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School transport isn’t up to much, is it?
From Ed.
This transport isn’t much better. Can’t they get these humans to fly?
Summertime in Maine.
Vaud, Switzerland.
Persil washes whiter.
n dog
Can someone get this hair off the end of my nose?
Gone Fishin’.
n zillertal hills aus DBell
Zillertal Hills, Austria.
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Please may I leave the room?
n cat
Why can’t Tris get his garden to flower like this?
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You’re a handful and then some.
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Sorry, there’s not enough for you here.
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Tree planting in Greenland.
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Bad idea, Lion.
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Hey humans, I’m having fish for tea. There’s plenty. Want some?
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I’m trying to look cute… Is it working?
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Nope, not going in the mud, even if the sheep are daft enough to.
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Who’s a big fella?
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You like my teddy? Well, you can’t have it.

Also thanks to David and Tom…


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Minting Brexit coins, demanding Brexit stamps, requiring that the bells of Westminster chime, when almost no one outside a square kilometre, sorry mile, can hear them, is the way that the Brexiteers are trying to take charge of what’s happening and make it look as if they speak for the UK and Gibraltar as a whole when, of course, they don’t.

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There will be no celebration here at Munguin Towers and precious little in Scotland, where, by a substantial majority, we voted to remain.

I note that the Daily Express is full of indignation that the Remainers in the London Parliament have taken over and stopped the bonging of the bells. This despite the prime minister coming up with a solution that members of the public could raise the (roughly speaking) £500,000: 1s: 2d that it would cost. I’m not sure how much that is in “groats”.

Of course, given that the Tories have an 80 seat majority in that parliament and that every Tory swore to accept the result of the referendum along with the prime minister’s pledge to leave on January 31, 2020, that is a very highly unlikely scenario.

There simply aren’t enough ditches for this man.

Anyway, it’s all part of the great plan to make us believe that the UK has come together, just like Johnson-Cummings promised that it would and that all is well with the Rule Brittania’s Second Empire.

But, virtually nothing will change on January 31.

This is one of the problems that Johnson-Cummings will have to deal with on his “Liberation Day”. The UK may have technically left the EU, but all that will happen is that it will start a period of hard negotiations about a future relationship. As that won’t involve any of us, some may feel as if they have been excluded.

These negotiations will last 11 months until yet another 31st (remember October?). This time, December 2020.


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At that point maybe Big Ben will be operational (although it seems that the work is taking longer and costing much much more than had been estimated …  “Quelle Surprise!”… ooops sorry, that should read in proper English, “well, I never, bugger me! Cor blimey me old mucker, stone the crows”).

The UK and Gibraltar will still be in a customs union. Everyone will still be able to travel freely through the EU. No borders will spring up. Brittania and Scotland will still be subject to EU rules and regulations, standards and courts.

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And Johnson-Cummings’s dimmer followers may get slightly restive about that.

“Why”, they will demand, “did I hear someone speaking Polish in the supermarket, or French on the train. We’ve left the EU, we’re supposed to have dumped them foreigners, ain’t we?”

So Johnson-Cummings needs to find ways of accentuating Britishness. Watch out for a plethora of union flags, displays of Morris Dancing, buildings being renamed after royals (except Harry) and the introduction of a national sport of criticising foreigners.

And you thought it was all over?

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For those who regret the passing of our actual membership, Ed has kindly found a way of expressing how you are feeling. Very reasonable price too, so you can share your unhappiness with friends and family.



The Prime Minister says NO.
gove and the white stuff
Gove says no.

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Ah yes, there was someone who said “yes” (if only when she thought it was an impossibility).

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Mrs Thatcher, she said yes. And now we have done it three times and won three general elections in Scotland, I’d say that was a fairly persuasive demonstration. Unless Mrs Thatcher was talking out of her backside, of course! What do you think, Tories?



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Zack Goldsmith, defeated at the General Election, was today inducted into the House of the Living Dead and reinstalled in his ministerial post in the Tory government.

Well honestly, I mean, how dare the people not vote for Boris’s mate?


Then there was Nicky Morgan, probably one of the dimmest of all the Tory Ministers ever… and that is some feat, who was also installed as a Lord today and who will also continue to serve, this time as a Cabinet minister, meaning that elected MPs will be unable to question her. Although in fairness, questioning her would probably be pointless anyway, unless you were asking her name maybe.

There’s a brilliant political sketch here which is well worth a read…

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In the meantime, the airwaves have been filled today by some hogwash about Harry and Megan, which I couldn’t be arsed listening to. I’m sure it will be all good for them, and a rotten deal for us.

But hey, aren’t you glad we live in a democracy?

No, I wasn’t actually asking you. You are not royal or aristocratic.

Bloody Hell!



joke john

joke j2

Thanks to John for these two…, Belgium, January 4, 2020.
Columbia Missourian, U.S., January 2, 2020.
The Arizona Star, U.S., January 6, 2020., The U.S., January 7, 2020.
The Boston Globe, U.S., January 8, 2020.
The Boston Globe, U.S., January 9, 2020.


Thanks to BJSAlba for the above.

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Image result for Brexit cartoons

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Impossibly white teeth; impossibly orange skin; impossibly inept president.



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Morning… It’s a school day for me.
potey840 crashed 2002 sumburgh shet tom
Munguin’s place in Shetland, complete with transport.
dont cry i love you
Don’t cry. I’ll look after you.
n rose crystaine
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Tris was late with breakfast that day! Had to go get my own.
n switzerland
The Swiss idea of a shower.
n dog
Purrfect Peace.
n moving nz Tom
Moving house, New Zealand style.
Cuteness overload.
n hege
What a comfy bed!
Bora bora
Bora Bora (so good they named it twice).
n zillertal hills aus DBell
Australia, where it’s not on fire.
n panckae
n nope
No, you can’t have a bit.
Hope I make it!
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bryce ut
Bryce Canyon, Utah.
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Come on in, the mud’s lovely!
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Try it if you think you’re big enough!
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Swannee, how I love you!
n sichuan china
Sichuan, China.
I’ve got to go have my lie down now, so we’ll see you next week if Uncle Tris gets his computer up and running. (He’s not the brightest of buttons in the box.)

Thanks to David and Tom.


…than the pages and pages of crap that the tabloids have been spewing out today about a super privileged, obscenely rich, pampered, protected family of freeloaders.

What a truly lovely lady this is…and what a lucky little animal.


Because we are animal lovers at Munguin Towers, we are thinking right now, not just of the people (including our Munguinite friends) but also of the wildlife in Australia suffering the horrors of the fires: those who have been injured or burned and those who have lost their homes and the source of their food and are slowly starving to death.

Let’s also remember that the vagaries of climate change are affecting people and animals in other parts of the world. In Somalia, for example, the floods have been far worse than normal this year, just as the annual fires have been in Australia.

Let’s remember too that Munguin’s home, Antarctica is thawing at a frightening rate, and that the wildlife there is suffering as a result. Ice failed to reform properly over the last few years and chics fell through what there was of the ice.

We’re not just screwing up our world. We are screwing up theirs too.

Image result for polar bears suffer as Greenland gets warmer

For the people of northern countries, some of the results of climate change have been beneficial… Greenland’s tourist trade has grown, the population can grow crops they never could before… days are warmer… but polar bears haven’t had the same good luck.

Just something to ponder upon as we contemplate booking our holidays in the sun… eh Boris? How was Mustique, by the way?