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1. Morning, I’m getting my medicine and a bit of a cuddle.
2. With love from the Algarve.
lion dirty face
3. Oi, did no one tell you you’re supposed to wash your face before you appear on Munguin’s Republic?
4. I was brought up to eat my greens.
5. I knew this human had big paws for something.
Tromso nw
6. Tromsø, Norge.
orange besterd fruiteater.
7. I’m an orange-breasted fruit eater, so if you have any fruit you don’t want…
cascade a apris bagatelle
8. Une cascade in a park in Paris. (There’s a story which I will recount in the comments! Maybe!)
9. I’m too big for my human’s foot. Anyone lend me a big-footed human?
10. Nice place for a rabbit to sleep. Got a Do Not Disturb sign?
11. I hope someone says in the comments that I’m cute.
under wing
12. This is what they mean when they say that she took us under her wing.
boris brodge
13. Dear Lord, I see Boris has been building another bridge.
14. If only Munguin would buy someplace like this…
numbi and rs
15. I fear John will be on bread and water after this photo is seen by Numbi.
16. Rome.
bay turteles
17. They look like a handful!
18. I got my stick, dad. Just gonna get out and shake myself all over you.
19. I’m just gonna get up on your lap, dad.
Image result for baby orangutans
20. OK, that’s all from us for this week. See you next time.



37 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. awww they were lovely. No 5 “doctor I’ve a hairy growth on my foot, should I be concerned?”. Mind you I’m concerned about how bad the pins and needles will be when they set in. No 11 of course you are cute, and he know it!

    No 17 “I’m sorry sir but he don’t accept those as small change” Topped and tailed with our delightful cousins. Anyway, the story about No 8 is???

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    1. Ah yeah, embarrassing story.

      So we were in Paris, a pal of mine and me. Sunday morning go for a walk in the park, We see this beautiful waterfall.
      He says to me, “what’s French for waterfall?”
      I say, “I don’t know. I can’t say it’s a word I’ve ever used”.

      I think to myself that it should be easy to work out, so i think: water is ” eau”; to fall is “tomber” (as in tumble)… the part of the verb you would use is “tombe”… as in “it” (the water) falls…ça tombe

      Put them together and you have “tombeau” which rang a bell in my somewhat rusty French.

      But something seemed wrong, so I saw this man out of a walk with, I suppose, his grandson, and I asked him about it.

      Good guess, Tris, but “une tombeau” is “a tomb”, (which is why I kinda knew the word). The word for “a waterfall” is “une cascade”.

      Munguin was mortified.

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  2. Numbi was in fact very pleased to make the SS cut again. Less so with the cut that left him with legs splayed to relieve the pain of being minus his dangly bits (or parts of them). No more tom-catting for him, if he ever did get to discover what they were for.

    His maw was also pleased to act as cushion while he was in recovery mode; less so with making the SS cut and a picture “of me looking so *£$%* awful!” My protests that “the camera never lies – not even the phone camera” – did not wash, though. Being officer-commanding, cook duties – I’m spared the bread and butter diet. But I fear a marked shortage of drams being brought to my desk to help provide inspiration to work on the latest batch of corporate bollocks I’m supposed to be editing/re-writing.

    That could leave Numbi AND my clients in the same state of deprivation.

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  3. 15, does that spotty belly belong to a bengal?
    Looks very similar our Meabh’s, who is just thundering around the place, at a pace. Litter tray demands imminent! No days off for a bengal servant.

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    1. LOL Alan… at least your Bengal doesn’t ring the bell to demand vintage champagne in the middle of the night.

      John can maybe tell you more about Numbi. If he is a Bengal, it would be reasonable to say that at his recent encounter with the vet he met a Bengal Lancer!

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      1. Ho ho! Must tell him that one, cold comfort though it may well be.

        Alan, he is of indeterminate pedigree – a Bulgarian street cat, or pub cat to be precise. He turned up atKalinka’s Taverna six months ago as a tiny kitten, quickly making his first SS appearance, much like the wee handful also featuring in SS today. My, how I’ve grown since – and still more to come!

