Info, invitation and request from Jason Baird

This is an open invitation to every local indy group in Scotland… and to any pro-indy grassroots organisations and suppliers that would like to participate with them in building a fully inclusive campaigning network across the entire Yes movement.
The purpose of the weekend is to practically and simply show how indy group memberships (and the wider Yes movement) can interact directly with one another, as a network of equals, using the simple to use communication functions of the IndyApp 3.0 platform.
About the platform
The IndyApp platform is not traditional social media like Twitter or Facebook. It is not a
publishing site focused on individuals like those two traditional platforms are.
Instead, IndyApp3.0 has been designed to encourage the creation and networking of activist groups, working locally all over the country.
IndyApp3.0 lets any Yesser find and join a local indy group or create their own, and then easily make contact, share ideas, resources and campaign experiences with fellow indy groups from across the platform.
It’s a private and secure tool for the grassroots movement to organise ourselves nationally into an effective, local community-focused, indyref2-fighting monster!
Individuals are important for sure- but make no mistake, Scotland’s independence can only be won collectively. So we, the NYR, are creating a weekend event where pro-indy
representatives from all over the country can come together to make sure Yes is
properly networked this time, and organised, in every community of Scotland, ready to
win IndyRef2 whenever it is called.
Only already organised activists in our local community groups can begin this systematic networking of the movement. We all need to come together, face to face, and take responsibility for
beginning that organisational process – and for making sure it actually gets carried forward and completed!
We believe that the IndyApp3.0 networking platform, and the commitment shown by all attendees during this full training and network-building weekend will be a  strong practical start, to cascade that networking across every group in  Scotland, enabling self-organisation from within. The groups organising themselves to work
and communicate together is the single most important way ofstrengthening the wider Yes  movement as a whole.
After 5 years of work and support from key vanguard groups and individuals, we
now have a grassroots communication platform designed and ready for
exactly that purpose. We’ve just about raised the funds required to subsidise a full weekend of training for every indy group and Yes organisation committed to that networking idea and  to  supporting one another, together as a movement, to win.
The Platform is built, the opportunity is in place -only you the groups can take it now and make it happen.
If you would like to support the event but cannot attend, our crowdfunding is still open and currently at 67% so any help with that would be fantastic!
The IndyApp National Training and Networking Weekend is being held in the Perth Station Hotel over Saturday and Sunday on the 1st and 2nd of February.
Day 1
Registration, teas and coffees from 10 am, for an 11am sharp start – 17:30 end
Day 1 is full practical training. Working in groups, attendees will be taken through every local  and national networking function of the platform. Practical lessons in the use of the Forums,  Action Rooms, Resources and Editor Portal, exploring the strategic benefits to the grassroots of IndyApp 3.0 
Day 2
Attendees will use their training from Day 1 to begin the structured network building process. This is the day that designers, suppliers, bloggers, broadcasters, national Yes organisations,  Yes supporting political parties, pro-indy Union and community charity representatives are all  welcome to attend and participate in creating the support structures required across the  movement.
So, if you want your grassroots fully organised and networked nationally – then only you, in your autonomous local groups, can provide the legitimacy and critical mass needed to make it happen. All you, as groups, have to do is participate… but you do NEED to participate if you want that networked movement. No one else can, or is going to, do this for us!
To book your group’s places, just follow this link
Attendee Logistics
This is NOT a turn up on the day event, it’s not a rally or a Gathering – it is full practical
training from lesson plans, and structured networking for up to 200 activists (and their
groups). This obviously requires a great deal of attendee/organiser planning to hold
successfully, and so we, the organisers, MUST have the full list of all attendees to work from before the 20 th  of January.
We have a total of 160 training places available (half of which are already taken) with
another 40 Yes organisation places on top of that for Day2. Each place is £25 per person
and is being heavily subsidised to include tea, coffee, snacks, lunch, evening meals and
shared accommodation for Saturday night if required (plus breakfast).
If you want to attend on behalf of your group but cannot afford even the subsidised attendee fee, please contact us and we will try to help. We do not want any group excluded from taking part in this grassroots training and network building process.
We are really looking forward to seeing you all for a great weekend of training, networking and most important of all, socialising with fellow activists from right across the country. 🙂
Come and help make it a flying start for Yes in 2020.


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[Tris, that’s Claude François, not wee Marky. Munguin]
According to an article in the Independent, Lindsay Hoyle has not selected a motion by Monsieur François, or whatever he is called. .. you know who I mean, the little one who was a fearless warrior in the first world war… or something… Anyway, Hoyle has scuppered his motion to get Big Ben chiming at 11pm on 31 January to celebrate England leaving the EU. I’m not sure why.

