22 thoughts on “Just for a laugh”

  1. And with an independent report today saying that with the ongoing self-inflicted shambles that is Brexit, the most vulnerable in Scotland will be affected in 137 different areas.
    I don’t know what Nicola is going to say on Wednesday, but for me I’m getting to the stage where I would back almost any action to detach ourselves from this mess.
    While I was never impatient before, I’ve now got to the point where I feel we have to move decisively, no matter what the polls say, as I believe if we don’t, then all will be lost. Sorry, but that’s the way I feel.

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      1. Yes, I think we are all getting desperate to get away.

        But falling out over it isn’t the way.

        And, of course, most of all the unionists want us to be falling out over it.


  2. Don’t often look too much at the EBC website.
    Today’s stuff.
    Holocaust Day.
    Some USA basketball player killed whilsy flying in poor weather.
    Red Button service closing down, probably for their new subscription launch.
    Grenfell cladding co. not responsible for the fire, true but who put it on the building.
    Political nobodies saying they won’t allow any more referendums unless they win.
    A quiet squirrel day as we run up to exit day, nothing to get worried about.
    Much like the insurance companies using the slow legal system to await the deaths of the Asbestos Claimants or the USA style medical system of no treatment unless you can pay.

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      1. Tris, I also feel sorry for all the people on board.
        The point I was trying to make was ‘What is the point of telling me about his death’, I have no knowledge of this person.
        What effect does he have on our rUK?
        Even France24 has it on their site. Then France24 is controlled by the French Government.
        Coronavirus is confirmed in Canada, Usa but countries are bringing their countrymen back home, surely better to contain the virus in the areas where discovered.

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        1. I guess people who are famous are newsworthy (even if individuals have never heard of them or never even thought about them when they were alive).

          I think it must be incredibly dangerous to bring someone back from the other side of the worlds on a plane, It must put the staff and other passengers on the plane in massive danger.


          1. Agree Tris
            400 people on a jumbo at 40,000 feet are rebreathing the same air, not enough oxygen at that height to sustain life so the air is re-cycled throughout the 18 hours of flight to get from China to the rUk. The cabin pressure is maintained at around 10,000 ft level from the compressor stages of the engines.
            Hence the reason for the masks IF the pressurisation fails.

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            1. Even if it were offered, I don;t think I’d take it, Dave.

              I was, hoever, astonished to hear on the news that a lady who was in the area where the outbreak started, had tried to contact the Embassy and consulate only to be informed that they were off for the weekend and would be back on Monday.

              UK consular services are crap.


    1. Thing is that when it comes to a vote, the Tories lost more than half their seats and Labour lost all but one (and let’s face it, he’s pretty much a Tory).


  3. But they’ve been at it a long time now, the Nats. After 13 years in government in Scotland, the SNP hull is barnacle-encrusted and deeply scarred. One referendum has been fought and (narrowly) lost. The same people – Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney, Mike Russell – occupy the top jobs, as they have since the Noughties. These people are still full of energy and passion, but new voices are coming through, with different ideas and a sense that the old guard has had its chance, or at least is quickly running out of time.

    Yep they have been suckling at the teats of the Scottish public purse and have gotten fat and content


    1. Unlike, I suppose, the unionists… many of whom are list MPs who don’t actually have to properly contest the seat.

      Who knows? Maybe it’s time for a change at the top? I do;t know, I’m far to far from it to ever know.


  4. Only this afternoon, by sheer chance in a local supermarket, I met a senior member of the S.N.P,
    who gave me the impression that something is afoot, and we will find out on Wednesday. I was also assured that a second Scottish Independence Referendum will take place this year. I can only hope that this is indeed the case.

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        1. So it seems that there will be a statement on Wednesday in parliament and an announcement on Friday.

          Note too that we will continue to fly our European flags over the weekend

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