        How he got to Kalinka’s is a mystery as the regular pub cats have had the same vet procedure as he’s just had – male and female – as have most of the home-based specimens,so a new litter of kittens is rare, and more so to go unnoticed.

        Nor does he bear any resemblance to the older generations. His tummy spots have always been very marked and the overall stripes/spots s are quite different from the usual neighbourhood tabbies. I was re-reading John Masters’ ‘Night-Runners of Bengal’ about the same time as he turned up, sent to me by a mate in Glasgow. Could he be related to yours and stowed away? But then, how did he to get to Kalinka’s before us?

        I think I feel another visit there coming on just to help me work this one out…

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        1. Meabh was also neutered when a kitten just after speining. Have had farm cats in the past but you hardly ever saw them, and never in the house. Meabh is my first house cat, took a bit getting used to. That adage is very close to the truth, “a dog has a master but the cat has a servant”.
          Have to agree with Tris though John, that is one lame excuse.

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  4. The waterfall is in the Parc de Bagatelle…oops, it isn’t AOY anymore 🙂 Looking forward to the story. Lovely pics but that wee rabbit must be sort of common, clearly not top drawer.

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    1. Yep… it’s a lovely park. Being lads who like the countryside, we found it a relief to be in greenery in the centre of Paris. Bois de Boulogne was far too crowded with tourists.


          1. I had ivy on my gable wall right up until my accident. I used to climb up the ladder and keep it off the roof with secaturs, but afterwards, no way. The lawn went under tons of gravel and my gardener mate took a chainsaw to the main root of the ivy.

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            1. Someone nearby Munguin Towers let it grow up the side of the building till it reached the roof… and started prising between wall and roof…

              I have it on the garden walls but the wind has blown it down and its a right mess.

              I will have to come down!

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              1. Ivy’s great for the wild life and great for short term fixes to cover stuff up. It’s totally rubbish for buildings though, will bugger up masonry, guttering and roofing. In the garden, if left unchecked it will colonise, take over and choke out your hedge and anything else it gets it’s strangling, twining , constricting vines around.

                Lots of creatures rely on Ivy for overwintering in, shelter, habitat, for nectar when it flowers and food from its berries. I’ve even seen frogs 5 feet up in it sitting waiting for insects. Birds nest in it as well.

                It’s a really brilliant, valuable plant that must be planted with consideration because it can be an effing menace. Just hope you don’t have a neighbour who plants it, is too lazy to control it, and it decides to come visiting. Especially if you really like your garden and have a shared boundary hedge that he doesn’t give a fcuk about.

                Like I have.😡

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                1. Yes, I see its value. We have had birds nesting there too and of course, that’s pretty important to me.

                  My ivy climbs a ten foot wall. When it gets to the top it tends to blow off in the prevailing winds

                  My neighbour is a horticulturist at St Andrews University (so he knows a lot about plants, and he’s really helpful. He’s cut it back, but there’s a bit that neither of us can get to. Only now I can because it’s half way down he wall.

                  Sorry to hear about your neighbour. I hope he/she doesn’t have cats too!!!

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            2. I was thinking that big patch of greenery on the roof might not be good for the shingles. I’d also worry about bugs and snakes. Some species of Rattlesnakes can climb, but usually don’t. Finding a rattlesnake in your ivy could really spoil your day.


      1. My favourite Parisian park has to be the Parc des Buttes Chaumont and it too has a cascade and some great viewpoints – there are also nice bars and cafés near the main exit, always welcome to we flâneurs. Sorry the rabbit was upset but no need for him to get into a stew about it 🐰

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    2. PS: That bunny is somewhat put out about your categorization of him as lower class. Rabbits have feelings, you know.

      Story of Tris making an ass of himself told in response to PP’s demands.

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          1. Hi Aucheorn,

            Good to see you again.

            Is there an SSPCA kennels anywhere near you?

            Border collie’s are the BEST dogs. I had one called Hector when I was younger. Loved him to bits.

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