10 thoughts on “CHANGE MUST COME”

  1. Yep.
    Change is here.
    Carlos jackass wins the tory party in Scotland leadership role.
    Jackson Carlaw has been confirmed as the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives after winning a vote of party members.

    Mr Carlaw had been the party’s interim leader since Ruth Davidson quit the role in August.

    He has now won the job full time after defeating fellow MSP Michelle Ballantyne by 4917 votes to 1581.
    This is a membership of 6498 from a poll of registered voters.
    The equates to approximately 0.1% of the Scottish population.
    A leader indeed who wants to get rid of the dreaded parking tax and make Scotland’s taxes the same as his beloved englandland.
    Ebc in pathetic quay saying a man of the people, a common car salesperson, CBE, raised to the status of a national colonial govenor general.
    Next move to be lord carlos of wylies, in receivership, he was a director of the company.

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  2. Report from ‘Forward as One’
    the uk government has declared that the Scottish Government don’t have the legislative competence to hold a Referendum on the matter of Scottish Independence.
    So that’s you telt.

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  3. I liked that very much.

    I’ve often wondered why it is that so few Scottish people are really angry about the way we were so blatantly lied to in 2014. As I see it, it’s a pretty clear case of electoral fraud. Maybe it causes so little obvious anger and resentment because we’ve come to expect it from Unionist politicians of all stripes. Here’s hoping that will not be the case in independent Scotland, in which the London-based parties will necessarily be unable to stand in elections: their rump branch offices in Scotland will have to reinvent themselves if they want to become political forces with any clout or credibility.

    And exactly that will have to happen if we are to be a proper democracy – they will have to reinvent themselves, and start afresh, so that the whole normal range of political opinions can be properly represented.

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