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  1. A couple I know both employed in education above degree level.

    He the husband went and stockpiled a load of tinned ham .

    She the wife says to him you bought that tinned ham but
    You absolutely hate it .

    He the husband shouted at her angrily “I will eat when I am starving “

    We laughed and laughed at that
    But in the end it’s ridiculous.

    And he is allegedly intelligent 🧠.

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    1. Hmmmm… allegedly being the world.

      I’ve always got a stock of stuff in, although it won’t last THAT long… but have you seen the price of hand cleanser on Amazon or Ebay. Not that they have any in stock.

      Anyway, if there is any spare ham around, Munguin quite likes a ham and mustard sandwich. (I’d call it a piece, but Munguin is a bit posh!)


  2. The most worrying aspects of Covid – 19 are:

    The cheapskate response to it by both the UK and US governments. [Scotland may be better prepared and has someone in charge that seems to understand epidemiology. Though we will not get out of this unscathed.]

    That science is being silenced for political reasons. [Why the heck are we allowing this? Expect Boris to have an extended honeymoon on an otherwise deserted island.]

    That politicians are expecting a cure in a matter of moments, and

    that scientists are a lot more pessimistic.


    Apart from that, we could all just pray.

    Seems that that is the VP’s preferred method?


    1. Good old Pence. Maybe he’ll pray for all of us…

      Anyway, whatever you do don’t take the idiot Trump’s advice because the next day he will deny he even said it.


    2. I think the deaths so far worldwide is about three thousand from coronaV
      Three million die every year from TB….EVERY YEAR
      Another three million a year die from Cholera
      Many millions more die every year from things that we already have a cure for
      And the cure for these millions that die costs less than £1 a shot
      We don’t care
      If we did …these millions of people wouldn’t die

      All my life ive watched tv adverts about bringing clean water to poor people in Africa
      I’m sixty four
      How long do they need to provide piped clean water ?
      These tv adverts are put up by so called charities
      They are a failure , a con

      Amazingly the wealthy countries panic about something like coronaV
      Sure 3000 coronaV are deaths is terrible
      But the tens of millions that we know will die every year in the future from TB Cholera Dysentery and intestinal infections even though we have stocks of medicines to prevent these millions dying is a sin
      For a while in my life it appeared that the world was making progress starting from the bottom up but in Recent years capitalist money making has pushed back the progress

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      1. I couldn’t agree more. We’d far rather spend money on weapons than on curing people’s ills.

        I wish we could do better… But as you say, greed more recently, has put us back.

        Philip Greene has to have enough money for a second yacht. Sod kids dying of something they could be spared if only they had a £1 shot.


  3. “That science is being silenced for political reasons.”
    It keeps the public and the media distracted from other matters that Boris doesn’t want to talk about.
    I’m calling it the dead BAT bounce.

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  4. There may be babblers, wholly ignorant of mathematics, who dare to condemn my hypothesis, upon the authority of some part of the Bible twisted to suit their purpose. I value them not, and scorn their unfounded judgment. – Nicolaus Copernicus

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    1. Interesting, Conan.

      I remember reading an article some time ago that looked at the distribution of wealth in European countries.

      In all, the capital regions were better off than the rest of the country…eg Paris is generally better off than France: Budapest better off than Hungary, Helsinki better off than Finland.

      But the differences were tiny by comparison to that of Britain.

      I wish I could find it, but I can’t.

      It was shown on a bar graph, and it was quite startling.

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  5. The religious fundamentalists in the Near East (not the Carolinas) have a solution to the transmission of this virus.
    Chop peoples’ hands off.

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  6. Just read an article about people ripping off – literally – handgel dispensers off the walls in an English hospital. Arsewits don’t seem to realise that everyone has to use the stuff before it will work.

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  7. Some people here in Australia are stock pilling toilet rolls and supermarket shelves are completely bare. There are even people fighting over them in the store!! Do they think the virus will give them a dose of the runs for months!!!!!

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    1. I was wondering that, Jack. I can see the hand sanitiser, but if you have a cough and running nose, why toilet paper. Tissues maybe.


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