Image result for Captain Mainwaring
[I won’t tell you again, Tristan! Munguin]
The clock tower is presently being renovated at enormous cost to the taxpayer (a cost which has already doubled although the job isn’t done yet… wait for Murdo screaming blue murder about things being late and costing too much and incompetent project management, etc, but don’t hold your breath. I fear he’s contracted tonsilitis).

The words ‘bell’ and ‘end’ come to mind.

Image result for mark francois in uniform
That’s better… Jings, what do I pay you for? [Munguin]
But, lest you should be thinking to yourself: No Big Ben, on the greatest day of our lives ever? What is there left to live for?… I can cheer you up by telling you that Nigel Farage is going to throw a party at a cost of £100,000 (Where’s he getting that kind of money?) in Parliament Square (their parliament, incidentally, not ours).

Can you imagine Farage at 11 pm on Brexit day? I mean, I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen him sober, but that day of all days, I can only imagine he’ll be totally legless.  Just as well it’s not too close to the Thames otherwise who knows what might happen. [It is quite close to the Thames. Munguin]

Downing Street apparently also has plans for a celebration but have refused to say what they are, presumably because Dominic Cummings hasn’t decided. Maybe Johnson’s going back to Mustique for his early Spring holiday.

I just hope these celebrations don’t involve Dom getting his kit off and dancing around Maypole.

Image result for brexit 50p piece

I trust that the famous, postponed, Brexit 50p pieces will be back on the cards though, except they are now only worth 40p. Will it be second time lucky for this ill-fated loose change?

I hope Prime Minister Cummings is aware that pretty much nothing will change after 11 pm in a few weeks’ time. They will have taken back control of precisely diddly squat.

This may prove to be a bit of an anti-climax for your average racist, and some injured celebrators may be most disappointed, not to say downright cross, to find the odd foreign doctor or nurse still on duty in casualty after they (the racists) have partaken in a spot too much of the old celebratory sherry!

The real hard work, of course, starts on February 1, when they will have 11 months to sort out their special trade deal.

Just when you thought that all the fun had gone out of life…



Totally unconnected, but a lot of people have been asking about the situation in the Near East and I saw this which explains it pretty succinctly, I think!





The Scottish government has made various attempts in the past to get permission from London (to which drug policy is reserved) to set up “clean rooms” where safe, tested drugs can be taken in a clean environment, under supervision, with medical and social work help in attendance.

Permission has always been refused.

So the Scottish Government some time ago arranged to set up a task force to look at how they could act, within UK restrictions… ie, legally, to reduce the number of deaths caused by drugs.

They invited the Brits to participate in this task force.

The Brits refused.

It’s almost like they don’t care, or that they want Scotland to seem to be failing.

And either Wells is too negligent to have done her research on this or she is hoping that, as the Tories in London more or less ignore everything that the SNP asks for (after all their press has managed to make this look REALLY bad for the SNP and that’s what the Tories want), but sometimes react to a matter raised by one of their own sort (not that I would have thought that Annie was quite “one of them…the huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ brigade”), or, maybe she simply wants to have the deep honour of sending a letter to the PM, who won’t read it and will tell a functionary to reply in formulaic fashion.

I suspect that should anything happen in the future though, Wells will be taking the credit.

Image result for annie wells looking daft

But this is much more important than Wells, or her cokey, drunk buddy.

I’m aware of the various arguments relating to changing the law on illegal drugs… including the view that making clean rooms available to members of the public is tantamount to legalising drug abuse or at least condoning it.

But there has to come a time when people see that, rather like prostitution, which has been illegally going on since Biblical times, we will never stamp it out, no matter how illegal we make it.

In the meantime, people die as a result of both drugs and prostitution.

Related image
Cleanroom in Paris while this guy is using face needles and safe drugs, instead of a used needle, risky street bought drugs and possibly a dirty environment.

You won’t stop drug deaths by having cleanrooms, but my bet is that you will reduce the number of folk who die, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even manage to get some people off drugs.

And, for that matter, given the longevity of “the oldest profession in the world”, I suspect that if we pursued the idea which, I think, was originally promoted by Edinburgh City Council many years ago, of legal, council-run brothels or “saunas” (keeping women … and men… off the streets in safe places, medically tested and protected from pimps), we could provide a safer environment for sex workers and reduce the number of deaths and serious illnesses.

After all, cigarettes are legal and they kill tens of thousands a year, as is alcohol, which also is responsible for deaths and injury.

The sooner responsibility for illegal drugs is in the hands of a responsible government,  one that actually cares about its population, the better.

The London Street Sauna is among those facing an Edinburgh City Council review. Picture: TSPL

I wonder what you think…


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Well, I’ve booked my train ticket for Glasgow on Saturday. Munguin will be in First Class; me in the cattle truck. I should get in at the back of ten (assuming I can squeeze in, given that they aren’t taking any bookings for seats.)

