25 thoughts on “BANG GOES THE TRADE DEAL”

  1. you mean I might not get chlorinated chicken and genuine Scotch from Louisiana? Plus REALLY expensive drugs that SNHS can’t afford? Tragic.

    Or what might be more tragic is when we leave the UK next Friday and then Holyrood and Cardiff are shut down. I presume they’ll leave Stormont what with the Wrath of the World if they muck up peace in Norn Ireland.

    Incidentally apparently one of the two “people” removed from FMQs yesterday came to Scotland in 2017 from Norn Ireland.

    As they used to say in Babylon 5 – and so it begins…

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  2. Mike pence says never have a meal on your with a woman who is not your wife .

    Obviously unable to control his
    Lustful ways dirty fecker suffers from the same condition as Boris……shaggyhappynes

    Incidentally apparently one of the two “people” removed from FMQs yesterday came to Scotland in 2017 from Norn Ireland.
    Umm 🤔 no racism here ?

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    1. I never thought I’d ever say this Niko. I mean god knows I’ve scrutinised it from every angle but I’m forced to agree with you. Theres no racism here.

      Good call man.

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    2. No there isn’t any racism because Northern Irish isn’t a race. NEVER accuse me of being a racist again. You are the only commenter on MNR that I ignore but I couldn’t let that stand unchallenged.

      When people have to be escorted out of Holyrood for disrupting FMQ and accusing the SNP of having links to the IRA and calling the FM “Brigadier”, then the fact that one is from Norn Ireland is RELEVANT not racist.

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      1. “Bit like he is from Paki-Stan”

        some comments are beneath contempt and say more about the person making them, than anything else.

        Tris – its your blog and yours to police, but I’m not happy about this. Not happy at all.


    3. I say, old chap, aren’t they all English, erm I mean British. Must be wanting to bring the country together.

      Actually I only vaguely heard about this débacle in parliament. I’ve no idea what it was about.

      If that had been London someone could have put on a lum hat and shouted: “I spy strangers”

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  3. English people are not a race
    northern Irish people are not a race

    People cry “ racism “ when it clearly is not racism , why do they do that .?

    Antisemitism inappropriately accused too
    I refuse to buy basil in Tesco grown in Israel , when asked why , I said I think Israel treat Palestinian people terribly , cruelly , I was called anti Semitic for having that view.

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    1. Dissolve the treaty of union,hold a referendum on whether Scots wish to join England’s union and apply Labour in Scotland’s terms i.e. two thirds must vote for it and never again for at least a generation.
      Ha ha.

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  4. If I recall correctly, the ICJ judgment on Kosovo – strongly influenced by the UK – was that secession by a country should never be dependent on the agreement of the other state from which it is seceding.

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      1. Cairnallochy remembers correctly – Craig Murray recently did a blog that quotes the final agreed wording! As they said heavily influenced by UK…

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  5. Can’t have everything.

    I just wonder why he doesn’t like Pence. I mean, I imagine that there aren’t that many people that like Pence, but Charlie has shaken hands with monsters like the Saudis, Mugabe, Amin, Xi, Trump…

    What has Pence got that they haven’t?


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