public services baaaaaad scripts to be parroted by Westminster Tory MPs, UK broadcaster and media as well as our own media. Labour and the LibDems also use the same ‘narrative’, as can be seen from the fact that the focus group tested soundbites are usually spouted verbatim.

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  4. I heard Pete Wishart ask his question. I heard Boris Johnson answer it.
    The whole exchange looked just like one of those planted questions that Honourable Friends ask at PMQ,s. You know, the kind of question that allows the PM the opportunity to make an announcement or just go off on a prearranged rant about something.
    What’s Pete Wishart’s game? He was on that Question Time programme tonight singing the praises of Boris’s Corona Virus strategy and also quite obviously distancing himself from the Nicola Sturgeon announcement.

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  5. He said that because NS comments following the COBRA meeting concerning Scotland were broadcast live UK wide and upstaged him so that comment was deliberately planted.

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  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    I won’t be around today to answer anything, because of a family emergency.

    It’s OK: no one dead or hurt, and Munguin himself is unaffected, but I’m going to be spending the day on trying to sort things out.

    So feel free to chat among yourselves.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up tonight.


      1. Likewise. Just emailed some SS pix just before reading this so apologies for making no mention there.


  7. Boris Johnson is an expensively educated ignoramous. He is also a liar. I almost choked when I heard his comment about the lack of resiliance in the SNHS.

    Like many people commenting here I am at the end of my tether with the SNP allowing such lies and misinformation to go unchallenged. Likewise with the MPs accepting the disrespect and contempt they are shown on a daily basis in the House of Commons. Like others I could also single out one SNP MP who does not represent me or my views in the least.

    It is time for SNP MPs to start demonstrating in the House of Commons that they will not accept disrespect and contempt. If they don’t, what is the point in voting for them? This is from someone who first joined the SNP in the mid-60’s so I am not a ‘plant’ or a closet Unionist.

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    1. Your comment applies many times over to the Unionist media who will not print comments which disagree with their viewpoint. At least your comment stands among other points of view; it is not censored out.

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        1. Fanatical quest.
          The strong desire to be able to elect a government of our choice.
          If you think that represents fanaticism,then you have a poor understanding of the democratic process
          All we want is to have the same opportunities as most other democratic countries,including England.

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        2. But Niko. The comment from Johnson is absolutely 100% incorrect. His own inefficient administration has made a total mess of most services in England. Ask anyone who lives there.

          He just lies and his media prints what he says. They did exactly the same to Corbyn.

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            1. Alasdair… Niko’s been with us from the beginning, He likes to wind us up. He doesn’t mean any of it. His sworn enemy is Conan (in a friendly kind of way) and next comes John Brownlie.

              On the other hand he loves Spook!

              But seriously. He means no harm.


  8. well l think the SNHS does have a BIG resilience problem. You see Scotland shares a land border with a country it can’t close the border with, that is run by an idiot and that is not treating this pandemic seriously enough. No health system is resilient enough to cope with that.

    Best wishes to Tris in his current emergency. Time for Munguin to pull his weight!

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  9. Apologies for making too many comments today but as a septuagenarian with an underlying health condition I find the response from England’s Tories to be underwhelming to say the least.
    I hope Scotland doesn’t follow their path.
    What we seem to be getting from the USA and their latest captive state is that market forces prevail and survival of the fittest (wealthiest) is the order of the day.
    It is possible that a vaccine for this virus may not be available within the next year but to rely entirely on herd infection and immunity,moo moo moo,as a means of seeing it off in the longer term is abrogating their responsibility to the communities of these islands.
    However,that is how England’s Tories view people.
    A bovine herd which they need to manage and cull when necessary.

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    1. Well, as has been said before on here, it is to the advantage of the finances of the country if older/iller people catch it and die.

      It will save them a fortune in pensions, hospitals, care homes, medicines, etc etc.

      Expect no humanity from them.

      So stay as safe as you can; don;t go out if you don;t have to, leastwise not in crowds. If you can, get younger fitter people to do all that.

      It may be a few months of unending boredom but it’s preferable to the alternative.

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  10. Managed to drag me self from
    Craig Murray’s (who 🤷‍♂️) site

    To watch Trump state of emergency c he got his VP
    Mike Pence to speak some words of wisdom.
    Mentioned many actions after
    Pulling his head outa Trump butt cheeks But strangely never
    Mentioned prayer yes the power
    If prayer to heal coronavirus.

    Strange that reality bites

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  11. Strange that, according to my PC, both ‘The National’ and ‘The Herald’ sites are both down? Anyone else experiencing this?


  12. If anyone knows anything, perhaps they could share it here?


    My paranoia grows at roughly the same rate as BoJo’s brilliant plan to give us ‘herd immunity’ rather than finding us a f*****g cure, which suggests that my paranoia is well justified. The ignorance and stupidity that is Bojo is revealed in what is, essentially an idea plucked from the Nazi’s.

    If we stick to his ridiculous course of action a lot of old folk, like me, will die. On a more optimistic note, it will wipe out his very own electorate.


    Too harsh?

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    1. Re National website; there was something about the SNP NEC trying to stop SNP MPs chucking in Westminster and standing as MSPs. This, as you can imagine, caused spleens to be vented on the National site. Whether this has any relevance in the site going down,?
      That’s my tupence spent.
      Health to you all.

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        1. Well, I was just about to think that maybe some vile cybernat hacker or other should bring down all the UK’s British / English Nationalist press outlets to prevent them spreading their usual diet of xenophobic and hateful bile, idiocy and sewage, but that would be nasty and unkind and immoral and unprincipled and generally bad behaviour and an abuse of the little darlings’ human rights to freedom of speech which of course includes the right to talk total pish so obviously I stopped myself thinking in such an antisocial and reprehensible and generally despicable and petty and immature fashion after no more than a couple of hours or so.

          Oops, I’ve started again, so I’d better go and lie down again, shouldn’t I? Of course, you have to be human to have human rights, I suppose, and frankly speaking there can be little doubt that all the other higher primates are more deserving of human rights than most BritNat self-styled “journalists” … oops, there I go again, mea culpa, I bow my head in shame, though it really ought to be Them doing it, so I’ll shut up for now in case some bloody troll or other accuses me of Hate Speech and tells me to wash out my mouth with soap and water while gargling God Save the Queen.

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        1. My partners devices are giving some unusual symptoms, dropping out of social media, not accepting passwords, closing down. Strange. She teaches IT stuff for a living and can’t work it out, yet.
          She is more vociferous on line than myself. I’m, by comparison, fairly anodyne. I have had some trouble lately though, being locked out of wordpress sites, not accepting my password but telling me immediately wrong password, when I deliberately typed a wrong one. I just put that down to wordpress, but (cue twiglet zone music),(pause for effect) maybe not.

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          1. Don’t tell me that the virus is affecting IT.

            Clearly your partner is a bit of an expert. If she’s having problems, what chance the rest of us?

            Munguin’s credit card was refused twice yesterday, although there is plenty credit available as it is always paid off.

            Seriously, at a time like this, we definitely don;t need computers to break down on us!

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