Anyone want to meet up and be presented to Munguin. (Best clothes.)

I don’t know Glasgow at all, but I remember someone (sorry can’t remember who) suggested a place near the start of the march… 

I’ll have to be back by around 5.30, so it won’t be a long day out… and even being there could depend on my mother’s health situation on the day. But if a few of us decide on a place to meet, it won’t matter Munguin and I can’t make it.





BBC website! (Now removed, of course!) From John.
whats my name eh
Oh, that was a hard one. My name? Don’t tell me. It will come to me!
gove and the white stuff
Old Sniffy strikes again. Les choses vont mieux avec le Coke, eh Govey?
dads army
Who do you think you are kidding, Ayatolla, if you think old England’s done? Don’t panic! Nah, wait, PANIC!
Maybe because leaders are aware that when the country is at war, the population is distracted from little things like impeachments, fraud trials, Brexit, independence, etc.
joke ny
Ah, but it makes a lot of money! Intelligent, no. Sharp, yep.
Talking about not being very intelligent, there’s always Murdo.
He really should stick to Ancient Greek.
joke queen
Certainly, who needs as many as we have had in the past 4 years?
noel gall
Noel: Get Brexit done!  Also Noel: Get me an Irish passport!


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Morning all.
I’m a lumberjack…
Þingvellir National Park, Iceland
Þingvellir National Park, Iceland.
N hammy.jpg
Wee Hammy has a broken arm/leg, but he’s getting it fixed.
Old Haaf Fishing station shetland
Old Haaf Fishing Station, Shetland.
john Bulgaria
It snows some in Bulgaria… and someone has to get the car out.
… and that doesn’t look like John.
Yep. That’s the way! I’m sure John will have a nice cup of tea going when you get finished!
See fox hunters? I hate them!
not a nazi
I’m off then, bye…
tom drinking horse, shetland
The Drinking Horse, Shetland.
n wolf
Mum uses Persil!
What do you mean, that’s the Baby’s? I’M the Baby!
n kangaroos
In a better Australia.
n dat
The Odd Couple.
Long Qing Xia
Long Qing Xia.
Just as well I have a head for heights!
Ice cream with that, Sir?
n ouch
Ouch, ye wee brute!
n dogs
Upo coming out to play?
Image result for orangutans
I’m hiding in case my mum sees me and makes me go to bed! See you next week.

Thanks to Tom, David and John.



Seven.. and they couldn’t even muster up a dog to come with them.  Rule Brittania, eh?
Have you muppets any idea what kind of money you need to fund your health service?

It is estimated that the initial cost of the Irish Language Act would be around £8.5 million (estimates vary) and that its administration would thereafter cost around £2 a year.

It’s a good deal of money by anyone’s standards, but the North Irish Health Service (like all the others in the UK, is short of billions of pounds a year.

So, it really isn’t an either-or situation. And, if this is what is keeping the assembly from being up and running… ye gads, are you people mad?

Image result for arlene foster looking mad
Practising to be Mr Trump?

Oh wait, it’s the DUP, so that’s a yes.

Image result for arlene foster looking mad
Please God, let them stop abortions and all this same-sex marriage stuff, in the name of the Rev. Ian Paisley


Just a thought that on the other side of the world people are living through the hell of bush fires which have reached inhabited areas of Australia, particularly Victoria and New South Wales.

fire retardant


Aus Kangaroo
Thanks to Iain for these photos. He explained that the pink colour is fire retardant dropped from a plane.


But, happily, there is a heartwarming story to go with this horror.

Amid the devastating fires ravaging Australia, a small zoo has managed to save all its animals.

Mogo Zoo houses Australia’s largest collection of primates, along with zebras, rhinos and giraffes.

Yet, when it was right in the line of a bushfire, the keepers managed to protect all 200 animals from harm.

While most were sheltered at the site, monkeys, pandas and even a tiger were temporary lodgers at one keeper’s home.

On Tuesday, an evacuation order was made for the New South Wales area where the zoo is located, but staff decided to stay to protect their animals.

(Taken from BBC page, linked above)

What utterly marvellous people.


Of course, there are fires every year across Australia. But temperatures are higher this year. And the drought is more severe. All states have been affected, but the South East is worst of all.

Hundreds of homes have been burnt to the ground, many lives have been lost and, outside of that zoo, who knows how many wild animals have been affected.

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After some delay, the Australian prime minister, Morrison (by all accounts a charmless man), has been shamed into returning from a holiday in the USA. Morrison is a climate change denier.  My pal, a solicitor there, has pretty much nothing nice to say about him.

Image result for AUSTRALIAN FIRES

Spare a thought too for emergency services, particularly the firemen, including many volunteers, some of whom have been killed while carrying out their firefighting.

To all our Australian readers, we’re thinking of you.