23 thoughts on “Just for a Laugh”

  1. I should have seen the rabbit joke coming but I didn’t and it had me LOLing 😉
    A few of the others are a wee tad sick, literally, I’m afraid.

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  2. There was a video in the Washington Post on Saturday showing Trump interacting with a group of politicos and professional medics at the CDC laboratory. Needless to say the narcissist in chief made the whole thing all about him. He even said that he had an uncle at MIT who was a genius (not a professor mind you). He then went on to say that he understood about everything he was shown at the CDC in their attempts to create a vaccine and he was a natural for this kind of work. The politicos nodded in unison, while the professionals kept schtum!


    1. Trumps uncle in MIT is probably in a few glass jars sitting on a shelf. He’s probably got a number of relatives in similar positions in other research facilities.

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    2. I saw that, Bill. It was embarrassing. He just can’t help bragging about how clever her is.

      Usually people who brag about how clever they are…are dim.


  3. The ebc radio news tonight on the doris visiting the no longer flooded areas states he got a welcome, then a recording of him saying that he was going to give the farmers more money to plant trees to stop the flooding.
    Sky news and LBC news play a recording of some people calling doris a ‘Traitor’, very clearly that is the word used.
    The ebc are on propaganda mode about the TV tax, a think tank says it would be impossible to remove ‘Freeview’ from the ebc stations.
    One of the newspaper reviewers was someone from a political think tank, someone call dugdale, easy money for some.
    You have to laugh at the political suits we have in power around the world.
    Love the cartoon about the friends who were last week constitutional experts and this week they’re expert on the spread of viruses, see that internet and the ability to talk, it’s got a lot to answer for.

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    1. Yes, I saw an article in the Guardian, which pointed out how he had been shouted at for turning up a month late.

      It’s interesting that he keep announcing that they will spend more money on this or that, but no more money seems to be available.

      I suspect that it they wanted to remove BBC channels, they could.


      1. I can see not problem with removing the ebc TV channels as I understand that they move individual channels around the bandwidth.
        The little problem seems to be that Freeview is owned by,
        The ebc
        Channel 4
        Arqiva, ???
        Through the company is called
        Digital UK TV Ltd and DTV Services Ltd.

        Since the first 2 are the uk government that should cause no problem but then ITV would have the bandwidth with Arqiva.
        Am I correct in saying Freeview transmits adverts? If so what’s the problem with adverts paying for the ebc output?
        Talk about smoke and mirrors.

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          1. All the broadcasters are shareholders – or they were when Arqiva was created.

            Arqiva does the actual physical transmission of terrestrial TV. ie the transmission towers and the feeds to them.

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        1. Sorry guys the pun was totally unintentional because it’s so not funny it slipped unnoticed beneath my radar. Still, can’t have you guys groaning, so in future I’ll avoid any weak attempts at humour especially when I’m not making them.

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  4. I must admit I’ve been panic buying and stockpiling wine since 22016. And who needs to stockpile toilet paper when we have the British Press daily output just waiting for a useful purpose.

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    1. Ah, yes, now I understand… You’re not really stockpiling are you? You’re drinking it!!! (which is the best thing to do with it)


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